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in Glasgow, Manchester, and Liverpool. She played regular dates in the Netherlands and played in New York City. Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

educational teaching

BSW threads. The only tools required to assemble models were a screwdriver and spanners (wrenches) (Wrench). It was more than just a toy: it was educational, teaching basic mechanical principles like levers and gearing. A recent large model, weighing approximately 500kg and 23m long, was built in September 2009 by TV presenter James May and a team of volunteers who created a Meccano bridge spanning the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Liverpool. As with other models

television play

inlet valves. The serial was written by Liverpudlian (Liverpool) playwright Alan Bleasdale, as a sequel to a television play, ''The Black Stuff''. The British Film Institute described it as a "seminal drama series... a warm, humorous but ultimately tragic look at the way economics affect ordinary people... TV's most complete dramatic response to the Thatcher era and as a lament to the end of a male, working class British culture."

: features tv 100 list prog.php?id 7 title BFI TV 100 – 7: Boys from the Blackstuff first Phil last Wickham publisher British Film Institute date 2006-09-04 accessdate 2006-10-02 ''The Black Stuff'' The television play '''''The Black Stuff''''' was originally written by Bleasdale for BBC1 (BBC One)'s ''Play for Today'' anthology series in 1978. After filming however, the play languished untransmitted until being screened on 2 January 1980. http

) (lead guitar vocals), Philip Rogers (rhythm guitar bass guitar vocals), Don Andrew (born Donald Andrew, in 1942, in Liverpool) (bass guitar vocals), and Roy Dyke (drums) (born 13 February 1945, in Liverpool). Andrew and Manley were in the same class at school (Liverpool Institute for Boys) as Paul McCartney. Spencer Leigh, BBC presenter, in sleeve notes to SEECD349 (see Discography) '''''Our Day Out''''' is a television play about deprived children from

song record

of Sefton Sefton with a junction with the A5036 road. Release and reception The world premiere of the film was in New York City on 13 May 1970. One week later, UK premieres were held at the Liverpool Gaumont Cinema and the London Pavilion. None of The Beatles attended any of the premieres.

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subsequently went on to play in many TV series and several movies. His longest running role was Owen Davies, a Consultant Obstetrician (Obstetrics), in ''Holby City'' which he played from 2001 until 2005. He also appeared in a television commercial for the fabric softener 'Bounce' in 1996 with fellow Liverpudlian Katy Carmichael.PKFHSPKFHS related&search His first introduction to music was as a backing singer and percussionist

original musical

was designed by Peter Saville (Peter Saville (artist)), whose distinctive graphics provided OMD's public image well into the mid-80s. The unusual graphics that feature on the sleeve were partially inspired by Andy and Paul's original musical notation style. Unable to read or write music, they adapted a series of symbols, each one representing different instruments.

performance skills

Sussex ) is an English (English people) actress. She first became known for her appearance in the ITV drama ''A Family at War'', that followed the fortunes of a lower middle class family living in Liverpool from 1938 and through World War II. The Beatles' five residencies in Hamburg during 1960 to 1962 allowed the Liverpool band to develop their performance skills and widen their reputation. Drummer Pete Best was added

original play

years' time, however, it will look far more like a mainline that just happens to make it all the way across London, though with an S-Bahn-like middle section and suburban services sharing tracks with the mainline trains. The future Crossrail also shares a number of features (segregated suburban services, cross-city connections), with S-Bahn. However, it will have deep level, bored, tunnels. The original play is set in a depraved Italian court, but Cottrell Boyce's screenplay relocates

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1971, Liverpool) is an English (English people) builder, DIY expert, television personality and presenter, best known for winning the first series (Big Brother 2000 (UK)) of the British (United Kingdom) reality television show ''Big Brother (Big Brother (UK))''. He is trained as a bricklayer and in DIY, appearing in numerous series related to this since 2001. DATE OF BIRTH 16 October 1971 PLACE OF BIRTH Liverpool, England DATE OF DEATH *'''Delete

eclectic collection

''Tranmere Rovers''. Although this club has always lived in the shadow of Everton and Liverpool, it has a long tradition and a great family atmosphere. Well worth a visit. '''Port Sunlight''' - On the Wirral. It was built as a model village by Lord Lever and contains the Lady Lever Art Gallery, a marvelously eclectic collection of objects, similar to the Burrell Collection in Glasgow. Twenty minutes by train. '''West Kirby''' - Also located on the Wirral, boasts a superb beach


'''Liverpool''' ( The city is within the historic county (Historic counties of England) of Lancashire. Its urbanisation and expansion were largely brought about by its status as a major port (Port of Liverpool), which included its participation in the Atlantic slave trade. Liverpool was the port of registry of the ocean liner RMS ''Titanic'' (RMS Titanic), and many other Cunard (Cunard Line) and White Star (White Star Line) ocean liners such as the RMS ''Lusitania'' (RMS Lusitania), ''Queen Mary (RMS Queen Mary)'', and ''Olympic (RMS Olympic)''.

Liverpool's status as a port city has contributed to its diverse population, which, historically, was drawn from a wide range of peoples, cultures, and religions, particularly those from Ireland. The city is also home to the oldest Black African community (Black British) in the country and the oldest Chinese community (British Chinese) in Europe. Natives of Liverpool are referred to as '''Liverpudlians''' (from a long-standing jocular alteration of 'Liverpool' to 'Liverpuddle') and colloquially as "Scousers", a reference to "scouse (scouse (food))", a form of stew. The word "Scouse" has also become synonymous with the Liverpool accent (accent (sociolinguistics)) and dialect. Many people "self-identify" as Liverpudlians or Scousers without actually being born or living within the city boundaries of Liverpool. Many people from within the greater Merseyside area consider themselves thus, although many do not. Conversely, a number of people from Liverpool itself may not consider themselves Scousers, since the term for them may have pejorative overtones.

Tourism forms a significant part of the city's modern economy. The city celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2007, and it held the European Capital of Culture title together with Stavanger, Norway, in 2008. Labelled the "World Capital City of Pop" by ''Guinness World Records'', the popularity of The Beatles, and other groups from the Merseybeat (Beat music) era and later, contributes to Liverpool's status as a tourist destination.

Several areas of Liverpool city centre were granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 2004. The Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City includes the Pier Head, Albert Dock, and William Brown Street. Liverpool is also the home of two Premier League football (Association football) clubs, Liverpool (Liverpool F.C.) and Everton (Everton F.C.). Matches between the two are known as the Merseyside derby. The world-famous Grand National also takes places annually at Aintree Racecourse on the outskirts of the city.

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