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also produced and directed programs for CBS and PBS affiliates WISC-TV and WHA-TV in Madison (Madison, Wisconsin) and made his feature film debut in 1987 with ''Blood Hook'', distributed worldwide by Troma, Inc. - Wisconsin Film Festival 1999 Madison (Madison, Wisconsin) Wisconsin Annual showcase of independent and international documentary, narrative, experimental, student and animated films. Run for 4 days in early April http:

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Michigan into the state of Michigan. V-100.7 can be heard locally as far west as Madison, Wisconsin, north to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, south into the Chicago suburbs, and east to South Haven, Michigan, Fremont, Michigan, Ludington, Michigan, and beyond. Due to its tower lying in close proximity to the open waters of Lake Michigan, both its analog and digital signal can travel with local quality in excess of 120 miles to the east without interference. On December 15, 2011

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father in 1868, an event which forced Louis to return to Prairie du Chien to take care of his father's estate. In 1870, two years after the death of his father, Dousman began using his inheritance, dismantling the house of his childhood and replacing it with a more modern home. This house, which would be come to be called Villa Louis in later decades, was designed in the Italianate style by E. Townsend Mix, but did not function as Louis's home for long. In 1872, Dousman moved to Saint


Freeport to Madison, Wisconsin. The only incorporated village along that line was Orangeville, the railroad came in 1888 and led to commercial building boom. This building boom directly resulted in 14 new buildings being erected downtown, all brick buildings downtown save the 1906 Wagner Building and the 1899 R.W. Moore Building were a result of the railroad. Between 1888 and 1914 numerous business developed along the corridor of Main and High Streets, those included

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; Berkenstadt; Cross, p. 76 Nirvana recorded "Lithium" with producer Butch Vig at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin during April 1990. The material recorded at Smart Studios was intended for the group's second album for the independent record label Sub Pop. Azerrad, p. 137 The book ''Classic Rock Albums: Nevermind'' (1998) noted that observers considered the session for "Lithium" as a key event in the developing rift

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: ~jaheine HarveyMarionLaFollette.html La Follette grew up in rural Dane County, Wisconsin. The death of his father in 1856 and the subsequent bad relationship with his stepfather made for a difficult childhood. After the death of his stepfather, his mother sold the family farm and moved to nearby Madison (Madison, Wisconsin). He began teaching school for tuition money for the University of Wisconsin–Madison

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direct to hard drives utilizing a 24bit (Digital recording) Pro Tools rig. Vocalist Shirley Manson wrote the majority of her lyrics while ensconced in a hotel near the studio. Garbage completed recording, producing and mixing of their second album in mid-February 1998, and the album was given the title ''Version 2.0''. Format 12" (12-inch single), CD maxi (Maxi single), CD single (Compact Disc single) Recorded April

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that Ninetales is both "powerful" and "fast and fiery". http: books?id L9dz4A6HLmYC * Froedtert Hospital and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin with the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee * University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center with the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison (Madison, Wisconsin) and La Crosse, Wisconsin La Crosse

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Notes" Career Grimsby returned to his native Duluth, Minnesota, where he began his anchoring career in 1954, serving as an announcer for WEBC Radio. Shortly thereafter, he decided to switch to the growing medium of television, working as a correspondent and news director at various television stations around Minnesota and Wisconsin, including WEAU-TV Eau Claire (Eau Claire, Wisconsin), WISC-TV Madison (Madison, Wisconsin), and WXIX-TV (now WVTV) Milwaukee. He then spent two years (1959–1961) at KMOX (now KMOV) in St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri), before becoming the anchor and news director at ABC-owned KGO-TV in San Francisco, in 1961. He then moved to New York City's WABC-TV in 1968, where he was co-anchor on Eyewitness News alongside Tom Dunn from 1968 through 1970, and then Bill Beutel from 1970 to 1986. He won six Emmy Awards at WABC-TV before he left that station in 1986 to join WNBC-TV (WNBC). After two years at WNBC, he relocated to San Diego where he was anchor for KUSI news, before going into semi-retirement in 1990. Kelly was born in Madison, Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of Hartford in 1989 and turned professional later that year, He is a member of the Sierra Club and the Jackson Park Neighborhood Association. http: w3asp contact legislatorpages.aspx?house Senate&district 3&display bio * Format: CD February 3, 1978 Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin February 5, 1978 UNI-Dome, Cedar Falls, Iowa - Alan Fagan '''Alan Fagan''' was born in Madison, Wisconsin. He was the nephew of the third Mister Fear, Larry Cranston. When Larry seemingly died, Alan came into possession of the fear gas and other equipment. ''Marvel Team-Up'' #92 Unlike the other Mister Fears, Fagan's primary adversary was Spider-Man, not Daredevil. ''Web of Spider-Man'' #63 ''Web of Spider-Man'' #98-100 1960s *The Fendermen - ''Mule Skinner Blues'' (Soma Records (Soma Records (U.S. label)), 1960 (1960 in music)) This Madison, Wisconsin-based duo reached #5 on the Billboard charts with their version, featuring abbreviated lyrics and strong Fender electric guitar instrumentation. *Jose Feliciano - "Mule Skinner Blues" (RCA Victor Records, 1964) The '''Madison Muskies''' were a Class A minor league baseball team that played in the Midwest League from 1982 (1982 in sports) to 1993 (1993 in sports) in Madison, Wisconsin. They were an affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. The team, which was started by Madison entrepreneur Ed Janus, played at Warner Park. Yemma predicts that within the next five years, economic constraints will force most other newspapers to make similar changes. A small number of local newspapers made similar changes before the ''Monitor'' announced its plans. Two examples are ''The Capital Times'' and ''The Daily Telegram'' respectively of Madison, Wisconsin (w:Madison, Wisconsin) and Superior, Wisconsin (w:Superior, Wisconsin). Adam Dylan Leon, a 31-year-old Canadian citizen, stole a Cessna 172 Skyhawk (w:Cessna 172) light aircraft from an airfield in Thunder Bay (w:Thunder Bay), Ontario, Canada. After taking off, the airplane went off course toward the United States. The State Capitol in Madison (w:Madison, Wisconsin), Wisconsin was briefly evacuated, but the aircraft went southwest of the city and personnel were allowed back in. Two F-16 (w:F-16) fighters had been dispatched to follow the Cessna which later landed near US 60 in Ellsinore, Missouri, but NORAD (w:NORAD) spokesman Mike Kucharek said that the aircraft was not thought to be a terrorist threat.

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2012 controversy The Madison Police Department was criticized for absolving Officer Steve Heimsness of any wrongdoing in the November 2012 shooting death of an unarmed man, Paul Heenan. The department's

Madison, Wisconsin

'''Madison''' is the capital (Capital city) of the State (U.S. state) of Wisconsin and the county seat of Dane County (Dane County, Wisconsin). As of July 1, 2013, Madison had an estimated population of 243,344, making it the second largest city in Wisconsin, after Milwaukee, and the 83rd largest (List of United States cities by population) in the United States. The city forms the core of the United States Census Bureau's Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area (Madison, Wisconsin, metropolitan statistical area), which includes all of Dane County and neighboring Iowa (Iowa County, Wisconsin) and Columbia (Columbia County, Wisconsin) counties. The Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area had a 2010 population of 568,593.

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