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Church . He was a striking, unconventional personality, deeply pious and immensely energetic. He was one of the most internationally famous and beloved Orthodox Christian leaders of his time. In Russian America In 1850, Furuhjelm was detached to the new post in the Russian-American Company and sailed from Kronstadt to Novoarkhangel'sk (Sitka) (''New Archangel'', as the Russian community in Sitka was called) on board of the ship ''Nikolai I''. He arrived to Sitka

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Duchy had also become a vital source of raw materials, industrial products, food and labour for the growing capital of Russia. The gulf contains numerous banks, skerries and islands. The largest include Kotlin Island with the city of Kronstadt (population 42,800), Beryozovye Islands, Lisiy Island, Maly Vysotsky Island with the nearby city of Vysotsk (population 1706), Hogland (''Suursaari''), Moshnyi Island, Bolshoy Tyuters (''Tytärsaari''), Sommers, Naissaar

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in Russia Though the Red Banner Baltic fleet (Baltic Fleet) started the war in a strong position, the naval mine warfare, aerial supremacy and rapid changes to the land forces forced Soviet Navy to evacuate its bases to Kronstadt and Leningrad. Evacuations from Tallinn (Soviet evacuation of Tallinn) and Hanko (Battle of Hanko (1941)) proved to be very costly operations. As the Soviet Navy withdrew to the eastern end of the Gulf of Finland it left the nearly the whole

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. The coastal defense of Kronstadt included two infantry regiments. In late August, the Red Army in the Baltic States was in a critical situation. Tallinn, the main base of the fleet, was in danger and a decree to relocate (Evacuation of Tallinn) the fleet from Tallinn to Kronstadt was given. By the time the Soviets had

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are scheduled to be completed in 2013, in time for the cathedral's centennial anniversary. * *

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accessdate 2010-06-28 *Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Izhevsk)) is a Neoclassical building from 1823 patterned after St. Andrew's Cathedral in Kronstadt (whose architect was Andreyan Zakharov) * St. Michael's

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he also served as a deputy engineer and then lead engineer of the Gangut class battleships Sevastopol (Sevastopol (1911 ship)) and Petropavlovsk (Battleship Petropavlovsk (1914)). Promoted in 1913 to the rank of Captain, until the end of World War I Czernicki served as the lead hull (hull (watercraft)) designer in the naval shipyard in Reval (modern Tallinn, Estonia). In 1917 he was promoted to Navy Lieutenant Colonel and the following year he resigned his post. Early

biography Viktor Kyrpychov graduated from the Polotsk military school (1862) and St.Michael artillery school in Saint Petersburg (1863). In 1863-1870 he was in the faculty of Kronstadt military academy where he taught material science and mechanics. In 1873 he was a postdoc student of Gustav Kirchhoff in Germany. After that, until his move to Ukraine in 1885, he was a professor at Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology Saint Petersburg Technological Institute

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right The tide gauge in Kronstadt (Кроншта́дтский футшто́к). Near with the former Italian palace the Kronstadt sea-gauge is situated. Sea level observations began in St. Petersburg in 1703. On Kotlin Island, with main naval fortress of the Russian Empire, it began in 1707. This monitoring was necessary because level of the Finnish Gulf could change considerably in a short time, creating problems for shipping. The annual flood also required close monitoring of the water level. The Kronstadt sea-gauge with the tide gauge pavilion is the zero level of the Baltic system of depths and heights. All depths and altitudes (even the heights of spacecraft) in Russia and some other countries (former Russian Empire) are measured from the level of Kronstadt sea gauge. Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, ironically said in 1967 that this is it the Hub of the Universe. thumb left Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt (File:Kronstadt Naval Cathedral.jpg) The modern town's most striking landmark is the enormous Naval Cathedral (Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt), built from 1908 to 1913 and considered to represent a culmination of the Russian Neo-Byzantism (Byzantine Revival). The older St Andrew Cathedral (1817), formerly Kronstadt's pride and beauty, was destroyed on Communist orders in 1932. St John of Kronstadt, one of the most venerated Russian saints, served there as a priest from 1855 to 1908. wikipedia:Kronstadt

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Sweden as a great power in Northern Europe. Capt. Jorma Karhunen was another of the top-scoring Buffalo pilots. By 4 May 1943, he had achieved 25½ aerial victories in the Buffalo B-239 fighter, out of his 31½ total kills. One of his major missions took place on 17 December 1941, when two sections of Brewsters encountered nine Soviet Hurricanes and I-153s in reconnaissance over Maaselkä isthmus. The Hawker fighters were from 152ndIAP. The Finns shot down five aircraft, two of which fell

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at Alma (Battle of Alma) and Inkerman (Battle of Inkerman) and showed incompetence and lack of military talent. On February 15, 1855, Menshikov was removed from command, and replaced by Prince Mikhail Dmitrievich Gorchakov. Between December 1855 and April 1856, he held the post of Governor General of Kronstadt and then retired. He died in St. Petersburg. Peacetime operations ''Guerriere'' returned to New York on 12 November 1815 and was laid up in the Boston Navy Yard


'''Kronstadt''' (

It is also St. Petersburg's main seaport. In March 1921, it was the site of the Kronstadt rebellion.

Traditionally, the seat of the Russian admiralty and the base of the Russian Baltic Fleet were located in Kronstadt guarding the approaches to Saint Petersburg. The historic centre of the city and its fortifications are part of the World Heritage Site ''Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments'' (Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments).

Kronstadt has been a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians for many years due to the holy memory of Saint John of Kronstadt (John of Kronstadt). Bus and water tours to Kronstadt are taken daily from Saint Petersburg

Kronstadt was the birthplace of Pyotr Kapitsa, co-recipient of the 1978 Nobel Prize in Physics.

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