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International Olympic Committee url http: www.olympic.org uk games past index_uk.asp?OLGT 1&OLGY 2008 accessdate June 6, 2009 archiveurl http: www.webcitation.org 5hQ21JPTv archivedate June 10, 2009 deadurl no The Marshall Islands and Tuvalu gained National Olympic Committee status in 2006 and 2007 respectively, and 2008 was the first games in which they were eligible to participate.

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, http: www.tomharris.org.uk which has won a number of awards. In the 2009 Top Political Blog Awards run by Total Politics magazine, it was voted top MP's blog, top Scottish blog and top left-of-centre blog, and was ranked number 8 overall. He is a member of "Labour Friends of Israel". In addition, there were several

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;withdraw from its public advocacy of democracy and human rights". "This whole tendency to see ourselves as the center of political enlightenment and as teachers to a great part of the rest of the world strikes me as unthought-through, vainglorious and undesirable", he said in an interview with the ''New York Review of Books'' in 1999. "I would like to see our government gradually withdraw from its public advocacy of democracy and human rights. I submit that governments

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no intention of full integration into NATO, due to significant social rejection, largely derived from the NATO bombing in 1999. Amnistía Internacional. ''No hay justicia para las víctimas de los bombardeos de la OTAN.'' Consultado el 10 de noviembre de 2009. The country has also signed the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe and the anti-landmine treaty in Ottawa

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governance. Between 2001 and 2006 he worked for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) offices in Kosovo, Cambodia, Egypt and Iraq. There he drafted parliamentary rules of procedure and legislation, including the Kosovo Access to Information Act, and provided consultations and advice to MPs and senior government officials. He was Head of Mission for elections observations in Palestine in 2005. Career She began her career in local news reporting

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of ''Justice Talking'' up until the show ceased production on July 3, 2008. She is a regular voice on ''Morning Edition'' and ''All Things Considered''. She is also co-producer of an award-winning radio drama, ''War Day''. Coaching On 28 & 29

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Luke Harding in Moscow url http: www.guardian.co.uk world 2009 dec 14 nauro-recognises-abkhazia-south-ossetia title Tiny Nauru struts world stage by recognising breakaway republics publisher Guardian date 14 December 2009 accessdate 2010-06-22 location London In response, the ROC severed diplomatic relations with Nauru two days later. Nauru later re-established links with the ROC on 14 May 2005, AAP. 14 May 2005.

region of Georgia (Georgia (country)). Russia was reported to be giving Nauru $50M in humanitarian aid in return. On 15 July, the Nauru government announced a port refurbishment

and Herzegovina Bosnia and the KFOR (Kosovo Force) deployment in Kosovo, and a charter World Trade Organization member, Slovenia plays a role on the world stage quite out of proportion to its small size. Slovenian soldiers are a part of international forces serving in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan,

international legal

of the Council of Europe and thus could in principle be admitted are Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Vatican (Holy See) as well as Kosovo pending clarification of its international legal status. Once the European Union has attained full legal personality, it could also accede to the Council of Europe. So far, the European Community has only signed Council of Europe treaties. Military career Riggle is currently a Lieutenant Colonel (Lieutenant colonel (United States))<

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; based on the present-day or historical presence of Albanian populations in those areas. The term incorporates claims to Kosovo, and territories in southern Montenegro, northwestern Greece (Chameria), the western part of the Republic of Macedonia, and the Presevo Valley, Medveda, and Bujanovac in Serbia. thumb 150px left The Italian Protectorate of Albania established by Italy in August 1941. (File:Map of Albania during WWII.png) The Albanian Fascist Party


'''Kosovo''' (

Kosovo is landlocked in the central Balkan Peninsula. Its capital and largest city is Pristina. It is bordered by the Republic of Macedonia and Albania to the south, Montenegro to the west, and the uncontested territory of Serbia to the north and east. In antiquity, the Dardanian Kingdom (Dardani#Dardanian Kingdom), and later the Roman province of Dardania (Dardani#Roman Dardania) was located in the region. It was part of Serbia in the Middle Ages, and many consider the Battle of Kosovo of 1389 to be one of the defining moments in Serbian medieval history (Medieval Serbia). After being part of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th to the early 20th century, in the late 19th century Kosovo became the centre of the Albanian independence movement with the League of Prizren. As a result of the defeat in the First Balkan War (1912–13), Ottoman Empire ceded (Treaty of London (1913)) Vilayet of Kosovo to the Balkan League; Kingdom of Serbia took its larger part, while Kingdom of Montenegro annexed the western part (Metohija) before both countries became a part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia after World War I. After a period of Yugoslav unitarianism (Yugoslavism) in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the post-World War II Yugoslav (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) constitution established the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija within the Yugoslav constituent republic of Serbia (Socialist Republic of Serbia).

Long-term severe ethnic tensions between Kosovo's Albanian (Albanians) and Serb populations left Kosovo ethnically divided, resulting in inter-ethnic violence, including the Kosovo War of 1998–99. Schabnel, Albrecht; Thakur (ed), Ramesh (ed). ''Kosovo and the Challenge of Humanitarian Intervention: Selective Indignation, Collective Action, and International Citizenship'', New York: The United Nations University, 2001. Pp. 20. The war ended with a military intervention of NATO (NATO bombing of Yugoslavia), which forced the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to withdraw its troops from Kosovo, which became a UN protectorate (United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo) under UNSCR 1244. On 17 February 2008 Kosovo's Parliament declared independence (2008 Kosovo declaration of independence). It has since gained diplomatic recognition as a sovereign state by . Serbia refuses to recognise Kosovo as a state, although with the Brussels Agreement of 2013 (Brussels Agreement (2013)) it has accepted the legitimacy of Kosovo institutions and its special status within Serbia. The agreement solidified that public institutions in Kosovo are exclusively operated by Kosovo's elected government, and not Serbia's.

Kosovo is not a member of the United Nations due to its lack of diplomatic recognition from several countries. It is, however, a member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, International Road and Transport Union (IRU), Regional Cooperation Council, Council of Europe Development Bank, Venice Commission and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Within the European Union (European Union member states), 23 of 28 members have recognised the Republic; Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain have not. EU 5 "less likely than ever" to recognize Kosovo “B92 – News”, Retrieved 31 March 2014

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