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of Mombasa were Shãfi'i Muslims, "a religious people, trustworthy and righteous. Their mosques are made of wood, expertly built." The exact founding date of the city is unknown, but it has a long history. Kenyan school history books place the founding of Mombasa as 900 A.D. It must have been already a prosperous trading town in the 12th century, as the Arab geographer Al Idrisi mentions it in 1151. File:City mombassa 1572.jpg thumb left '''1572''' '''Mombasa''' from '' Civitates orbis

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page.basic genre content.genre taraab_795 en_US Taraab Music : National Geographic World Music . (2002-10-17). Retrieved on 2013-08-17. Styles of music native to Mombasa include the smooth and mellow Bango (Bango (music)), fast-paced Chakacha and traditional Mwanzele. Musicians of note are Mombasa Roots, Safari Sounds (Safari Sound Band), Them Mushrooms, Anwar Juma Bhalo and Princess Farida. Mombasa has been the home or base

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(music) bhangra have become popular, especially amongst the youth. Mombasa is mainly a tourism centre populated by hundreds of entertainment spots of all categories from night clubs, bars, hotels, fancy restaurants and many more. It has the most vibrant night life in Kenya catering to the mainly tourist population. Sports Currently, Mombasa is represented in the Kenyan Premier League by Bandari F.C, which plays at the Mbaraki Sports Grounds. Also, the Congo United FC


directions image phone +254 723 560933 fax hours price content Cultural center that sells jewelery, leather and textile products as well as wooden sculptures created by one of the 150 artisans with a physical handicap who are working there. Bombolulu Workshops was founded in 1969 and is a project of the Association for the Physically Disabled in Kenya (APDK). This center is a popular attraction for tourists and has 150 disabled employees who create jewelry, textiles, wood

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Republican Council : The Coast calls for freedom [501811752] | African news, analysis and opinion – The Africa first last work date May 17, 2012 quote political and economic discrimination accessdate 20 July 2012 The Mombasa Republican Council traces its secession claims to the 1895 and 1963 agreements transferring the ten-mile strip of land along the coast to the Government of Kenya from Zanzibar. The group contests


be involved in the attacks. * Henry Kissinger is appointed chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, commonly known as the 9 11 Commission. In John III's time, trade between the Portuguese and Africans was extremely intense in the ''feitorias (Factory (trading post))'' like Arguim, Mina (Elmina Castle), Mombasa, Sofala or Moçambique. "Common products were salt, wheat, horses, carpets, fabric (Textile), Irish and English clothing, blades, tin for African natives' coins, copper or tin vases, shells (animal shell) from the Canary Islands that Ethiopians carry on their necks as an amulet against lightning, yellow and green beads from Nuremberg, and brass armlets (Manillas)" (Basílio Vasconcelos, «Itinerário» de Jerónimo Münzer, 1932), in exchange for gold, slaves (slavery), ivory and bush redpepper brought by the Portuguese. Under John III, several expeditions started in coastal Africa and advanced to the interior of the continent. These expeditions were formed by groups of navigators, merchants, adventurers and missionaries. Missions in Africa were established by the College of Arts of Coimbra. The objective was to increase the king's dominion, develop peace relations and to Christianize the native population (indigenous peoples). Relations with local rulers were often complicated by trade in slaves, as shown by John's correspondence with them. Here is a passage from a letter to Manikongo, the King of the Congo: "Now, I say, like you said that there was no capture of slaves in your Kingdom, I just want to provide you with flour and wine for your Eucharistic rites, and for that it would only be needed a caravel each year; if it seems right to you, in exchange for 10,000 slaves and 10,000 armlets and 10,000 ivory tooth, that, it is said, in the Congo there is not much, not even a ship per year; so, this and more shall be as you want." The '''2002 Mombasa attacks''' refer to an Israeli-owned hotel and a plane belonging to an Israeli airline in Mombasa, Kenya that were targeted on 28 November 2002. A red all-terrain vehicle crashed through a barrier outside the ''Paradise Hotel'' and blew up when it hit the lobby. Also two surface-to-air missiles were fired at an Israeli charter plane, but they missed. Mombasa, on Kenya's Indian Ocean coast, is a popular destination for foreign visitors and the hotel was frequented mainly by Israeli tourists. Israel evacuates tourists from Kenya. BBC News. 29 November 2002. Paradise Hotel was the only Israeli-owned hotel in the Mombasa area. Kenyan hotel staff unpaid. BBC News. 5 December 2002. Long haul services to Mombasa in Kenya were introduced during the 1988 89 season. The 757s were re-equipped for extended range and flights to the United States began in 1989. The airline was granted a licence for scheduled operations by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom) in 1992, which commenced in 1993, initially between London-Gatwick and Paphos, Cyprus. In 1889 Meyer returned to Kilimanjaro with the celebrated Austrian mountaineer Ludwig Purtscheller for a third attempt. Their climbing team included two local headmen, nine porters, a cook, and a guide. The success of this attempt, which started on foot from Mombasa, was based on the establishment of many campsites with food supplies so that multiple attempts at the top could be made without having to descend too far. After Meyer and Purtscheller pushed to near the crater rim on October 3, exhausted from hacking footsteps in the icy slope, they reached the highest summit on the southern rim of the crater on Purtscheller's 40th birthday, October 6, 1889. They were the first to confirm that Kibo has a crater, which was filled with ice at the time. After descending to the saddle between Kibo and Mawenzi, Meyer and Purtscheller attempted to climb the more technically challenging Mawenzi next, but could only reach a 5096 m high subsidiary peak (later to be named Klute Peak) before retreating due to illness. On October 18 they reascended Kibo to enter and study the crater, cresting the rim at ''Hans Meyers Notch''. In total, Meyer and Purtscheller spent 16 days above 4,200 m during their expedition. Alexander Stewart, Kilimanjaro. A complete trekker's guide., Cicerone Publishers, 2004-2011, pp. 81-85 Three battalions of the King's African Rifles were recalled from Uganda, Tanganyika and Mauritius, giving the regiment five battalions in all in Kenya, a total of 3,000 African troops. To placate settler opinion, one battalion of British troops, from the Lancashire Fusiliers, was also flown in from the Egypt to Nairobi on the first day of Operation Jock Scott. Anderson (2005) (#Anderson2005), pp. 62–3. death_date

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-4.0337 long 39.7172 directions in Bahari Beach Hotel image phone +254 722 412302 also for WhatsApp fax hours price content Diving school for both beginners and intermediate divers and diving tours to several wreck sites. Also specialty courses like shark awareness. Service in several languages. Fishing You can catch big fishes in Mombasa, including barracuda, yellow tuna and all three species of marlin. *


''. The Flood follow the Chief to the Ark, bringing ''High Charity'' through the slipspace portal to escape the range of the six original Halos. The allied Elites and humans decide to activate the ''new'' Halo in order to kill the Flood outside the galaxy, and thus preserve life there. 343 Guilty Spark opposes the premature activation of the incomplete installation and attempts to stop it. Master Chief destroys him, activates the ring, and escapes with Cortana and the Arbiter on the UNSC frigate ''Forward Unto Dawn''. During the escape, the collapsing slipspace portal severs the ''Dawn'' in two, stranding Cortana and the Master Chief deep in space. While the Arbiter returns to Earth, Cortana activates a distress beacon, knowing that rescue could take years; the Master Chief enters cryonic sleep, telling Cortana, "Wake me, when you need me." If the player finishes the last level on Legendary difficulty, a cutscene shows the severed half of the ship floating near an unknown planet.

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in Japanese, for 20 undergraduates from Oxford and Cambridge, was started by the Inter-Services Special Intelligence School in Bedford, in a building across from the main Post Office. This course was repeated every six months until war's end. In 1154, Arab geographer al-Idrisi depicted the Comoros on a map and mentioned how its sailors sold metal tools for gold and ivory in East Africa; he considered the island more stable and individually prosperous than the busy coastal ports of Mombasa, Zanzibar, Kilwa (Kilwa Masoko) and Kitao. In the 15th century, the Arab seafarer Ahmad ibn Majid drew the individual routes among these islands. Some of the earliest accounts on the island of Comoros were derived from the works of Al-Masudi, that mentions the importance of the Comoro Islands, like other coastal areas in the region, along early Islamic trade routes and how the islands were frequently visited by Muslims including Persian and Arab merchants and sailors from Basra in search of coral, ylang-ylang, ivory, beads, spices, gold, they also brought Islam to the people of the Zanj including Comoros. As the importance of Comoros grew along the East African coast small mosques and large mosques were constructed. Despite its distance from the coast, Comoros is situated along the ''Swahili Coast'' in East Africa. It was a major hub of trade and an important location in the sea route between Kilwa (Kilwa Masoko) (an outlet for Zimbabwean gold) in Mozambique and Mombasa in Kenya.

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known on the Kenyan coast for centuries. The pieces are cloths are woven by hand but not hand painted. Should not be washed in a washing machine. * ''kiondo'' or ''chondo'' (''vyondo'' in plural) : handmade handbag with leather trim often beautifully decorated with beads or shells * ''ndala'' : Hand made sandals made from leather and old tires (for the soles), these stylish shoes are a great souvenir from Mombasa. Local craftsman use colorful beads and pieces of leather to create a vast variety


'''Mombasa''' is the second-largest The World Factbook. Retrieved on 2013-08-17. city (List of cities in Kenya) in Kenya, with a population of about 1.2 million. ''Investors fault Mombasa’s new master plan''; Business Daily; retrieved 19 August 2014.

A regional cultural and economic hub, Mombasa has a large port (seaport) and an international airport (Moi International Airport), and is an important regional tourism centre. Located on the east coast of Kenya, in Mombasa County and the former Coast Province, Mombasa's bordering the Indian Ocean made it a historical trading centre, History of Mombasa Mombasa, Kenya. Retrieved on 2013-08-17. and it has been controlled by many countries because of its strategic location.

Administratively, Mombasa is the capital of, and is coincident with, Mombasa County. The governor is Hassan Ali Joho.

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