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station St Pancras International . '''Arriva Leicester''' is a bus company operating in Leicester and Leicestershire. It is part of Arriva Midlands. The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity was founded in 1542 and is still extant. It gives interest-free loans to aspiring businesspeople in Leicestershire and Rutland. There are several memorials to White in England and he is honoured on Leicester's Clock Tower (Clock Tower (Leicester)). '''Leicester City Council''' is a unitary authority responsible for local government (Local government in the United Kingdom) in the city of Leicester, England. It consists of 54 councillors, representing 22 wards in the city, overseen by a directly elected mayor (Directly elected mayors in the United Kingdom). It is currently controlled by the Labour Party (Labour Party (UK)) and has been led by Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby since his election on 6 May 2011. The main council building is the New Walk Centre, but council meetings are held in the 19th century Town Hall (Leicester Town Hall). '''Rushey Mead''' is an electoral ward (Wards of the United Kingdom) and administrative division of the city of Leicester, England. It comprises the northern Leicester suburb of Rushey Mead in its entirety, as well as historical parts of Northfields (Northfields, Leicester) and Thurmaston. '''New Parks''' is an electoral ward (Wards of the United Kingdom) and administrative division of the city of Leicester, England, consisting of the Leicester suburb of New Parks in its entirety. '''The Charlotte''' was a live music venue in Leicester, England, on the edge of the City Centre (Leicester City Centre), on Oxford Street (A594 road (Leicester)), opposite De Montfort University. The venue finally closed on March 13th 2010. Position It forms part of Leicester's urban area, and is on the A47 (A47 road) road, just east of the city area of Evington. Yates, under the pseudonym Al Kay, got his broadcasting break when he began a weekly Saturday morning pop show on Radio Derby in 1973. That same station offered him the chance to move away from music-based shows to speech programming. He began his journalism career in 1976 with BBC Local Radio stations in Derby, Leicester, and Birmingham. He made his debut TV appearance at Pebble Mill in Birmingham in 1978 reporting for BBC Midlands's regional news programme ''Midlands Today''. Whilst at BBC Midlands, Yates was also a regional continuity announcer and newsreader. He also appeared in some "Play for Today" dramas as himself. He left the BBC and joined ITV in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1980 at Grampian Television as a presenter and reporter for ''North Tonight''. By 1986 he was presenting Anglia Television's evening news show ''About Anglia.'' She was maid of honor to the queen-mother Catherine de' Medici and inspired an ardent passion in the duke of Anjou, brother of Charles IX (Charles IX of France). This intrigue deterred the duke from agreeing to an arranged marriage with Elizabeth of England (Elizabeth I of England), which was desired for him; but he soon abandoned Chateauneuf for Marie of Cleves (Marie of Cleves, Princess of Condé) (1571). The court then wished to find a husband for her, whose singular beauty gave her an influence which the queen-mother feared, and matches were in turn suggested with the ''voivode'' of Transylvania, the earl of Leicester; with Du Prat, provost (Provost (religion)) of Paris; and with the count of Brienne, all of which came to nothing. alias origin Leicester, England instrument '''Gaye Bykers On Acid''' (GBOA) were an English (England) psychedelic (Psychedelic music) rock (rock music) band (musical ensemble) from Leicester, and one of the founder members of the Grebo (Grebo (music)) music scene. They later released both thrash punk and dance music albums under various aliases. History From its establishment in 1889 to 1974 the county council covered the administrative county (administrative counties of England) of Leicestershire, excluding Leicester. In 1974 the Local Government Act (Local Government Act 1972) reconstituted Leicestershire County Council, adding the former county borough of Leicester, and the small county of Rutland to the area. On 1 April 1997 these were removed from the County Council area again, to become unitary authorities (unitary authority). '''South Wigston railway station''' is a railway station serving the suburb of South Wigston, Leicester, England. The station is on the Birmingham to Peterborough Line about

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works part-time in the Charnwood Forest. Some of her books are set in Leicestershire, such as the recent Aetherial Tales series, depicting the lives, loves and adventures of magical people living hidden in this region, passing for - and sharing many cultural traits with - ordinary English people. As a teenager, he was vocalist in Leicester rock band the Marmite Sisters. He briefly developed a sideline as a bit-part actor, including a feature credit in ''Number One Longing, Number Two Regret'' and now writes for a wide range of publications. Between 1510 and 1522 or later he may have lived in London, and it is suggested that he may have had some association with the court of Henry VIII of England Henry VIII , such as the Chapel Royal. In 1520 21 he was working in Coventry and was paid by the Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick, for travelling from Coventry to Warwick to advise on the purchase and installing of a new organ. By 1525 Aston was settled and working in Leicester, as a verbatim record of his evidence given to a Bishop’s Visitation on 27th & 28th November 1525 is preserved in the Lincoln Diocesan Records, and he seems to have stayed in Leicester for the rest of his life. His appointment in Leicester was that of Magister Choristerorum (Master of the Choristers) at the major Royal foundation, the Hospital and College of St Mary of the Annunciation, established by Henry, 3rd Earl of Lancaster in 1330, and re-endowed and substantially enlarged by his son Henry, 4th Earl and later 1st Duke of Lancaster under a Charter of 24th March 1355 6. Later known as The Newarke, the institution had a Dean and twelve Canons (later termed Prebends), thirteen Vicars-Choral, four Lay Clerks and six (boy) choristers. By the late 15th century it had achieved a high status and musical reputation and had acquired the privilege, apparently shared only with the Chapels Royal, of having the right to recruit outstanding musicians and singers from other institutions without their consent, in other words to poach the very best musicians of the country. Perhaps the already highly regarded Aston was himself recruited by The Newarke using this privilege, but there seems to be no surviving documentary evidence of exactly how or when he came to be engaged by the Leicester Choral College. birth_date

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the community - running to Hinckley, Birmingham and Leicester. There is good access to the A46 road where it bypasses Leicester, and from there to the M1 and M69 (M69 motorway). Congestion on the A47 (A47 road) particularly in the mornings, for city bound traffic, is a major issue for commuters in Leicester Forest East, and for those using this road. Equally, there is congestion on Ratby Lane in the late afternoons for traffic leaving the A46 and M1 wishing to join the A47

, Coalville, Burton upon Trent and Leicester railway station. *Road links are excellent, with the A47 (A47 road) bisecting the community - running to Hinckley, Birmingham and Leicester. There is good access to the A46 road where it bypasses Leicester, and from there to the M1 and M69 (M69 motorway). Congestion on the A47 (A47 road) particularly in the mornings, for city bound traffic, is a major issue for commuters in Leicester Forest East, and for those using

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Crown Court for the attempted murder of John Pearson, a newborn child with Downs Syndrome. Like Adams, on the advice of his legal team he did not give evidence in his defence, relying instead on expert witnesses. He was acquitted. Killing the Willing ... And Others! Legal Aspects of Euthanasia and Related Topics Passenger trains on the extended line from Leicester London Road to Burton on Trent ceased

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Race to take place:- See The Benny Foster Story published by Fretwell 1971. In 1989 and 2009, the city hosted the British Special Olympics (Special Olympics Great Britain). This was the adopted charity for the Lord Mayor of Leicester 2008–2009,Councillor

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in Leicester in the United Kingdom. Before the transfer of registration and associated functions to the HPC, there were over 100 staff members at the Leicester office. There are also smaller regional offices in Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow and London. Classic band line-up * '''Rod Allen''' (born Rodney Bainbridge, 31 March 1944, Leicester; died 10 January 2008, Eastern Green, Coventry

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joined New Generation Music and Mission as a travelling engineer and moved to Bristol—the scene that was breaking drum and bass. In 1997, Andy formed a band named "Trip" with lead programmer Martin King and several other production partners. In 1999 Trip released an album called ''Cultural Shift''.

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, and they opened up the opportunity to dance all night. A local beat band called The Foresights were signed to EMI. They were notable for all members wearing glasses. Also emerging during this period was the band Family (Family (band)), fronted by Leicester man Roger Chapman. 1970s The seventies saw the emergence of the well known cabaret band Showaddywaddy from the city with lead singer Dave Bartram and their 1950s-themed songs. The De Montfort Hall held the first of its

''', is an English (England) rock (Rock music) vocalist (singing). Roger Chapman at Allmusic He is best known as a member of the Progressive rock band Family (Family (band)), which he joined along with Charlie Whitney, in 1966 and also the rock (rock (music)), R&B band Streetwalkers formed in 1974. His idiosyncratic (Idiosyncrasy) brand of showmanship when performing and vocal vibrato

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a ring around him, before powering straight over the tackle of full back Mike Catt to score what would be one of his four tries in that game. In 1995, he left Leicester for Newcastle Falcons. His last cap for England came in December 1998 against South Africa (Springboks) where he was replaced early; England went on to win. He would later star in a famous Pizza Hut advert alongside Lomu. The consolidation involved the University acquiring Leicester-based De Montfort

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; , Leicester website Leisure and Culture page. Diwali also coincides with British Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night) traditions on November the 5th. In the East End of London, a kind of joint festival has evolved where everyone enjoys the same fire and fireworks for their own diverse reasons. Two obvious extensions of the Midland Counties line were from Nottingham to Lincoln and from Leicester to Peterborough. They had not been proceeded with, but Hudson saw


'''Leicester''' ( ) is a city (city status in the United Kingdom) and unitary authority area (Unitary authorities of England) in the East Midlands of England, and the county town of Leicestershire. The city lies on the River Soar and at the edge of the National Forest (National Forest, England).

In the 2011 census, the population of the Leicester unitary authority was 330,000, making it the largest unitary authority in the East Midlands region, whilst 509,000 people lived in the wider Leicester Urban Area, making Leicester the tenth largest city in the United Kingdom (List of largest United Kingdom settlements by population) and England's eleventh largest urban area (List of urban areas in the United Kingdom). It is the largest city and has the second largest urban area in the East Midlands region. Eurostat's Larger Urban Zone listed the population of Leicester LUZ at 836,484 (2011). According to the 2011 census Leicester had the largest proportion of people aged 19-and-under in the East Midlands with 27 per cent.

"Unlike almost every other city in the UK, Leicester has retained a remarkable record of its past in buildings that still stand today". Ancient Roman (Roman Britain) pavements and baths remain in Leicester from its early settlement as Ratae (Ratae Corieltauvorum), a Roman military outpost in a region inhabited by the Celtic Corieltauvi tribe. Following the Roman withdrawal from Britain, the early medieval Ratae is shrouded in obscurity, but when the settlement was captured by the Danes (Viking) it became one of five fortified towns important to the Danelaw and it appeared in the Domesday Book as "Ledecestre". Leicester continued to grow throughout the Early Modern period (Early Modern Britain) as a market town, although it was the Industrial Revolution that facilitated a process of rapid unplanned urbanisation in the area.

A newly constructed rail and canal network routed through the area stimulated industrial growth in the 19th century, and Leicester became a major economic centre with a variety of manufacturers engaged in engineering, shoemaking and hosiery production. The economic success of these industries, and businesses ancillary to them, resulted in significant urban expansion into the surrounding countryside. Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England, it was the centre of the bishopric from around 670, endowing it with city status (City status in the United Kingdom). However, it lost city status in the 11th century during a time of struggle between the church and the aristocracy. The boundaries of Leicester were extended several times in the 19th and 20th centuries; it became a county borough in 1889, and was re-granted city status in 1919.

Today, Leicester is located at the intersection of the north south Midland Main Line and east west Birmingham Leicester Cambridge CrossCountry railway lines and at the confluence of the M1 (M1 motorway) M69 motorways and the A46 (A46 road) A6 (A6 road) trunk routes. The city and metropolitan area is culturally diverse, with well established South Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities, in addition to more recent influxes from European Community countries, amongst others. Leicester is a major centre of learning: the University of Leicester is famous for the quality of its teaching and research; De Montfort University is very well regarded in many of its specialist fields. The city region also hosts many other notable institutions of higher and further education.

On 20 June 2013, Leicester was announced as one of four shortlisted cities for the second UK City of Culture award.

On 13 November 2014 Leicester City Council passed a motion resolving to "..boycott any produce originating from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank until such time as it complies with international law and withdraws from Palestinian Occupied territories." http: www.leicester.gov.uk your-council-services council-and-democracy council-news our-news-service- full-council-motion-13th-november-2014

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