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of the new musical "Soviet Zion" set in Birobidzhan * Birobidzhan: Dream of a Jewish Homeland That Never Came True by Eve-Maria Stolberg (Russian Archipelago) *A 1939 Soviet pamphlet about the JAO * Meeting of the Frontiers: The Birobidzhan Album (1920's-1930's photographs of Birobidzhan

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;was an attempt to establish a autonomous jewish territory in Suriname" (sic), and an "attempt" in a "territory" does not equal a "state" by any means. 7) The other entries in this article are about ancient people (Anilai and Asinai; Gudit; Joseph Rabban; Kahina) vaguely associated with some Jewish population centers, but not "states" as such. Finally, 8) Zionism refers to the political developments preceding modern Israel and to its present ideology. This category should thus be deleted because it is inaccurate and misleading. IZAK (User:IZAK) 09:48, 14 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' --Rachack (User:Rachack) 21:54, 17 February 2006 (UTC) - style "background:#cc00cc;" Vladivostok Time wikipedia:Jewish Autonomous Oblast commons:category:Jewish Autonomous Oblast

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; However, according to the magazine of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS ''Lechaim'', currently the Jewish presence in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast is extremely small, and is limited to the city of Birobidzhan and the nearby village of Valdgeym. журнал «Лехаим». Борис Котлерман. Биробиджан, или ЕврейскаЯ автономнаЯ область? Geography Climate The territory has a monsoonal anti-cyclonic climate, with warm, wet, humid summers due to the influence of the East Asian monsoon; and cold, dry, windy conditions prevailing in the winter months courtesy of the Siberian high-pressure system (Siberian High). History Military colonization and the advent of the Trans-Siberian Railway The northern bank of the Amur, including the territory of today's Jewish Autonomous Oblast, became incorporated into the Russian Empire pursuant to the treaties of Aigun (Treaty of Aigun) and Peking (Convention of Peking) of 1858-1860 (see Amur Annexation). In December 1858 the Russian government authorized formation of the Amur Cossacks to protect the southeast boundary of Siberia and communications on the Amur and Ussuri rivers. This military colonization included settlers from Transbaikalia. During the years 1858–82, sixty three settlements were founded, including, in 1857, Radde settlement; in 1858, Pashkovo, Pompeyevka, Puzino, Yekaterino-Nikolskoye, Mikhailo-Semyonovskoye, Voskresenovka, Petrovskoye, and Ventzelevo; in 1860, Storozhevoye, Soyuznoye, and Golovino; later in the decade, Babstovo, Bidzhan, and Bashurovo settlements. Expeditions of scientists — including such geographers, ethnographers, naturalists, and botanists as Venyukov, Schrenck (Leopold von Schrenck), Maximovich (Karl Maximovich), Radde (Gustav Radde), and Komarov (Vladimir Leontyevich Komarov) - promoted the development of the new territories. Their achievements produced the first detailed "map of the Amur land". thumb right The Jewish Autonomous Oblast with the administrative center of Birobidzhan marked (File:Yevrey03.png) Construction began in 1898 on the Trans-Siberian Railway connecting Chita (Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai) and Vladivostok, starting at each end and meeting halfway. The project produced a large influx of new settlers and the foundation of new settlements. In 1908 Volochayevka, Obluchye, and Bira (Bira, Russia), Russia stations appeared; in 1910, Birakan, Londoko, and In stations; in 1912, Tikhonkaya station. The railway construction finished in October 1916 with the opening of the wikipedia:Jewish Autonomous Oblast commons:category:Jewish Autonomous Oblast

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their development as a national culture (e.g., sponsoring significant Yiddish language scholarship and creating an autonomous Jewish territory (Jewish Autonomous Oblast) in Birobidzhan), at times pursuing antisemitic purges, such as that in the wake of the so-called Doctors' plot. (See also Komzet.) *'''Zoravia''': the country from where the title character in ''Princess Natasha'' comes from. *'''Zoroastrian People's Republic of Inner Magadan, The''': a state "between

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;nbsp;7 of the Charter of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast states that the autonomous oblast has its own anthem, the entries submitted for the 2011–2012 anthem creation contest were of such a low quality that no anthem had ultimately been adopted. holiday holiday_ref political_status Autonomous oblast political_status_ref Autonomous oblasts of Russia federal_district Far Eastern (Far Eastern Federal District) economic_region Far Eastern (Far Eastern economic region) adm_ctr_type Administrative center adm_ctr_name Birobidzhan adm_ctr_ref Charter of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Article 5 pop_2010census 176558 pop_2010census_rank 80th urban_pop_2010census 67.6% rural_pop_2010census 32.4% pop_2010census_ref pop_density pop_density_as_of pop_density_ref pop_latest 170377 pop_latest_date January 2014 pop_latest_ref Jewish Autonomous Oblast Territorial Branch of the Federal State Statistics Service (Russian Federal State Statistics Service). Утвержденная оценка численности постоянного населения на 1 января 2014 года и в среднем за 2013 год wikipedia:Jewish Autonomous Oblast commons:category:Jewish Autonomous Oblast

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. * In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security was created soon after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks (September 11, 2001 attacks), as a means to centralize response to various threats (imminent threat). The term is rarely used by common United States citizens to refer to their country, which made the chosen name sound odd to many.

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in the Far East of the country. Here Kaplan learnt and took to the skills of printmaking, developing many individual techniques. His first cycle of prints (1937–1940) was entitled ''Kasrilevka'', (the name of the village invented by Sholem Aleichem). :::Oh, and lastly, I see Toddy1 readded the material Greyhood deleted with his self-revert. Shame you couldn't have waited for an independent view of things here. (Btw, one problem with the info added is that it's sourced to an article which contains anti

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начнется в 2009 году" (Construction of the first railway bridge connecting Russia and China will start in 2009), 2008-11-27. wikipedia:Jewish Autonomous Oblast commons:category:Jewish Autonomous Oblast

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World War I-era poster in Yiddish. Translated caption: "Food will win the war – You came here seeking freedom, now you must help to preserve it – We must supply the Allies (Allies of World War I) with wheat – Let nothing go to waste". Colour lithograph, 1917. Digitally restored. In the early 20th century, especially after Socialist October Revolution in Russia, Yiddish was emerging as a major Eastern European language. Its rich literature was more widely published than ever

Jewish Autonomous Oblast

The '''Jewish Autonomous Oblast''' (

Soviet authorities established the autonomous oblast in 1934. It was the result of Joseph Stalin's nationality policy (national delimitation in the Soviet Union), which provided the Jewish population of the Soviet Union with a large territory in which to pursue Yiddish (Yiddish culture) cultural heritage. According to the 1939 population census, 17,695 Jews lived in the region (16% of the total population). The Jewish population peaked in 1948 at around 30,000, about one-quarter of the region's population. James Brook, Birobidzhan Journal;A Promised Land in Siberia? Well, Thanks, but . . ., ''The New York Times'', July 11, 1996

In 1953, Joseph Stalin died and thereafter the Jewish population in the JAO began a long decline. The census of 1959, found that the Jewish population of the JAO had declined by approximately 50%, down to 14,269 persons.

A 2007 article in the Jerusalem Post claimed that, at the time, approximately 4,000 Jews remain in the JAO. Yiddish returns to Birobidzhan According to Rabbi (Chief Rabbi) Mordechai Scheiner, Judaism and the Jewish culture have recently begun enjoying a religious and cultural resurgence in the JAO. However, according to the magazine of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS ''Lechaim'', currently the Jewish presence in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast is extremely small, and is limited to the city of Birobidzhan and the nearby village of Valdgeym. журнал «Лехаим». Борис Котлерман. Биробиджан, или ЕврейскаЯ автономнаЯ область?

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