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airing the program, but in February 2012 dropped the show without warning, much to the dismay of fans. The program also films special episodes outside of the states; during certain times of the year it will travel to settings like Japan, Comic-Con (San Diego Comic-Con International), or Amsterdam and Jamaica for 4 20 (420 (cannabis culture)). commons:Jamaica

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estimates, over 2.5 million people in the Caribbean are of Indian origin. Many have ethnically blended with migrants from other parts of the world, creating a unique syncretic culture. They are the second largest group in Suriname, Jamaica, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Martinique and Guadeloupe. country Canada broadcast area National (also available in Jamaica and the Bahamas) small>

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until 15 February 2006 when he became the first governor-general to invest his own successor, Professor Kenneth Octavius Hall. He was styled His Excellency (Excellency) while in office as governor-general. The dozens, an urban African-American tradition of using

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– Books and art ::: publisher Lowcut.dk date 4 May 1970 accessdate 17 August 2010 Culture and ancestry The city has an enormously diverse population for its size. Over 98 different nationalities call the city home. In just four square miles the ethnic background of the people range from German (Germans), Portuguese (Portuguese people), Eritrean, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Brazilian to Mexican (Mexico), Gambian

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Allmusic.com biography It was produced (record producer) by Kong (Leslie Kong), with whom Cliff remained until Kong's death from a heart attack in 1971. Cliff's later local hit singles included "King of Kings," "Dearest Beverley," "Miss Jamaica," and "Pride and Passion." In 1964, Cliff was chosen as one of the Jamaican representatives at the World's Fair and Cliff soon signed to Island Records and moved to the United Kingdom UK

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, ''Love Birds (Love Birds (film))'', dancing alongside Prabhu Deva. Early life and career Bill Morris was born in Manchester (Manchester, Jamaica), Jamaica. After the death of his father, William, a part-time policeman, his mother, Una, emigrated to England to find work settling in Handsworth (Handsworth, West Midlands), Birmingham. Morris joined her in the UK in 1954, finding work at a local car parts manufacturer, Hardy Spicer Engineering Ltd. Morris married Minetta in 1957

"Moskowitz" Moskowitz, David V. (2006) ''Caribbean Popular Music: an Encyclopedia of Reggae, Mento, Ska, Rock Steady, and Dancehall'', Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-33158-8, p.14 ''Real People Wild East (Real People Wild East (album))'' (produced by Harjinder Boparai) proved to be his most experimental and best album, and also featured more Indian elements than the other albums. In his heyday, he also made an appearance in the Tamil (Tamil language) film

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meters in a swift 46.25 seconds last night in the Foot Locker national scholastic championships at North Carolina State in Raleigh." In addition to his track & field accomplishments, he was recognized for his outstanding athletic ability in soccer and swimming (Swimming (sport)). Under the coaching of Edward Hector, he was voted the "1999 High School Athlete of the Year" after winning the 400 meter title at the Indoor and Outdoor National Scholastic meets. At the age of 18, Ayre made his senior debut representing Jamaica in the 4 × 400 meters relay at the 1999 World Indoor Championships (1999 IAAF World Indoor Championships) in Maebashi, Japan. This team went on to break the Jamaican National Record. Sanjay Ayre also won gold medals at the 1999 Junior Pan American Games and remains as the only Jamaican junior athlete to win the 400 meter title. '''Davian Clarke''' (born April 30, 1976) is a Jamaican athlete (Track and field athletics), who mainly competes in the 400 metres. He won the bronze medal in the 4 x 400 metres relay at the 1996 Olympics (Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics), and many relay medals followed, before he won his first individual medal at the 2004 IAAF World Indoor Championships. '''''Throw Down Your Arms''''' is a 2005 album by Sinéad O'Connor and shows influence from Jamaican roots reggae and the Rastafari tradition. ''Throw Down Your Arms'' is a collection of classic roots reggae songs performed by O'Connor and produced by Sly and Robbie. Biography Julian's childhood was spent between England and Jamaica. Musical from an early age, he learned to play the keyboard, drums, bass, guitar, among other instruments. Along with his brothers Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley (Stephen Marley (musician)), he became involved with Ghetto Youth International (Ghetto Youths Crew), a production company, in 1989. Julian released a solo album, ''Lion in the Morning'', in 1996 and embarked on a world tour. He and his brother Damian Marley toured with the Lollapalooza festival in 1997. His second album, ''A Time And Place'' was released in 2003. In 2011 he participated in Mawazine festival which took place at Rabat, Morocco. commons:Jamaica

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, and later to other countries around the world. Named for their close-cropped or shaven heads (Head shaving), the first skinheads were greatly influenced by West Indian (West Indies) (specifically Jamaican) rude boys and British mods (Mod (subculture)), in terms of fashion, music and lifestyle (lifestyle (sociology)).

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at The Black Ark studio on June 20, 1977 and in Scotland in August of the same year.'' #*Linda McCartney – Lead vocal #"Sugartime" (Charlie Phillips (Charlie Phillips (singer)), Odis Echols) – 2:06 #*''A cover version of the original by The McGuire Sisters. Recorded in Jamaica at The Black Ark studio, June 20, 1977 and July 7, 1998.'' #*Linda McCartney – Lead vocal Biography Andru Donalds was born in Kingston (Kingston, Jamaica), Jamaica. His musical

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and restaurant as they were closing, pushed myself in and convinced one of them, Leslie Kong, to go into the recording business, starting with me," he writes in his own website biography. After two singles (single (music)) that failed to make much impression, his career took off when his "Hurricane Hattie" became a hit (hit record), while he was aged 14.

1998.html Thedeadrockstarsclub.com - accessed May 2009 ), better known as '''Judge Dread''', was an English (England) reggae and ska musician. He was the first white recording artist (musician) to have a reggae hit (hit record) in Jamaica, and the BBC has banned (Censorship of music) more of his songs than any other recording artist due to his frequent use of sexual innuendo and double entendres. Career Hughes was introduced to Jamaican music when he lodged as a teenager (Adolescence) in a West Indian (West Indies) household in Brixton, South West London (South West (London sub region)). Thompson, Dave:"Reggae & Caribbean Music", 2002, Backbeat Books, ISBN 0-87930-655-6 He met Jamaican artists (Musician) Derrick Morgan and Prince Buster through his job as a bouncer (Bouncer (doorman)) at London nightclubs such as the Ram Jam in Brixton, and through another job as a bodyguard. commons:Jamaica


'''Jamaica''' (

Once a Spanish (Habsburg Spain) possession known as ''

Jamaica is a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) as its monarch (Monarchy of Jamaica) and head of state. Her appointed representative in the country is the Governor-General of Jamaica, currently Patrick Allen (Patrick Allen (Governor-General)). The head of government and Prime Minister of Jamaica is Portia Simpson-Miller. Jamaica is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with legislative power vested in the bicameral Parliament of Jamaica, consisting of an appointed Senate and a directly elected House of Representatives.

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