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, go over the small bridge; at the SUA roundabout, bear to the right; the street dead-ends into a row of shops. The entrance is roughly where the road ends, leading behind the shops. It is full of stalls selling all kinds of stuff, mostly very inexpensive used clothes, linens, etc. Sundays is a great day to go. BE CAREFUL of pick-pockets. *

the Old Dar Es Salaam road and go down the alley to the right of the gas station. It's on the right. A pleasant courtyard seating area, with various windows: bar; grill guy selling mishkaki and chips; mamas selling rice, beans, ugali, etc.; nyama choma (roasted meat); fruit. Also many vendors on foot selling all kinds of stuff - it's like going to the mall, except the mall comes to you. Swahili recommended. There are many more local restaurants, these are just some tested favorites

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an informal business. If you want African hairstyles (braiding) there are lots of places in town. Be advised, it takes a long time and is hard on thin hair. * WikiPedia:Morogoro

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and Security of the African National Congress is established under Moses Mabhida * '''Palo Alto (Palo Alto, California)''', California, U.S. (United States) The route followed an old caravan route to Tabora, which gave large logistic advantages. German settlers soon followed with plantations. So the small place of Tabora developed to a large

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) menu of Indian and Chinese, as well as Tanzanian, food, at reasonable prices, and always fresh. Coldest beers in town, with a full bar. Outdoor seating (bring bug spray). Large hotel with 30+ rooms available. Swimming pool. Frequently hosts conferences & events. Walking from town onto Station Road, it's just past Mama Pierina's right next door to each other(above). * '''Dragonaire's''' ''(see map)'' Offers a substantial and varied menu during the week. Fridays and Sundays, they have


, who was the founder of the Cuban Marimba jazz band, and the Morogoro Jazz Band, another well-known band established in 1944. From the mid-1960s to the 1970s, Morogoro was home to one of Tanzania's most influential and celebrated musicians, Mbaraka Mwinshehe, a lead guitarist and singer-songwriter.

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they've got. Most of what they've got is good though, so definitely worth a shot. * '''High Classic Hotel''': From the dala stand, take the main road towards Msamvu Kihonda, on the left before the next roundabout. Good Tanzanian fare, a step up from Blue Room. * '''Bakery at Dala Stand''': Cross the street from the dala stand and enter the gas station area. Its tucked in the far corner on the left. Great little bakery with a variety of cake and biscuit. Breakfast of champions, my friends. Also

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with a population of 315,866 (2012 census) in the southern highlands of Tanzania, Overview

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downtown Morogoro, and scattered throughout the neighborhoods. Many have "bites": simple food like mishkaki (shishkebab), chipsi mayai (french fry omelette), chips, peanuts, kitimoto (fried pork), etc. Like bars everywhere, each has a unique atmosphere and cohort of regulars. The night of a big football soccer match can be fun, but also raucous, if the bar has a TV with the sports channel. * '''Juice ya Miwa''' - Sugar cane juice. On the road from the daladala stand to Msamvu

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of the better-known NGOs in Morogoro. Buy Food There are many "safi dukas" in town; the following are just highlights. *

price content Pira's one of the nicest minimarkets in town, carrying a wide variety of packaged goods; canned food, housewares, etc. A decent candy selection, frozen meats, and liquor as well, but limited produce. It is one block to the north of the daladala stand. *

see map - Behind the daladala stand phone tollfree fax hours price content Offering a wide range of electronics including cell phones, stereos, even furniture. Worth a visit just to see what they have. They also have a parts store roughly across from Blue Room Restaurant. *


to the town center, with service to from points west. For travel to from Dar es Salaam, bus service is much more convenient. By car The roads from Morogoro to Dar es Salaam, Iringa, and Dodoma are paved and generally in good condition, making Morogoro easy to get to by car. The travel time between city boundaries is fairly short (about 2-2.5 hours) but depending on where and at what time you depart in Dar es Salaam it can take you more than one hour to get out of Dar

and appliances. Clothes Saba-saba market on weekends is good for used clothes. There are sidewalk tailors all over town who can make you custom clothes at a good price. Finding a good one is a matter of networking or trial-and-error. The tailor to the far left of the stadium entrance is rumored to be good, but only speaks kiswahili. There are nice fabric stores around Blue Room restaurant and on the Old Dar Es Salaam Road between the daladala stand and the market, and generally

around town. Indian-style clothes for women are available at some fancier stores in town. They can be expensive, but gorgeous. '''Vikoi''' (woven wraps) are rumored to be available from a mama's group in the dukas across the parking lot from the CCM regional office at Sabasaba market. Our source says that if your timing is good, you can watch them being woven. A good price might be TSh8,000 . Jewellery There is a jewellery store next to Symbus Kitchen Point (see map


'''Morogoro''' is a city with a population of 315,866 (2012 census) in the southern highlands of Tanzania,

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