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pushed farther south, and the last Emperor of the Southern Ming, Zhu Youlang, Prince of Gui, was finally executed in Burma in 1662 by Qing general Wu Sangui. Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) In November 1937, a few months after Marco Polo Bridge Incident that had marked the outbreak of a fully-fledged war in July of the same year, National Shandong University was evacuated from Qingdao. The university first moved to Anqing in Anhui Province (Anhui) and soon afterwards

translation work

, became active in the Chinese capital cities of Loyang and sometimes Nanjing, where they particularly distinguished themselves by their translation work. They were the first recorded promoters of Hinayana and Mahayana scriptures in China, greatly contributing to the Silk Road transmission of Buddhism. The London plane is very tolerant of atmospheric pollution and root compaction, and for this reason it is a popular urban roadside tree. It is now extensively cultivated in most

, where they particularly distinguished themselves by their translation work. The first known translators of Buddhist texts into Chinese are actually Parthian missionaries, distinguished in Chinese by their Parthian surname "An", for "Anshi", "country of the Arsacids". *An Shih Kao, was a Parthian prince, who made the first known translations of Hinayana Buddhist texts into Chinese (148–170). The revolt began in Guangxi Province. In early

記集 ''Chu sanzang jìjí'' , T (Taishō Tripiṭaka)2145) a catalogue in 15 ''juan'' (rolls) of the early Buddhist texts translated into Chinese, which also includes short biographies of leading Indian, Central Asian and Chinese monks involved in translation work. This catalogue is considered to be a valuable and fairly reliable guide to translations done up to that time. It was based on several earlier catalogues, and in turn it formed the basis of succeeding works of this genre. It is suggested

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, Jiangsu, China (People's Republic of China) residence '''Xiao Qin''' ( ; born January 12, 1985 in Nanjing, Jiangsu) is a male Chinese (PR China) gymnast (Gymnastics). He specializes in the horizontal bar and parallel bars, but is best known for his work on the pommel horse for which he has won Olympic, world, national, East Asian Games, and World Cup titles. He joined the Chinese National Team in 1999 and is part of the People's Liberation

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2006 work The Age location Australia url http: news education-news school-of-life 2006 08 18 1155408026033.html?page fullpage#contentSwap1 Year 9 is also the year in which most students participate in the China internationalism programme at the Nanjing campus. Approximately 300 students attend the campus annually; students who do not take part in the programme study international culture in Australia and are based in Melbourne. Caulfield

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An Daoquan is a physician from Jiankang Prefecture (present-day Nanjing). He inherits the medical skills and knowledge of his ancestors and makes his name for his ability to treat all kinds of illnesses. He is comparable to Hua Tuo and earns the nickname of "Divine Physician". - '''East China''' (6+4) Nanjing University (Nanjing, Jiangsu), University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei, Anhui), Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, Zhejiang

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The War of 1898, and U.S. Interventions, 1898-1934: An Encyclopedia publisher Taylor & Francis date 1994 location pages 356–357 url doi id isbn 0824056248 ''Noa'' also participated in the periodic fleet exercises which were intended to keep crew and equipment at peak efficiency. '''Alstom Metropolis''' is a metro (rapid transit) trainset by Alstom. The trains are in service in 22 major cities around the world, representing more than

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'' . Columbia University Press, p. 190. ISBN 0-2311-0615-7. Google Book Search. Retrieved 2008-08-24. As a fledgling filmmaker, he chose to shoot in a documentary style and has referred to these early films (''Mama (Mama (film))'', ''Sons (Sons (1996 film))'', and ''Beijing Bastards'') as "documentary feature-films."

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Nánjīng Lùkǒu Guójì Jīchǎng ) is the main airport of Nanjing, the capital of China's Jiangsu province. The airport is located in the suburban Jiangning District, over 35 km to the south from Nanjing's downtown area. image_map Nanjing_and_Hangzhou.jpg map_caption '''Nanjing''' (top) & '''Hangzhou''' (bottom) subdivision_type Country subdivision_type1 Major Cities subdivision_name1 Shanghai Nanjing br >

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and became a leader of the modern poetry movement. In 1923, he founded the Crescent Moon Society. When the Bengali poet (Bengali poetry) Rabindranath Tagore visited China, Xu Zhimo played the part of oral interpreter. Xu's literary ideology was mostly pro-western, and pro-vernacular (Spoken Chinese). He was one of the first Chinese writers to successfully naturalize Western romantic forms into modern Chinese poetry. He worked as an editor and professor at several schools before dying in a plane crash on November 19, 1931 near Tai'an, Shandong (Tai'an) "Xu Zhimo." Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. Encyclopædia Britannica Inc., 2011. Web. 06 Nov. 2011. while flying from Nanjing to Beijing. He left behind four collections of verse and several volumes of translations from various languages. '' Thunderstorm (Thunderstorm (play) )'' '' Thunderstorm (Thunderstorm (play) )'' is undoubtedly one of the most popular dramatic Chinese works of the period prior to the Japanese invasion (Second Sino-Japanese War) of China in 1937. It was first published in the literary magazine, ''Four Months of Literature'', which was founded in 1934 by Chinese intellectuals, Zheng Zhenduo and Jin Yi. Shortly after its publication, a production of the play was mounted in Jinan, and later, in 1935, in Shanghai and in Tokyo, both of which were well received. In 1936, ''Thunderstorm'' debuted in Nanjing, with Cao Yu himself acting in the lead role. In 1938, following its theatrical triumphs, the play was made into two separate movies productions, one in Shanghai and another in Hong Kong, that were almost coincidental versions of one another. The latter production, made in 1957, co-starred a young Bruce Lee in one of his few non-fighting roles. *Taipei (Taiwan) — Asunción (Paraguay) *Nanjing (China) — Rosario (Argentina) *Montpellier (France) — Waitangi (Waitangi, Chatham Islands) (Chatham Islands, New Zealand) The '''Ming Dynasty Tombs''' ( WikiPedia:Nanjing commons:南京

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in residential complexes. Out of Africa and into China, emigres struggle. Reuters. August 20, 2009. In November 2009, British newspaper ''The Guardian'' reported that Lou Jing, of mixed Chinese and African parentage, had emerged as the most famous talent show contestant in China and has become the subject of intense debate because of her skin colour.


pic Nanjing name (2).svg piccap "Nanjing", as written in Chinese picsize 122px c 南京 p Nánjīng w Nan-ching psp Nanking j naam 4 ging 1 wuu noe 平 cin 平 poj Lâm-kiaⁿ

l southern capital showflag p

'''Nanjing''' (

Located in the lower Yangtze River drainage basin and Yangtze River Delta economic zone, Nanjing has long been one of China's most important cities.

With a total population of 8.16 million

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