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recordings album

years. The band continued touring through the end of 2000 and start of 2001, including their first major tour of Germany. A special double CD edition of the ''Lightbulb Sun'' album was issued in Israel and Germany, and in May, ''Recordings (Recordings (album))'', a limited edition collection of EP tracks and out-takes from the previous two albums, was released as the band's final release under their Snapper K-Scope contract. In May 2001 they did three consecutive dates as a support band to Marillion, in France, Germany and The Netherlands respectively. Commons:Category:Israel Wikipedia:Israel Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel

sports reporting

Valley as part of CNN's team covering the Israeli invasion of Lebanon before returning to Iraq. thumb upright Martin Indyk in 1996 (File:Martin Indyk.jpg) '''Martin Sean

charitable support

after George Galloway entered the reality television show ''Celebrity Big Brother UK'' to earn money for his charity of choice, Interpal. Interpal reacted to the claims by issuing a statement saying "Regrettably, there are many who want to stop the little charitable support we give from actually getting to needy Palestinians. We believe we are targets of the Israeli and US governments purely because we are a Muslim-run charity".

popular commentary

Grave of ibn Attar on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem '''Chaim ben Moses ibn Attar''' also known as the '''Ohr ha-Chaim''' after his popular commentary on the Pentateuch, was a Talmudist and kabbalist (Kabbalah); born at Meknes, Morocco, in 1696; died in Jerusalem, Israel July 7, 1743. He was one of the most prominent rabbis in Morocco. '''Maya Bouskilla''' (also Maya Buskila) ( Commons:Category:Israel Wikipedia:Israel Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel


Judaism prevails institutionally over the other streams. This boundary is an historical consequence of the unique evolution of the relationship between Israel nationalism and state building. ... Since the founding period, in order to defuse religious tensions, the State of Israel has adopted what is known as the 'status quo,' an unwritten agreement stipulating that no further changes would be made in the status of religion, and that conflict between the observant and non-observant


or follow halakha, or now adhere to another religion. Technically, such a person remains Jewish, like all Jews, provided that the original conversion is valid. However, in some recent cases, Haredi (Haredi Judaism) rabbinical authorities (Posek), as well as the current Religious Zionist (Religious Zionism) Israeli Chief Rabbinate, have taken the view that a given convert's lapse from Orthodox Jewish observance is evidence that he or she cannot, even at the time of the conversion, have had

independent views

and Czechoslovakia followed. The independence which Simeon ben Lakish manifested in the discussion of halakic questions was equally pronounced in his treatment of aggadic (Aggadah) matters. In aggadah, also, he held a prominent position, and advanced many original and independent views which struck his contemporaries with amazement and which did not win respect until later. His aggadot include exegetical and homiletical interpretations of the Scriptures; observations concerning

social scientific

Two years after the band's formation, the four members decided to play shows in the United States, and toured around the country for 6 months. This successful tour was followed by five more tours around North America, two around Europe and one in Japan. In 1996, upon returning to Israel from the tours, the band's bassist Adi Alkabetz was replaced by Yotam Ben-Horin. After the recording of the album, the band left for a brief tour around the United Kingdom, and in June 2008, the band played live in Trafalgar Square, London, as part of the "Salute to Israel" event. After another tour in Japan and China in September, the band returned to Israel for a special release show of ''The Lost Broken Bones'' on October 18, 2008, at the Barby club in Tel Aviv, joined by famous musicians from the Israeli mainstream music scene, including Danny Sanderson, Muki and more. The band finished off 2008 with an Israeli tour supporting ''The Lost Broken Bones'', playing in Haifa, with Betzefer and Friday Night Sissy Fight, in Tel Aviv with Got No Shame and Kill The Drive, and in Jerusalem with Man Alive (Man Alive (band)), Mondo Gecko and Evenyaru. After opening for two shows of No Use for a Name in Tel Aviv, Israel, Useless ID joined to support them on the remaining of their summer European dates, around all Europe, during June and July. On January 24, 2011, it was announced that the band will be entering the Blasting Room on February 3, 2011, to record their seventh full-length studio album with producers Bill Stevenson (Bill Stevenson (musician)) and Jason Livermore. Before entering the studio, the band played their last show on the supporting tour of ''The Lost Broken Bones'' on January 27, 2011, at the Barby club in Tel Aviv, Israel. http: article 41329 http: articles 0,7340,L-4018133,00.html On January 30, 2011, Yotam Ben-Horin has said on his Facebook page that songwriting for new Useless ID album is now complete. On May 30, 2011, it was announced that the band will play as a supporting act to Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine on July 2, 2011, at the Barby club in Tel Aviv, Israel. http: Article ?ArticleID 804691 On June 29, 2011, three days before the show, Jello Biafra has announced that he will be cancelling his upcoming Israeli concert due to political reasons. http: 2011 06 21 apartheid-no-place-punk In response, Useless ID has decided to play a headlining show for free with supporting acts Bo La'Bar and Mondo Gecko (Mondo Gecko (band)), for all the disappointed fans. http: Article ?ArticleID 811464 CFJS has been noted for hosting an annual conference of Canadian Jewish leadership (Hillel (Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life) and Jewish Students Association (JSA) presidents, Israel advocates, Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity leaders, et cetera). In the early years of CFJS, this conference was held at a camp in Parry Sound, Ontario. However, more recently, its annual conference has been moved to Guelph, Ontario. http: index.php?option com_content&task view&id 17907&Itemid 101 History MNNA status was first created in 1989 when section 2350a, otherwise known as the Nunn (Sam Nunn) Amendment, was added to Title 10 (Title 10 of the United States Code) (Armed Forces (United States Armed Forces)) of the United States Code by United States

dance tradition

flamenco song and dance tradition, the formula was very much rooted in 1970s disco music. Soja's song arrangements generally used Mateos as the lead singer while Mendiola contributed with backing and refrains. She also had an interest in International Women's Contemporary music. She performed concerts and recordings throughout Scandinavia, many countries in Europe, U.S.A., Israel, China, and Mexico. Her discography includes works of Bartók, Alban Berg Berg

intelligence training

Educational Television * In Finland it aired on YLE In April 2003, he became the 15th chief of R&AW. He inaugurated the present headquarters of the agency in Lodhi Road, Delhi. He has undergone intelligence training in Israel and the United Kingdom. He is the first R&AW chief to have undergone intelligence training in Israel. His predecessors had undergone training only in the United States and the United Kingdom. In April 2003, he became the 15th chief of R

&AW. He inaugurated the present headquarters of the agency in Lodhi Road, Delhi. He has undergone intelligence training in Israel and the United Kingdom. He is the first R&AW chief to have undergone intelligence training in Israel. His predecessors had undergone training only in the United States and the United Kingdom. In Egypt, analyses of pollen found at archaeological sites indicate that the '''Sebilian culture''' (also known as Esna culture (Esna)) were



On 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly recommended the adoption and implementation of the Partition Plan (United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine) for Mandatory Palestine. Borders for a new Jewish state were specified by the UN (United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine) but ultimately not recognized by either Israel or neighboring countries.

The population of Israel (Demographics of Israel), as defined by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, was estimated in 2014 to be 8,146,300 people. It is the world's only Jewish-majority state (Jewish population by country); 6,110,600 citizens, or 75.3% of Israelis, are designated as Jewish (Israeli Jews). The country's second largest group of citizens are denoted as Arabs (Arab citizens of Israel), with 1,686,000 people (including the Druze and most East Jerusalem Arabs). Armenians (Armenians in Israel), Circassians (Circassians in Israel), Roma (Romani diaspora#Israel) and others. Israel also hosts a significant population of non-citizen foreign workers and asylum seekers from Africa and Asia.

In its Basic Laws (Basic Laws of Israel), Israel defines itself as a Jewish and Democratic State.

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