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header4 Governance A variation on Salic primogeniture allows the sons of women to inherit, but not women themselves, an example being succession to the throne of Spain from 1947–1978. This is the law in Liechtenstein and was in the former Archduchy of Austria. Another variation is the so-called Semi-Salic Law, which allows women to succeed only at the extinction of all the male descendants. Such were the cases of Bourbon Spain until 1833 and the dominions of Austria-Hungary, as well as the former Kingdom of Württemberg. This was the law of Luxembourg until equal primogeniture was introduced on 20 June 2011. As of March 2007, Ingvar Kamprad was the fourth wealthiest person in the world, according to Forbes magazine, with an estimated net worth of US$33

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science scale . (PDF) . Retrieved on 2011-12-24. In Liechtenstein, there are four main centers for higher education: * The University of Liechtenstein * Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein * Liechtenstein Institute * International Academy of Philosophy, Liechtenstein Transport There are about of marked bicycle paths

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''. The primary multimedia company in Liechtenstein is ManaMedia, located in Vaduz. Amateur radio is a hobby of some nationals and visitors. However, unlike virtually every other sovereign nation, Liechtenstein does not have its own ITU prefix. It uses Switzerland's callsign prefixes (typically "HB") followed by a zero. Music and theatre are an important part of the culture. There are numerous music organizations such as the Liechtenstein Musical Company, the annual

Guitar Days, and the International Josef Gabriel Rheinberger Society, which play in two main theatres. Sports Commons:Category:Liechtenstein WikiPedia:Liechtenstein Dmoz:Regional Europe Liechtenstein

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''' (''Scouts and Guides of Liechtenstein'', PPL) is the national Scouting and Guiding (Girl Guides) association of Liechtenstein. Scouting in Liechtenstein started in 1931, Guiding followed in 1932. The Boy Scouts became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1933, the Guides joined the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1952. In 1989 both organizations merged and formed the nowadays ''Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Liechtensteins''. The PPL

has about 1,100 members of both sexes and is organised in ten troops (799 Scouts and 312 Guides

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FC Tobol 3–1 on aggregate. In the second round they played against Liechtensteiner team FC Vaduz, narrowly progressing on the away goals rule after a 2–2 aggregate draw. They were then put up against Macedonians (Macedonia (country)) FK Rabotnički. Basel won 6–2 at St. Jakob-Park and 1–0 at the Skopje City Stadium (National Arena Philip II of Macedon) to qualify for the group stages where they faced tough opposition, Blackburn Rovers F.C. Blackburn Rovers

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and winter road conditions may be your only "realistic" concern. Speed limits are strictly enforced by speed cameras which will be very pricey. Don't speed, enjoy the scenery instead! The country's beautiful scenery is also very dangerous. Cases of hikers finding themselves in difficulty are very common, and extreme care should be taken when leaving the well-marked trails. Follow local advice, read local weather forecasts (newspapers in the Principality print individual forecasts

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format after a break of 3 years remained unchanged from the previous series: seven couples travelling around Europe on a coach like series 1 (Coach Trip (series 1)) for 30 days attempting vote off the least popular couples. With visits to Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg for the first time. Tour guide Brendan Sheerin and coach driver Paul Donald both returned for this series, which aired on Channel 4 with a similar end to Coach


'''Liechtenstein''', officially the '''Principality of Liechtenstein''' ( It is a constitutional monarchy headed by the Prince of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and Austria to the east and north. It has an area of just over and an estimated population of 35,000. Divided into 11 municipalities (Municipalities of Liechtenstein), its capital is Vaduz and largest town Schaan.

Economically, Liechtenstein has the highest gross domestic product per person in the world (List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita) when adjusted by purchasing power parity. CIA – The World Factbook – Country Comparison :: GDP – per capita (PPP). Retrieved on 2011-12-24. It is also the 2nd richest (by measure of GDP per capita) country in the world, after Qatar, and has one of the lowest unemployment rates (List of countries by unemployment rate) at 1.5%.

An alpine country (alpine states), Liechtenstein is mainly mountainous, making it a winter sports destination. Many cultivated fields and small farms are found both in the south (Oberland, ''upper land'') and north (Unterland, ''lower land''). The country has a strong financial sector (Financial services) centered in Vaduz, and has been identified as a tax haven. It is a member of the European Free Trade Association and part of the European Economic Area and the Schengen Area, but not of the European Union.

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