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cultural collaboration

of Brussels signed by Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, providing for economic, social and cultural collaboration and collective self-defence. ** The Hells Angels motorcycle gang is founded in California. * December 21 – In Congo (Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville)), Katangan prime minister Moise Tshombe recognizes the Congolese constitution. * December 23 – Luxembourg's National Day national

defensive stance

Treaty Organization (NATO) which had taken a defensive stance against the Warsaw Pact headed by the Soviet Union. Chambley Air Base was located about ten miles west of the French city of Metz, and just south of the road leading to Verdun near France’s strategic northeastern border with Luxembourg, Belgium, and West Germany. On 25 July 2011, French club Paris Saint-Germain (Paris Saint-Germain F.C.) confirmed that the club had signed Ménez to a three-year contract. Commons:Category:Luxembourg Dmoz:Regional Europe Luxembourg Wikipedia:Luxembourg

made vocals

provides corporate data services in Guatemala and Nicaragua. '''Pronoian Made''' was an alternative rock gothic metal band from Luxembourg. Founded in 1989 by Oliver Made (vocals and guitar) under the name ''The Escape'', the band has toured through most European countries and supported bands such as HIM (HIM (Finnish band)), The Crüxshadows, Clan of Xymox, and Zeraphine. They have also played on festivals like the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. The musical style of the band


: 1st_congress_submenu.html 1st World Congress on Matriarchal Studies , also known as Societies in Balance, both as accessed Jan. 29, 2011. and Texas in 2005, Societies of Peace: 2nd World Congress on Matriarchal Studies (home page), as accessed Jan. 29, 2011. For a review of the conferences, esp. that of 2005, by a participant, see Mukhim, Patricia, ''Khasi Matriliny Has Many Parallels'', Oct. 15, 2005, as accessed Feb. 6, 2011 (also published in ''The Statesman'' (India), Oct. 15, 2005). with papers published. Goettner-Abendroth, Heide, ed., ''Societies of Peace'', ''op. cit.'', ''passim''. Göttner-Abendroth argued that " m atriarchies are all egalitarian at least in terms of gender—they have no gender hierarchy .... , that, f or many matriarchal societies, the social order is completely egalitarian at both local and regional levels", Goettner-Abendroth, Heide, trans. Karen Smith, ''The Deep Structure of Matriarchal Society: Findings and Political Relevance of Modern Matriarchal Studies'', in Goettner-Abendroth, Heide, ed., ''Societies of Peace'', ''op. cit.'', p. 23. that, "for our own path toward new egalitarian societies, we can gain ... insight from ... "tested" matriarchal patterns", Goettner-Abendroth, Heide, ''The Deep Structure of Matriarchal Society'', ''op. cit.'', p. 25 and see p. 24 and, in Goettner-Abendroth, Heide, ed., ''Societies of Peace'', ''op. cit.'', see ''Introduction'' & pts. I & VIII. and that "matriarchies are not abstract ''utopias'', constructed according to philosophical concepts that could never be implemented." Goettner-Abendroth, Heide, ''The Deep Structure of Matriarchal Society'', ''op. cit.'', p. 25 (emphasis so in original). Luxembourgers 400 Luxembourgish men, often men who refused to serve, or who deserted the German Wehrmacht left Luxembourg, in order to continue their resistance in the French maquis, where they were particularly active in the regions of Lyon, Grenoble, and the French Ardennes. A considerable amount of Luxembourgish members of the French maquis were killed during the war. Others, like Antoine Diederich, became high ranked resistance fighters. Antoine Diederich (who was only known as "Capitaine Baptiste") had 77 members of the maquis under his command and is best known for attacking the prison of Riom where he and his fighters freed all of the 114 death-sentenced inmates. Raths, Aloyse 2008 - Unheilvolle Jahre für Luxemburg - Années néfastes pour le Grand-Duché pp. 375-377 The behavior of Louis XIV of France also set the stage for centuries to come: The Holy Roman Empire had to fight wars simultaneously in the West and the East. While its troops were fighting in the Holy League (Holy League (1684)) in defense of Vienna, Louis ruthlessly used the occasion, before and after the battle of Vienna, to annex territories, such as Luxembourg and Alsace. The biography of Ezechiel du Mas, Comte de Melac illustrates the devastations of large parts of Southern Germany by France. 200px thumb right Plaque at the Polish Congregatio Resurrectionis (Image:Sobieskitablica.jpg) church on Kahlenberg :''"Arduina" redirects here. For the asteroid, see 394 Arduina. For the plant genus, see ''Carissa. In Celtic mythology, '''Arduinna''' (also Arduina, Arduinnae or Arduinne) was the eponymous goddess of the Ardennes Forest and region, represented as a huntress riding a boar (primarily in the present-day regions of Belgium and Luxembourg). Her cult originated in what is today known as Ardennes, a region of Belgium, Luxembourg and France. She was later assimilated into the Gallo-Roman mythology of goddess Diana (Diana (goddess)). Commons:Category:Luxembourg Dmoz:Regional Europe Luxembourg Wikipedia:Luxembourg

international singing

of St. Francis , on June 1, 1863. There were three medleys, consisting of performances of past Eurovision songs. The first consisted of : Dana International, singing ''Parlez-vous Francais'' (originally performed by Baccara for Luxembourg in Eurovision Song Contest 1978); Carola Haggkvist, singing ''Främling'' (1983 (Eurovision Song Contest 1983), 3rd place); Alsou, singing ''Solo'' (2000 (Eurovision Song Contest 2000), 2nd); Fabrizio Faniello, singing ''Another Summer

by Birthe Kjær for Denmark in 1989 (Eurovision Song Contest 1989)). There were three medleys, consisting of performances of past Eurovision songs. The first consisted of : Dana International, singing ''Parlez-vous Francais'' (originally performed by Baccara for Luxembourg in Eurovision Song Contest 1978); Carola Haggkvist, singing ''Främling'' (1983 (Eurovision Song Contest 1983), 3rd place); Alsou, singing ''Solo'' (2000 (Eurovision Song Contest 2000), 2nd); Fabrizio

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: downloads 2011 hS1b6.pdf title Luxembourg, Your European Hub for Online Business and E-Commerce format PDF

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where he made radio commentaries for the German language division of the American Broadcasting Station. For the last months of World War II he worked in same function for a military propaganda station in Luxembourg. Then he helped organise the foundation of Radio Frankfurt. During this period he worked with Robert Lochner, who thought very highly of him. During his journeys across Germany he was shocked at the extent of destruction, especially that caused by Allied bombing. As a sports club, Benfica currently has departments for futsal, roller hockey, basketball, handball (Team handball), volleyball, athletics (Athletics (sport)), triathlon (Triathlon), rugby (Rugby football), table tennis (Table_tennis), judo (Judo), among others. Due to the success and popularity of its football (Association football), Benfica has built the biggest fan base among the ''Três Grandes'' in Portugal. Benfica also has one of the biggest fan bases in the world, with many supporters outside of Portugal in countries like Andorra, Angola, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde, Croatia, France, Germany, Guinea-Bissau, United Kingdom, Japan, Luxembourg, Macau, Mexico, Switzerland, Netherlands and United States. Since 1868, Swedish princes who have lost their succession rights have received noble titles conferred by other reigning monarchs. The Grand Duke or Grand Duchess of Luxembourg has conferred the title of Count of Wisborg (Bernadotte af Wisborg), and in one case, the King of Belgium has conferred the title Prince Bernadotte (Carl, Prince Bernadotte). Thus, on ennoblement by the Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, on 2 July 1951 he became Lennart Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg (Bernadotte af Wisborg). The relutance of many young men to embrace the hardships of the Portuguese Colonial War resulted in hundreds of thousands of Portuguese citizens each year leaving to seek economic opportunities abroad in order to escape conscription. In over 15 years, nearly one million emigrated to France, another million to the United States, many hundreds of thousands to Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Venezuela, or Brazil. Political parties, such as the Socialist Party (Socialist Party (Portugal)), persecuted at home, were established in exile. The only party which managed to continue (illegally) operating in Portugal during all the dictatorship was the Portuguese Communist Party. * '''Lithuania''': see Rail transport in Lithuania (Lithuanian Railways) * '''Luxembourg''': see Rail transport in Luxembourg (Chemins de fer luxembourgeois) * '''Malta''': see Malta Railway From mid-January 1942, SS and police authorities deported Jews in crowded freight trains from the Łódź ghetto (Lodz ghetto) to Chełmno. These transports included Jews deported to Łódź from Germany, Austria, Bohemia and Moravia, and Luxembourg. Throughout 1942, the SS and police continued to deport Jews from Wartheland district region to Chełmno and killed them there. Other victims murdered at the Chełmno killing center included several hundred Poles and Soviet prisoners of war. Many of the 5,000 Roma (Romani people) (Gypsies) who had been deported from Austria to the Łódź ghetto in 1941 were also among the first victims of Chełmno. caption order Australian Ambassador to (List of High Commissioners and Ambassadors from Australia) Belgium, Luxembourg, European Union and NATO Commons:Category:Luxembourg Dmoz:Regional Europe Luxembourg Wikipedia:Luxembourg

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People in the Saarland speak Rhine Franconian (in the southeast, very similar to that dialect spoken in the western part of the Palatinate) and Moselle Franconian (in the northwest, very similar to that dialect spoken along the Moselle River and the cities of Trier or even in Luxembourg), dialects of German (German language). ref

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and Association Agreement . **Spanish escudo - Spain *Euro (Eυρώ, Евро) - Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland (Republic of Ireland), Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain ** Countries that have made legal agreements with the EU to use the euro: Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City The objective of the RCCC is ''"To unite curlers throughout the world into one Brotherhood of the Rink"'', and today the Royal Club has branches and affiliated associations and clubs in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the United States and Wales. right thumb The city of Luxembourg (Image:Map Luxembourg.PNG ) in orange is part of the Canton (Cantons of Luxembourg) of Luxembourg, (add red) in the district of Luxembourg (add dark grey) in the country of Luxembourg (add light grey) The continued presence of a garrison of German soldiers in Paris, and fears of a royalist restoration, led to an insurrection in late March, and the city was ruled by the Paris Commune until late May 1871. While Hugo condemned the violence, he endorsed the idea of the state-within-a-state, and this led to his expulsion from Belgium on 1 June, after an attack on his lodgings. He took refuge in Vianden, Luxembourg. When Marshal Patrice de Mac Mahon retook Paris, tens of thousands were executed, and thousands more imprisoned or exiled. (These events were used by Marx and Engels to argue that socialists' concerns for "democracy" and "humanitarianism" were misplaced.) - 3. 31 October 1990 Josy Barthel Stadium, Luxembourg Commons:Category:Luxembourg Dmoz:Regional Europe Luxembourg Wikipedia:Luxembourg

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Commons:Category:Luxembourg Dmoz:Regional Europe Luxembourg Wikipedia:Luxembourg


'''Luxembourg''' (

As a representative democracy with a constitutional monarch (constitutional monarchy), it is headed by a grand duke, Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and is the world's only remaining grand duchy. Luxembourg is a developed country, with an advanced economy and the world's second highest GDP (PPP) per capita (List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita) (after Qatar), according to the World Bank. Its central location has historically made it of great strategic importance to numerous powers, dating back to its founding as a Roman (Roman Empire) fortress (Fortification), its hosting of a vital Frankish (Kingdom of the Franks) castle during the Early Middle Ages, and its role as a bastion for the Spanish Road between 16th and 17th centuries.

Luxembourg is a member of the European Union, NATO, OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the United Nations, and Benelux, reflecting its political consensus in favour of economic (economic integration), political, and military integration. The city of Luxembourg (Luxembourg (city)), which is the capital (capital city) and largest city, is the seat of several institutions and agencies of the EU. On 18 October 2012, Luxembourg was elected to a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council for the first time in its history. The country served on the Security Council from 1 January 2013 until 31 December 2014. http: en politics un-asselborn-s-final-security-council-meeting-54943bcb0c88b46a8ce49a8d Reflecting its geographic position, Luxembourg's culture is a fusion of Romanic (Romance language) and Germanic (Germanic languages) Europe, integrating customs of each. Accordingly, Luxembourg is a trilingual (multilingualism) country: Luxembourgish (Luxembourgish language), French (French language) and German (German language) are official languages. Although a secular state, Luxembourg is predominantly Roman Catholic.

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