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guitar bass

in Iceland. The American base staff had their own names for various places in Iceland, e.g. "Kef" for Keflavík and "Hurdygurdy" for Hveragerði. '''Bellatrix''' were an Icelandic rock group. The group was founded in 1992 in Keflavík as '''Kolrassa krókríðandi''' by four women, all aged sixteen: Eliza M Geirsdóttir (vocals and violin), Sigrún Eiríksdóttir (guitar), Ester Bíbí Ásgeirsdóttir ( bass guitar bass

fine food

: email address Hafnargata 19 lat long directions Downtown Keflavik phone 421 4601 tollfree fax hours 11:00-01:00 price content By the seaside with beautiful view over the ocean. They profess to serve fine food and wine. Drink Sleep *

made history

February 2, 2006 language French url http: france 20060302.FIG000000200_la_france_enquete_sur_les_avions_de_la_cia.html Scouting had a firm start in Iceland and grew fast during the thirties as in 1940 the number of Scouts and Guides was around 3,000, out of population of 130,000. In 1938 the Icelandic Scouts and Guides made history as the first joint councils of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides were formed in Keflavík and Vestmannaeyjar. International Scouting units in Iceland * In addition, there were American Boy Scouts in Keflavík, linked to the Direct Service (American Scouting overseas) branch of the Boy Scouts of America, which supports units around the world. Pentecostals The Pentecostals are the third largest religious group in Iceland. There are Pentecostal churches in Keflavík, Akureyri and the capital. A website, Gospel Iceland a site in Icelandic, also exists for the movement in Iceland. The American base staff had their own names for various places in Iceland, e.g. "Kef" for Keflavík and "Hurdygurdy" for Hveragerði. Commons:Category:Keflavík

starting line

American military base . Biography Jón Kalman was born in Reykjavík. He grew up there and in Keflavík. From 1975 to 1982, he lived in western Iceland, where he worked in different jobs after having finished high school. *Chicago, Illinois, '''United States''' Chicago, Illinois (O'Hare International Airport) to Keflavík, '''Iceland''' Image:Flag of Iceland.svg

annual national

represented the town's clubs within national associations. In Keflavík the existing clubs were not disbanded but their operations were limited. Keflavík Youth Club continued to work within the national youth movement, mainly on social and cultural issues. Sporting activities within the youth club and Keflavík Football Club were virtually non-existent, although the youth club participated in the semi-annual national youth festival. The two clubs also played against each other in team sports like

physical education

and athletics (track and field athletics), teaching physical education, putting on theatre productions and supporting various local causes. An important part of the Youth Federation was appreciation for the country and its people and the movement was especially active in rural areas and small towns. Commons:Category:Keflavík

sports association

,ÍRB). With the Keflavík club no longer a sports federation it was decided to form a new club, Keflavík Sports and Youth Club (Keflavík, íþrótta- og ungmennafélag), which was to be commonly known as Keflavík. The youth in the title was to indicate that the club was a member of The Icelandic Youth Federation. The new club also became a member of The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland (Íþrótta- og Ólympíusamband Íslands, ÍSÍ) and Reykjanesbær Sports Federation. Image:RAF Croughton

title red

for an important story line in Tom Clancy's novel ''Red Storm Rising''. Clancy described the base, the geography, local flora, and the station equipment. See also * Cold War * Iceland Defense Force, headquartered in Keflavík until 2006 * Uppspretta References

small population

main international

serves as Iceland's main international hub. During World War II the military airfield served as a refueling and transit depot. During the Cold War, Naval Air Station Keflavik played an important role in monitoring marine and submarine traffic from the Norwegian (Norwegian Sea) and Greenland (Greenland Sea) Seas into the Atlantic Ocean. Forces from the United States Air Force were added to provide radar monitoring, fighter intercept, in-flight refueling


thumb The harbour at Keflavík (File:Keflavik.jpg) right thumbnail Church at Norðfjörðsgata (File:Keflavik Kirche.jpg)

'''Keflavík''' (pronounced , meaning ''Driftwood Bay'') is a town in the Reykjanes region in southwest Iceland. In 2009 its population was of 8,169.

In 1995 it merged with Njarðvík and Hafnir to form a municipality called Reykjanesbær with a population of 13,971 (January 2011).

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