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: email address 29 Lenina St lat 48.47177 long 135.07469 directions phone +7 (4212) 221 223 tollfree fax hours price 2450-4500 rubles checkin checkout content Classic building on Lenina street, though it lost some of it grand old-world charm when it was renovated back in 2005, and the 78 rooms are for the most part very kitschy. *

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) of Anadyr and Chukotka ( commons:Khabarovsk

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) 215 370 tollfree fax hours 10AM–6PM price content Housed in a beautiful 19th century building, once belonging to a prominent local merchant family. True to its name, this museum has a huge collection of rocks and minerals – some even some from outer space, like a few moon fragments brought home to Earth by automatic probes and one of the world's largest iron meteorites which crashed into the Sikhot-Ailin mountains in the forties. If you are not into stones, you could check out


"Flowers" (Russian and European cuisine), conference hall, lobby bar, night bar «The place», business center, free wifi, beauty salon, parking lot, booking and delivery air train tickets, taxi service, left-luggage office, laundry service, elevator. *

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. After 1949, as Jiamusi was still the transport and communications center of this region, the rapid development of Jiamusi continued. Industries including manufacturing agricultural equipment, mining machinery, fertilizers, plastics, and chemicals were developed. Since one of the biggest paper mills in China was built in 1957, Jiamusi has been a major producer of wood pulp and newsprint. Because of being conveniently connected by air and water to Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East

unusual art

774 tollfree fax hours price Mains 800-1500 rubles content The name means The Cliff in Russian, very appropriate as the restaurant is located in an unusual art nouveau building from the forties on top of the tall cliff dominating the waterfront, which used to be a lifeboat station. It has a large balcony with spectacular views of the Amur, beneath which the restaurant spreads out over two floors serving Japanese and western fare. A bit on the expensive side and the food leaves

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and about a dozen hotels. Military The headquarters of the Russian Eastern Military District is located at 15 Serysheva Street. There is also an air base located commons:Khabarovsk


nice, quirky statues cut from huge wooden logs dotted all over the park which can be interesting to trace down in a small treasure hunt for adults. There are also a handful of running amusements, cafés and beer gardens. Just across the street from the eastern entrance, Khabarovsk's local ice-hockey team battles it out in the premier Russian league in the Platinum arena. *

football attacking

Олександрович Алієв ), born 3 February 1985 in Khabarovsk, Soviet Union) is a Ukrainian (Ukrainians) football (football (soccer)) Midfielder Striker (Attacking midfielder), who plays for FC Dynamo Kyiv. Known for his spectacular free-kick goals. "He is the best free-kick taker in Europe"

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Hottest club around, but getting in will usually prove tricky if you are not a "member", though it is doable — especially if you are an English speaking Westerner. * commons:Khabarovsk


thumb Native villages near the site of the future Khabarovsk according to an English map of 1773. The map is based on an earlier French map by Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville d'Anville (File:Kitchen-21-Russia-mid-Amur-2830.jpg), which in its turn makes use of the data collected by Jesuit (Jesuit missions in China) cartographers in 1709. The village closest to today's Khabarovsk is labeled ''Hitcha''. Maack's "Cape Kyrma" site (thought by B.P. Polyakov to be the site of Stepanov's Kosogorsky Ostrog) is ''Heremo'' thumb Old City Duma in Khabarovsk (File:Khabarovsk Old Duma.jpg) thumb Khabarovsk Dormition Cathedral (File:Khabarovsk Cathedral 1.jpg) on Komsomolskaya Square

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