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de la oca'' (The Great Game of the Goose)''' was a TV game show produced in Madrid, Spain from 1993 through 1995 and again in 1998 as ''El nuevo juego de la oca''. It was a weekly show airing in a block of several hours on the Spanish channel Antena 3 (Antena 3 (Spain)), and later Telecinco. The show was created by world-renowned television producer Jocelyn Hattab, and first premiered in Italy as ''Il Grande Gioco Dell'Oca''. 400 metres Madrid, Spain 44.69 (National record) rowspan 2 World Cup (2002 IAAF World Cup) rowspan 2 Madrid, Spain align "center" 4th ** Bilbao - Bilbao Airport seasonal ** Madrid - Barajas Airport * Switzerland Roberto, who is also a self-described "enterpreneur", owns the security firm ''Levantina de Seguridad'' (the "de facto" security syndicate in Valencia) and the law firm Roberto & Salazar, having representation in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia (Valencia, Spain) with at least 30 lawyers in office. He also owns several gyms in Valencia (Valencia (province)), Andalusia and Catalonia, among them Valencian ''Gym Levantina'', which was investigated for some time in relation to illegal valetudo (vale tudo) "championships", and military surplus stores held responsible for furnishing a large part of the Madrid local police uniforms. One of Roberto's gyms, ''Chute Boxe'', held valetudo courses for the police, funded with public money and organized by the ''Sindicato Independiente de Policía''. Fascist group connected with the Valencian administration

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of the wine region. Usually blended with Tempranillo, Garnacha provides juicy fruitiness and added body. In recent years, modern Rioja producers have been increasing the amount of Garnacha used in the blend in order to produce earlier maturing and more approachable Riojas in their youth. Garnacha is also used in the pale colored ''rosado (Rosado (wine))s'' of Rioja. The vine has a long history in the Navarra region where it has been

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Encuentros year 2011 publisher Heinle & Heinle language Spanish isbn 0495907162 page 365 There she also did three years classic art drawing lessons at the Arjona Studio. Plot From a prison cell in Madrid, César (Eduardo Noriega (Eduardo Noriega (Spanish actor))), a 25-year-old in a prosthetic mask, tells his story to psychiatrist Antonio (Chete Lera). Flashbacks reveal the following events: good-looking César is attractive to women. At his birthday party, he

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'''Maria Soledad''' (Desolata in Spain), the second child of five of Francisco Torres and Antonia Acosta, was born in Madrid on December 2, 1826, and baptized Bibiana Antonia Emanuela. Her parents ran a small business in Madrid. She was educated by the Daughters of Charity and often visited the sick in her neighborhood, performing small penances for the benefit of others. She wanted to become a nun but was unsuccessful in entering the Dominican community because of her poor health. In 1851, she was asked by a parish priest, a member of the Third Order of the Servites, Fr. Michael Martinez y Sanz, to minister to the sick poor of his parish in their homes. On August 15, 1851, with six companions she began this ministry, taking the name Maria Soledad. DATE OF BIRTH December 2, 1826 PLACE OF BIRTH Madrid, Spain DATE OF DEATH October 11, 1887 *


in 1968 with Team Lotus at the Jarama (Circuito Permanente Del Jarama) circuit near Madrid, Spain. '''Los Pop Tops''' were a vocal (human voice) instrumental band (band (music)) formed in 1967 in Madrid, Spain and consisting of José Lipiani, Alberto Vega, Ignacio Pérez, Julián Luis Angulo, Enrique Gómez, Ray Gómez plus lead singer Phil Trim (born January 5, 1940, Trinidad and Tobago). * September 24: ETA suspected of a car bomb attack in the northern Spanish

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to the royal family members who were still in the palace. Immediately, the crowd launched an assault on the floats. The fight lasted hours and spread throughout Madrid. Subsequent repression was brutal. In the Paseo del Prado and in the fields of La Moncloa hundreds of patriots were shot due to Murat's order against "Spanish all carrying arms". Paintings such as ''The Third of May 1808'' by Goya reflect the repression that ended the popular uprising on 2 May.

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directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Inhispania is specialized in teaching Spanish language and culture. It is an Accredited School by the Instituto Cervantes with an excellent location near Puerta del Sol offering intensive and regular programs, in smalls groups, for all levels and during the whole year. The school also organizes after-school actitivies and offers an optional accommodation service. *

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car and threw it three floors into the air and over the top of a nearby building onto a balcony in a nearby courtyard. Under democracy ETA performed their first car bomb assassination in Madrid in September 1985, resulting in one death (American citizen Eugene Kent Brown, Johnson & Johnson employee) and sixteen injuries; another bomb in July 1986 killed twelve members of the Guardia Civil and injured 50; on 19 June 1987, the Hipercor bombing (1987 Hipercor bombing) was an attack in a shopping center in Barcelona, killing twenty-one and injuring forty-five; in the last case, entire families were killed. The horror caused then was so striking that ETA felt compelled to issue a communiqué stating that they had given advance warning of the Hipercor bomb, but that the police had declined to evacuate the area. The police claim that the warning came only a few minutes before the bomb exploded. Another Spanish "counter-terrorist" law puts suspected terrorist cases under the central tribunal ''Audiencia Nacional'' in Madrid, due to the threats by the group over the Basque courts. Under Article 509 suspected terrorists are subject to being held "incommunicado" for up to thirteen days, during which they have no contact with the outside world other than through the court appointed lawyer, including informing their family of their arrest, consultation with private lawyers or examination by a physician other than the coroners. In comparison the habeas corpus term for other suspects is three days. *European Astronaut Centre (EAC), Cologne, Germany *European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC), Madrid, Spain

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of a movement to provide interest-free or low-interest loans to the poor. It was recognized as a national charity in 1927 by the Mexican government.


'''Madrid''' (

The city is located on the Manzanares River (Manzanares (river)) in the centre of both the country (Spain) and the Community of Madrid (which comprises the city of Madrid, its conurbation and extended suburbs and villages); this community is bordered by the autonomous communities (Autonomous communities of Spain) of Castile and León and Castile-La Mancha. As the capital city of Spain, seat of government, and residence (Spanish royal sites) of the Spanish monarch (Monarchy of Spain), Madrid is also the political, economic and cultural centre of Spain. The current mayor is Ana Botella from the People's Party (People's Party (Spain)) (PP).

The Madrid urban agglomeration has the third-largest GDP (List of cities by GDP)

Madrid houses the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), belonging to the United Nations Organization (UN), the SEGIB, the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), and the Public Interest Oversight Board (PIOB). It also hosts major international regulators of Spanish: the Standing Committee of the Association of Spanish Language Academies, headquarters of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the Cervantes Institute and the Foundation of Urgent Spanish (Fundéu BBVA). Madrid organizes fairs such as FITUR, SIMO TCI SIMO TCI and the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. Madrid Fashion Week

While Madrid possesses a modern infrastructure, it has preserved the look and feel of many of its historic neighbourhoods and streets. Its landmarks include the Royal Palace of Madrid; the Royal Theatre (Teatro Real) with its restored 1850 Opera House; the Buen Retiro Park, founded in 1631; the 19th-century National Library (Biblioteca Nacional de España) building (founded in 1712) containing some of Spain's historical archives; a large number of national museums,

Madrid is home to two world-famous football (Association football) clubs, Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid.

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