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.pdf SAIS Prepare to Lead Brochure, released Summer 2009 Of these, 60% come from the United States and 37% from more than 70 other countries. Ibid. Around 50% are women and 22% are from U.S. minority groups. The SAIS Bologna Center is the only full-time international relations graduate program in Europe that operates under an American higher-education system, and the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, which teaches courses in both Chinese language Chinese


hours price Small dorm rooms (3 people room) from about ¥50, larger single & double rooms from about ¥160 checkin checkout content Private rooms are spotlessly clean, and excellent size for the money. Although their listing on numerous websites says it is "wireless", each room is equipped with ''wired'' Internet connections (you can borrow an Ethernet cable from the reception desk). Those without can share the communal computer for free. Don't share a private room with anyone you don't want to see naked, as the bathroom toilet is housed inside a strange transparent glass enclosure. * WikiPedia:Nanjing commons:南京

annual military

closer to his family's historical geographic power base, in 1421 the emperor Yongle moved the capital north from Nanjing to present-day Beijing. From the new capital he could apply greater imperial supervision to the effort to defend the northern borders. At considerable expense, China launched annual military expeditions from Beijing to weaken the Mongolians. The expenditures necessary for these land campaigns directly competed with the funds necessary to continue naval expeditions

modern poetry

and became a leader of the modern poetry movement. In 1923, he founded the Crescent Moon Society. When the Bengali poet (Bengali poetry) Rabindranath Tagore visited China, Xu Zhimo played the part of oral interpreter. Xu's literary ideology was mostly pro-western, and pro-vernacular (Spoken Chinese). He was one of the first Chinese writers to successfully naturalize Western romantic forms into modern Chinese poetry. He worked as an editor and professor at several schools before dying in a plane crash on November 19, 1931 near Tai'an, Shandong (Tai'an) "Xu Zhimo." Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. Encyclopædia Britannica Inc., 2011. Web. 06 Nov. 2011. while flying from Nanjing to Beijing. He left behind four collections of verse and several volumes of translations from various languages. '' Thunderstorm (Thunderstorm (play) )'' '' Thunderstorm (Thunderstorm (play) )'' is undoubtedly one of the most popular dramatic Chinese works of the period prior to the Japanese invasion (Second Sino-Japanese War) of China in 1937. It was first published in the literary magazine, ''Four Months of Literature'', which was founded in 1934 by Chinese intellectuals, Zheng Zhenduo and Jin Yi. Shortly after its publication, a production of the play was mounted in Jinan, and later, in 1935, in Shanghai and in Tokyo, both of which were well received. In 1936, ''Thunderstorm'' debuted in Nanjing, with Cao Yu himself acting in the lead role. In 1938, following its theatrical triumphs, the play was made into two separate movies productions, one in Shanghai and another in Hong Kong, that were almost coincidental versions of one another. The latter production, made in 1957, co-starred a young Bruce Lee in one of his few non-fighting roles. *Taipei (Taiwan) — Asunción (Paraguay) *Nanjing (China) — Rosario (Argentina) *Montpellier (France) — Waitangi (Waitangi, Chatham Islands) (Chatham Islands, New Zealand) The '''Ming Dynasty Tombs''' ( WikiPedia:Nanjing commons:南京

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places that cater to them. On Shanghai Lu near Guangzhou is "Blue Sky", an Aussie-owned bar with a free pool table. Next door to "Blue Sky" is the newly opened "Brewsell's" a Belgian themed pub with great deals on Belgium beers and a food menu to kill(i recommend the chicken pie for when u have a craving for some good quality home cooked food). Moving north from there is the Behind-the-Wall Cafe with reasonable Mexican food and drink. You can find good music just

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http: world 2009 nov 01 lou-jing-chinese-talent-show title China's black pop idol exposes her nation's racism author Stephen Vines publisher The Guardian date 2009-11-01 accessdate 2009-11-03 location London Her attention in the media opened serious debates about racism in China and racial prejudice.

legal development

government attempted to develop Western-style legal and penal systems. Few of the Guomindang codes, however, were implemented nationwide. Although government leaders were striving for a Western-inspired system of codified law, the traditional Chinese preference for collective social sanctions over impersonal legalism (Legalism (Chinese philosophy)) hindered constitutional and legal development. The spirit of the new laws never penetrated to the grass-roots level or provided hoped

holding books

River Bridge alt 南京长江大桥 url email address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content This 6km bridge over the Yangtze has sculptures that are classics of Chinese sociallist art; with workers and farmers carrying tools, soldiers carrying weapons, and all of them holding books, most likely Quotations of Chairman Mao Zedong (better known as The Little Red Book). The bridge was built after Soviet advisors left China during the Sino-Soviet Split

popular temple

Tickets are ¥5, which includes 3 free incense with every ticket. content Jiming Temple is the most popular temple in Nanjing and it is located convenient to downtown. *

classical buildings

Gumi (Gumi, South Korea), South Korea Early Republic On January 1, 1912, Sun officially declared the establishment of the Republic of China and was inaugurated in Nanjing as the first Provisional President (President of the Republic of China). But power in Beijing already had passed to Yuan Shikai, who had effective control of the Beiyang Army, the most powerful military force in China at the time. To prevent civil war and possible foreign intervention from undermining the infant republic, Sun agreed to Yuan's demand for China be united under a Beijing government headed by Yuan. On March 10, in Beijing, Yuan Shikai was sworn


pic Nanjing name (2).svg piccap "Nanjing", as written in Chinese picsize 122px c 南京 p Nánjīng w Nan-ching psp Nanking j naam 4 ging 1 wuu noe 平 cin 平 poj Lâm-kiaⁿ

l southern capital showflag p

'''Nanjing''' (

Located in the lower Yangtze River drainage basin and Yangtze River Delta economic zone, Nanjing has long been one of China's most important cities.

With a total population of 8.16 million

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