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and prehistory. It is housed in the historic Old City Hall (Old City Hall (Mobile, Alabama)) (1857), a National Historic Landmark. The Oakleigh Historic Complex (Oakleigh Historic Complex (Mobile, Alabama)) features three house museums that attempt to interpret the lives of people from three strata

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September 2, 2001 location Mobile, Alabama Pensacola, Florida callsign_meaning '''F'''lorida '''N''' '''A'''labama '''WFNA''' is the CW Television Network affiliate for the Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida

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. The society has about a hundred members and welcomes men and women of all races. In addition to the parade and ball, The Conde Explorers hold several parties throughout the year and its members perform volunteer work. The Conde Explorers were featured in the award-winning documentary by Margaret Brown about Mobile’s Mardi Gras, ''The Order of Myths'' (2008).

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postingdetail.shtml On January 21, 2009, DeBakey became the first posthumous recipient of The Denton A. Cooley Leadership Award. ''' Bowl''' is a post-season National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA -sanctioned Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (Division I (NCAA)#Football Bowl Subdivision) college football bowl game that has been played annually at Ladd Peebles Stadium

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for a facility to quarter a Military reserve force from Alabama should the hostilities start anew. Anniston was on a north-south railroad that continued to Mobile, Alabama, a major seaport for Cuba-bound departures, and successfully sought the reserve facility. Camp Shipp was established in August 1898 within the northwest city limits of Anniston; an artillery range was planned to be on the nearby Blue Mountain. By October, nearly 10,000 troops of the 3rd Alabama Volunteer Infantry were at Camp Shipp, but by the end of the year they began to rapidly move out. The camp never fully realized its intended purpose; it was used temporarily as a hospital for patients of the influenza epidemic sweeping Army posts, and then phased out in March 1899. The camp was named for Lt. William E. Shipp of the 10th Cavalry Regiment (10th Cavalry Regiment (United States)) who was killed in action at Santiago, Cuba while leading a charge in the Battle of San Juan Hill. ''Op. Cit.'', Gates, pp. 140-143 In 1978, WTVY moved to its current 2,035 ft (ASL) tower in Bethlehem, Florida (28 miles 45 km southwest of Dothan). The tower is the tallest structure in the state of Florida and one of the tallest broadcasting towers in North America. The tower is so tall, that on clear nights the strobe warning lights on the tower have been seen as far as 50 miles away in certain locations. In 1983, someone climbed the tower and and parachuted safely to the ground. It is particularly dangerous to parachute from this tower due to the hazard of getting tangled in the guy wires that stretch nearly a half mile from the tower. The move was made in part to improve its signal in Panama City, where it had been the default CBS affiliate since the early 1960s. The new tower provides grade B coverage to much of the Florida side of the Mobile (Mobile, Alabama) Pensacola market, including Fort Walton Beach and Destin (Destin, Florida). In 1993, WTVY moved its studios to the historic Houston Hotel building in downtown Dothan (now known as the Woods Building). WTVY operates on the first two floors. The news studio is actually located in what used to be the grand ballroom of the hotel. The building is tall enough (eight stories) that the station's studio-to-transmitter microwave dish is located on top of the building, not requiring a smaller tower to be built on the property. Career ''Mission Loreto'' was laid down on 27 April 1944 under a Maritime Commission contract by Marine Ship Corporation, Sausalito (Sausalito, California), California; launched 28 June 1944; sponsored by Mrs. S. D. Bechtel; and delivered 22 July 1944. Operated, under charter, by Los Angeles Tanker Operators Inc., she spent the remainder of the War transporting fuel to Allied forces in the western Pacific (Pacific Ocean), during which time she was awarded the National Defense Service Medal. She continued in these duties until 26 April 1946 when she was returned to the Maritime Commission and laid up in the Maritime Reserve Fleet at Mobile (Mobile, Alabama), Alabama. '''Robert McCune''' (born March 9, 1979 in Mobile, Alabama) is an American football linebacker who is currently playing for the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. He was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the fifth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He played college football at Louisville (Louisville Cardinals football). Swingle was born in Mobile, Alabama. He studied music, particularly jazz, from a very young age. He was playing in Mobile-area Big Bands before finishing high school. After high school, Swingle graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. He then moved to France, where he studied piano with the celebrated Walter Gieseking. In the 1960s he was a founding member of Les Double Six of Paris, then took the scat singing idea and applied it to the works of Bach. Chadbourne, Eugene, "Ward Swingle Biography" at Accessed 2010 April 5. Ward Swingle biography at Accessed 2010 April 5. This concept would be the foundation for The Swingle Singers, a group Swingle founded and whose early recordings won five Grammy Awards. LA Times Awards Database. Accessed 2010 April 5. The '''Mobile Majesty''' were one of the original franchises of the National Women's Basketball League (NWBL). Based in Mobile (Mobile, Alabama), Alabama, they played in 2001. The ship was commissioned on January 16, 2010 in Mobile, Alabama Navy News Service, " , January 16, 2010. and completed her maiden voyage in April 2010. News 19th April 2010 "USS Independence Completes Maiden Voyage" Sheffield was born in Southport, Connecticut, the son of Paul King Sheffield, a shipowner, and his wife Mabel (née Thorpe). He attended public schools, and moved south to enter the cotton trade. He was a clerk in a drygoods store in New Bern, North Carolina from 1807 to 1812, and moved to Mobile, Alabama in 1813, where he became a very successful shipper of cotton. He married Maria St. John of Walton, New York in 1822 and relocated to New Haven, Connecticut in 1835. He became owner of the Farmington Canal, a charter member of the New York and New Haven Railroad company, and president of the New Haven and Northampton Company. He was elected as a Jacksonian (Andrew Jackson) to the Twentieth (Twentieth United States Congress) and Twenty-first Congresses (Twenty-first United States Congress). He served from March 4, 1827 to March 3, 1831. He declined to be a candidate for renomination in 1830 for the Twenty-second Congress (Twenty-second United States Congress). He moved to Mobile, Alabama and continued to engage in mercantile pursuits there until his death on February 6, 1849. He was interred (burial) in Magnolia Cemetery (Magnolia Cemetery (Mobile, Alabama)). * 1864 - American Civil War: Fort Pillow massacre -- Confederate (Confederate States of America) forces under General Nathan Bedford Forrest kill most of the African American soldiers who had surrendered at Fort Pillow, Tennessee. * 1865 - American Civil War: Mobile, Alabama, falls to the Union Army. His uncle Ray Ray Russell was a long-time DJ and radio host for the Mobile, Alabama-based station WBLX (WBLX-FM) until his death in 2009. In 2011 his cousin DeAngelo Parker started Ray Ray's Chicken and Waffles franchise in honor of him in Mobile,Alabama . Lt. Beedy said that if the fire had gotten worse than it was, there could have been injuries or deaths, saying "He endangered a lot of people." According to Lt. Beedy, building security cameras caught Shorrosh on camera entering and exiting the trash room of the building. Police Chief David Carpenter told WKRG (w:WKRG) ''News 5'', the CBS (w:CBS) affiliate in Mobile (w:Mobile, Alabama), that Shorrosh used an accelerant (w:accelerant) to start the fire, in what police believe was an attempt to burn the building down. The Government Accountability Office (w:Government Accountability Office) on June 18 called for a re-run of the bidding for the U.S. Air Force $40 billion tanker contract (w:KC-X), citing major flaws in the procurement process. This imperils the Northrop Grumman (w:Northrop Grumman) and EADS North America (w:EADS North America) plan to assemble the planes in Mobile (w:Mobile, Alabama), Alabama (w:Alabama).


him a mighty Chickasaw, a tribe never defeated by Federal forces. He lives

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by Alabama Drydock and Shipbuilding Company in 1943. The company built 102 of these oil tankers during the war. World War II led to a massive military effort causing a considerable increase in Mobile's population, largely due to the massive influx of workers coming to work in the shipyards and at the Brookley Army Air Field (Brookley Air Force Base). Thomason, Michael. ''Mobile : the new history of Alabama's first city'', pages 213–217. Tuscaloosa: University

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; The city has a broad array of outpatient surgical centers, emergency clinics, home health care services, assisted-living facilities and skilled nursing facilities (Nursing home). Economy File:Mobile River at Chickasaw Creek.jpg thumb left Port of Mobile

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), Biloxi and Gulfport (Mississippi), and Slidell (Slidell, Louisiana) (Louisiana). Charity Lifts Katrina Supplies From Pat Robertson Plenty also brought displaced and disadvantaged children from the Gulf Coast back to The Farm to participate in its Kids To The Country summer nature school in 2006. '''Faulkner University''' is a private Christian

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the United States' ''de facto'' authority over the region, effectively ending Spanish governance (though not its claim), while gaining an unencumbered passage to the gulf. Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile (Mobile, Alabama) serves as the home of the Senior Bowl

Mobile, Alabama

'''Mobile''' ( making it the third most populous city in the State (U.S. state) of Alabama, the most populous in Mobile County, and the largest municipality on the Gulf Coast (Gulf Coast of the United States) between New Orleans, Louisiana (New Orleans), and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Alabama's only saltwater port, Mobile is located at the head of the Mobile Bay and the north-central Gulf Coast.

Mobile began as the first capital of colonial French Louisiana (Louisiana (New France)) in 1702. During its first 100 years, Mobile was a colony of France (Early Modern France), then Britain (Kingdom of Great Britain), and lastly Spain. Mobile first became a part of the United States of America in 1813, with the annexation of West Florida under President James Madison. In 1861 Alabama joined the Confederate States of America, which surrendered in 1865.

As one of the Gulf Coast (Gulf Coast of the United States)'s cultural centers, Mobile has several art museums, a symphony orchestra, a professional opera, a professional ballet company, and a large concentration of historic architecture. In 2005 the first integrated mystic society had a parade for Mardi Gras.

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