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poor location

tollfree fax price checkin checkout content At Triunfo, 4 Avenida, House 98, (''look for saure blue sign with yellow letters''). Clean, small bar, free pool table, restaurant with home cooked seafood, garden space to sit, secure parking in and out. Info on trips to Tofo, diving, culture, and very important '''poor location close to the beach but very far from the city'''. Takes long term resident. City tours, Inhaca-Portuguese Island boat trips, live music bar. Mid-range * WikiPedia:Maputo Dmoz:Regional Africa Mozambique Maputo Commons:Category:Maputo

pioneering study

Movement , close friend of Sweden's prime minister, Olof Palme, and the ANC author of a pioneering study of Namibia. She was also the wife of the South African Communist Party's leader, Joe Slovo. She was killed by a letter-bomb in Maputo, Mozambique on August 18, 1982. Amnesty granted for murders of Ruth First and Jeanette and Katryn Schoon - September 7, 2008 Maputo, Mozambique

close attention

fourth record, ''Balada do Outono'' (Autumn Ballad), was released. From 1961 to 1962 he paid close attention to the student strikes and demonstrations demanding democracy and the end of the authoritarian Estado Novo regime, which were brutally repressed by the police. He continued releasing many of his songs and introduced important new guitar arrangements. He played in Switzerland, Germany, and Sweden, in a fado guitar group with Adriano Correia de Oliveira, José Niza, Jorge Godinho, Durval Moreirinhas and the singer Esmeralda Amoedo. In May 1964, José Afonso played in the Musical Society ''Workers' Brotherhood'' in Grândola, where he found the inspiration to compose the song ''Grândola, Vila Morena'', which would be the signal (broadcast by the national radio channel) for the start of the Carnation Revolution in 1974. Also in 1964 the album ''Baladas e Canções'' was released. From 1964 to 1967, José Afonso was in Lourenço Marques (now Maputo) and Beira (Beira, Mozambique), Mozambique, with Zélia (his second wife); there he reunited with his children. In his last two years in the overseas province he taught in Beira, and composed music for the Bertolt Brecht play ''The Exception and The Rule''. In 1965 his daughter Joana was born. In 1967 he returned to Lisbon, marked by the colonial reality and by the Portuguese Colonial War against the independence-seeking guerrilla movement of Mozambique, Frelimo. However, he left his older son, José Manuel, with the latter's grandparents in Mozambique. José Afonso became a teacher in Setúbal; after that he developed a severe health crisis which left him hospitalized for 20 days. When he left the hospital, he found that he had been expelled from public school teaching because of his leftist politics and because the regime's censors considered his songs strongly subversive. His book ''Cantares de José Afonso'' (José Afonso's songs) was published. The Portuguese Communist Party invited him personally to become a party member but Zeca refused because of his bourgeois origins. In that year he signed a contract with the Orfeu label, which would record 70% of his works. Expelled from the teaching job, he became a private tutor for some students and he started singing much more regularly in the popular groups on the south bank of the Tagus river, ''Margem Sul do Tejo'', a fiercely Communist-supporting region that even before the revolution had strong local movements and associations. For Christmas, Zeca released the album ''Cantares do Andarilho'', with Rui Pato, the first album recorded for Orfeu. His contract was very special: he received 15,000 escudos (Portuguese escudo) per month on condition that he recorded an album per year. On May 29, 1916, 100-reis postage stamps from Lourenço Marques (Maputo) were overprinted with '''"KIONGA"''' and one of the denominations ½c, 1c, 2½c, and 5c. These were the only stamps issued for Kionga. In 2002, the Scott Catalogue (Scott catalogue) listed the average purchase price of a high-quality set as over US$ (United States dollar)70. ''2003 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue (Scott catalogue)'', vol. 4. Sidney (Sidney, Ohio): Scott Publishing, 2002, p. 140. - WikiPedia:Maputo Dmoz:Regional Africa Mozambique Maputo Commons:Category:Maputo

including good

and fairly comfortable rooms. Rooftop pool and bar for excellent sunsets and a good way of appreciating the rather confusing geography of Maputo. Several restaurants (Thai, Greek, Indian and pub style) within a few minutes. Hotel shuttle to and from the airport available. Free access to the Internet. Rooms from around US$170 (April 2009) including good breakfast but really the only thing that is 5-star about this hotel is the price. * WikiPedia:Maputo Dmoz:Regional Africa Mozambique Maputo Commons:Category:Maputo

training field

Mozambique (Maputo International Airport) *Bilene (Apopo Training Field) '''Tswiza''' is a village in the province of Masvingo, Zimbabwe. It is located about 25 km north

buildings range

as African. Buildings range from old colonial palaces to new high-rise constructions, but the dominant architecture consists of Stalinist-looking concrete-walled boxes, generally with badly eroded paint and rusty security bars. Fortunately, these tend to fade into the background, and there are enough buildings with old charm and lush enough gardens (cycads, coleus, flamboyant, jacaranda, bouganvillea, etc.) to give a pleasing if shabby feel. Especially outstanding buildings which shouldn't be missed


of Gustav Eiffel), Morais, João Sousa. ''Maputo, Património da Estrutura e Forma Urbana, Topologia do Lugar''. Livros Horizonte, 2001, p. 110.(in Portuguese) and the Hotel Polana designed by Herbert Baker. As the 1960s and 1970s approached, Maputo was yet again at the center of a new wave of architectural influences made most popular by Pancho Guedes. The designs of the 1960s and 1970s were characterized by modernist movements of clean, straight and functional

be bought at the shop near the exit from the terminal where there is also a bank. By train thumb 250px The railway station in Maputo. Completed in 1916 it's often mistaken as a work by Gustave Eiffel. (File:Maputo Train Station.jpg) Rail services to Maputo are slowly improving, although the lines currently operating are of limited use to tourists. An exception is the daily service from Ressano Garcia at the border with South Africa, it is a convenient way of traveling here from

pillows. * * The '''Railway Station''' on Praca dos Trabalhadores is sometimes mistaken to be the work by Gustave Eiffel. However, the building is an imposing structure and well-worth a visit, especially at Friday or Saturday nights where live music

amp high

the The Aga Khan Academy, Maputo, Princess Cinderella Kindergarten, Primary & High School, Willow International School, Maputo International School, American International School of Mozambique amongst others. Some expatriates have chosen to enroll their children in schools in Nelspruit, South Africa and Waterford Kamhlaba in Mbabane, Swaziland. Health services Maputo has several hospitals and clinics, including

good people

, Mozambique Beira ) * WikiPedia:Maputo Dmoz:Regional Africa Mozambique Maputo Commons:Category:Maputo

political nature

and the Dicca, although not all are functioning for their intended purpose. The movies screened at the theaters during Portuguese rule were heavily censored. Movies containing sex, violence and themes with a political nature were not allowed but despite the restrictions, it was the first time Mozambicans were able to enjoy entertainment that was for the most part in line with what was prevalent in the rest of the world, thereby greatly increasing cultural affinity. After 1975 and the ensuing mass exodus of European whites, for a time no censorship regulations were in place and Mozambicans could watch content that was previously banned by the dictatorship – at this time Bruce Lee and his films became immensely popular. However, once FRELIMO and the nationalist movement gained momentum, any external influence considered as originating from the "decadent West" was again not allowed. It was at this moment that Mozambique's ruling party FRELIMO realized the immediate potential films could have in delivering propaganda relatively easily. For much of the late 1970s and 1980s, the local film industry was geared towards creating "home-made" productions depicting Socialist ideologies which placed great influence on the family unit, the non-commercialized production of agriculture and political autonomy. Maputo has been the setting for many Hollywood blockbuster movies such as ''The Interpreter'', ''Blood Diamond (Blood Diamond (film))'' and ''Ali (Ali (film))''. Associação Núcleo de Arte left thumb The Mozambique National Library. (File:Biblioteca Nacional Moçambique.jpg) An important cultural and artists' centre in Maputo is the Associação Núcleo de Arte. It is the oldest collective of artists in Mozambique. Seated in an old villa in the centre of Maputo the Núcleo has played a significant role in metropolitan cultural life for decades. The two best known and most influential contemporary Mozambican artists started their career at Núcleo de Arte, the painter Malangatana Ngwenya and the sculptor Alberto Chissano. Over one hundred painters, sculptors and ceramists are members of the Núcleo, which regularly stages exhibitions on its own premises and over the last few years has actively participated in exchanges with artists from abroad. The Núcleo became well known for their project transforming arms into tools and objects of art. It played an important role for reconciliation after the Mozambican Civil War. The exhibition of art objects such as the Chair of the African King (Throne of Weapons) and the Tree of Life (Tree of Life (Kester)) was shown around the world, among others in the British Museum in 2006. WikiPedia:Maputo Dmoz:Regional Africa Mozambique Maputo Commons:Category:Maputo


'''Maputo''' ( Cotton, sugar, chromite, sisal, copra, and hardwood are the chief exports. The city manufactures cement, pottery, furniture, shoes, and rubber. The city is surrounded by Maputo Province, but is administered as its own province.

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