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World is one of the most popular theme parks of Northern Europe. File:Street in Naantali.jpg Street view in the summertime. File:SS Ukkopekka port of Naantali.JPG Naantali old town and harbour See also *Pekka Siitoin References WikiPedia:Naantali Commons:Category:Naantali

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. thumb Jöns Budde memorial (File:Jöns Budde memorial.jpg) '''Jöns Budde''' (sometimes written ''Joens Budde'') (about 1435-1495) was a Franciscan monk from the Brigittine monastery in Naantali (Vallis Gratiae) - near Turku, Finland (at the time part of the Swedish Empire) -, who lived in the 15th century. He is the earliest writer known by name in Finland. In addition to the two main railway lines to Helsinki and Joensuu, the station has handled passenger traffic to Naantali and Uusikaupunki. These local lines have been discontinued due to lack of use, but are still used by goods traffic. In addition, there is talk of re-establishing the line to Naantali in the near future, either as a museum railway line or a form of local public transport. thumb left MS ''Cinderella'' in earlier livery. Notice that there is no multi-deck panoramic window on the port side of the vessel. (Image:Cinderella-vintern-2003.jpg) In 1993, after the other Viking Line partner Rederi AB Slite went bankrupt, the ''Cinderella'' took over MS ''Olympia'' (MS Olympia)'s place on the Helsinki–Stockholm route, sailing in tandem with the ''Mariella''. At this time her passenger capacity was upgraded to 2,700, but it was soon lowered back to 2500. In autumn 1994 she swapped routes with MS ''Isabella'' (MS Isabella), returning to making 24 (later 20) hour cruises from Helsinki to Tallinn. In summers 1995 and 1996 Cinderella sailed on the Turku–Mariehamn–Stockholm route, freeing MS ''Rosella'' (MS Rosella) for the seasonal Naantali–Mariehamn–Kapellskär route. In summers 2002 and 2003 ''Cinderella'' made cruises from Helsinki to Riga in addition to the normal 20 hour Tallinn cruises. Prior to entering service the ''Isabella'' visited Pori, Finland where the ship was displayed to the public on 1989-07-03. She had originally been planned to replace MS ''Rosella'' (MS Rosella) on the Naantali–Mariehamn–Kapellskär route, but the authorities of Kapellskär failed to modernise the port of the town to accommodate a ship of such large size. WikiPedia:Naantali Commons:Category:Naantali

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, Ekenäs, Helsinki and Priozersk that had been captured from Russia in 1580. but no known historical research provides support for a link between the number of roses and the number of towns in Finland in 1580. In September 2000 ''Mariella'' was refitted at Naantali with rear sponsons and a new fast rescue boat. Her interior was also brought up to date, the disco moved from deck eight to deck seven, and for some time after the refit she sported the text "Updated

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, and of the archipelago. There are some important points of interest in the city, such as the Moomin World theme park on the island of Kailo. Naantali Spa Hotel, the largest spa in Scandinavia, and the Naantali’s medieval convent stone church (Naantali Church). The city's popularity as a tourist venue is highlighted by the fact that the official summer residence of the President of Finland, the Kultaranta estate, is located on Luonnonmaa. The archipelago sea boat traffic is handled by S S Ukkopekka. Old steamship cruise Naantali-Turku-Naantali. Naantali hosts an international music festival every June, and the traditional Sleepyhead Day carnival in July. Other industries In addition to tourism, the city's main industries are electricity production, oil refining, manufacturing, and services (Service Sector). The Port of Naantali is the third largest in Finland in terms of goods traffic, and the city is home to a power plant and an oil refinery owned by the government-controlled company Fortum and Neste Oil. International relations WikiPedia:Naantali Commons:Category:Naantali

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. Naantali has a quite popular guest harbour, but the biggest sailing yachts cannot enter due to bridges (16.5 m). By car Naantali is situated at the western end of Turku's ring road, Highway 40. If you're driving from some other city than Turku, follow the signage towards Naantali when you cross the ring road. From the center of Turku, drive towards Pori on Highway 8 and take regional road 185 to Naantali. Get around The town itself is not too big. The old wooden old town is well worth a walk. Most of the archipelago is reachable by bus or car. See Naantali is very much a summer town, and many attractions are closed outside the June-August peak season. thumbnail A street in Naantali's old town (File:Naantali oldtown 01.jpg) * WikiPedia:Naantali Commons:Category:Naantali

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among prominent scholars.amp;culture en-US Article on the Coats of arms of Finland, can be found in ThisisFINLAND by Maunu Harmo, Master of Pol. Sc., Former President of Finnish Society of Heraldry. The number of towns in the nominal "Grand Duchy of Finland and Karelia" in 1580 were also nine, Turku, Porvoo, Rauma (Rauma, Finland), Naantali, Pori, Vyborg

name Kultaranta url http: public default.aspx?contentid 166743&nodeid 44833&contentlan 2&culture en-US email address lat 60.4663 long 21.9996 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Literally "Gold Coast", this is the summer residence of the Finnish president. Guided tours Jun-Aug daily except Monday, advance booking required. *

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. * WikiPedia:Naantali Commons:Category:Naantali


directions phone +358 2 511 1111 tollfree fax hours Daily 10AM-6PM, but the park is open only in the summer (Mid-June - Mid-August). price Admission €25 person content One of Finland's most popular amusement parks, dedicated to Tove Jansson's lovable Moomin characters (huge in Finland and Japan, but not too well known elsewhere). The blueberry-coloured Moomin House is the main attraction. Tourists are allowed to visit freely all the five storeys. Hemulen's yellow house

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–1990 url http: forum index.php?topic 11464.0 publisher FCBS Forum language Finnish accessdate 29 October 2007 She was the largest ship to serve on that route at the time. As with many ships, ''Viking Sally'' suffered some mishaps during her Viking Line service, being grounded in the Åland Archipelago in May 1984 and suffering some propeller problems in April of the following year. In 1985 she was also rebuilt with a "duck tail". ref name "


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'''Naantali''' ( ) is a city (municipalities of Finland) in south-western Finland, known as one of the most important tourist (tourism) centres of the country. The municipality has a population of ( ), and is located in the region (regions of Finland) of Finland Proper (Finland Proper (region)), west of Turku.

The town encompasses a land area of .

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