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imported and made with milk from overseas Jersey cattle herds, is a popular food product with tourists. Jersey Royal potatoes are the local variety of new potato, and the island is famous for its early crop of Chats (small potatoes) from the south-facing côtils (steeply sloping fields). Originally grown using vraic (Seaweed fertiliser) as a natural fertiliser giving them their own individual taste, only a small portion of those grown in the island still use this method. They are eaten in a variety of ways, often simply boiled and served with butter or when not as fresh fried in butter. Apples historically were an important crop. ''Bourdélots'' are apple dumplings, but the most typical speciality is black butter (''lé nièr beurre (Nièr beurre)''), a dark spicy spread prepared from apples, cider and spices. Cider used to be an important export. After decline and near-disappearance in the late 20th century, apple production is being increased and promoted. Besides cider, apple brandy is produced. Other production of alcohol drinks includes wine,


Channel Island (Channel Islands) of Jersey with her late husband Gerald Durrell, and for co-authoring books with him. Its headquarters are at Les Augrès Manor in Jersey where the Jersey Zoological Park was established by Gerald Durrell in 1959 as a sanctuary and breeding centre for endangered species. align right $20,000 (Israel, Greece)–$40,000 (Jersey, Norway, United States) - approximate GDP per capita (PPP) in most first world

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Education, publishing as Infoplease accessdate 2011-09-18 naming it the Province of New Jersey. It was granted as a colony to Sir George Carteret and John Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton. At this time, it was named after the largest of the British Channel Islands, Jersey, Carteret's birthplace. New Jersey

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.) Douglas C-47B-20-DK (Douglas C-47) (registration: G-ANTB) operating flight 1030X (British United Airways Flight 1030X), a scheduled international passenger flight from Paris Orly (Orly Airport) to Jersey. Despite the deteriorating weather conditions at Jersey's States Airport (Jersey Airport), the crew decided to continue its approach (final approach (aviation)) to runway 27. This approach was abandoned because runway visual range fell below minima. When the aircraft made its

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Pg. 281-283 Oxfam has the largest number of charity shops in the UK (United Kingdom) with over 700 stores. Many Oxfam shops also sell books, and the organization now operates over 70 specialist Oxfam Bookshops, making them the largest retailer of second-hand books in Britain. Other Oxfam affiliates also have stores, such as Jersey, Germany, Ireland (45 shops in NI ROI), the Netherlands and Hong Kong. 'Ultra', the British code-breaking system based at Bletchley Park was routinely reading coded messages between German ambassadors and von Ribbentrop in Berlin; they were sent by the 'Enigma (Enigma machine)' code machine. This was how Juan Pujol Garcia, alias Garbo, was discovered in Lisbon, where he was sending the Germans such information as "Glasgow dockers would do anything for a litre of red wine" and was subsequently employed by the British. They also knew about Eddie Chapman, alias 'Zig-Zag', a Briton who was recruited by the Germans in Jersey, where he was imprisoned for safe-cracking before the German invasion, and later parachuted into Norfolk by the Luftwaffe at night, thanks to Enigma intercepts. They would have known about 'Cicero' from the same source. Their inept attempts to foil his thefts appear altogether too incompetent. Perhaps they wanted Hitler to see the documents that 'Cicero' was photographing. The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are British Crown dependencies, the former two being just off the French coast and the latter being in the middle of the Irish Sea. The islands take part in the EU freedom of movement of goods but not people, services or capital. The Channel Islands (as they were defined in 1972, when the UK joined the European Communities, now Jersey and Guernsey) are outside the VAT area (since they have no VAT), while the Isle of Man is inside it. Both areas are inside the customs union. Journalism career Daughter of Major Charles Boycott and Betty Boycott née Le Sueur, Rosel Boycott was born in St Helier, Jersey and was educated at the independent Cheltenham Ladies' College and read mathematics at the University of Kent. After working briefly for the radical magazine ''Friends (Friends (Radical Magazine))'' in 1971, ibiblio: Friends magazine: Rosie Boycott she co-founded the feminist magazine ''Spare Rib'' in 1971 with Marsha Rowe. Two years later she and Rowe

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imported and made with milk from overseas Jersey cattle herds, is a popular food product with tourists. Jersey Royal potatoes are the local variety of new potato, and the island is famous for its early crop of Chats (small potatoes) from the south-facing côtils (steeply sloping fields). Originally grown using vraic (Seaweed fertiliser) as a natural fertiliser giving them their own individual taste, only a small portion of those grown in the island still use this method. They are eaten

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on the Borough council until 1961, except for two short breaks totalling 18 months death_date 1905 death_place Jersey, Channel Islands alma_mater Personal life In 1870, Brodrick went to live in France, and in 1876 bought a house at Le Vésinet, St. Germain-en-Laye. He retired in 1875, and spent his time painting, exhibiting his work and gardening. In about 1898 he went to live with his niece in Jersey, where he rented a house, La Colline, at Gorey, Jersey Gorey

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in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. However only the population figure includes the entire state.

of the United Kingdom. Other Channel Islands legislated by the Bailiwick of Guernsey include Alderney and Sark.


in Jersey The States of Jersey provides education through state schools (including a fee-paying option at secondary level) and also supports private schools. The Jersey curriculum generally follows that of England. Further and higher education Jersey has a college of further education and university centre, Highlands College (Highlands College, Jersey). As well as offering part-time and evening courses, Highlands is also a sixth form provider, working alongside Hautlieu School which offers the only non-fee-paying sixth form, and works collaboratively with a range of organisations including the Open University, University of Plymouth and London South Bank University. In particular students can study at Highlands for the two-year Foundation Degree in Financial Services and for BSc Social Sciences, both validated by the University of Plymouth. The Institute of Law (Institute of Law, Jersey) is Jersey's law school, providing a course for students seeking to qualify as Jersey advocates and solicitors. It also provides teaching for students enrolled on the University of London LLB degree programme, via the International Programmes (University of London International Programmes). The Open University supports students in Jersey (but they pay higher fees than UK students). Private sector higher education providers include the Jersey International Business School. Environment Three areas of land are protected for their ecological or geological interest as Sites of Special Interest (SSI). A large area of intertidal zone is designated as a Ramsar site (Ramsar Convention). Jersey is the home of Durrell Wildlife Park (formerly known as the Jersey Zoological Park) founded by the naturalist, zookeeper, and author Gerald Durrell. Biodiversity Four species of small mammal are considered native: Species Based Research Projects – The Jersey Mammal Survey


movie entitled, ''The Greatest Game Ever Played'', based on author Mark Frost's 2002 book of the same name. Ray had joined Vardon on an extensive tour of North America, promoted and financed by English media baron Lord Northcliffe. The two stars travelled the continent for two months, partnering in exhibition matches against the top players in each area they visited. The tour was very successful, attracting large crowds who came out to watch the top British players challenge


thumb Arriving at Jersey from France (File:Jersey - Arriving at the port.jpg)

'''Jersey''' ( Jersey was part of the Duchy of Normandy, whose dukes went on to become kings of England from 1066. After Normandy was lost by the kings of England in the thirteenth century, and the ducal title surrendered to France, Jersey and the other Channel Islands remained attached to the English crown.

Jersey is a self-governing parliamentary democracy (Parliamentary system) under a constitutional monarchy, with its own financial (Economy of Jersey), legal (Law of Jersey) and judicial (Courts of Jersey) systems,

The island of Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands. Although the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey are often referred to collectively as the Channel Islands, the "Channel Islands" are not a constitutional or political unit. Jersey has a separate relationship to the British Crown (The Crown) from the other Crown dependencies of Guernsey and the Isle of Man. last House of Commons Justice Committee title Crown dependencies publisher The Stationery Office Ltd volume 8th Report of Session 2009–10 edition HC 56-1 url http: pa cm200910 cmselect cmjust 56 5602.htm isbn 978-0-215-55334-8 jfm It is not part of the United Kingdom,

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