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-southwest and has a maximum depth of commons:Jamaica

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6 square miles (about 15 km 2 ), was established in Montego Bay. Portland Bight Protected Area was designated in 1999. of wilderness, which supports

reserves. In 1992, Jamaica's first marine park, covering nearly 6 square miles (about 15 square km), was established in Montego Bay. The following year Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park was created on roughly 300 square miles (780 km²) of wilderness that supports thousands of tree and fern species and rare animals. Regions

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, and later to other countries around the world. Named for their close-cropped or shaven heads (Head shaving), the first skinheads were greatly influenced by West Indian (West Indies) (specifically Jamaican) rude boys and British mods (Mod (subculture)), in terms of fashion, music and lifestyle (lifestyle (sociology)).

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) ''The Maroons of Jamaica, 1655–1796: A History of Resistance, Collaboration & Betrayal'' Bergin & Garvey, Granby, MA, ISBN 0-89789-148-1. Briefly, from 1796 to 1800, around 550 maroons, who had been deported from Jamaica after the Second Maroon War, lived in Nova Scotia. In 1800 they were sent to Sierra Leone. Escaped slaves during the Spanish occupation of the island

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capacity since the early 1980s, but there are no plans to expand nuclear power at present. List of nuclear reactors#Jamaica Jamaica imports approximately of oil energy products per day, including asphalt and lubrication products. Just 20% of imported fuels are used for road transportation, the rest being used by the bauxite industry, electricity generation, and aviation. Jamaica produces enormous quantities

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;the original gangster rapper". Leland, John (John Leland (journalist)) (1989) "PKFHSPKFHS arts recordings-rap-as-public-forum-on-matters-of-life-and-death.html?pagewanted 1 RECORDINGS; Rap as Public Forum on Matters of Life and Death", ''New York Times'', March 12, 1989, retrieved 2010-03-28 Leland, John (1990) "HIP HOP FOR BEGINNERS A Parents' Guide to What's Dookie and Fly", ''Newsday'', August 26, 1990, retrieved 2010-03-28 '''Sir Clifford Clarence Campbell''' ON, GCMG, GCVO, K.St.J (28 June 1892 – September 1991 the first Jamaica n-born Governor-General of Jamaica. He served in that position from 1 December 1962, until 2 March 1973. ''Suhaili'' was sailed for some years more, including a trip to Greenland, and spent some years on display at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich. However, her planking began to shrink because of the dry conditions and, unwilling to see her deteriorate, Knox-Johnston removed her from the museum and had her refitted in 2002. She was returned to the water and is now based at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. ''Teignmouth Electron'' was sold to a tour operator in Jamaica and eventually ended up damaged and abandoned on Cayman Brac, where she lies to this day. ''A Voyage for Madmen'', pages 295–296. Life and career Born in England to Jamaican parents, by the age of 17 he was playing for Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire County Cricket Club), opening the bowling with Courtney Walsh. His bowling action generated great pace, although at times he could also be wholly inaccurate. '''Donovan Livingston Blake''' (born 4 December 1961 in Jamaica) is an American (United States cricket team) cricketer. Blake first represented the United States in the 2001 ICC Trophy and he went on to represent the States in a first-class game in the 2004 ICC Intercontinental Cup and then in their second ever One Day International, when they lost to the Australia (Australian cricket team) at the Rose Bowl, Southampton, England in 2004. Javed started his cricket career in his native Pakistan, playing first-class cricket for Lahore City (Lahore City cricket team) in 1984–85, Lahore City Whites in 1984–85 and Servis Industries (Servis Industries cricket team) in 1986–87 as a bowler. Teams Nasir Javed played for Later he emigrated to the United States of America and played for his adopted country in the Red Stripe Bowl in 1998–99 in Jamaica, the ICC tournament in Canada in 2001 and Argentina in 2002. Javed also played in the ICC Six Nations Challenge in 2004, which the Americans won to qualify for the 2004 ICC Champions Trophy in England (English cricket team). Javed competed in the second-ever One Day International played by the United States, a heavy defeat to Australia (Australia national cricket team) at the Rose Bowl (Rose Bowl (cricket ground)). One-Day International Matches played by Nasir Javed Javed later played for the United States in the 2005 ICC Trophy. Educationally, the college boasts state of the art lecture facilities and specialised areas such as IT suites, a chemistry laboratory and hydraulics laboratory. The tutors are drawn from both the academic world and from officers serving in fire and rescue services around the country. Courses available range from junior officer development to senior officer management courses right up to Chief Officer level. To support the educational side, there as a large administration complex and a library of fire related literature. Students come mainly from the UK but several countries such as Holland, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cyprus, Libya, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Gibraltar send students on a fairly regular basis. Prior to the current troubles in various parts of the world, students from Iraq and Nigeria were a common sight at the college, and Dutch students have been attending the college each and every year since 1976. During the Inter-Colonial Tournament in October 1925, commons:Jamaica

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at The Black Ark studio on June 20, 1977 and in Scotland in August of the same year.'' #*Linda McCartney – Lead vocal #"Sugartime" (Charlie Phillips (Charlie Phillips (singer)), Odis Echols) – 2:06 #*''A cover version of the original by The McGuire Sisters. Recorded in Jamaica at The Black Ark studio, June 20, 1977 and July 7, 1998.'' #*Linda McCartney – Lead vocal Biography Andru Donalds was born in Kingston (Kingston, Jamaica), Jamaica. His musical

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show building. Three diorama windows were also positioned on the track: two on the right and one of the left. These allowed the Mexico, Jamaica, and Trinidad scenes to be visible to riders on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority in such a way as to hide all projector (Image projector)s, lights and other show support equipment. - '''13''' 115 New Zealand Jamaica, West Indies Sabina Park 32x32px Sri Lanka (Image:Flag of Sri Lanka.svg) won by 81 runs

housed If You Had Wings, and the windows were carefully placed to look down into the Mexico, Jamaica and Trinidad show scenes in such a way as to hide all projectors, lights and other show support equipment. ''Shannon'' s next duty was to meet a convoy homebound from Jamaica. An American squadron under Commodore John Rodgers (John Rodgers (naval officer, War of 1812)) had sailed to intercept it. ''Shannon'' ensured the convoy safely passed the Great Banks, before

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, Kingston (Kingston, Jamaica), Jamaica) is a reggae musician. He is one of the most commercially and critically successful contemporary reggae artists and is noted for his high number of releases. As of 2011 he had released over 40 solo albums.

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: www.ifpi.org content section_news plat2000.html Williams finished album promotion with an extensive European Tour in the autumn of 1999. ''I've Been Expecting You'' was ranked ninety-first in a 2005 survey held by British television's Channel 4 to determine the 100 greatest albums of all time. 2005 Channel 4 The 100 Greatest Albums http: www.timepieces.nl Top100%27s 2005Channel4.html commons:Jamaica


'''Jamaica''' (

Once a Spanish (Habsburg Spain) possession known as ''

Jamaica is a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) as its monarch (Monarchy of Jamaica) and head of state. Her appointed representative in the country is the Governor-General of Jamaica, currently Patrick Allen (Patrick Allen (Governor-General)). The head of government and Prime Minister of Jamaica is Portia Simpson-Miller. Jamaica is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with legislative power vested in the bicameral Parliament of Jamaica, consisting of an appointed Senate and a directly elected House of Representatives.

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