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and Madrid. Arias was close to the right-wing sectors and joined the Francoist side during the Spanish Civil War. He was public prosecutor in the trials set up by the triumphant rightists against true or perceived sympathizers of the Republican side, who were accused of being pro-communists. The repression in Málaga was among the most vicious, with some 20,000 people assassinated by Franco's Nationalists, with or without "legal" sanction. Beevor, Antony ''The Battle

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Thin vine, which sprouts at the normal time. Numerous shoots, very long, curly, entirely hairless, rather light brown-reddish in colour, very soft. Medium-sized leaves, somewhat irregular, somewhat lobed, with normally sharp sinuses, upper face smooth, the fall off early, yellowish colour. Sufficient quantity of bunches, well set in the upper part, set in the lower part. Grapes about ten ‘lines’ long and six and a half wide at the most, somewhat thin towards the tip, very frequently slightly concave on the side facing the stem and convex on the opposite side, quite golden, very translucent, very meaty early on, stem somewhat thick. This grape, according to Roxas Clemente, is used for the production of raisins and to mix its must with that of the Ximénez variety, and in 1807 was grown in Sanlúcar, Xerez, Trebujena, Algeciras, Arcos, Espera, Moguer, Málaga, Motril, Albuñol, Adra y Paxarete. - 11 22 June 1982 Estadio La Rosaleda, Málaga Dmoz:Regional Europe Spain Autonomous Communities Andalucia Malaga Malaga Commons:Category:Málaga Wikipedia:Málaga

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'' and returned to Málaga to start the printing shop Imprenta Sur ('Southern Press'), where he drew together many of his friends, publishing most of their early verse. Welles edited ''The Trial'' in Paris while technically on vacation; he commuted in on weekends from Málaga, Spain, where he was taking time to film sequences (reported as being ''"the prologue and epilogue"'') for his self-financed film adaptation of ''Don Quixote (Don Quixote (unfinished film))'', to oversee

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decorated rooms and bathrooms, with great attention to detail. Good discounted rates in winter (€56-69+VAT). * Splurge *


and Eleazar Jiménez); * 6th at Briseck 1971 on 7 13 (winner Gideon Barcza); The wines of Jerez (also known as sherry) are famous the world over, praised even by William Shakespeare. Other standouts are the manzanilla (manzanilla (wine)) of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the white wines of Cádiz, paxarete (a sherry derivative), wines of Condado in Huelva, wines of Montilla (Montilla (Córdoba))-Moriles in Córdoba (Córdoba, Spain), wines of Málaga

, and various kinds of wine, including sherries (sherry) (fino, manzanilla, oloroso, Pedro Ximénez, amontillado) which are undoubtedly the most exported and most widely available of all Spanish wines, as well as Málaga wine. The wine from Montilla, while similar to sherry, is not technically a sherry, but gives its name to ''amontillado'', meaning "in the style of Montilla". - Málaga Spain align center AGP align center LEMG

with them as they colonized the new lands (Spanish Empire). During this period Spanish exports to England began to wane as Spanish-English relations steadily deteriorated following the divorce of Henry VIII of England from his Spanish wife Catherine of Aragon. English merchants from the Sherry producing regions of Jerez and Sanlúcar de Barrameda as well as Málaga fled the area due to the fear of persecution by the Spanish Inquisition. ref name "Oxford pg 652-656"

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Dmoz:Regional Europe Spain Autonomous Communities Andalucia Malaga Malaga Commons:Category:Málaga Wikipedia:Málaga

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"Málaga Festivals" Dmoz:Regional Europe Spain Autonomous Communities Andalucia Malaga Malaga Commons:Category:Málaga Wikipedia:Málaga


, including cultural and sports activity programme. *'''Spanish''': Take an intensive Spanish course at Málaga University and put it into practice at one of the city's many exciting bars. *'''Spanish''': Babylon Idiomas offers a wide range of affordable and high quality Spanish courses for all levels with experienced native teachers. The school is located at 100 meters from the beach in the area of Pedregalejo

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-Workshop''' is where you can be discover the complex creative and technical process for the production of his disassemblable works. *'''The House-Museum''' allows to better know the polyhedric personality of Berrocal and see some of the most important art of the 900 through the works of his artist friends. Dmoz:Regional Europe Spain Autonomous Communities Andalucia Malaga Malaga Commons:Category:Málaga Wikipedia:Málaga

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an excellent collection of 19th and 20th Century Spanish paintings. * *


'''Málaga''' ( north of Africa.

Málaga enjoys a subtropical–mediterranean (Mediterranean climate) climate. It has one of the warmest winters in Europe, with average temperatures of .

Málaga's history spans about 2,800 years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world (List of cities by time of continuous habitation). It was founded by the Phoenicians as ''Malaka'' about 770 BC, and from the 6th century BC was under the hegemony of Ancient Carthage. Then from 218 BC it was ruled by the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire as ''Malaca'' (Latin). After the fall of the empire it was under Islamic domination as ''Mālaqah'' ('''مالقة''') for 800 years, but in 1487 it again came under Christian rule in the Reconquista. The archaeological remains and monuments from the Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Christian eras make the historic center of the city an "open museum", displaying its rich history of more than 3,000 years.

This important cultural infrastructure and the rich artistic heritage have culminated in the nomination of Málaga as a candidate for the 2016 European Capital of Culture.

The internationally acclaimed painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, Hebrew poet and Jewish philosopher Solomon Ibn Gabirol and actor Antonio Banderas were born in Málaga. The magnum opus of Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona, "Malagueña (Malagueña (song))", is named for the music of this region of Spain.

The most important business sectors in Málaga are tourism, construction and technology services, but other sectors such as transportation and logistics are beginning to expand. The Andalusia Technology Park (PTA) (Andalusia Technology Park), located in Málaga, has enjoyed significant growth since its inauguration in 1992. Málaga is the main economic and financial centre of southern Spain, home of the region (Andalusia)'s largest bank, Unicaja, and the fourth-ranking city in economic activity in Spain (Economy of Spain) behind Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia (Valencia, Spain). url http: www.anuarieco.lacaixa.comunicacions.com java X?cgi caixa.le_menuGeneral.pattern title LaCaixa Bank economic report, 2011 (spanish)

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