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and an extension of the Luossavaara hill into the city. Skissförslag nov.-07 The location of the new section of the E10 (European route E10) is still uncertain, as is the location of the railway (malmbanan) and the railway station. A more official sketch was published early in spring 2008, which was then discussed with various interest groups before a further version

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fax hours price checkin checkout content The largest hotel in town. Buy * ICA Supermarket - at the corner of "Föreningsgatan" and "Seger Svanbergsgatan", open mon-fri till 7pm, sat-sun till 2pm * Coop supermarket - at the corner of "Hjalmar Lundbohmsvägen" and "Trädgårdsgatan", open mon-sun till 10pm * Several gas stations with long opening hours Nightlife Ok lets face it, the night-life in Kiruna is hardly award

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Origins Archeological findings have shown that the region around Kiruna has been inhabited for at least 6,000 years. Centuries before Kiruna was founded in 1900, the presence of iron ore at Kiirunavaara and Luossavaara had been known by the local Sami (Sami people) population. In 1696, Samuel Mört, a bookkeeper of the Kengis works, wrote on the presence of iron in the two hills. The Swedish senior enforcement officer and cartographer and mapper Anders Hackzell mapped


right thumb 250px Aurora taken from the suburb of Kiruna (File:Aurora 3 in Kiruna.JPG) Before the design for the settlement had been accepted, houses were built in a disorganized manner with illegal slums similar to those in the other mining town, Malmberget, south of Kiruna. Also, provisional buildings served as a church, a school, a hospital, a hotel and a police station. However, official residences were built at a high pace, and when the king opened the railway in 1903


, Umeå 600 km, Stockholm 1240 km. Get around * See thumb ''Kiruna kyrka'' (Kiruna Church). (File:Church of Kiruna 2011.jpg) thumb At the Esrange rocket-facility (File:Skylark launch.jpg) File:Main hall ICEHOTEL Sweden.jpg thumb

Icehotel (Jukkasjärvi) The Northern Lights are occasionally visible in Kiruna. In Kiruna City *

reindeer dishes at the fanciest restaurants. Also salmon, moose, other fish and animals "from the wild" can be seen as specialities. *

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, there is an Icehotel (Icehotel (Jukkasjärvi)) which is reconstructed annually for the winter. Kiruna Church, built in 1912, is one of Sweden's largest wooden buildings. The church exterior is built in a Gothic Revival style, while the altar is in Art Nouveau. In 2001, Kiruna Church was voted the most popular pre-1950 building in Sweden, in a country-wide poll conducted by the Swedish Travelling Exhibitions, a government agency connected to the Ministry of Culture. http

. This museum located in his old office and home is dedicated to the early days of Kiruna and the startup of LKAB and the building of the rail road Kiruna-Narvik. * WikiPedia:Kiruna Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Norrbotten_County Localities Kiruna Commons:Category:Kiruna

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. From time to time they have 30++ nights also. The two central bars O'learys and Caffreys can offer less crowd and a good enough environment for a beer or two after a long day. Friday and Saturday are the main days for going out, but Wednesdays ("little Saturday") can sometimes get lively as well. Go next In the mountainous areas to the west of Kiruna are several national parks e.g. Abisko. The railway to the port town of Narvik in Norway offers excellent views year-round

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body. It is a private corporation, formed in 1988 and based in Kiruna. The company is a subsidiary of the three Swedish public service (public service broadcasting) broadcasters Sveriges Television, Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Utbildningsradio. Under Swedish law everyone who owns a television set is required to pay the licence fee, currently 2032 kronor (Swedish krona) (€ 210) per year (2008). The fee is collected by Radiotjänst but administered by Swedish government

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–41 Espionage thumb upright left The Imperial Russia Russian (Image:Russian sawfiler.jpg) sawfiler Peter Alexandrovich Boboshkin from Nizhny Novgorod Governorate (Nizhny Novgorod Governorate) travelled through northern Sweden, from Kiruna to Hudiksvall in the spring of 1910, and passed through Boden (Boden Municipality). When this picture was taken in March that year (location unknown), he had placed his filing machine


technology and computer game engineering) and Piteå (Dep of music and media). * ESA article on sounding rockets * 30 years of sounding rocket launches at Esrange in Kiruna, Sweden * NASA Sounding Rocket Program Large deposits of magnetite are also found in the Atacama region of Chile, Valentines region of Uruguay, Kiruna, Sweden, the Pilbara, Midwest and Northern Goldfields regions in Western Australia, New South Wales in the Tallawang Region, and in the Adirondack (Adirondack Mountains) region of New York in the United States. Deposits are also found in Norway, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, India, Mexico, and in Oregon, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado in the United States. In 2005, an exploration company, Cardero Resources, discovered a vast deposit of magnetite-bearing sand dunes in Peru. The dune field covers 250 square kilometers (100 sq mi), with the highest dune at over 2,000 meters (6,560 ft) above the desert floor. The sand contains 10% magnetite. Ferrous Nonsnotus Transformation of ferrous hydroxide into magnetite Kirkenes-Bjørnevatnbanen (Kirkenes–Bjørnevatn Line) used to be the northernmost railway in the world, but was in 2010 beaten by the Obskaya–Bovanenkovo Line in Russia. Still, Narvik is one of the northernmost towns in the world to have a railway connection, as the terminus for Ofotbanen (Ofoten Line). It connects to Kiruna, Sweden, but not to Bodø, the northern terminus (train station) of the Norwegian railway network. Kiruna is, however, connected to the Swedish railway network (Rail transport in Sweden), which again is connected to the Norwegian network at the Swedish station of Charlottenberg, Storlien and Kornsjø. thumb 300px right The Alta Fjord in Alta, Norway Alta (Image:Altafjord01.jpg), Norway bathed in the Midnight Sun. thumb 300px right Midnight sun in Kiruna (Image:Midnight sun in Kiruna.jpg), Sweden. The event spent its early years at one venue: Cirkus (Cirkus (Stockholm)) in Stockholm, which hosted the first ten competitions. It has hosted the final of Melodifestivalen seventeen times in total. The Stockholm Globe Arena has hosted seven finals, and SVT's headquarters in Stockholm has staged five. The competition first took place outside Stockholm in 1975 as part of a decentralisation policy at SR. Thorsson, p. 113. Stockholm has hosted thirty-one finals in total, including the first fourteen. Gothenburg has hosted eight, and Malmö seven. The competition’s final has never been held outside these cities. Before the expansion, the host of the previous year's Melodifestival would host the Eurovision Song Contest in the event of a Swedish victory. Hence, the 1985 Eurovision was held in Gothenburg, and the 1992 contest in Malmö. Eurovision Song Contest 1985 WikiPedia:Kiruna Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Norrbotten_County Localities Kiruna Commons:Category:Kiruna


''' ) in Norrbotten County.

The city's vicinity shares a long history with the indigenous Sami people, with evidence of at least 6000 years of settlement. The city of Kiruna was founded in 1900 and quickly became a major centre of iron ore extraction and mining industry. During World War II, large quantities of iron were transported from Kiruna by rail to the east coast, and further down to be sold to Germany.

Esrange Space Center was established in Kiruna in 1964. Also in Kiruna are the Institute of Space Physics (Institute of Space Physics (Sweden))

Kiruna is a popular travel destination for both Swedish and international tourists, mostly because of its world famous Icehotel (Icehotel (Jukkasjärvi)). The northern location makes it a good place to observe the midnight sun and northern lights (Aurora (astronomy)).

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