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. However, she was dethroned a few months later by the Miss Earth Organization for not fulfilling the duties stipulated in her contract. First runner-up, Kenya's Winfred Omwakwe continued the responsibilities as Miss Earth 2002. * Kenya also claimed its first major title when Winfred Omwakwe assumed the position of Miss Earth 2002. In 1994, his wife April convinced el-Hage to leave Sudan and stop working for Bin Laden's organization


albums, before they moved on to work with Jack Ruby (Jack Ruby (record producer)) in 1975. Their first recording with Ruby, "Marcus Garvey", was intended as an exclusive track for Ruby's Ocho Rios-based Hi-Power sound system (Sound system (Jamaican)), but was released as a single, giving them an immediate hit, and was followed by "Slavery Days". These recordings featured the backing band

poor role

: ?categoryID 266 In the Name of God ' and movements of the poor in Kenya and South Africa mounted vigorous protests against some of the NGOs that attended and, in their view, dominated the forum in the name of the African poor. Role of NGOs The WSF has, especially in recent years, been strongly criticised for replacing popular movements of the poor with NGOs (non-governmental organization). Mzonke Poni on the World Social

amp phrase

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power created

often stated that not he, but Jesus Christ was the healer. He would encourage faith in, as he would say, "the written and the living word of God." The '''Imperial British East Africa Company''' (IBEAC) was the administrator of British East Africa (East Africa Protectorate), which was the forerunner of the East Africa Protectorate, later Kenya. The IBEAC was a commercial association founded to develop African trade in the areas controlled by the British colonial power

. Created after the Berlin Treaty (Berlin Conference) of 1885, it was led by William Mackinnon (Sir William Mackinnon, 1st Baronet) and built upon his company's trading activities in the region, with the encouragement of the British government. The '''Luigi Broglio Space Centre''' ('''BSC''') is an Italian (Italy)-owned spaceport near Malindi, Kenya, named after its founder and Italian space pioneer Luigi Broglio.

religious event

and North America. Small congregations can be found in Africa, southern Europe and South America. There are about 90,000-110,000 Conservative Laestadians worldwide. Most (80,000-150,000) are in Finland. Helsingin sanomien Kuukausiliite Elokuu 2006, Article; Ja täyttäkää maa, Page 52 Conservative Laestadians organize big summer services every year. It is the biggest religious event in Nordic countries. About 70,000 guests come from all over the world. ref>

band legendary

Sound Band . Legendary Kenyan musician Fadhili William became a member of the band alongside Adolf Banyoro, Peter Tsotsi, Nashil Pichen, Charles Ssongo, Gabriel Omolo, and Daudi Kabaka. By its end in the May 1993, it turned into a political disaster (Somalia Affair) for the Canadian Forces and was also marked by a few, low key, protest marches in both Somalia, Kenya and Ohio. This, among other things, caused the disbandment of the Airborne Regiment

strong friendship

, forming a strong friendship, and together, both bands recorded and performed during the summer. They made a single together called "Holiday in Spain", singing the song as a duet, in both languages, which has added to its popularity, and gained increasing visibility and interest in the United States.

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speaking white

In South Africa, ''Anglo-South African'' is used for predominantly British-descended, English-speaking white people, who are contrasted with the Dutch (Dutch people)-descended Afrikaners. Use of ''Anglo'' occurs elsewhere in former British colonies (British Empire) in Africa which have sizeable British communities, including Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. However, the term "Anglo" is more heavily used in South


'''Kenya''' ( , and had a population of approximately 44 million people in July 2012.

Kenya has a warm, humid climate along its Indian Ocean coastline, with wildlife-rich savannah grasslands inland towards the capital. Nairobi has a cool climate which becomes colder closer to Mount Kenya, which has only one permanently snow-capped peak left. Further inland, there is a warm and humid climate around Lake Victoria, and temperate forested and hilly areas in the western region. The northeastern regions along the border with Somalia and Ethiopia are arid and semi-arid areas with near-desert landscapes. Lake Victoria, the world's second largest fresh-water lake (List of lakes by area) and the largest tropical lake, is situated to the southwest and is shared with Uganda and Tanzania. Kenya, along with Uganda and Tanzania is famous for its safaris and diverse wildlife reserves and national parks such as the East (Tsavo East National Park) and West Tsavo National Park (Tsavo West National Park), the Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru National Park, and Aberdares National Park. There are several world heritage sites, such as Lamu; there are also many world renowned beaches, such as Kilifi, where international yachting competitions are held each year.

The African Great Lakes region, which Kenya is a part of, has been inhabited by humans since the Lower Paleolithic period. By the first millennium AD, the Bantu expansion had reached the area from West (West Africa)-Central Africa. The borders of the modern state consequently comprise the crossroads of the Niger-Congo (Niger-Congo languages), Nilo-Saharan (Nilo-Saharan languages) and Afro-Asiatic (Afro-Asiatic languages) areas of the continent, representing most major ethnolinguistic groups found in Africa. Bantu (Bantu peoples) and Nilotic (Nilotic peoples) populations together constitute around 97% of the nation's residents. European and Arab presence in coastal Mombasa dates to the Early Modern period; European exploration of the interior (European exploration of Africa) began in the 19th century. The British Empire established the East Africa Protectorate in 1895, which starting in 1920 gave way to the Kenya Colony. The Republic of Kenya obtained independence in December 1963. Following a referendum in August 2010 and adoption of a new constitution (Constitution of Kenya), Kenya is now divided into 47 semi-autonomous counties (Counties of Kenya), governed by elected governors.

The capital, Nairobi, is a regional commercial hub. The economy of Kenya is the largest by GDP in Southeast and Central Africa. Ethiopia GDP purchasing power 2010: 86 billion. 14 September 2006. Kenya GDP purchasing power 2010: 66 B llion. 14 September 2006. Agriculture is a major employer; the country traditionally exports tea and coffee and has more recently begun to export fresh flowers to Europe. The service industry is also a major economic driver. Kenya is a member of the East African Community. Compared to other African countries, Kenya enjoys relatively high political and social stability.

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