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football rivalry

in the 1969 Copa Libertadores, however the club refused to play for economic reasons. The team did however play internationally during the decade, both a friendly against Pelé's Santos (Santos Futebol Clube) (played in the José Amalfitani to re-inaugurate the lighting systems), and a friendly tournament in Montevideo, Uruguay against Nacional (Club Nacional de Football), FC Torpedo Moscow, and AC Sparta Prague. Uruguay * Clásico: a football rivalry existing since


(completed 1930). During World War II, a famous incident involving the German pocket battleship ''Admiral Graf Spee'' (German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee) took place in Punta del Este, from Montevideo. After the Battle of the River Plate with the Royal Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy on 13 December 1939, the ''Graf Spee'' retreated to Montevideo's port, which was considered neutral at the time. To avoid risking

the crew in what he thought would be a losing battle, Captain Hans Langsdorff scuttled the ship on 17 December. Langsdorff committed suicide two days later. to protect the feelings of those still sensitive

to Nazi Germany, the swastika on the figurehead was covered as it was pulled from the water. File:Old Town, Montevideo street.jpg thumb left An old colonial feel to a street

leading contemporary

, Montevideo - '''Edwin Seroussi''' (born 26 December 1952 in Montevideo) is a leading contemporary Israeli musicologist (Musicology) of Uruguayan origin. Ship registry Ship route Buenos Aires—Montevideo Buenos Aires—Colonia (Colonia del Sacramento) Ship renamed The ''Silvia Ana


with the world discovering Diana alive and enjoying a happy undercover new life in a dangerous favela on the outskirts of Montevideo. Shot on a genuine Uruguayan slum and using a Diana impersonator from São Paulo, the film was selected among the Venice Biennial's best works by the Italian Art Critics Association.

modern complex

:: Montevideo – Uruguay :: publisher accessdate 16 September 2011 north of the old one and part of the Tower of Communications modern complex, has

carrying gold

San Diego, for winter fleet operations in the Caribbean based at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Cressman, pp. 117–119 She then steamed north to Norfolk, arriving on 20 April. Cressman, p. 125 On 6 August, ''Tennessee'' sailed from New York for duty in Europe through the first half of 1915 supporting the American Relief Expedition by carrying gold bullion and other resources to assist in the extraction of American refugees from war-ravaged Europe. In August, she transported the 1st Regiment, Marine Expeditionary Force, and the Marine Artillery Battalion to Haiti. From 28 January-24 February 1916, the cruiser served as flagship of a cruiser squadron off Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In March, she embarked a group of dignitaries at Hampton Roads for a two-month, round trip cruise to Montevideo, Uruguay. ''Charleston'' arrived in Hampton Roads on 23 February 1893. From here she sailed with other American and foreign ships to the International Naval Review conducted at New York City on 26 April 1893 as part of the Columbian Exposition. Taking the review was President Grover Cleveland in despatch vessel ''Dolphin''. In the summer of 1893, ''Charleston'' turned south to join the strong force patrolling the east coast of South America to protect American interests and shipping from disturbance during the Brazilian Revolution (Revolta da Armada). After a leisurely cruise from Montevideo, Uruguay, she arrived in San Francisco on 8 July 1894 to prepare for a return to the Asiatic Station. She cruised in the Far East until 6 June 1896, when she steamed from Yokohama for San Francisco where she was placed out of commission on 27 July 1896. thumb 250px Map of Uruguay (File:Uruguay mapa.png) thumb right 250px Montevideo (File:Montevideo Uruguay.jpg), Capital of Uruguay thumb right 250px Salto, Uruguay Salto (File:Salto Uruguay visto del puerto.jpg) The South Atlantic 1879–1882 ''Shenandoah'' was recommissioned in the New York Navy Yard on 8 September 1879. On 4 October, she sailed for Brazil, and arrived at Rio de Janeiro on 1 December 1879 to serve as flagship of Rear Admiral Andrew Bryson who commanded the South Atlantic Squadron. She watched over American interests in that quarter while cruising between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Montevideo, Uruguay; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. While at Rio de Janeiro on 19 September 1880, Seamen William Morse and John Smith (John Smith (Medal of Honor, 1880)) rescued a fellow sailor from drowning, for which they were later awarded the Medal of Honor. This duty terminated on 4 February 1882 when ''Shenandoah'' departed Montevideo on a homeward-bound cruise that included calls at Barbados in the West Indies, Cartagena, Colombia and Havana, Cuba. She arrived at New York on 29 April and was decommissioned in the New York Navy Yard on 27 May 1882. Following those trials and a period of yard work at the New York Navy Yard, ''Washington'' set sail for the Pacific Station, again in company with ''Tennessee''. The two armored cruisers subsequently called at Hampton Roads; Port of Spain, Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Montevideo, Uruguay; Punta Arenas, Chile; Callao, Peru; Acapulco, Mexico; and Pichilinque Bay, Mexico; before they joined the Pacific Fleet (United States Pacific Fleet) in time to fire target practices with them at Magdalena Bay, Mexico, from late December 1907-January 1908. ''Washington'' subsequently operated both in company with the Fleet and on independent tactical exercises out of Magdalena Bay into March, operating also off Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, California), San Francisco (San Francisco, California), and San Diego (San Diego, California), as well as San Pedro, California (San Pedro, Los Angeles, California). Other ports visited by the armored cruiser into the summer of 1908 included Redondo Beach (Redondo Beach, California), Venice (Venice, Los Angeles, California), Monterey (Monterey, California), and Angel Island (Angel Island, California) in California; and Port Townsend (Port Townsend, Washington), Port Angeles (Port Angeles, Washington), Seattle (Seattle, Washington), Tacoma (Tacoma, Washington), and Bremerton (Bremerton, Washington) in Washington. She was among the units of the Fleet reviewed by the Secretary of the Navy at San Francisco from 6 May and 17 May. Brazilian Navy Brazil was fighting its own war of independence (Brazilian Declaration of Independence#The Independence War) against Portugal. Excepting Montevideo (in today Uruguay, then Cisplatina), along the 1822, the southern provinces fell under the control of the patriots led by the Prince Regent, later Emperor Pedro I (Pedro I of Brazil), but Portugal still controlled some north important capitals, with major garrisons and naval bases like Belém do Pará (Belém), Salvador da Bahia (Salvador, Bahia) and São Luís do Maranhão (São Luís, Maranhão). thumb right 150px Coat of arms of the Marquess of Maranhão. VASCONCELOS, Jaime Smith & VASCONCELOS, Rodolfo Smith. ''Archivo Nobiliarchico Brasileiro''. Lausanne, 1918. (Image:COA Marquess of Maranhão.svg) * The eighth European basketball championship, Eurobasket 1953, is won by the Soviet Union (Soviet Union national basketball team). * The fifteenth South American Basketball Championship (South American Basketball Championship 1953) in Montevideo is won by Uruguay (Uruguay national basketball team). '''Uruguay''' * 28 September — foundation of the Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club (CURCC) by British railway workers in Montevideo; it later becomes C.A. Peñarol Though the Il-86 was a medium-range airliner, from 1982 Aeroflot put it into scheduled service from Moscow to Havana via Shannon (Shannon Airport) and Gander (Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador), "perhaps with limited payload or with additional tankerage." ''Flight International'' October 15, 1983 Other scheduled long range services flown by the type were to Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Lima, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, all via Sal Island. WikiPedia:Montevideo Dmoz:Regional South America Uruguay Localities Montevideo commons:Montevideo

taking water

boats with a dozen men apiece sortied and re-captured the slaver, burning it after having landed the slaves. Bethel (2009), p.206. A week later, while Cox was taking water at Campos, some of the slavers took him and men prisoner after wounding four seamen. Shortly thereafter the Brazilians released their British captives. Thomas (1999), p.664. At the end of September she left Simon's Bay for the East Indies. On 6 November Fremantle was promoted

long friendship

him as a draughtsman to replace the ship's artist Augustus Earle who had fallen ill. In this way he joined the second voyage of HMS ''Beagle'' (second voyage of HMS Beagle) and soon struck up a life-long friendship with Charles Darwin who was taking part in the expedition as a self-financing gentleman naturalist and companion to the captain. They sailed south to Patagonia, reaching Port Desire (Puerto Deseado) on 23 December 1833. Here Martens shot a rhea (rhea (bird)) which

called world

ongoing as of 2010. The complex is composed of three towers, two three-story buildings called World Trade Center Plaza and World Trade Center Avenue and a large central square called Towers Square. World Trade Center 1 was the first building to be inaugurated, in 1998. It has 22 floors and 17,100 square metres of space. That same year the avenue and the auditorium were raised. World Trade Center 2 was inaugurated in 2002, a twin tower of World Trade Center 1

difficult part

Espanola language Spanish *Milford Haven (Milford Haven (harbour)), Wales, United Kingdom *Montevideo, Uruguay *Mumbai, India Faced with the more difficult part of the survey in the desolate waters of Tierra del Fuego, Captain Pringle Stokes fell into a deep depression. At Port Famine (Puerto Hambre) on the Strait of Magellan he locked himself in his cabin for 14 days, then after getting over-excited and talking of preparing for the next cruise, shot himself on 2 August 1828. Following four days of delirium Stokes recovered slightly, but then his condition deteriorated and he died on 12 August 1828. Guardian review: Man on a suicide mission WikiPedia:Montevideo Dmoz:Regional South America Uruguay Localities Montevideo commons:Montevideo


'''Montevideo''' ( . The southernmost capital city in the Americas, Montevideo is situated in the southern coast of the country, on the northeastern bank of the Río de la Plata. The city was established in 1724 by a Spanish (Bruno Mauricio de Zabala) soldier, as a strategic move amidst the Spanish (Spanish people)-Portuguese (Portuguese people) dispute over the platine region (La Plata Basin); and it was also under brief British rule in 1807 (British invasions of the Río de la Plata).

Montevideo hosted all the matches during the first FIFA World Cup (1930 FIFA World Cup). Montevideo is the seat of the administrative headquarters of Mercosur and ALADI, South America’s and Latin America’s leading trading blocs.

Mercer has ranked Montevideo the top Latin American city since 2006 onwards (2014) on its quality of life rankings (Mercer Quality of Living Survey#Top cities by region). http: opinion GainzaIndiceCalidadVida2006.htm http: 07 04 03 pciuda_273081.asp http: 3022533 the-8-smartest-cities-in-latin-america http: press-releases quality-of-living-report-2014 , it had a GDP of $33 billion, with a per capita (GDP per capita) of $21,000; making Montevideo the 19th most economically powerful city in the continent (Latin America) and 9th highest income earner among major cities (List of Latin American cities by population). For 2025 the projections are $61 billion and $33,000; respectively. http: tools Wrappers Wrapper.aspx?sid C84CB74F-A3B1-47B1-8265-6252F6D85B68 &pid 4F5BEDB1-6C1F-4243-A052-83ADBABE82DF

It is classified as a Beta World City (Global City), ranking seventh in Latin America and 73rd in the world. It is the hub of commerce and higher education in Uruguay as well as its chief port. The city is also the financial and cultural hub of a larger metropolitan area, with a population of around 2 million.

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