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Football League champions. Players from Libertyville High School have been a staple of this organization. Athletes such as Kevin Fontana, Shane Voigt, Dan Nikolich, Nick Nikolich, TJ Fehling and Kevin Dickson have all helped this organization become a powerhouse in the GFL. Founders of this organization are Mike Johnson and Bryan McDermott. The Libertyville Ladycats (grades 5-8) is a girls' travel basketball team

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Preservation , which gave Libertyville a Great American Main Street Award, called the downtown "a place with its own sense of self, where people still stroll the streets on a Saturday night, and where the tailor, the hometown bakery, and the vacuum cleaner repair shop are shoulder to shoulder with gourmet coffee vendors and a microbrewery." section 22 National Main Street Awards, Accessed 2008-01-04. ref>

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Theological Seminary now in Crestwood, New York. After her divorce when Tom was one year old, she and her son moved to Libertyville, Illinois, a small suburb north of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois) in 1965. She took a job at Libertyville High School teaching social studies and US history. In 1987, she quit her teaching job after 22 years, and founded Parents For Rock And Rap ref name

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. Wilbur. Their son B. Harley Bradley built a house called ''Glenlloyd'', or the B. Harley Bradley House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, in Kankakee, IL. U. S. Census 1880 - Paul Lemery, 28, male Brown Libertyville, Illinois Lemery, an animal trainer, was attacked when taking a bear out of its cage. He was preparing for a television appearance with the bear.

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is the Potawatomi word for "Little Fort") in 1841, the name reverted to Libertyville, without further changes. Libertyville History, Accessed 2008-01-04. Libertyville's most prominent building, the Cook Mansion, was built in 1879 by Ansel Brainerd Cook, very close to the spot where Vardin's cabin was built in the 1830s. Cook, a teacher and stonemason, became a prominent


. Motorola's networks division (called the Personal Communication Section (PCS), prior to 2004) pioneered the "flip phone" with the StarTAC in the mid-1990s. By the turn of the 21st Century, it produced another innovative hit product, the (original) RAZRā€”an ultra-thin flip phone. Motorola had a commanding lead in the analog (analog circuit) cellphone market, but it was slow to embrace digital technology. This allowed global rivals such as Nokia and Samsung

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town that produced a number of alternative music (alternative rock) figures; Broustis was in the same class at Libertyville High School as Adam Jones (Adam Jones (musician)) of Tool (Tool (band)).) The paper started out life as the ''Independent'' and later the ''Lake County Independent'' based in Libertyville (Libertyville, Illinois) in 1892. By 1921 the paper was known as the ''Waukegan Daily News'' and in 1930 it purchased the ''Waukegan Daily Sun'' (founded 1897) and merged

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''. During the early 1990s, several Illinois alternative rock artists garnered national attention, including Didjits, Disturbed (Disturbed (band)), SOiL, The Smashing Pumpkins, Local H, Liz Phair, Urge Overkill, and Veruca Salt (Veruca Salt (band)). Members of several notable early 1990s alternative rock groups were originally from the state. Soundgarden's Kim Thayil and Bruce Pavitt, the founder of Sub Pop Records, both were from Illinois

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Wildcats (Canada Lynx) -

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(at Union Station (Chicago Union Station)). It also has two stations (Libertyville (Metra)) along Metra's Milwaukee District North Line which provides service between Fox Lake (Fox Lake, Illinois) and Union Station, one of which shares a driveway with the station for the North Central Service. Drinking water supply The Libertyville water supply comes from the Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency (CLCJAWA) located in Lake Bluff (Lake Bluff, Illinois). CLCJAWA purifies

Libertyville, Illinois

'''Libertyville''' is a village in Lake County (Lake County, Illinois), Illinois, United States and an affluent northern suburb of Chicago. It is located (There is also a township of the same name (Libertyville Township, Lake County, Illinois), which includes the village and some surrounding areas.) Located in northeastern Illinois, southwest of Waukegan (Waukegan, Illinois) and west of Lake Forest (Lake Forest, Illinois), its immediate neighbors are Mundelein (Mundelein, Illinois) to the west, Green Oaks (Green Oaks, Illinois), Mettawa (Mettawa, Illinois), and Rondout (Rondout, Illinois) to the east, Gurnee (Gurnee, Illinois) to the north, Grayslake (Grayslake, Illinois) to the northwest, and Vernon Hills (Vernon Hills, Illinois) to the south.

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