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, including events in Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Britain (United Kingdom), Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. (United States) Lockwood, a Professor Emeritus at Vassar College, NY since 1982, has retired from teaching though she still writes and performs. Her recordings are distributed through these labels: Lovely (Lovely Music), XI, ?What Next? OO Discs, Rattle Records (NZ), Harmonia Mundi, Earth Ear, CRI (Composers Recordings, Inc.), and Finnadar Atlantic

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. In Benjamin's original formulation, however, the politicization of aesthetics was treated conceptually as the polar opposite of the aestheticization of politics, the former treated as a kind of revolutionary praxis, redeeming force, or 'antidote' to the corrupting fascistic influence of the latter. Astanova started touring as a concert pianist at the age of eight. She performed in Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Russia both solo programs and with orchestras. In 1996, she was Laureate of the ''International Chopin Competition for Young Pianists'' in Moscow. thumb ''Venus and Adonis hunting'', Liechtenstein Palace (Image:Marcantonio Franceschini 003.jpg) '''Marcantonio Franceschini''' (1648 – December 24, 1729), was an Italian (Italy) painter of the Baroque period, active mostly in his native Bologna. He was the father and teacher of Giacomo Franceschini. ''The picture collector's manual'' by James R. Hobbes London T&W Boone 1845 page 154

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in the Mediterranean particularly off Greece (where two-thirds of the world's population breeds), but also in the Canary Islands, and off Spain, Italy, Croatia, Morocco and Algeria. Tilos Park is the breeding area for ten percent of the world population of Eleonora Falcons. Six hundred and fifty pairs of this species breed (breeding in the wild) on this island according to research conducted by the Hellenic Ornithological Society and the European Union LIFE

-Nature program of Tilos. It is rare as a vagrant north of its range. At the end of the 8th century BC, however, Eretria and Chalcis fought a prolonged war (known mainly from the account in Thucydides as the Lelantine War) for control of the fertile Lelantine plain. Little is known of the details of this war, but it is clear that Eretria was defeated. The city was destroyed and Eretria lost her lands in Boeotia and her Aegean dependencies. Neither Eretria nor Chalcis ever again counted for much in Greek politics.As a result of this defeat, Eretria turned to colonisation. She planted colonies in the northern Aegean (Aegean Sea), on the coast of Macedon, in Italy and Sicily. '''Pandoro''' ('''''pan d'oro''''') is a traditional Italian (Italy) sweet yeast bread, most popular around Christmas and New Year. Typically a Veronese (Verona) product, pandoro is traditionally shaped like a frustum with an 8 pointed-star (star polygon) section. '''Gorgonzola''' (

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Balbianello on Lake Como, and in the former royal Palace of Caserta. At his own personal request, Samuel L. Jackson's character Mace Windu received a lightsaber that emitted an amethyst glow, as opposed to traditional blue and green for "good guys" and red for "bad guys."

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of lieutenant-colonel. In 1767 Choiseul gave Dumouriez a military command as deputy quartermaster general to the Army of Corsica under the Marquis de Chauvelin. After this, he became a member of the Secret du Roi, the secret service (intelligence agency) under Louis XV (Louis XV of France), which gave full scope to his diplomatic (diplomacy) skills. In 1770 he undertook a mission (Diplomatic mission) into Poland to the Confederation of Bar, where, in addition to his political

business, he organized a Polish militia for the War of the Bar Confederation. On 23 May, his Polish soldiers were smashed by the Russian forces of General Alexander Suvorov in the Battle of Lanckorona. The fall of Choiseul (1770) brought about his recall. In 1772, upon returning to Paris, Dumouriez sought a military position from the Marquis de Monteynard, the minister of war, who gave him a staff position with the regiment of Lorraine writing diplomatic and military reports

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for students through the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad consortium that provides study abroad programs and internships in England, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Mexico. ref>

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; "Cherry Lips" also peaked at #8 in Italy, where it had been the sound of a prominent winter marketing campaign for Breil Stones (Binda Group). PIAS Recordings issued "Cherry Lips" across Europe on January 7, 2002, as a four-track maxi CD featuring ''Beautiful Garbage'' out-take "Enough Is Never Enough" and the Roger Sanchez and Howie B remixes,

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, particularly on battle and the martial arts. His most important work was the ''Collectanea'', which was likely written in the 1480s, and published in 1509, and was a text on single armed combat. A two-volume collection of his poetry works has been published in Kurdish (Kurdish language) under the title "Sherko Bekas' Diwan" in Sweden. These two 1000-page volumes contain his poetic works in their entirety. He has read his poems in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Russia, and Italy, where he was named honorary citizen of Milan. He visited United States in 1990. '''Pacificus''' was a disciple of St. Francis of Assisi (Francis of Assisi), born probably near Ascoli, Italy, in the second half of the twelfth century; died, it is thought, at Lens (Lens, Pas-de-Calais), France, around 1234. Makhlulif is wanted in Italy over a plot to bomb the American embassy in Rome, in collaboration with al-Qaeda's cell in Milan, Italy. '''Michelangelo Anselmi''' (c. 1492 – c. 1554) was an Italian (Italy) Renaissance-Mannerist (Mannerism) painter (Painting) active mostly in Parma.

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compete in the Six Nations Championship and Rugby World Cup and are classified as a tier one nation by the International Rugby Board. His career was a series of sharp political turns as he tried to reconcile Croatian national interests with the idea of a South Slav (South Slavs) unity and simultaneously resist the imperial aspirations of Serbia, Italy, Hungary and the great European powers. After the assassination in Sarajevo, Supilo fled to Italy. He, Trumbić and Meštrović (Ivan Meštrović) started the action to free Croats, Serbs and Slovenians from Austro-Hungary and unite them with Serbia and Montenegro. He also participated in the creation of the Yugoslav Committee. He tried to persuade the governments of the Triple Entente to create a Yugoslavia that would cover all the South Slav regions. On his missions in Bordeaux, London and Sankt Petersburg in 1914-15, Supilo stood against the imperialist ambitions of Italy on the Adriatic and promoted a compromise in that issue. When he found out about the secret negotiations between the Triple Entente and Italy, he started a vigorous action to prevent the sacrifice of Croatian and Slovenian Adriatic regions to Italy. History Named after a 17th century story titled "The Marriage of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren", the band formed in California and was signed to CBS Records. Cock Robin's eponymous debut album was produced (record producer) by Steve Hillage. It was largely ignored in their native country, as with the majority of their output, but it was an overnight success in Europe, especially in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands, where the singles (single (music)) "When Your Heart Is Weak", "The Promise You Made" and "Thought You Were On My Side" became big hits (hit record), and the album itself a chart-topper. "When Your Heart Is Weak" was the band's only chart single in the U.S., where it reached #35 in the late summer of 1985. It also became a radio favorite in South Africa in early 1985. Novato was born in Dolina (San Dorligo della Valle) near Trieste, Italy. From the age of ten he studied for Susanne Zerial. At the international accordion festival in Urbino in 1988 his solo performance won the first prize, and he has later won more than 20 international competitions. Since 1991 he has also teaching, both in Austria and Slovenia. His first recording on cassette was released in 1995 and on CD in 1997. In 1999 he was awarded the title of world champion of the diatonic accordion (diatonic button accordion). He has composed more than 50 original songs. He has toured Russia in 1995, Australia in 1997 and again in 1999, and later also the United States and Canada. In November 2005 he visited the Florida Accordion Association Annual Smash and in March 2006 he visited the Texas Accordion Association Festival. One year later Potter's career took off with a much larger role. The Italian (Italy) director Federico Fellini chose him for the main role of Encolpius in his film ''Satyricon (Satyricon (film))''. Terence Stamp, Fellini's original choice for the main role, was not available, and Fellini was looking for someone of a similar appearance. '''CityNightLine AG''' (timetable and platform sign abbreviation: '''CNL''') was a Swiss night train (sleeping car) service. CNL had right of passage grants in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. It served stations in Belgium, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. CityNightLine was acquired by Deutsche Bahn AG in 2007 and merged with DB NachtZug to form the "City Night Line" which presently offers night services in former CityNightLine and NachtZug territories, of which includes the majority of CityNightLine's operations at the time of the merger. On the Space Under Sun World Tour, Gold opened for Rupaul and Chaka Khan and headlined clubs and festivals in Europe (France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic). He also toured Canada and in over 25 cities across the U.S. (United States) including the world's largest stage at the Reno Hilton. A couple of McInally goals against Malta in a friendly in May 1990 effectively earned McInally a place in the Scotland squad for the 1990 World Cup (1990 FIFA World Cup) in Italy. He started the first game against Costa Rica (Costa Rica national football team), which was a humiliating 1–0 defeat, McInally failing to make his height and power work against the Costa Rican defence during the 90 minutes. That was the end of McInally's international career. He didn't play in any more of the Scottish games in the World Cup (they went out in the first phase), and indeed never played for Scotland again, finishing with three goals in his eight caps.

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omission of the final "ist" ("was") suggests, according to some scholars, a less literal meaning.) Ranke went on to write that the historian must seek the "Holy hieroglyph" that is God's hand in history, keeping an "eye for the universal" whilst taking "pleasure in the particular". Ranke, "''A Fragment from the 1830's''", in Stern, ''The Varieties of History'', p. 59: ''"Two qualities, I think


'''Italy''' ( and has the third largest economy in the Eurozone and the eighth (List of countries by GDP (nominal))-largest in the world. International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Economic Outlook (WEO) Database- GDP Nominal 2010 to 2019,, October 2014 Edition

Since ancient times (classical antiquity), Etruscan (Etruscan civilization), Magna Graecia and other cultures (Prehistoric Italy) have flourished in the territory of present-day Italy, being eventually absorbed by Rome (Ancient Rome), that has for centuries remained the leading political and religious centre of Western civilisation (Western world), capital of the Roman Empire and Christianity. During the Dark Ages (Dark Ages (historiography)), the Italian Peninsula faced calamitous invasions by barbarian tribes (Migration Period), but beginning around the 11th century, numerous Italian city-states rose to great prosperity through shipping, commerce and banking (indeed, modern capitalism has its roots in Medieval Italy). Especially during The Renaissance, Italian culture thrived, producing scholars, artists, and polymaths such as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Michelangelo and Machiavelli. Italian explorers such as Polo (Marco Polo), Columbus (Christopher Columbus), Vespucci (Amerigo Vespucci), and Verrazzano (Giovanni da Verrazzano) discovered new routes to the Far East and the New World, helping to usher in the European Age of Discovery. Nevertheless, Italy would remain fragmented into many warring states for the rest of the Middle Ages, subsequently falling prey to larger European powers (Power (international relations)#Modern Age European powers) such as France (French First Empire), Spain (Spanish Empire), and later Austria (Austrian Empire). Italy would thus enter a long period of decline that lasted until the mid 19th century.

After various unsuccessful attempts, the second (Second War of Italian Independence) and the third (Third War of Italian Independence) wars of Italian Independence resulted in the unification (Italian unification) of most of present-day Italy between 1859-66.

Italy plays a prominent role in global military, cultural and diplomatic affairs "Italy plays a prominent role in European and global military, cultural and diplomatic affairs. The country's European political, social and economic influence make it a major regional power." See ''Italy: Justice System and National Police Handbook'', Vol. 1 (Washington, D.C.: International Business Publications, 2009), p. 9. and thus is considered a major regional power. "Operation Alba may be considered one of the most important instances in which Italy has acted as a regional power, taking the lead in executing a technically and politically coherent and determined strategy." See Federiga Bindi, ''Italy and the European Union'' (Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press, 2011), p. 171. Italy is a founding and leading member of the European Union. Italy is a member of numerous international institutions, including the UN, NATO, the OECD, the OSCE, the DAC (Development Assistance Committee), the WTO, the G4 (G4 (EU)), G6 (G6 (EU)), G7, G8, G10 (Group of Ten (economic)), G20, the Union for the Mediterranean, the Latin Union, the Council of Europe, the Central European Initiative, the ASEM and the Uniting for Consensus.

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