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quality water

Bank-Gaza and Zambia. *A high quality water available in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, India, Maldives, Nigeria and Pakistan. The Coca-Cola Virtual Vender *A carbonated water with a wide array of variants: tonic, bitter lemon, ginger ale, club soda and fruit flavored. Available in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldives, Moldova, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, West Bank-Gaza (West Bank) and Zambia. *A high quality water available in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, India, Maldives, Nigeria and Pakistan. The Coca-Cola Virtual Vender '''Olhuala''' is a type of yam (yam (vegetable)) grown on the island atoll of Fuvahmmulah, Maldives (''olhuala'' is a word from the Dhivehi (Dhivehi language) language). Commons:Category:Maldives WikiPedia:Maldives Dmoz:Regional Asia Maldives

fine food

atoll near Guraidhoo (Guraidhoo (Kaafu Atoll))-Vilingilivaru (Vilingili (Gaafu Alif Atoll)). Staying on board, he sent a letter to the reigning Sultan. In this letter, he said that he was reconciled with the will of the Almighty Allah, and sought the protection of the Sultan and Faashanaa Kilegefaan. The dogtooth tuna is appreciated in most of its range as a fine food fish and also as a game fish sought by both rod and reel anglers and spearfishermen. Dogtooth tuna used to be mostly taken as an incidental catch by anglers trolling for other gamefish - with natural baits for black marlin, for instance, or with lures for wahoo and Spanish (narrowbarred) mackerel. In the last 10 to 15 years there has been more dedicated effort directed at this species because of its rarity and sporting qualities. Dogtooth tuna are now a highly coveted prize by many European and Asian sports anglers. Large specimens are seldom found where there is significant fishing pressure and can be one of the most difficult gamefish to capture. Their habit of making high-speed downward runs when hooked, even on heavy tackle, often sees the line being cut as it contacts deep bottom structure. Sharks frequently mutilate both hooked and speared fish during the later stages of the fight, adding to the difficulty in landing them. The majority of dogtooth tuna captures have tended to be made by trolling with dead and live baits or with lures, particularly deep-swimming plugs. These techniques are still often used, with one niche specialty being the use of live bait such as rainbow runners to tease dogtooth tuna within range of light tackle and fly-casting anglers. High speed jigging with a variety of metal lures has increased tremendously in popularity in the last several years as advancements in tackle technology have resulted in lightweight rods and reels that are capable of handling heavy spectra-type braided lines. Some of the more popular destinations for anglers seeking this species include Okinawa and other islands of southern Japan, Rodrigues and other Indian Ocean islands such as the Maldives, Bali and elsewhere in Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia, the Great Barrier Reef and its outlying atolls, and many Western Pacific islands such as Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. The area covered by this list corresponds with the Asian listing area as defined by the American Birding Association Commons:Category:Maldives WikiPedia:Maldives Dmoz:Regional Asia Maldives

technical work

to title '''Ismail Faiz''', as he is highly credited for doing all the technical work required to start Internet in the Maldives, back in 1996. meanwhile I have suggested the same thing on talk page (Talk:Freeph) --Oblivious (User:Oblivious) 13:26, 8 May 2005 (UTC) *'''Delete''' political tract. Andrew Lenahan - St ar bli nd (User:Starblind) 13:59, May 8, 2005 (UTC) International Students SUST also welcomes foreign students. There is a significant number of international students, especially from Nepal. There are also some students in its affiliated medical college from Indian Kashmir. Every year SUST receives applications from abroad. Most international students come from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Japan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar etc. Commons:Category:Maldives WikiPedia:Maldives Dmoz:Regional Asia Maldives

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brilliant career

in slightly acidic to alkaline soils (pH (Soil pH) of 5-8.5). The first serious survey of the bank was undertaken by Captain Robert Moresby of the Royal Navy in 1838. Moresby previously surveyed the Laccadives (Lakshadweep), the Red Sea, the Maldives and the Chagos Banks. Due to Moresby's ill health, the Saya de Malha bank was his last survey in a long and brilliant career exploring and charting the archipelagos and reefs of the Indian Ocean. Searight, Sarah, ''The Charting of the Red Sea.'' History Today, 2003 thumb right 300px The great Chagos bank is in the middle of the Chagos Archipelago. (Click the image for a more detailed view of the Map). (Image:Chagos map.PNG) The '''Great Chagos Bank''', in the Chagos Archipelago, about Commons:Category:Maldives WikiPedia:Maldives Dmoz:Regional Asia Maldives

industry main

, adjacent to the capital Malé. The airport is served by flights to India, Sri Lanka, Doha, Dubai, Singapore, Istanbul, and major airports in South-East Asia, as well as charters from Europe. Gan Airport (Gan International Airport), on the southern atoll of Addu (Addu City), also serves an international flight to Milan several times a week. British Airways offer direct flights to the Maldives around 2–3 times per week. Fishing industry

games member

by a number of natural atolls plus atolls in the form of a few islands and isolated reefs today which form a pattern stretching from 7 degrees 10' North to 0 degrees 45' South. The '''South Asian Olympic Council''' (formerly known as South Asian Sports Federation,established 1981) is the governing body of South Asian Games. Member nations include South Asian countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri

contribution family

to the Malay Archipelago on the islands of Sumba and Alor (Alor Island). <

activities taking

their activities taking Maldives as a covert route to their destinations. Commons:Category:Maldives WikiPedia:Maldives Dmoz:Regional Asia Maldives


'''Maldives''', south-west of Sri Lanka.

Maldives has been an independent polity for the majority of its history, except for three periods in which it was ruled by outside forces. In the mid-16th century, for fifteen years, the Maldives was dominated by the Portuguese Empire. In the mid-17th century, the Dutch Empire (Malabar (Dutch Malabar)) dominated Maldives for four months. Finally, in the late 19th century, on the brink of war, the Maldives became a British (United Kingdom) protectorate from 1887 until 1965. The Dutch referred to the islands as the "Maldivische Eilanden" ( ), while the British anglicised (Anglicisation) the local name for the islands first to the "Maldive Islands" and later to the "Maldives". The islands gained independence (Second Republic of the Maldives) from the British Empire in 1965, and in 1968 became a republic ruled by a president (President of the Maldives) and an authoritarian (Authoritarianism) government.

The Maldives archipelago is located on top of the Chagos-Maldives-Laccadive Ridge, a vast submarine mountain range in the Indian Ocean. Maldives also form a terrestrial ecoregion together with the Chagos and the Lakshadweep. Malé is one of the Maldives' administrative divisions (Administrative divisions of the Maldives) and, traditionally, it was the "King's Island" where the ancient Maldives royal dynasties were enthroned.

The Maldives is the smallest Asian country (List of sovereign states and dependent territories in Asia) in both population and land area. With an average ground level elevation of

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