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, Uruguay, Brazil, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Niger, Angola, DR Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo), Madagascar, Pakistan, Holy See, Poland. *'''Liberia''' - Monrovia (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Monrovia) *'''Madagascar''' - Antananarivo (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Antananarivo), Antsiranana (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Antsiranana), Fianarantsoa (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Fianarantsoa), Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toliara

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Rajaonarison , an exemplar of the new wave of Malagasy poetry. Auzias & Labourdette (2007), p. 142 Madagascar has also developed a rich musical heritage (Music of Madagascar), embodied in dozens of regional musical genres such as the coastal ''salegy'' or highland ''hiragasy'' that enliven village gatherings, local dance floors and national airwaves. Randrianary (2001), pp. 109–137 The plastic arts are also

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of Madagascar off the African coast, then still independent and ruled by countless native chieftains. Finally in July 1772, he and most of the Kamchatka rebels arrive in France, where he is joined by his wife and learns about his promotion to General of the Polish Confederation, as well as his growing international fame. He suggests to King Louis XV (Louis XV of France) that he could establish a French colony on Formosa (Taiwan) or Madagascar. The king appoints him as Governor


'''Madagascar''', officially the '''Republic of Madagascar''' ( ) and previously known as the Malagasy Republic, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Southeast Africa. The nation comprises the island of Madagascar (Madagascar (island)) (the fourth-largest island (List of islands by area) in the world), as well as numerous smaller peripheral islands. Following the prehistoric breakup of the supercontinent Gondwana, Madagascar split from India around 88 million years ago, allowing native plants and animals to evolve in relative isolation. Consequently, Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot; over 90 percent of its wildlife (wildlife of Madagascar) is found nowhere else on Earth. The island's diverse ecosystems and unique wildlife are threatened by the encroachment of the rapidly growing human population and other environmental threats.

Initial human settlement of Madagascar occurred between 350 BC and AD 550 by Austronesian peoples arriving on outrigger canoes from Borneo. These were joined around AD 1000 by Bantu (Bantu peoples) migrants crossing the Mozambique Channel from East Africa. Other groups continued to settle on Madagascar over time, each one making lasting contributions to Malagasy cultural life. The Malagasy ethnic group (Malagasy people) is often divided into eighteen or more sub-groups (Ethnic groups of Madagascar) of which the largest are the Merina (Merina people) of the central highlands.

Until the late 18th century, the island of Madagascar was ruled by a fragmented assortment of shifting socio-political alliances. Beginning in the early 19th century, most of the island was united and ruled as the Kingdom of Madagascar (Merina Kingdom) by a series (List of Malagasy monarchs) of Merina nobles (andriana). The monarchy collapsed in 1897 when the island was absorbed into the French colonial empire, from which the island gained independence in 1960. The autonomous state of Madagascar has since undergone four major constitutional periods, termed Republics. Since 1992 the nation has officially been governed as a constitutional democracy from its capital at Antananarivo. However, in a popular uprising in 2009 (2009 Malagasy political crisis) president Marc Ravalomanana was made to resign and presidential power was transferred in March 2009 to Andry Rajoelina in a move widely viewed by the international community as a ''coup d'état''. Constitutional governance was restored in January 2014 when Hery Rajaonarimampianina was named president following a 2013 election (Malagasy general election, 2013) deemed fair and transparent by the international community.

In 2012, the population of Madagascar was estimated at just over 22 million, 90 percent of whom live on less than two dollars per day. Malagasy (Malagasy language) and French (French language) are both official languages of the state. The majority of the population adheres to traditional beliefs (Malagasy mythology), Christianity (Christianity in Madagascar), or an amalgamation of both. Ecotourism and agriculture, paired with greater investments in education, health and private enterprise, are key elements of Madagascar's development strategy. Under Ravalomanana these investments produced substantial economic growth but the benefits were not evenly spread throughout the population, producing tensions over the increasing cost of living and declining living standards among the poor and some segments of the middle class. As of 2014, the economy has been weakened by the recently concluded political crisis and quality of life remains low for the majority of the Malagasy population.

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