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and Anarkali districts. Buy *'''Ferozsons book shop''' is the oldest book shop in Lahore. *'''Readings bookshop''' in main boulevard Gulberg and '''variety books''' in liberty market are a must see.'''Last word''' in Gilbert at 32-A, Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Road. *The traditional bazaars of the inner city are roughly divided according to what is produced and or sold there. Bargaining is de rigueur. *'''The Anarkali bazaar''', named after a courtesan who was buried alive


until its subsequent capture by the Ghurids in 1186. thumb Shalimar Gardens, Lahore, Pakistan, location of the awards ceremony in 1980 (File:Shalamar Garden July 14 2005-South wall pavilion with fountains.jpg) The award ceremony took place at the Shalimar Gardens (Shalimar Gardens (Lahore)) in Lahore, Pakistan. During this cycle, the Chairman's Award was given to Hassan Fathy in recognition of his lifelong commitment to architecture in the Muslim world. Prominent architect

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influenced later Mughal garden architecture considerably. Akbar’s heir, Jahangir, did not build as much, but he helped to lay out the famous Shalimar garden and was known for his great love for flowers. With his son Shah Jahan. Jellicoe, Susan “The Development of the Mughal Garden” MacDougall, Elisabeth B.; Ettinghausen, Richard. The Islamic Garden, Dumbarton Oaks, Trustees for Harvard University, Washington D.C. (1976). p 115 Indeed, his trips to Kashmir are believed

built a monument to his pet deer, Hiran Minar in Sheikhupura, Pakistan and due to his great love for his wife, after his death she went on to build his mausoleum (Tomb of Jahangir) in Lahore. The Taj Mahal (1630–1648) in Agra, India and the Shalimar Garden (Shalimar Gardens (Lahore)) (1641–1642) in Lahore, Pakistan, are two sites which are on the world heritage list (World Heritage Site) of UNESCO. The Taj is considered

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publisher accessdate 18 July 2010 and also scored 184 runs in his 100th test match in the same away series causing the series to be drawn.

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and Peshawar. Then-president Farooq Ahmed Khan Laghari (Sardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari) and then-prime minister Benazir Bhutto, ambassadors of the different countries in Islamabad, members of parliament including Qazi Hussain Ahmed, of Jamaat-e-Islami, various cricketers, politicians and other dignitaries signed the bat. The bat is still there and awaiting Pakistan's team victory in a World Cup so that this bat can be given to the national team in a colorful ceremony '''Bernardino Herrera Casanueva''' (born October 15, 1977 in Santander (Santander, Cantabria), Cantabria) is a field hockey goalkeeper from Spain. He earned his first cap for the Men's National Team (Spain national field hockey team) in 1998 during the Champions Trophy (1998 Men's Champions Trophy (field hockey)) tournament in Lahore, Pakistan. He is also the boyfriend of the female hockey star Silvia Muñoz. '''Wasif Ali Wasif ''' (15 January 1929 – 18 January 1993) was a teacher, writer, poet and sufi intellectual from Pakistan. He was famous for his literary style. He used to write short pieces of prose on topics like love, life, fortune, fear, hope, expectation, promise, prayer, happiness, sorrow and so on. He was the regular columnist of Pakistani Urdu daily newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt. His 1st column named "Muhabbat". In his life most of his columns were combined to form books with his own selected title. He did poetry in Urdu and Punjabi (Punjabi language) languages. Probably no contemporary Urdu writer is more cited in quotations than he is. Later years he used to answer questions in specially arranged gatherings at Lahore attended by the notable community. Some of these sessions were recorded in audio and were later published as Guftgoo ''(talk)'' series. His mehfils never had a set subject nor did he lecture on chosen topics. His way was to ask people if they had questions and then he responded to these in his highly original style. His thought was more on mysticism, spirituality and humanity (Humanness). There are about 40 books to his credit including “Shab Chiragh”, “Kiran Kiran Sooraj”, and “Dil Darya Samundar”. Early life Wasif Ali Wasif was born on 15 January 1929 at District Khushab. At that time Khusab used to be a tehsil and the district was Shahpur (Shahpur (Punjab)). He belonged to a very prestigious cast Awan (Awan (Pakistan)). His father Malik Muhammed Arif was a teacher. He received his religious education under the supervision of his father. He got primary education in a local school in Khushab. He passed Matriculation examination from Govt. High School Khushab in 1944. His maternal grandfather, a skilled educationist, was appointed as Headmaster at a Govt. school in Jang WikiPedia:Lahore

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Amrita+Pritam&sig ACfU3U1QKgR3CqBR6Vw_eBNoNj5e38LdYw#PPA254,M1 New Panjabi Poetry ( 1935-47) ''Handbook of Twentieth-century Literatures of India'', by Nalini Natarajan, Emmanuel Sampath Nelson, Greenwood Publishing Group, 1996. ISBN 0313287783.''Page 253-254''. Besides this, he was a ''pracharak'' – a preacher of the Sikh faith. Kushwant Singh, "Amrita Pritam: Queen of Punjabi Literature", ''The Sikh Times

, music, film-making, gardening and intelligentsia of the country. Lahore has always been a centre for publications, where 80 percent of Pakistan's books are published and remains the foremost centre of literary, educational and cultural activity in Pakistan.

It is also an important religious centre as it is home to hundreds of temples (List of temples in Lahore), mosques (List of mosques in Lahore), churches and shrines like Data Durbar Complex.

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), '''Chauburji Gate''' at Chauburji Chowk, and many tomb and mausoleums such as the ones of '''Jahangir''' and '''Nur Jahan''' in the suburb of Shahdara. : Check this website '''Lahore, Pakistan: Traditional and Historical Architecture''' (free access) for information, plans, and photo galleries of many monuments. * Following the canal side road to the east of the city is '''Jallo Park'''. It is a large drive-in park with drive in zoo and a man made lake. Spread over an area of 450 acres it has expanses of lawns, a forest research center, a children's park, a small museum and a gift shop. '''Sozo Water Park''' is another attraction in this park. Also see '''Sindbad''', '''Joy Land''' and '''Sky Land'''. The Park is 28 km from Lahore. It can be visited by road and by rail. A rail car leaves for Jallo Railway Station every half hour. *'''Race Course Park''' Situated on Jail Road, Race Course Park deservedly attracts not only town dwellers but visitors as well. It is a huge park featuring vast lush grounds as well as a lake for boat riding. The park hosts special flower shows during the spring season. Another salient feature of the park is its well maitained jogging track. *'''Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park''' Gulshan-e-Iqbal park in Allama Iqbal Town *'''Hiran Minar''' is set in peaceful environs near Lahore. Hiran means deer. It used to be favorite hunting sport of all Muslim kings, especially of Moghals. Jehangir erected this minaret to commemorate the death of his pet deer (Maans Raaj). It served a double purpose as from it top the hunters could locate the habitations of deers. It is a beautiful picnic as well as a historic spot. A high Bara Dari Ghat is constructed right in middle of a Talab. A man made big lake, boating facility is also available. A good garden lay out is surrounding the place. *'''Chhanga Manga''' is a man-made forest 68 km from Lahore. There is a lake, and a miniature railway, which winds its way through its forest. Chhanga Manga has 12,510 acres of plantations. It is a popular picnic spot spread over 50 acres with a lake and rowboats, motorboats, children's park, swimming pool, cafeteria, canteen and rest houses * '''The Daata Darbar''' is the shrine to Lahore's patron saint, Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhsh. This vast modern structure is always filled with people praying, collecting or bestowing alms, or eating at the huge charity 'langar' or soup kitchen. * '''Gawal mandi food street''' * '''Old Anarkali food street''' * '''Trafalgar Square''' A replica of the famous Trafalgar Square in London is located inside Bahria Town Lahore. Mini Egypt and a Zoo also worth a visit. * '''Wagah Border''' The border between Pakistan and India is also an attraction for tourists. There is a ceremony at the border everyday and is a must see for all. For foreigners, crossing the Wagah border and visiting the Golden Temple is a lifetime experience. Museums thumb Lahore Museum (File:Close view of Lahore Museum .jpg) * WikiPedia:Lahore


Mosque') is one of the largest Shia mosques in the mainly Shi'ite populated area of Islampura in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. The group was led by Nadeem F. Paracha who went on to become a famous and iconic music and cultural critic. ''The Arousal'' was published and distributed free of cost in Karachi and Lahore and became notorious for its mocking attacks and madcap articles aimed at the country's Feudal and Capitalist (capitalism) elite

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, 1951) is a Pakistani film director based in Lahore. He is considered as one of the best filmmaker of Pakistan and is famous for making issue-based films wrapped in entertainment. He has to his credit some of Lollywood's biggest hits like Choorian (Choorian (1998 film)), Jeeva (Jeeva (film)) and Deewane Tere Pyar Ke. DATE OF BIRTH 1951-02-21 PLACE OF BIRTH Lahore, Pakistan DATE OF DEATH birth_date birth_place Lahore, Punjab (Punjab (Pakistan)), Pakistan birth_name Zara Sheikh birth_name Zara Sheikh birth_place WikiPedia:Lahore

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of various factors. The dominance of trend-setting music directors who had experience of seasoned pre-partition artists declined and they were replaced by a new and younger generation who tapped the Punjabi film market. According to a police official, in a majority of rape cases, the victims are pressured to drop rape charges because of the threat of Hudood adultery charges being brought against them. A parliamentary commission of inquiry for women has criticized the Hudood Ordinances and recommended


'''Lahore''' ( ) is the capital city of the Pakistani province of Punjab (Punjab, Pakistan) and the second largest (List of most populated metropolitan areas in Pakistan) metropolitan area in the country. It is the largest native Punjabi (Punjabi people)-populated city in the world and an important historical center in South Asia. With a rich history dating back over a millennium, Lahore is a main cultural center of Punjab region and Pakistan. One of the most densely populated cities in the world, Lahore remains an economic, political, transportation, entertainment, and educational hub. It is referred to as the "Mughal City of Gardens (Mughal gardens)" due to the historic presence of gardens in and around the city dating back to the Mughal period.

Lahore successively served as a regional capital of the empires of the Shahi kingdoms in the 11th century, the Ghaznavids in the 12th century, the Ghurid State (Ghurid dynasty) in the 12th and 13th centuries and the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. From 1802 to 1849, Lahore served as the capital city of the Sikh Empire. In the mid-19th and early 20th century, Lahore was the capital of the Punjab region under the British Raj. The traditional capital of Punjab for a millennium, Lahore was the cultural centre of the northern Indian subcontinent which extends from the eastern banks of the Indus River to New Delhi. Lahore Cantonment,

Lahore is referred to as the cultural heart of Pakistan as it hosts most of the arts, cuisine, festivals, music, film-making, gardening and intelligentsia of the country. Lahore has always been a centre for publications, where 80 percent of Pakistan's books are published and remains the foremost centre of literary, educational and cultural activity in Pakistan.

According to the 1998 census, Lahore's population was 6,319,000.

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