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visitors are discovering why Thais know it as one of the most beautiful provinces in the country with its easily accessible waterfalls and national parks. Orientation Orienting yourself in Kanchanaburi is very easy. The main road, '''Saeng Chuto Road''', runs the length of town from north to south, connecting the River Kwai Bridge, the train station, and the bus station. Running parallel to this, closer to the river, is '''Mae Nam Kwae Road''' where most of the guest houses and the local

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long directions phone tollfree fax hours Daily, 17:00-23:00 price from 40 baht for Thai food, 90 baht for European-style food content Western and Thai food. Pizza and steak are home-made. Euro-oriental décor and jazz music. Drink There are many places where you'll be able to enjoy drinks, but most of the bars are close to the guest houses along '''Mae Nam Kwai Rd'''. Most of the bars are noisy karaoke bars popular among the locals or the usual British pubs

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he complained of ill-treatment of prisoners, but as a skilled negotiator he was able to win many concessions from the Japanese by convincing them that this would speed the completion of the work. Toosey also organised the smuggling in of food and medicine, working with Boonpong Sirivejjabhandu. Boonpong was a Thai merchant who supplied camps at the southern end of the railway taking great risks and was honoured after the war. *Convair C-131B Samaritan (C-131 Samaritan), ''53-7821

reported that elephant is tethered on a short chain and has to stand in its own waste. Use your judgement. :The bridge is still in use and there is a station right next to it. Trains run from Nam Tok (the train line's terminus) to '''River Kwai Bridge station''' (a little over 2 hours away) and then onward to Kanchanaburi and Bangkok. :Food and souvenirs are available at the bridge. :The walk to the bridge is not particularly pleasant (if you fancy a long walk, save it for the less crowded

is only a 5 min walk, so they aren't really useful. Many Thais don't go further than the second level as beyond this food and beverages, except a water bottle after leaving a deposit, are not allowed. If you walk on the right hill side of the road leading to the park gate, rather than the road itself, you will pass nice bamboo forest and you won't be asked to pay entrance fee, since they collect it only at the toll gate if you enter by main road. '''Getting there:''' '''Public Transport

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Buddha. They had to choose a bowl of coins and drop one coin in each urn. If the bowl they choose has more or less 108 coins, they must choose another bowl to play the game again. The first team to choose a bowl containing exactly 108 coins would win the Fast Forward. In this Roadblock, one team member had to dress like a Monk and was instructed to retrieve the clue from a clay pot located inside a pit of tigers. Commons:Category:Kanchanaburi

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, around the Khuean Srinagarindra National Park area in the north of Kanchanaburi Province. '''Mahidol University (MU)''' ( , ''pronounced:'' ma-hi-don) is a public research university in Bangkok, Thailand. Established back in 1888 as School of Medical Practitioners, Siriraj Hospital (now Siriraj Medical School (Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University)) and reorganized in 1943 as '''University of Medical Sciences''' (

มหาวิทยาลัยแพทยศาสตร์ ). http: www.topuniversities.com institution mahidol-university The university originally focused on Health Sciences but also expanded to other fields in recent decades. MU hosted the first medical school of Thailand, the Siriraj Medical School (Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University), from which the university traced its origin. http: www.mahidol.ac.th mueng about.htm Today, MU offers a wide range

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cemetery 2 km out of town. *

have slept. Also displays a section of the first wooden bridge, recreations of the POW barracks and miscellaneous military paraphernalia. Downstairs is a somewhat incongruous exhibit of prehistoric Thailand complete with semi-erotic murals. The temple complex next door is interesting, although a cross-river boat departing from the riverside is the best attraction. The museum is time-worn, with many of the exhibits rusty or damaged by insects and the weather. Overall it is tatty and amateurish


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, Nong Bua lat long directions phone +66 35 633356 (Thai), +66 81 6999052 (English) tollfree fax hours price content Tour *

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hours checkin checkout price content This iron bridge across the Kwai Yai River is the main attraction for many visitors. Immortalized in the famous movie and novel, it was a part of the infamous '''Death Railway''' to Burma (Myanmar), constructed by POWs working for the Japanese in hellish conditions during WWII. Some 16,000 POWs and 90,000 Asian workers (most of them enslaved) died during railway construction. The present iron bridge is the second wartime incarnation (a part

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of kings and racks of rusty pistols. There are good views of the bridge from the roof of the riverside building. Above the WWII museum is the most bizarre section, housing (among other things) dusty stamp collections and a gallery with wall paintings of all Miss Thailand winners. The ''WWII and (old) Jeath Museum'' is lurking in the basement. Notable temples 170px thumb right Wat Ban Tham (File:Wat Ban Tham (2).jpg) * Commons:Category:Kanchanaburi

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, around the Khuean Srinagarindra National Park area in the north of Kanchanaburi Province. '''Mahidol University (MU)''' ( Commons:Category:Kanchanaburi


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