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, opposite Blue room restaurant. Fast, safe and reliable surfing. Voice, video and text chatting services, as well as laser color printing, bulk photocopies, and other services. Cope Go next WikiPedia:Morogoro


, go over the small bridge; at the SUA roundabout, bear to the right; the street dead-ends into a row of shops. The entrance is roughly where the road ends, leading behind the shops. It is full of stalls selling all kinds of stuff, mostly very inexpensive used clothes, linens, etc. Sundays is a great day to go. BE CAREFUL of pick-pockets. *

the Old Dar Es Salaam road and go down the alley to the right of the gas station. It's on the right. A pleasant courtyard seating area, with various windows: bar; grill guy selling mishkaki and chips; mamas selling rice, beans, ugali, etc.; nyama choma (roasted meat); fruit. Also many vendors on foot selling all kinds of stuff - it's like going to the mall, except the mall comes to you. Swahili recommended. There are many more local restaurants, these are just some tested favorites

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of the better-known NGOs in Morogoro. Buy Food There are many "safi dukas" in town; the following are just highlights. *

price content Pira's one of the nicest minimarkets in town, carrying a wide variety of packaged goods; canned food, housewares, etc. A decent candy selection, frozen meats, and liquor as well, but limited produce. It is one block to the north of the daladala stand. *

see map - Behind the daladala stand phone tollfree fax hours price content Offering a wide range of electronics including cell phones, stereos, even furniture. Worth a visit just to see what they have. They also have a parts store roughly across from Blue Room Restaurant. *

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and Security of the African National Congress is established under Moses Mabhida * '''Palo Alto (Palo Alto, California)''', California, U.S. (United States) The route followed an old caravan route to Tabora, which gave large logistic advantages. German settlers soon followed with plantations. So the small place of Tabora developed to a large


a lovely pool. The cost is 4000 per day Music * '''New Savoy Hotel''' On the station road past Oasis Hotel. Live music most weekends. Not safe to walk after dark. Best to go in a group to avoid hassles. * '''Ze Klub Ze Pub''' On the Boma Road towards the mountain. Take a taxi, not safe to walk. Probably the poshest club outside of Dar (Dar es Salaam) Arusha. Disco ! Air condiitoned, dance floor, lights, decent bar, cover charge (keeps the riff-raff out, somehow). Work

renowned pizza and a small specials menu. Friday nights are very popular with local ex-pats, and there is often a crafts vendor. There is satellite TV, billiards, and a magnificent view of the mountains. All seating is outdoors (bring bug spray). Sometimes has live music. Four rooms are available, and have been renovated in early 2009; with breakfast, price is Tsh60,000 for a double. It is a bit far to walk from town, and not safe to walk after dark. By dala, take the "Bigwa"

area, opposite Cobil petrol station. Self-contained singles from TSh 25,000 , Deluxe rooms from TSh 40,000 . Restaurant, guarded car park. No alcohol (but dukas are nearby). Splurge See the 'higher end' restaurant section above; most of the establishments listed there also have rooms available. Stay safe For maximum safety, don't walk around after dark - take a taxi. But in general, if there are many people around, it's usually safe to walk about downtown in the evening. Being

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and camping facilities, situated on a beautiful site between two rivers on Mount Uluguru. The Association has other district camps, which are not developed. The Association is involved in various community development programs. 180px right Tanzania's flag (Image:Flag of Tanzania.svg) Morogoro Plastic will open a plastic grinding plant in the Tanzania (w:Tanzania) town of Morogoro (w:Morogoro) in April of 2005, according to Faustine Rwambali of the ''East African''. The grinding plant will be followed by a network of 5 washing plants around Tanzania. 75% of the $2m (2bn Tsh) investment needed to build the system of plants has been provided by Barclays (w:Barclays). The first three washing plants will be in Mwanza, Arusha, and Dar es Salaam, followed by a plant on the island of Zanzibar and one in the southern part of the country. WikiPedia:Morogoro

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downtown Morogoro, and scattered throughout the neighborhoods. Many have "bites": simple food like mishkaki (shishkebab), chipsi mayai (french fry omelette), chips, peanuts, kitimoto (fried pork), etc. Like bars everywhere, each has a unique atmosphere and cohort of regulars. The night of a big football soccer match can be fun, but also raucous, if the bar has a TV with the sports channel. * '''Juice ya Miwa''' - Sugar cane juice. On the road from the daladala stand to Msamvu


without a guide; robberies muggings are not unheard of. Do Health Services Malaria prophylaxis is recommended in Morogoro - there are mosquitos all year long. If you'll be in town for a while, it might be worth investing in a self-test kit; some people suspect that local clinics have an incentive to report false positives, in order to sell you medicine. * '''Aga Khan Clinic''' On the Boma Road, on the right heading from the daladala stand towards the mountains. Probably the best clinic


evidence to support that Bagamoyo was a major slave port (Kilwa, much further south, has earned this status), and that tens of thousands of porters arrived at Bagamoyo annually in the latter half of the 19th century, it is more likely that the name of the town derives from the latter interpretation. Events * The African National Congress establish its HQ in Morogoro, Tanzania * 8 January - Adam Faith, a British (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) pop

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with a population of 315,866 (2012 census) in the southern highlands of Tanzania, Overview


'''Morogoro''' is a city with a population of 315,866 (2012 census) in the southern highlands of Tanzania,

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