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authorlink coauthors title Film Addresses Children's Rights in the Congo work Inter-Congolese Dialogue publisher Internews Network year 2006 url http: multimedia video congo congochildren.shtm doi accessdate 2 February 2011 Running parallel to the efforts of the state to control all autonomous sources of power, important administrative reforms were introduced in 1967 and 1973 to strengthen the hand of the central authorities

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Muhammad Ali who fought on 30 October 1974 in Kinshasa against George Foreman, gaining victory in the eighth round. In January 1975 Wakelin's "Black Superman (Muhammad Ali)" reached number seven in the UK Singles Chart.

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of Louvain . She has made important contributions in the study of Bantu linguistics and oral literature. WikiPedia:Kinshasa Commons:Category:Kinshasa

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out of Belgium. She is known for many hits including "Breakin' Out", "Spread my wings", "Over the Rainbow", and "Love me another day". She is also a TV presenter on VTM (vtm). DATE OF BIRTH 1978 PLACE OF BIRTH Kinshasa, Congo (Congo-Kinshasa) DATE OF DEATH On the eve of Angola's independence from Portugal, Zaire, in a bid to install a pro-Kinshasa government and thwart the MPLA's drive for power, deployed armored car


. Koffi has an elder brother, Johnny Ko, who also lives in Paris. Also a younger brother Tutu Roba, who lives in London, England. The Family of Koffi Olomide Two of the original Metro model were delivered in 1972 to Societe Miniere de Bakwanga (MIBA) in Kinshasa, Zaire, the first customer to put the Metro into service. The first airline to put them into service was Commuter Airlines

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in a Catholic family as one of four sons, he was educated at a Protestant primary school, a Catholic missionary school, and finally the government post office training school, passing the one-year course with distinction. He subsequently worked in Leopoldville (now Kinshasa) and Stanleyville (now Kisangani) as a postal clerk and as a travelling beer salesman. In 1951, he married Pauline Opangu. In 1955, Lumumba became regional head of the ''Cercles'' of Stanleyville and joined the Liberal Party

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staff in obvious white UN vehicles, all foreigners driving should be wary of this group or others operating like them. For general safety, people should never drive alone in vehicles, especially after dark. Cope BBC World Service radio broadcast in English, French and Swahili in Kinshasa on 92.6MHz. Go next If departing from Kinshasa's N'djili International Airport, a fee of USD 50 must be paid (a receipt is issued) before entering the terminal. Visitors are allowed to go with you into the terminal if they pay a USD 10 fee. There is also a lounge on the second level where you can take a drink or eat while awaiting your flight. Announcements are not always made in a timely manner about flight departures or arrivals. In previous years visitors to the upstairs lounge could stand overlooking the tarmac but security concerns have increased the distance between the open air viewing and the lounge itself. WikiPedia:Kinshasa Commons:Category:Kinshasa


2008Natur.455..661W Proponents of this dating link the HIV epidemic with the emergence of colonialism and growth of large colonial African cities, leading to social changes, including a higher degree of sexual promiscuity, the spread of prostitution, and the concomitant high frequency of genital ulcer diseases (such as syphilis) in nascent colonial cities.

thought to have been prostitutes, and, as of 1933, around 15% of all residents of the same city were infected by one of the forms of syphilis. The ICC also maintains a liaison office in New York International Criminal Court, January 2007. ''Socorro Flores Liera Head of the Liaison Office to the UN''. Accessed 10 June 2008. ref>

not bring their wives with them. Then, the highly male-biased sex ratio favoured prostitution, which in its turn caused an explosion of GUD (genital ulcer disease) (especially syphilis and chancroid). After the mid-1930s, people's movements were more tightly controlled, and mass surveys and treatments (of arsenicals and other drugs) were organized, and so the GUD incidences started to decline. They declined even further after World War II, because of the heavy use

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Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo DATE OF DEATH With active support from Rwanda, Uganda and Angola, Laurent-Désiré Kabila's rebel forces moved methodically down the Congo River, encountering only light resistance from Mobutu (Mobutu Sésé Seko)'s crumbling regime based in Kinshasa. The bulk of Kabila's fighters were Tutsis and many were veterans from conflicts in the Great Lakes region (African Great Lakes) of Africa. Kabila himself had credibility

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stadium, the Stade des Martyrs (Stadium of the Martyrs). Industries WikiPedia:Kinshasa Commons:Category:Kinshasa


'''Kinshasa''' ( ) is the capital and the largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is located on the Congo River.

Once a site of fishing villages, Kinshasa is now an urban area with a 2013 population of over 9 million. It faces the capital of the neighbouring Republic of Congo, Brazzaville, which can be seen in the distance across the wide Congo River. The city of Kinshasa is also one of the DRC's 11 provinces (Provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo). Because the administrative boundaries of the city-province cover a vast area, over 90% of the city-province's land is rural in nature, and the urban area only occupies a small section in the far western end of the city-province.

Kinshasa is the third largest urban area in Africa after Cairo and Lagos. It is also the second largest "francophone" urban area in the world after Paris, French being the language of government, schools, newspapers, public services and high-end commerce in the city, while Lingala (Lingala language) is used as a lingua franca in the street.

Residents of Kinshasa are known as ''Kinois'' (in French and sometimes in English) or Kinshasans (English).

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