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cruiseferries (Cruiseferry) traveling between Helsinki, Stockholm, Mariehamn, Tallinn and Rostock. The rest of the district comprises co-operative (housing cooperative) apartment buildings and several small parks. The western part of the residential area, known as the "Old Side" of Katajanokka, is an upscale neighborhood and a well-preserved example of early 20th century Art Nouveau architecture, though up until the mid-19th century – while the centre of Helsinki

important international

Office. Historical Section page 5 url http: en item 9147 view 1 17 The Western Harbour is an important international harbour with daily traffic to Sweden, Estonia and mainland Finland. A powerful incentive for Baltic ferries to stop at Mariehamn is that, with respect to indirect taxation, Åland is not part of the EU customs zone and so duty-free goods can be sold aboard. Mariehamn Airport is located in the neighbouring municipality of Jomala, some WikiPedia:Mariehamn Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Åland Localities Mariehamn Commons:Category:Mariehamn

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of the most interesting modern buildings. Architecture thumb left Saint George (File:Mariehamn Church.jpg)'s church Mariehamn features several buildings drawn by Finnish architect Lars Sonck, who moved to Åland as a child. Buildings drawn by him include the church of Mariehamn (1927), the main building of the Åland Maritime College (1927) and the town hall (1939). Hilda Hongell also designed several buildings, although only a few are still standing. Demographics


, Rauma (Rauma, Finland), Oulu. There is passenger traffic from Helsinki and Turku, which have ferry connections to Tallinn, Mariehamn and Stockholm. The Helsinki–Tallinn route, one of the busiest passenger sea routes in the world , has also been served by a helicopter line. Port logistics prices were among the lowest in OECD. Vuosaari harbour is the largest container port after completed in 2008. There is passenger traffic from

companies. Finnlines passenger-freight ferries to Gdynia, Poland, Travemünde, Germany and Rostock, Germany are also available. St Peter Line offers passenger ferry service to Saint Petersburg several times a week. * Jakobstad, Finland * Mariehamn, Åland Mariehamns stads vänorter. * Eslöv, Sweden * 35px link European route E16 (File:Tabliczka E16.svg) – : Derry

Cruiseferry align "Center" 1991 align "Center" 1991 Helsinki–Mariehamn–Stockholm 58,376 GT - The Swedish rail system is called SJ (SJ AB); it has slower-speed trains throughout the country and faster X2000 trains connecting the major cities. Connection by rail is possible to Norway and Denmark; connections to Finland are by bus, due to rail gauge differences. It's possible to take Silja Line Silja

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1980–1985: Mariehamn, Ship route none Nikolo worked as a session musician and played the guitar in a Bulgarian cover band. While touring with the band

line service

WikiPedia:Mariehamn Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Åland Localities Mariehamn Commons:Category:Mariehamn

showing dramatic

in Australia to harbours in England or Ireland until the start of World War II. After World War Two, she was donated to the town of Mariehamn as a museum ship. She is now a museum ship belonging to the Åland Maritime Museum and is anchored in western Mariehamn, Åland. A magnificent collection of photographs taken by Ordinary Seaman Peter Karney in 1933 showing dramatic pictures of life on a sailing ship rounding Cape Horn can be found in the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich. '''Henrik "Henkka" Klingenberg''' (born October 21, 1978 in Mariehamn, Åland, Finland) is a keyboardist (keyboard instrument) and singer. He joined the Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica in late 2002 and currently resides in Kemi, Finland, when not on tour. '''IFK (Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna) Mariehamn''' is a Finnish (Finland) football (football (soccer)) club, based in Mariehamn, capital of the Åland Islands (Åland). It currently plays in the Finnish Premier Division (''Veikkausliiga''). The club's manager (coach (sport)) is Pekka Lyyski, and it plays its home matches at ''Wiklöf Holding Arena''. First game WikiPedia:Mariehamn Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Åland Localities Mariehamn Commons:Category:Mariehamn

line made

, but with blue stripes instead of black. With the ship continuing to lose money, in September 2005 Silja Line made public its plans to use cheaper foreign workforce on board. However they could not do so under the terms Swedish maritime worker's collective labour agreement. Two months later Silja Line decided to cut costs by concentrating on their core markets and the ''Silja Opera'', alongside the prestigious GTS ''Finnjet'' (GTS Finnjet), was to be sold. ref

natural starting address Nygatan 12 lat 60.10010 long 19.93840 directions phone +358 18 15400 tollfree fax +358 18 15045 price checkin checkout content Go next Mariehamn is the natural starting point for all the other destinations on Åland such as Kastelholm Castle and Bomarsund Fortress ruins in Sund or the Post and Customs museum in Eckerö. WikiPedia:Mariehamn Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Åland Localities Mariehamn Commons:Category:Mariehamn

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, Mariehamn was founded in 1861 while Åland and Finland formed part of the mighty Russian Empire. Maria, consort of Tsar Alexander II of Russia gave the town her name. Mariehamn grew up round the farming village of Övernäs, situated on a peninsula. The harbour's built-in sheltered bays came to be of great importance. The streets of Mariehamn are wide and straight. Housing sites were large from the beginning, but today they have been divided to provide space for several houses. A distinctive

feature is the Esplanade, an avenue of lime trees stretching from west to east, from harbour to harbour. The Russian heritage is mainly responsible for the layout of the town. It follows the same basic guidelines as can be found in many Russian cities, with large avenues with promenades in the middle of the street. Apart from that, the only Russian signs left from that era is the multitude of tombstones in the graveyards in Åland. Get in By plane '''Mariehamn airport''' ( WikiPedia:Mariehamn Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Åland Localities Mariehamn Commons:Category:Mariehamn


thumb left (File:Mariehamn.jpg) '''Mariehamn''' ( of the inhabitants speak it as their native language.

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