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moved first, early in the morning of December 31, driving the Union army back into a small defensive perimeter. As he realized the severity of the surprise attack, Rosecrans demonstrated the nervous hyperactivity for which he was known in battle. He personally rallied his men along the line, and gave direct orders to any brigades, regiments, or companies he encountered. Disregarding his own safety, he rode back and forth at the very front of his line and sometimes between his men and the enemy. Cozzens, ''No Better Place to Die'', p. 129; Lamers, pp. 202-34. As Rosecrans raced across the battlefield directing units, seeming ubiquitous to his men, his uniform was covered with blood from his friend and chief of staff, Col. Julius Garesché, beheaded by a cannonball while riding alongside. Cozzens, ''No Better Place to Die'', p. 166. right thumb Sword of the Lord headquarters, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. (File:SoTLSign.JPG) '''''The Sword of the Lord''''' is a Christian fundamentalist publisher, based in Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee), Tennessee, that publishes a newspaper of the same name as well as religious books, pamphlets, and tracts. The ''Sword of the Lord'' moved with the Rice family to Wheaton (Wheaton, Illinois), Illinois in 1940, and then to its present location in Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee), Tennessee in 1963. For 15 years, John R. Rice co-edited the paper with his brother Bill Rice (1912-1978). When Bill Rice died, Curtis Hutson replaced him as co-editor. Two years later John R. Rice died, and Hutson became the sole editor. Hutson died in 1995, and editorship passed to Shelton Smith, former pastor of the Church of the Open Door Carroll Christian Schools, Westminster, Maryland. In 1963, Rice moved "The Sword of the Lord" to Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee), Tennessee, where a street was eventually named for him. Rice's brother had established the Bill Rice Ranch, a ministry to the deaf, in Murfreesboro, and the cost of living was cheaper there. But Rice also wished to leave Wheaton, which had become a center of neo-evangelicalism that included not only Wheaton College (Wheaton College (Illinois)) but also the headquarters of Youth for Christ and the National Association of Evangelicals. Moore, 309. After football Berry currently lives with his wife in Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee), Tennessee. Klingaman, Mike. "Catching Up With...former Colt Raymond Berry," ''The Toy Department'' (''The Baltimore Sun'' sports blog), Tuesday, December 15, 2009. On February 5, 2012, Berry (with his strong ties to both teams playing in Super Bowl XLVI, the Giants and the Patriots) presented the Vince Lombardi Trophy to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who awarded it to Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. *'''Midwest''': Pecan Bowl in Abilene, Texas 1964–1967 & Arlington, Texas 1968–1970, Pioneer Bowl in Wichita Falls, Texas, 1971–1972 *'''Mideast''': Grantland Rice Bowl in Murfreesboro, Tennessee 1964–1968 & Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1969–1972 *'''East''': Tangerine Bowl (Capital One Bowl) in Orlando, Florida 1964–1967, Boardwalk Bowl in Atlantic City, New Jersey 1968–1972 birth_date origin Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA (United States) instrument Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

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Sailaway" were last minute additions to the album - both had originally been recorded for inclusion on ''Gizmodgery''. Early years Bryant attended Riverdale High School (Riverdale High School (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and starred in football as a wide receiver defensive back and in track (Track and field) as a sprinter (Sprint (race)). In football, as a senior, he garnered All American honors, and finished the year with six interceptions and 82 tackles on defense, and 48 receptions on offense. airdate December 30, 1983 location Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) Nashville, Tennessee callsign_meaning '''H'''eart of '''T'''e'''N'''nessee '''WHTN''' digital channel 38 is a not-for-profit television station licensed to Murfreesboro, Tennessee that serves the Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee) market. It is owned by Clearwater, Florida-based Christian Television Network. WHTN offers 24-hour religious programming, much of which is produced either locally or at the CTN home base (WCLF-TV) in Florida. WHTN's studios are currently located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. He studied at Black’s College, Kentucky; was admitted to the bar in 1825 and practiced in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. After moving to Jefferson City, Missouri, he was secretary of state of Missouri 1830-1835 and in 1837; district judge of Cole County, Missouri 1832-1837; member of the Missouri House of Representatives in 1836; judge of the Missouri Supreme Court 1837-1839; elected as a Democrat to the Twenty-seventh Congress (27th United States Congress) (March 4, 1841-March 3, 1843); did not seek renomination, having become a candidate for the gubernatorial office; Biography Born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, he served as an artillery battery commander in World War I. He attended Vanderbilt University, where he was a member of the group of poets and literary scholars known as the Fugitives. As a Rhodes Scholar (Rhodes Scholarship), he attended Balliol College, Oxford, where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and where amongst others he would meet the poet William Butler Yeats, the Indian nationalist Krishna Menon, and John Marshall Harlan II, a future Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States). His dissertation ''The Pragmatic Revolt in Politics'' proved influential. 1985 Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee), Tennessee hosted by Mu Chapter (Middle Tennessee State University) OPA in for A Dixieland Delight Ministry J. M. Pendleton was ordained at Hopkinsville, Kentucky in 1833. In his lifetime he pastored churches at Bethel, Hopkinsville, and Bowling Green (Bowling Green, Kentucky) in Kentucky; Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) in Tennessee; Hamilton in Ohio; and Upland (Upland, Pennsylvania) in Pennsylvania. While pastoring in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Pendleton married Catherine Stockton Garnett in 1838. They had five children. In 1857 he became professor of Theology at Union University in Murfreesboro. Though a born Southerner, Pendleton disagreed with secession and moved north around 1862. Denison University conferred on him the title of Doctor of Divinity in 1865. Pendelton was involved with Baptist industrialist John P. Crozer and others in founding the Crozer Theological Seminary in Upland, Pennsylvania. birth_date origin Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA (United States) instrument Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

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undergraduate enrollment in the state. World War II resulted in Murfreesboro beginning to move away from an agriculture-based economy and diversify economically with industry, manufacturing, and education contributing significantly. Since the end of World War II, growth has been steady giving rise to a stable economy. Murfreesboro has enjoyed substantial residential and commercial growth, with its population increasing 123.9% between 1990 and 2010, from 44,922 to 100,575. http

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comedy film ''Ernest Goes to Camp'' was shot here. The population was 1,468 at the 2010 census. Knoxville served as capital of the Territory South of the River Ohio and as capital of Tennessee (admitted as a state in 1796) until 1817, when the capital was moved to Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee). Early Knoxville has been described as an "alternately quiet and rowdy river town." Early issues

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by MTSU's School of Music and the Main Street Association each May.

. The Historic Downtown Murfreesboro district also offers a wide variety of shopping and dining experiences that encircle the pre-Civil War Courthouse. Media Murfreesboro is serviced by the following media outlets: Newspapers: *''The Daily News Journal'' *''The Murfreesboro Post'' *''The Murfreesboro Pulse'' *''Sidelines

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Facility Record work United States Federal Communications Commission, audio division It is the fourth attempt by students to organize a student run radio station at MTSU. While the larger, professional station WMOT employed students, others felt unrepresented

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Fork of the Stones River flows through Murfreesboro. A walking trail, the Greenway, parallels the river for several miles. A smaller waterway, Lytle Creek, flows through downtown including historic "Cannonsburgh Village". Parts of the long creek suffer from pollution due to the urban environment and its use as a storm-water runoff.

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designation. From Opelika, US 241 ran south to Phenix City and this section gained the US 431 designation. origin Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA (United States) instrument Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

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Street Murfreesboro releases lineup for JazzFest work Southern Manners date March 10, 2014 accessdate March 26, 2014 For over 30 years, Uncle Dave Macon Days has celebrated the musical tradition (Old-time music) of Uncle Dave Macon. This annual July event includes national competitions for old-time music and dancing.

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country music stars (celebrity). DATE OF DEATH December 23, 1992 PLACE OF DEATH Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States '''WMOT''' is a radio station featuring classical music, jazz music and news and talk programming, serving the metropolitan (metropolitan area) Nashville, Tennessee market. It is licensed to Middle Tennessee State University, located in nearby Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee), Tennessee. Its signal can be heard most

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

'''Murfreesboro''' is a city in and the county seat of Rutherford County, Tennessee.

In 2006, Murfreesboro was ranked by ''Money (Money (magazine))'' as the 84th best place to live in the United States, out of 745 cities with a population over 50,000.

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