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of Persia goes back to the days of Barbad in the royal Sassanid courts, and even earlier. Sassanid music was influential and was later adopted by the Abbasids.

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of Kermanshah and Khoramabad and a few number of sites in the Alborz range and Central Iran. * Iraq (Transport in Iraq#Railways) - part under construction, part planned. ** one long link from Arak (Arak, Iran) via Kermanshah to Baghdad ** one short link of about 50 km links Khorramshahr to Basra and is due for completion in 2006. According to the ''Encyclopædia Britannica'', Kurdistan covers about 190,000 km², and its chief towns

on Google Earth). It is being extended to Herat in Afghanistan. * Iraq (Rail transport in Iraq) - part under construction, part planned. ** one long link from Arak (Arak, Iran) via Kermanshah to Baghdad. ** one short link of about 50 km links Khorramshahr to Basra and is due for completion in 2006. DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH Kermanshah, Iran DATE OF DEATH '''Kayhanshahr''' (Persian

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of the Zangeneh tribe and due to its proximity with Ottoman Empire, the Safavid (Safavid dynasty) ruler paid great attention to this city. But in the Zandieh period upheavals increased, whereas during the Qajar era, Ottoman attacks reduced. Mohammad Ali Mirza in 1221 AH. was seated in kermanshah in order to prevent Ottoman aggression, and Khuzestan also came under his realm. An epigraph of Mohammad Ali Mirza in Taq-e-Bostan has been remained as a relic. '''Hamid Hasani''' ( WikiPedia:Kermanshah Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Iran Localities Kermanshah commons:کرمانشاه


(Different Styles of Persian Poetry) on the raising and education of children, maternal affection, love and romance. He was an enlightened, innovative poet, and tended to European thought. Despite his famous technical skills, he sometimes used similar cases of rhyme, which is considered by some poetry researchers as an intentional rejection of strict traditional poetical rules. Although Iraj was one of the pioneers of the innovative movement in the Persian Poetry, he never thought of abandoning

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in the particular style of poetry that he created. Modern and imported concepts, combined with what were obtained from his own thoughts, form the framework of his style. He criticizes the social conditions of the country, and the striking originality in his use of metaphor when addressing diverse social problems has been admirable by his critics. His style is rich in the Art of Simile (in Persian: Honar-e-Tashbeeh). His striking sarcasm, pungent and fanged words are pointed at the dishonest clergy

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the rules of the classic poetry. Some scholars believe that because of the time in which he lived, his depth of literary knowledge and his familiarity with French (French language) and other foreign languages, he could also have been one of the masters of free verse if he wanted to. Governor of Kermanshah The city of Kermanshah is located in the center of the province and has a temperate climate. Kermanshah is one of the ancient cities of Iran and it is said that, Tahmores Divband

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are Alevi, who mostly live in Turkey. right thumb This is a carved relief from Taq-e Bostan (Image:Harp-Sassanid.png) in Kermanshah depicting Persian Sassanid women playing the harp like device called a Chang (Chang (instrument)), that operates by five strings that vibrate under tension to create musical tones. Strings are held in varying tension levels by two metallic or wooden axises connected together in an acute "triangular" fashion The music

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that Doris was born in 1919.

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to cataphracts at the eastern frontier as well as the growing military pressure of the Sarmatian lancers on the Danube frontier led to a gradual integration of cataphracts into the Roman army. WikiPedia:Kermanshah Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Iran Localities Kermanshah commons:کرمانشاه

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and Baluchistan Province ) * ''Zhir-o-bal style'' (Kordish regions; Kordestan, Kermanshah, Ilam provinces) * ''Jang style'' (Lurestan and Chahar Mahal va Bakhtyari Provinces) :''Main articles: Cultural Muslim, Yazidism, Yarsan, Yazdanism, Kurdish Jews, Kurdish Christians'' Before the spread of Islam in the 7th century AD, the majority of Kurds practised their indigenous religions, which today are referred to as Yazdanism. Yazidism and Yarsan, which


'''Kermanshah''' ( Iran Chamber society: accessed: September 2010. روزنامه سلام کرمانشاه '''Persian''' ('''Kurdish''') آشنایی با فرهنگ و نژاد استان کرمانشاه('''Persian''') سازمان میراث فرهنگی، صنایع دستی و گردشگری استان کرمانشاه بازدید 2010 03 11

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