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, both of which were well received. In 1936, ''Thunderstorm'' debuted in Nanjing, with Cao Yu himself acting in the lead role. In 1938, following its theatrical triumphs, the play was made into two separate movies productions, one in Shanghai and another in Hong Kong, that were almost coincidental versions of one another. The latter production, made in 1957, co-starred a young Bruce Lee in one of his few non-fighting roles. *Taipei (Taiwan) — Asunción (Paraguay) *Nanjing (China) — Rosario (Argentina) *Montpellier (France) — Waitangi (Waitangi, Chatham Islands) (Chatham Islands, New Zealand) The '''Ming Dynasty Tombs''' ( WikiPedia:Nanjing commons:南京

providing food

, supply barge traffic increased in the area. Often these barges would spill grain into the canals, providing food for the ducks. By the Five Dynasties, the new species of duck had been domesticated by Chinese farmers. WikiPedia:Nanjing commons:南京


. WikiPedia:Nanjing commons:南京

free water

quality Holiday Inn hotel adjacent to Aqua City shopping center. Very convenient access to restaurants, shopping, and free water fountain entertainment for the kids. Walking distance to Fu Zi Miao (confucious temple). *


in various sources as either Gorge or Gorch. File:Sunzhongshan.jpg thumb 260px Recumbent effigy of Dr. Sun Yat

by a Czech (Czechs) sculptor, whose name is rendered in various sources as either Gorge or Gorch. ** Macau

people place

Publications location page 82 isbn 8178271125 pages 508 accessdate 2010-06-28 The Tibetans were pushed back to the other side of the Jinsha river.

82 isbn 8178271125 pages 508 accessdate 2010-06-28 The Tibetans were pushed back to the other side of the Jinsha river.

arts skills

; newspaper bulletin. After an excited discussion, they established the basic teachings and beliefs of the True Jesus Mission. Nationalist guard According to Charles' father, he still needed discipline when Charles returned to Nanjing at the age of 20. His grandfather was a good friend of Chinese National Revolutionary Army General Ku Chu-tung (Gu Zhutong, Chinese: 顧祝同) and after displaying his martial arts skills, Charles became General Gu's orderly which was similar to being

producing heavy

at increasing the efficiency of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom were all eventually refused. In 1863, Yung Wing was dispatched to the United States by Zeng Guofan to buy machinery necessary for opening an arsenal in China capable of producing heavy weapons comparable with those of the western powers. The arsenal later became Jiangnan Shipyard. '''John Samuel Yu''' AC (Order of Australia) ( ; born: 12 December 1934) is a distinguished paediatrics doctor. Born

long cultural

Examination Hall ) for the Jiangnan region, again acting as a hub where different thoughts and opinions converged and thrived. Today, with a long cultural tradition and strong support from local educational institutions, Nanjing is commonly viewed as a “city of culture” and one of the more pleasant cities to live in China. Art WikiPedia:Nanjing commons:南京


in the middle all linked by causeways, complete with a amusement park for kids, a small zoo, and lots of great views of the city and Purple Mountain. Paddle boats can be rented as well. The picturesque nature of this lake is a nod to the high esteem held within China of Nanjing's beauty. Free *


pic Nanjing name (2).svg piccap "Nanjing", as written in Chinese picsize 122px c 南京 p Nánjīng w Nan-ching psp Nanking j naam 4 ging 1 wuu noe 平 cin 平 poj Lâm-kiaⁿ

l southern capital showflag p

'''Nanjing''' (

Located in the lower Yangtze River drainage basin and Yangtze River Delta economic zone, Nanjing has long been one of China's most important cities.

With a total population of 8.16 million

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