League of Lezhë

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long campaign

from the trade across the Sahara Desert, but the Portuguese (Portugal), who, along with other Christian powers, had been engaged in a long campaign to evict the Muslims from Iberia, had found a method to circumvent this trade by trading directly with West Africa. This was enabled by a new type of ships, the caravel, that made trade in the rough Atlantic waters profitable for the first time. The reduction in the Saharan trade weakened North Africa, and made them an easy target


of the Archbishop of Ohrid, Dorotei, to Istanbul in 1466, to-gether with other clerks and bolyars who probably were expatriated be-cause of their anti Ottoman acts during the Skender-Bey’s rebellion. laysummary laydate separator postscript lastauthoramp ref

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) was an alliance of Albanian principalities forged in Lezhë on 2 March 1444 and is regarded as the first unified Albanian state. ref name "PickardÇeliku2008



for the Italian publication location Venice language Latin in the 1539 version and translated into Italian in 2004 isbn 978-88-8086-571-1 * *

significant resistance

of Zeta (Principality of Zeta), whose forces were defeated in the battle of Savra (18 September 1385) and Balsha II himself was killed. Sultan Mehmed II realized the power vacuum created after Pius died and he tried to take advantage of the situation. He thus attempted to sign a peace agreement with Hungary and Venice so that his forces could focus on Albania to gain a base for future campaigns in the Italian peninsula. His efforts were unsuccessful, however, since neither Venice were Hungary were accepted his proposed treaty. Mehmed thus kept his armies stationed in the Balkans, one force near Jajce (Jajce Fortress) in Bosnia, one in Ohrid, and another one in the Morea.

title analysis


cultural studies

and the Levant, 1204-1571: The thirteenth and fourteenth centuries publisher American Philosophical Society isbn 978-0-87169-127-9 * *


http: books.google.com books?id xi8jPAAACAAJ year 1898 publisher Coinetarevet language Albanian * *

volume 2 year 1788 OCLC 444861890 * *

made efforts

and declared its independence from the Sultan. However a more organised resistance than that of a single principality was needed. Noli, Fan Stylian, ''George Castroiti Scanderbeg (1405–1468)'', International Universities Press, 1947 Formation Skanderbeg's example gave impetus to the liberation movements in Central and Northern Albania. George Kastrioti made efforts to unite all moral and material resources of the individual families in a successful struggle against

League of Lezhë

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