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strong business

International and http: Malta has a regulator, the MFSA, with a strong business development mindset, and the country has been successful in attracting gaming businesses, aircraft and ship registration, credit-card issuing banking licences and also fund administration. Service providers to these industries, including fiduciary and trustee business, are a core part of the growth strategy of the Island. Malta has made strong headway in implementing EU Financial Services

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was ironically broken up in Japan, the country that she and her crew fought against in World War II. *''Uganda (HMS Uganda (C66))'' - Escorted the RMS ''Queen Mary'' (RMS Queen Mary) to Washington (Washington, D.C.) with Winston Churchill embarked. Covered the invasion of Sicily in 1943. She was then hit by a German glide bomb that same year, causing significant damage and killing sixteen of her crew and wounding seven. Following repairs carried out in 1944 in the USA

public knowledge

as a punishment and reminded Scott that it was an order he had received. A short while later Wright ordered Scott to do the same to another seaman. The next morning Scott reported the matter to Commander Baldwin Walker who reported Scott to the Captain for disrespect and disobedience of a lawful order. Captain Fellowes threatened Scott with a court martial and reported him to Sir William Burnett, the Physician-General of the Navy. When this affair became public knowledge, an Admiralty

time school

of the school, a leading music educator proclaimed the Varga school as "one of the three best professional violin academies in Europe." In 1998, it became a completely independent entity under the auspices of his own Foundation. In 2002 the École Supérieure de Musique merged with the Conservatory of Sion and became the Conservatoire Supérieur et Académie de Musique Tibor Varga. From its existence until 2002 Tibor Varga remained its director. It is a full time school specializing in string instrument training. About 50 students, from eight to twenty-five in age, are generally enrolled. Numerous graduates of the school are soloists, concertmasters, directors of international music competitions, festivals and master classes Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne (Gyula Stuller), New Japan Philharmonic (Tatsuo Nishie), Malta International Music Competition (Director-Volodymyr Baran), Violin and Friends International Music Festival, VFIMF Master Classes, Malta etc., and members of leading international-class orchestras, including the Berlin Philharmonic (Madeleine Carruzzo), Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala (La Scala), Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Staatskapelle Dresden, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, New Japan and many others. The first female member to be admitted to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra was a student of Varga. thumb left "Yeoman-like Polo" As depicted by "Lib" (Libero Prosperi (File:Earl of Harrington Vanity Fair 19 September 1891.jpg)) in Vanity Fair (Vanity Fair (British magazine 1868-1914)), 19 September 1891 Harrington was the son of Charles Stanhope, 7th Earl of Harrington and Elizabeth Still de Pearsall. He learned polo in Malta while in the Earl of Chester's Yeomanry. In 1885 he played at the back in the Gloucesterhshire team that won the County Cup. Harrington won the Hurlingham Champion Cup in 1892 with Sussex County (Sussex) and the Rugby Open Cup with Cheshire. His rotund figure and flowing beard were a memorable image on British polo grounds and an obvious choice for caricature in Vanity Fair (Vanity Fair (British magazine 1868-1914)). Harrington was the inventor of the papier-mâché goal posts and was President of the County Polo Association and the first President of the Polo Pony Society and was responsible for the establishment of the Polo Pony Stud book. Current (2006 onwards) Following the 2006 purchase, Sock Shop has become primarily an internet retailer. It has a corporate network in the UK and franchised operations include Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Lebanon, Jordan, Malta, Kuwait and Portugal. A few stores remain across the United Kingdom. *The Australian working holiday visa is only available to eligible candidates once in a lifetime, although by undertaking work in a specified industry in regional Australia, it is possible to gain eligibility to an additional 12 month working holiday visa. * Australia has reciprocal Working Holiday maker arrangements in effect with the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Korea, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong , Finland, the Republic of Cyprus, France, Italy, Belgium, Estonia and Taiwan. Passport holders from these nations may apply for a Working Holiday Visa subclass 417. *Passport holders from the United States, Chile, Turkey, Malaysia and Thailand, can apply for a work and holiday visa subclass 462, provided they have a tertiary education (except for individuals from the United States). Bangladesh has signed a work holiday visa agreement with Australia, which will be included with subclass 462, this program was implemented in October 2007. For more information, visit . Argentina also signed a work holiday visa agreement included with the subclass 462, this program is going to be implemented during the 1st semester of 2012. thumb right 250px The Xagħra Stone Circle. By Charles Brochtorff (File:Aquarelle de Charles de Brochtorff de 1825.jpg). Watercolor, 1825 The '''Xagħra Stone Circle''', also known as the Brochtorff Circle since there may be two Circles at Xagħra, is an underground funerary complex, situated in Xagħra on the Maltese (Malta) island of Gozo. It was first discovered by John Otto Bayer in the 1820s and rediscovered in 1964 after Gozitan researcher Joe Attard Tabone examined a painting by Charles Brochtorff in the National Library in Valletta. '' '''Asia''' '' '' '''Europe''' '' '' '''North America''' '' '' '''South America''' '' Albania Algeria Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Bahamas (The Bahamas) Barbados Belgium Belize Benin Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Chile Colombia Costa Rica Côte d'Ivoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Democratic Republic of the Congo Denmark Dominica Dominican Republic Egypt Equatorial Guinea Estonia Finland France Gabon Gambia (The Gambia) Georgia (Georgia (country)) Germany Ghana Grenada Greece Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Iceland Ireland (Republic of Ireland) Israel Italy Jamaica Latvia Lebanon Liberia Libya Lithuania Malta Mauritania Monaco Mexico Morocco Namibia Netherlands Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Panama Peru Poland Portugal Republic of the Congo Romania Russia Saint Kitts & Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent & the Grenadines São Tomé and Príncipe Senegal Sierra Leone Slovenia South Africa Spain Suriname Sweden Syria Togo Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States Uruguay Venezuela Yugoslavia ''Akrotiri (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Anguilla (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Aruba (NLD (Netherlands))'' ''Bermuda (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Bouvet Island (NOR (Norway))'' ''British Virgin Islands (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Cayman Islands (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Dhekelia (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Faroe Islands (DEN (Denmark))'' ''Falkland Islands (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''French Guiana (FRA (France))'' '' Gibraltar (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Greenland (DEN (Denmark))'' ''Guernsey (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Isle of Man (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Jan Mayen (NOR (Norway))'' ''Jersey (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Montserrat (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Netherlands Antilles (NLD (Netherlands))'' ''Puerto Rico (USA (United States))'' ''Saint Helena (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon) (FRA (France))'' ''South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Svalbard (NOR (Norway))'' ''Turks and Caicos Islands (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''U.S. Virgin Islands (USA (United States))'' ''Western Sahara'' '' '''Africa''' '' '' '''Asia''' '' '' '''Europe''' '' Albania Algeria Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Cyprus Egypt France Greece Israel Italy Lebanon Libya Malta Monaco Montenegro Morocco Slovenia Spain Syria Tunisia Turkey *United Kingdom Akrotiri (UK (United Kingdom)) Dhekelia (UK (United Kingdom)) Gibraltar (UK (United Kingdom)) thumb right 200px A rock-cut temple in Cappadocia (File:IhlaraTal.jpg) Ancient monuments of rock cut architecture are widespread in several regions of world. Some of the most ancient known examples are located on several Mediterranean islands e.g. Malta (Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni), Sardinia (Anghelu Ruju, built in 3,000 - 1,500 BCE) and others.

interest commercial

to interest commercial aviators (Commercial aviation) in reporting submarine sightings. Morison, Samuel Eliot, ''History of U.S. Naval Operations in World War II, Volume I: The Battle of the Atlantic September 1939-May 1943'', Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1988, p. 289. * April 3 – The British aircraft carrier flies off 12 Royal Air Force Hawker Hurricanes to Malta from a point south of Sardinia. ref name "Sons 1971, p

scale building

undergoing several large-scale building projects, including the construction of SmartCity Malta, the M-Towers and Pendergardens, while areas such as the Valletta Waterfront and Tigne Point are receiving renovation. The Roman period introduced highly decorative mosaic floors, marble colonnades and classical statuary, remnants of which are beautifully preserved and presented in the Roman Domus, a country villa just outside the walls of Mdina. The early Christian frescoes

made world

an, Thai (Thailand), Chinese (People's Republic of China), Indian and Australian snooker records simultaneously. In 1952, he made the first-ever snooker century for India. He made world-record snooker breaks of 141 and 135 (1936), and along with competitor Willie Smith, British champion, was the first to play snooker on television, in a series of exhibitions at the Alexandra Palace in the same year

local artistic

, enhance local artistic development and provide impetus for cultural innovation. '''Notte Bianca''' - September October Notte Bianca is held annually in Valletta and is a spectacular, night-long celebration of culture and the arts. State palaces, historic buildings and Museums open their doors almost all night, playing host to visual art exhibitions and music, dance and theatre performances. Streets and squares become platforms for open-air activities, and many cafes and restaurants extend their hours and run pavement stalls. All areas of the Capital City, from the Entrance Gate to the far end of the peninsula, are involved and all events are free of charge. '''Isle of MTV Malta Special''' - Held annually at the Fosos square in Floriana, it is the largest open air free concert in Europe. Worldwide acclaimed artists take the stage in front of an enthusiastic crowd of over 50,000 people. 2012 saw the performances of Nelly Furtado, Flo Rida and Will.I.Am. Dive Malta is a great place to dive, with it being possible to dive all year around. The water temperature varies from a cool 14°C in February March to warm 26°C in August. The visibility of water is generally high, making it a good place to learn diving as well. The dive sites are located close to shore. Consequently, most dives start there, making everything easier and cheaper. The dive sites include rocky reefs, some wrecks and cave diving (especially interesting is the dive in the Inland Sea in Gozo). There will tend to be more marine life during the warmer months, when you can hope to see tuna, octopus, moray eels, seahorses, fire worms, soft coral along with the usual sea grass and underwater ridges. Christmas in Malta Christmas is a largely religious affair on the Maltese islands. This is because most Maltese people are Catholics. During the festive season, various Christmas cribs, or Presepji, as they're called in Maltese, can be seen on display in churches, shopping centres, etc. The Maltese people have many Christmas customs that are unique to the island. A very popular traditional Christmas dessert is ''Qagħaq tal-Għasel''. These are light pastry rings filled with honey. Buy


. Celebrations take place from the 30th to the 15th August annually. A secondary feast is celebrated on the week before the first Sunday of June. This is dedicated to St.Joseph, husband of Mary. During these feasts the village is decorated with highly artistic statues and colorful lights and banners. '''L-Iklin''' is a relatively modern village in the centre of Malta, with a population of 3,198 as of March 2011,

main top

in August and eighteen died on board ''Vengeance''. The effect varied from ship to ship, with few officers affected: 140 out of 950 died on board the flagship HMS Britannia Fitzgerald p.46 The ship assisted with the transportation of the army across the Black sea to the Crimea before attending at the Battle of Alma on 20 September. Tryon as signal midshipman was stationed at the main top and so had a good view of the battle in which two of his brothers were taking part. ref


'''Malta''' Malta has two official languages: Maltese (Maltese language) and English (English language).

Malta's location has historically given it great strategic importance as a naval base, and a succession of powers, including the Phoenicians, Romans (Roman Empire), Moorish (Emirate of Sicily), Normans, Sicilians (Kingdom of Sicily), Habsburg Spain, Knights of St. John (Knights Hospitaller), French (First French Republic) and British (British Empire), have ruled the islands. Malta gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1964 and became a republic in 1974. Malta was admitted to the United Nations in 1964 and to the European Union in 2004; in 2008, it became part of the Eurozone.

Malta has a long Christian legacy and its Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Malta is sometimes traditionally claimed to be an Apostolic see because, according to the Acts of the Apostles, (

Malta is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments, including nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites (World Heritage Site): Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum (Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni),

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