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contemporary life

; Culture and contemporary life thumb right 265px Lithuania Minor (File:Mazosios lietuvos muziejus.jpg) museum thumb 200px Clocks museum (File:Laikrodziu muziejus Klaipeda.jpg) thumb 200px One of Klaipėda's most recognizable symbols – sailing boat ''Meridianas'' (File:Klaipėda velŝipo 'Švyturys' 1.jpg) thumb 200px Hotel "Senasis malūnas" (Old Mill) (File:Viešbutis „Senasis malūnas“ 2013 m.JPG) File:Baltas Wheat Beer (Flickr).jpg thumb 200px Klaipėda is famous for Švyturys

association professional

in Lithuanian Spartakiada; in 1981 and 1982 they became runner-ups of newspaper "Sport" championship, and also in 1983 they became champions of Soviet Union Professional Union (Professional association) championship. * Kaunas „LKKA-Atletas“ (BC LKKA-Atletas) * Klaipėda „Nafta-Universitetas“ (Nafta-Universitetas) * Šilutė „Šilutė“ (BC Šilutė) - 2005–2006 season Vilniaus (Vilnius) „Akademija-MRU“ (BC Akademija-MRU) http


- Marių Meškos Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate (sport)) Lithuanian Ultimate Frisbee federation I group Smiltynė beach (Smiltynė), Indoor halls Media Radio * Radijas 9 91.4 FM * Laluna (Laluna (radio)) 94.9 FM * Vox maris (Vox maris (radio)) 99 FM * Kelyje 99.8 FM * Vakarų FM 100.4 FM * Raduga (Raduga (radio)) 100.8 FM * European Hit Radio 96.2 FM * Power Hit Radio (Power Hit Radio (Lithuania)) 96.7 FM * Zip FM 92.5 FM Television

international short

, the International Festival of Street Theatres, the International Short Film Festival, and the Klaipėda Sea Festival, among others. Sports class wikitable - ! Club ! Sport ! League ! Venue - KK Neptūnas Neptūnas

major basketball

Klaipėda, Lithuania colors Blue and White WikiPedia:Klaipėda Commons:Category:Klaipėda

brilliant efforts

and Ventspils class "wikitable" I (Pan-European Corridor I) (North-South) Helsinki - Tallinn - Riga - Kaunas and Klaipėda - Warsaw and Gdańsk *Branch A (Via Rail Hanseatica (Via Hanseatica)) - St. Petersburg to Riga to Kaliningrad to Gdańsk to Lübeck However this victory was not followed up politically and militarily. Despite's all of Koniecpolski's brilliant efforts, a ceasefire in Stary Targ (Truce of Altmark) on 26 October 1629

musical performance

Petrovs won). http: www.rogerpaige.mr.uk index.htm '''Location:''' LCC International University is located at Kretingos Street 36, Klaipėda, Lithuania. In 1997 the band finally decided to disband and performed 3 huge gig (Gig (musical performance))s in Lithuanian cities of Klaipėda, Kaunas, and Vilnius, with an attendance of 60,000 in the final performance on 17 May in Vingis Park of Vilnius. foje !-- Bot

history research

WikiPedia:Klaipėda Commons:Category:Klaipėda

painting portraits

with an Ass" (1803), in the style of John Opie. In 1805 he travelled, by ship, to Russia, but was wrecked at Memel (Klaipėda), where he raised funds for the remaining journey by painting portraits of the Dutch consul and others. He then proceeded overland to St. Petersburg, passing through a great portion of the Russian army on its way to Austerlitz (Battle of Austerlitz). At the Russian capital he found friends, including Sir Alexander Crichton, physician to the imperial family. Having learned Russian, he travelled in the interior of the country, and spent several years in the Ukraine, making excursions to Turkey, Tartary, and elsewhere, studying the culture of Cossacks, Circassians, and Tartars, and collecting arms and armour. In 1809 a picture by him of "Russian Peasants keeping their Holiday" was exhibited at the Royal Academy. His wish to return home in 1812 had to be postponed due to the French invasion of Russia, many of the horrors of which he witnessed first-hand. In use * Mukran - Klaipėda, Lithuania, break-of-gauge, freight only (1986-) * Mukran - Baltijsk, Russia, break-of-gauge, freight only (2007-) * Klaipėda, WikiPedia:Klaipėda Commons:Category:Klaipėda

songs fishing

11" Clark, ''Iron Kingdom'' ch 11 *'''Fishing and hunting songs'''. Fishing songs are about the sea, the bay, the fisherman, his boat, the net, and they often mention seaside place names, such as Klaipėda or Rusnė. The emotions of young people in love are often portrayed in ways that are unique only to fishing songs. The monophonic melodies are typical of singing traditions of the seaside regions of Lithuania. Hunting motifs are very clearly expressed in hunting songs. The region is located in northwestern Lithuania in the territories of Palanga city municipality, Rietavas municipality, Tauragė district municipality, Šilalė district municipality, Skuodas district municipality, Jurbarkas district municipality, Mažeikiai district municipality, Kretinga district municipality, Plungė district municipality, Telšiai district municipality, Akmenė district municipality, Kelmė district municipality, Šiauliai district municipality, Raseiniai district municipality, eastern parts of Klaipėda district municipality and Šilutė district municipality, western part of Joniškis district municipality, also the Šiauliai city municipality. The largest city is Šiauliai, or Klaipėda if the latter is considered in the region. Telšiai is the capital (Capital (political)), although Medininkai (now ''Varniai'') was once the capital of the Eldership of Samogitia. The largest cities (those with over 20,000 inhabitants) are (Samogitian (Samogitian language) name, if different, is provided after slash): *Šiauliai Šiaulē (133,883 inhabitants) Currently Samogitia is represented by the Samogitian cultural society, a group interested in preserving Samogitian culture and language, and the ''Žemaitijos parlamentas'' (literally Parliament of Samogitia), which concerns itself with regional autonomy based on historical claims. These claims often include the Klaipėda region in the interwar and would claim Klaipėda rather than Telšiai as the capital. The same group, led by Justinas Burba and having a small membership, has also published the controversial newspaper ''Žemaitijos parlamentas'', which raised the idea that the European Union should repay Samogitia for its defense of Europe against the Mongols. On November 18, 1990, on the eve of the Paris Summit where the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty (Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe) and the Vienna Document on Confidence and Security-Building Measures (CSBMs) were signed, Soviet data were presented under the so-called initial data exchange. This showed a rather sudden emergence of three so-called coastal defence divisions (including the 3rd at Klaipėda in the Baltic Military District, the 126th in the Odessa Military District and possibly the 77th with the Northern Fleet), along with three artillery brigades regiments, subordinate to the Soviet Navy, which had previously been unknown as such to NATO. IISS Military Balance 1991–1992, p.30-1 Much of the equipment, which was commonly understood to be treaty limited (TLE) was declared to be part of the naval infantry. The Soviet argument was that the CFE excluded all naval forces, including its permanently land-based components. The Soviet Government eventually became convinced that its position could not be maintained. During World War I, about 65% of the buildings were burned down and the city center was destroyed. After the war and re-establishment of Lithuania, the importance of Šiauliai grew. Before Klaipėda was attached to Lithuania, the city was second after Kaunas by population size. By 1929 the city center was rebuilt. Modern utilities were also included: streets were lighted, it had public transportation, telephone and telegraph lines, water supply network and sewer (sanitary sewer). Background An invading Imperial Russian army of 70,000–75,000 men, led by Field-Marshal Stepan Fedorovich Apraksin, took Memel (Klaipėda) after a five-day bombardment and, using the fortress as a ''place d'armes'', invaded East Prussia. Apraksin, cautious and lacking war experience, was reluctant to commit his troops to battle. Instead of marching on Wehlau (Znamensk, Kaliningrad Oblast), as was expected, he ordered his forces to cross the Pregel River in safety, near the village of Gross-Jägersdorf (Abandoned in 1945 and away 5 km southwest from Mezhdurechye (Norkitten) and placed on municipality of Svoboda (Jänischken, Jänichen between 1938–1945) in Chernyakhovsky District). The Russians set the surrounding villages on fire in order to conceal their actions. In 1833 Steenke built a canal, the Seckenburger Kanal, in the Memel (Klaipėda) (Klaipėda) area. He designed the Oberländischer Kanal (now called Elbląg Canal), which was built between 1844–58 from the Drausensee (Drużno) (Drużno) to the Drewenz (Drwęca) (Drwęca) River. Inaugurated in 1860, it connected the cities of Deutsch Eylau (Iława) (Iława), Osterode (Ostróda) (Ostróda), and Elbing (Elbląg) (Elbląg). It connected territories with about 100 yards differences in heights by putting ships on carriage carts on tracks and using pulley wheels and cables to have the ships glide up the hills. * WikiPedia:Klaipėda Commons:Category:Klaipėda


'''Klaipėda''' ( (former German name: Memel) is a city in Lithuania situated at the mouth of the Danė River where it flows into the Baltic Sea. It is the third largest city in Lithuania and the capital of Klaipėda County.

The city has a complex recorded history, partially due to the combined regional importance of the Port of Klaipėda, a usually ice-free port on the Baltic Sea, and the Akmena – Danė River. It has been controlled by the Teutonic Knights, the Duchy of Prussia, the Kingdom of Prussia, the German Empire, the Entente (Triple Entente) States immediately after World War I, Lithuania as a result of the 1923 Klaipėda Revolt, and the Third Reich following the 1939 German ultimatum to Lithuania. The city was incorporated into Lithuania during its time as a Soviet Socialist Republic and has remained within Lithuania following its re-establishment as an independent state.

The population shrank from 207,100 in 1992 to 157,350 in 2014. Popular seaside resorts found close to Klaipėda are Nida (Nida (town)) to the south on the Curonian Spit, and Palanga to the north.

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