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), ''The Cyprus Question and the Turkish Position in International Law'', p. 3. Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-825846-1. Occupied by the Russians on August 28, 1878, the town was declared a free port until 1886. It functioned as a center of a special military district until being incorporated in the Government of Kutaisi on June 12, 1883. Finally, on June 1, 1903, with the Okrug of Artvin, it was established as the region (oblast) of Batumi placed under the direct

and resettle in Voronezh. Abkhazia was incorporated in the Russian Empire as a special military province of Suhum-Kale which was transformed, in 1883, into an ''okrug'' as part of the Kutais (Kutaisi) ''Guberniya''. *20px (Image:Flag of Turkey.svg) Trabzon, Turkey *20px (Image:Flag of Georgia.svg) Kutaisi, Georgia (Georgia (country)) *20px (Image:Flag of Tajikistan.svg) Rasht District, Tajikistan ** ს 2 Poti, Senaki ** ს 1 Senaki, Samtredia, Kutaisi, Khashuri, Gori (Gori, Georgia), Tbilisi ** ს 9 Tbilisi '''Samtredia''' ( WikiPedia:Kutaisi Commons:Category:Kutaisi

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, Russian Empire death_date WikiPedia:Kutaisi Commons:Category:Kutaisi

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departures to the capital. All Georgia Rail Timetable A ticket with reserved seat costs (passport required for purchase) minimum 5 GEL. Also stops in Mtskheta (old capital of Georgia), Gori (birthplace of Stalin) and Zestafoni. Nice journey but slow due to long intermediate stops. A local, but "fast" train runs from Kutaisi I to '''Batumi''' (listed ''Makhinjauri

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1865 25 December 1864 , Georgia in Kutaisi – 20 December 1934, Leningrad (Saint Petersburg)) was a Georgia (Georgia (country))-born historian and linguist who gained a reputation as a scholar of the Caucasus during the 1910s before developing his linguistic "Japhetic theory" (Japhetic theory (linguistics)) on the origin of language (from 1924) and related speculative linguistic hypotheses. frame Nicholas (Nikoloz) Marr with his mother (Image:Marr mother 1870.jpg) Marr was born in Kutaisi, Georgia (then part of the Russian Empire), in the family of the Scot James Marr (aged more than 80 years) who initiated the botanical garden of the city, and a young Georgian (Georgians) woman named Agrafina Magularia. His parents spoke different languages, and neither of them understood Russian (Russian language). +55%: Kaluga Kiev Kostroma Kutaisi Minsk Mogilev Nizhny Novgorod Podolia Riazan Smolensk Tula (Tula, Russia) Vitebsk Vladimir Volhynia Yaroslavl In the autumn of 1225, Georgia (Georgia (country)) was attacked by the Khwarezmian shah Jelal ad-Din Mingburnu, pursued by the Mongols (Mongol Empire). The Georgians suffered bitter defeat at the Battle of Garni, and the royal court with Queen Rusudan moved to Kutaisi, when the Georgian capital Tbilisi was besieged by the Khwarezmians. A year later Jelal ad-Din (Mingburnu) took Tbilisi on 9 March 1226. The citizens fought courageously and over 100,000 lost their lives when the city fell to the Khwarezmians. The defeated Georgians were ordered to change religion and become Muslims, but refused and almost the whole population of Tbilisi was massacred. In February 1227, the Georgians took advantage of Jelal ad-Din’s failures in Armenia, and retook Tbilisi, but soon were forced to abandon the city – which they themselves had set alight in their battle with the occupation forces. Rusudan made an alliance with the neighbouring Seljuk (Seljuk Turks) rulers of Rüm (Sultanate of Rüm) and Khlat, but the Georgia (Georgia (country))ns were routed by the Khwarezmians at Bolnisi, before the allies could arrive (1228). * WikiPedia:Kutaisi Commons:Category:Kutaisi

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was then a part): "While periodicals as diverse in tendency as ''Herald of Europe (Vestnik Evropy)'' and ''Saint Petersburg Notices (Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti)'' expressed their amazement that medieval prejudice should have found a place in the modern judiciary of a civilized state, ''New Times (Novoye Vremya (newspaper))'' hinted darkly of strange Jewish sects with unknown practices." Effie Ambler, ''Russian Journalism and Politics: The Career of Aleksei S. Suvorin

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– Craiova – Alexandria (Alexandria, Romania) – Bucharest – Giurgiu – Ruse (Ruse, Bulgaria) – Razgrad – Shumen – Varna … Samsun – Ordu – Giresun – Trabzon – Batumi – Poti * http

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for ethnic minorities. Early life The only son of King George II (George II of Georgia) (1072–1089) by his wife Helena, he was born in Kutaisi, western Georgia (Georgia (country)) in 1073. David was raised during one of the darkest chapters of Georgian history (History of Georgia (country)), amidst the strife of the so-called Great Turkish (Turkish people) Onslaught (''didi turkoba'') when the Seljuk (Great Seljuq Empire) tribes began massive migrations to the southern Caucasus

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Armazi Mtskheta Artanuji (now in Turkey) Kutaisi Tbilisi Gremi Telavi appointer thumb 250px right The Synagogue in Oni (Image:Oni Synagogue.jpg) Despite a post-Soviet tendency towards migration, Oni still retains a small number of Jewish families - remnants of once powerful and large historic Jewish (Georgian Jews) community , Georgia’s third largest, after those

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departures to the capital. All Georgia Rail Timetable A ticket with reserved seat costs (passport required for purchase) minimum 5 GEL. Also stops in Mtskheta (old capital of Georgia), Gori (birthplace of Stalin) and Zestafoni. Nice journey but slow due to long intermediate stops. A local, but "fast" train runs from Kutaisi I to '''Batumi''' (listed ''Makhinjauri

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it is an old tradition to go in the forest, which is near Kutaisi. Families barbecue and play games. On this day, people wear traditional clothes, ''choxa'', so you can imagine that you are in past times. Also there is a new tradition of writing lyrics which have been written by writers from Kutaisi and then airplanes throw them from the sky. There is also a competition in different kinds of martial arts. Notable natives *Aeëtes - King of Kingdom of Colchis *Bagrat III - King of united Kingdom of Georgia in 975-1014 *George I (George I of Georgia) - King of united Kingdom of Georgia in 1014-1027 *Bagrat IV (Bagrat IV of Georgia) - King of united Kingdom of Georgia in 1027-1072 *George II (George II of Georgia) - King of united Kingdom of Georgia in 1072-1089 *David IV - King of united Kingdom of Georgia in 1089-1125 *Veriko Anjaparidze - Georgian actress *Ak'ak'i Vasadze - Georgian actor *Teimuraz Apkhazava - World and European champion in Wrestling *Revaz Gabriadze - cinematographer, writer, director, production designer *Niko Nikoladze (1843–1928) - Georgian public figure *Meliton Balanchivadze (1862–1937) - Georgian composer *Zakaria Paliashvili (1871–1933) - Georgian composer *Iakob Nikoladze (1876–1951) - Georgian sculptor, designer of the previous state flag of Georgia. *Władysław Raczkiewicz (1885–1947) - first president of the Polish government-in-exile, 1939–1947 *Joseph Orbeli (1887–1961) - orientalist *David Kakabadze (1889–1952) - Georgian painter *Victor Dolidze (1890–1933) - Georgian composer *Otar Korkiya (1923–2005) - Georgian basketball player, European Champions' Cup champion and Olympic silver medalist *Dodo Chichinadze (1924–2009) - Georgian actress *Revaz Dzodzuashvili (b. 1945) - Georgian football player, winner of the Bronze Medal of the World Cup 1966 *Zurab Sakandelidze (b. 1945) - Georgian basketball player, Olympic champion *Mikheil Korkiya (b. 1948) - Georgian basketball player, Olympic champion *Meir Pichhadze (1955–2010) - Israeli painter, Kutaisi native *Tengiz Sulakvelidze (b. 1956) -Georgian football player, played in 1982 FIFA World Cup *Maia Chiburdanidze (b. 1961) - the seventh Women's World Chess Champion *Nikoloz Nemsitsveridze (b. 1963) - three-time Russian Rugby Champion with his team AIA Kutaisi *Besik Khamashuridze (b. 1977) - Georgian rugby player, won 53 caps, RC Aia Kutaisi player-coach *David Khakhaleishvili (b. 1971) - Olympic champion in Wrestling *Katie Melua (b. 1984) - singer International relations Twin towns and sister cities WikiPedia:Kutaisi Commons:Category:Kutaisi


'''Kutaisi''' ( west of Tbilisi.

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