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. The concluding scenes in Ingmar Bergman's classic film ''Wild Strawberries (Wild Strawberries (film))'' were set in, and were shot in, Lund. With it´s International Architecture Film Festival in Lund, since 2009, Lund is a centre in Øresund for architecture & film. Lundakarnevalen thumb upright Lund University observatory (File:Lund University observatory.jpg) The Lund carnival has been held every four years since the mid-nineteenth century: traditional accounts say it originated at a wedding in 1849 (the four-year intervals place the party in 2002, 2006, 2010, etc.). Arranged by the students of the university (Lund University), from the 1950s onwards the event has grown in size and intensity (with some 5500 volunteers 2010), but it remains an amateur event. Midway between a music and stage fair, a city festival, and an outpouring of satire, parody and general madness. Some students dress up in costumes, often relating to and poking fun at current issues, and parade in wagons. Others perform humorous skits in the evenings. The carnival revues and other stage entertainments have launched a number of well-known entertainers and actors over the years. Sports Lund is not a notable center for sports except for handball (team handball), where it has two teams in the men's top league: H 43 (H 43 Lund) and LUGI and two teams in the women's top league: H43 Lundagård and LUGI. It also has a chess team, Lunds ASK, that for decades has been among the top teams in Sweden. Lund is also the birthplace of the online football manager game Hattrick. Lund also has a Division 1 football club called Lunds BK. Lund hosted matches from the 2011 Handball World Championship (2011 World Men's Handball Championship) in the Färs och Frosta Sparbank Arena. In Lund you will also find Lugi Rugbyklubb, one Sweden's few rugby clubs. Industry Lund is a centre of high tech companies, such as Sony Mobile Communications, ST-Ericsson, Doro (Doro (telecoms)) and other telecommunication companies. The Lund Institute of Technology has historical connections with the industrial economy. A business park, ''Ideon'', is for high tech companies that have ties to the university. Other important industries include medical technology (Gambro), pharmaceuticals, biotechnology (Active Biotech, among others), heat exchanger and separator (Alfa Laval), and publishing and library services. The hospital and the university in Lund are two other major employers, with extensive research facilities. Astra Zeneca offices closed down in 2010 and has been replaced by Ideon Medicon Village. Lund is home to the Tetra Pak company, which manufactures and markets paper packaging and equipment for milk, orange juice, etc. all over the world. Education *Lund University *Lund Institute of Technology *Lund School of Economics and Management *Royal Swedish Physiographic Society *Ljud & Bildskolan Main sights During the 12th and 13th centuries, when the town was the seat of the archbishop, many churches and monasteries were built. At its peak, Lund had 27 churches, but most of them were demolished as result of the Reformation (Protestant Reformation) in 1536. Several medieval buildings remain, including Lund Cathedral, Liberiet, the restaurant Stäket (Stäket (Lund)) and parts of the Cathedral School (Katedralskolan, Lund). 900px thumb center City panorama with the towers of Lund Cathedral (Image:Lund skyline februari 2005.jpg) Most of the central buildings in Lund date from the late 19th century, when small houses were replaced by multi-storey ones. Notable buildings built during this period include the University Library (University Library (Lund)) (1902), Grand Hotel (Grand Hotel (Lund)) (1899) and the University Main Building (Lund University main building) (1882). File:Lunds universitetsbibliotek.jpg The University Library (University Library (Lund)) File:Hjortgatan, Lund.jpg Hjortgatan File:Korsgatan, Lund.jpg Korsgatan File:Lund-SL.jpg Lund-SL File:Mariagatan, Lund.jpg Mariagatan File:Clemenstorget, Lund.jpg The Clemens place File:Lunds centralstation.jpg Lunds centralstation File:Palaestra, Lund.jpg Palaestra File:Universitetshuset i lund.jpg Lund University main building File:Kungshuset, Lund, 2004b.jpg Kungshuset File:Gamla biblioteket, Lund.jpg The Old library File:The Old Bull Pub Lund 2008.jpg The Old Bull Pub File:Lunds universitetsbibliotek .jpg University library File:Akademiet i Lund.jpg Akademiet i Lund File:Kanonsalut vid doktorspromovering i Lund 2005.jpg ''Doktorspromovering'', a solemn graduation ceremony when tradition crave shouting with canons File:Grand Hotel, Lund.jpg Grand Hotel (Grand Hotel (Lund)) File:Locus Peccatorum.JPG Locus Peccatorum, early 18th century, corner of Adelgatan (Adel street) and Sankt Annegatan (St Anne street) File:Lunds domkyrka i maj-1.jpg This picture depicts the old lilacs before they were cut down File:Östervångsskolan, Lund.jpg Östervång school File:Bosmålatorpet på Kulturen.jpg The open air museum Kulturen, a collections of historical buildings File:The street in Lund.JPG The street in Lund Notable natives and residents *Klas Anshelm, architect *Axwell, professional DJ *Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Olympic equestrian *Martin Dahlin, footballer *Timbuktu (Timbuktu (artist)) (Jason Diakité), hip-hop and reggae artist *Kim Ekdahl du Rietz, handball player *Mikael Håfström, film writer and director *Amanda Jenssen, singer *Joachim Johansson, tennis player *Helena Josefsson, singer *Roger Ljung, footballer *Jan Malmsjö, actor *Lukas Moodysson, film writer, director *Ivo Pekalski, footballer *The Radio Dept., band *Ola Svensson, pop singer *Max von Sydow, actor *Linus Thörnblad, Olympic high jumper *Elin Wägner, feminist writer *Måns Zelmerlöw, pop singer Literary residents *Vilhelm Ekelund, poet *Hjalmar Gullberg, writer, poet and translator *Ola Hansson, writer, poet and critic *Carl Linnaeus, scientist and author *Axel Lundegård, writer *Anders Österling, writer, poet, translator and critic *Lars Norén, poet and playwright *Bengt Lidforss, natural scientist and writer *Göran Sonnevi, poet and translator *August Strindberg, playwright *Esaias Tegnér, writer and bishop See also *Lund Principle, an important principle in ecumenical relations between Christian churches. *Uppsala References commons:Lund


, Mirbahar (Mohana (tribe)), Chandio, Brohi (Brahui people), Shahani, Gabol, Lund, Khero, Khaharo (Khaharo (tribe)), Magsi, Khushk, Bozdar, Leghari, Unar Bahota, Charan, Babar, Memon (Memon people), Abbasi, Bhatti, Joyo (Joyo (tribe)), Janwari, Qureshi, Hingoro, Rajpot and others. Rest of Europe * Lund University, Faculty of Medicine, Master (MMedSc) in Public Health Lund

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, Sweden * University College Dublin, School of Public Health, Physiotherapy & Population Science, Dublin, Ireland Contemporary Jewish population of Sweden There is no ethnic registration in Sweden, so the Jewish population can only be roughly estimated. The Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities estimation is that about 20,000 pass the halakhic criteria. Of those about 7,000 is a member of any congregation.

football family

currently is playing assistant manager (Player-coach) for Malmö FF. Andersson has played the majority of his career for Malmö FF where he also served as team captain between 2006 and 2011 but also had a successful period playing for Serie A club Bari (AS Bari). He also had a long international playing career, playing 74 matches for Sweden (Sweden national football team). Daniel is part of a prosperous football family as both his father Roy Andersson (footballer) Roy Andersson

century fishing

century, fishing families settled at the mouth of the river Vassa as herring fishing became the main source of trade. Ystad was not mentioned in documents until 1244, in a record of King Eric (Eric IV of Denmark)'s visit to the town with his brother, Abel (King Abel of Denmark). A Franciscan monastery (Franciscan order), Gråbrödraklostret, was founded in 1267, and Ystad joined the Hanseatic League in the 14th century. File:Staffanstorp Municipality in Scania.png 250px left thumb

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; and established mints at Ribe, Viborg (Viborg, Denmark), Lund, and Schleswig (City of Schleswig). He instituted public use of the Royal forrests. Harald also sought to change Danish legal customs. Harald deplored the ancient customs of trial by combat and the ''jernbyrd'' trial by ordeal of holding red-hot iron bars, and introduced a system used by the English of calling upon honorable men to swear oaths on behalf of the parties

literary production

Writing works There is no concrete evidence of any literary production from his years of travel, but he turned to reading and writing when he was confined to the asylum in Lund. He began as a conservative and patriotic writer of verses, commentaries, and translations in local daily newspapers; but through his reading of, among others, the English (England) socialist Robert Blatchford, he gradually adopted a more liberal and even radical attitude. Soon he

art movie

and performance hall which occasionally has concerts by internationally known pop and rock performers as well as local music groups. * The '''Kino''', Kyrkogatan 3. Movie theater which has a good art-movie schedule. * '''Filmstaden''', Västra Mårtensgatan 12, is the main cinema which shows all the blockbusters. * '''Game Center''', Östra Mårtensgatan 15, is a gaming cafe with high end computers running all the latest games. 35 SEK per hour for non-members, members pay 10-30 SEK per

written songs

mother is Swedish (Swedish people) and her father is Palestinian (Palestinian people). She worked for Sony BMG New York for three years as a talent scout. Laila also found the members and developed the girl group Play (Play (group)) which she co-managed with Matthew Knowles. Play was signed to Sony BMG New York and the group sold nearly 1 million albums. Laila has written songs for Céline Dion, 98 Degrees, 702 and Mýa. In 2007 Laila started two new companies together

conservative temple

Conservative (Conservative Judaism) temple), Göteborg (an Orthodox and a Conservative synagogue), Malmö (an Orthodox synagogue) and in Norrköping (although the Norrköping community is too small to perform regular services). ''Love'' was accepted into the 2011 Fantasia International Film Festival (Fantasia Festival) held in Montreal, Quebec. Its FanTasia screening on July 18 in Hall Theatre, as part of the festival's Camera Lucida Section, marked the film's international premiere. The film also screened in Athens, Lund, London, Nantes, South Korea, Spain, Israel, and elsewhere. align "left" ''Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation)'' Lund, Skåne (Scania) commons:Lund


'''Lund''' ( ) is a city (Urban areas in Sweden) in the province (provinces of Sweden) of Scania (Skåne), southern Sweden. The town has 82,800 inhabitants in 2010, out of a municipal total of 110,824. It is the seat of Lund Municipality, Skåne County. The city is believed to have been founded around 990, when Scania belonged to Denmark. It soon became a major Christian (Christianity) center of the Baltic Sea region, at a time when the area was still a frontier area for Christian mission, and within Scandinavia and especially Denmark through the Middle Ages. From 1103 it was the seat of an archbishop. At the center of the city stands the towering Lund Cathedral, built ca 1090–1145.

Lund University, established 1666, is today one of Scandinavia's largest institutions for education and research. Lund University, ''The Solander Program'' Website Universities in the Øresund Region, ''Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy'' Website Welcome to Lund University

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