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movements. * Israel has about 10,000 displaced Bedouins, most of whom are Arab citizens of Israel. * Kenya has 250,000 - 400,000 IDPs due to the violence that rocked the country after the 2007 elections. '''The People's Voice''' (called in Hebrew (Hebrew language) המפקד הלאומי, literally '''The National Census''') is an Israeli-Palestinian civil initiative dedicated to advancing the process of achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Co-founders Ami

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documentary called Exposing the DaVinci Code as seen on Pay per View, national television and cable TV outlets. Munsey has spoken out boldly against the DaVinci Code as have many other pastors. In addition, he is regularly featured in the Wall Street Journal newspaper as a key national figure spokesman for key issues. New York Times magazine recently featured Dr. Munsey for being a prestigious religious leader sensitive to issues concerning Jews from around the globe, especially Israel. Pastor Steve Munsey is a regular on "This Is Your Day" with Benny Hinn and many more national and international television programs seen daily such as Paula White's Paula Today talk show. Steve Munsey has also caught the attention of Time magazine, People magazine, Ladies Home Journal and Fox News which have spotlighted his Starbucks café in the lobby of the church. In November 2006, a rewrite of "Superstar" appeared on the debut album of US (United States) pre-teen Bianca Ryan, the winner of the first season (America's Got Talent (season 1)) of ''America's Got Talent''. Israeli pop star Roni Duani also made her breakthrough hit with a Hebrew language cover of this song. '''Giora Feidman''' (born March 26, 1936) is an Argentinian-born Israeli (Israel) clarinetist who specializes in klezmer music. thumb right 250px Feidman playing a lucite clarinet in Jerusalem, 2006 (Image:GioraFeidmanGlass.jpg) Feidman began his career in Buenos Aires as a member of the Teatro Colón Symphony Orchestra. Two years later he immigrated to Israel to become the youngest clarinetist ever to play with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. He was a member of the orchestra for over 20 years. Klezmer with Soul In the early 1970s he began his solo career. He has performed with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Kronos Quartet, the Polish Chamber Philarmonic, the Munich Chamber Philarmonic Orchestra, and the Munich Radio Orchestra. The '''Emil Grunzweig Human Rights Award''' is an award made annually by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel to "an individual or NGO (Non-governmental organization) that has made a unique contribution to the advancement of human rights in Israel". The award was established in 1981 but was renamed in 1983 after the murder of activist Emil Grunzweig by a grenade thrown by a right-wing sympathizer during a Peace Now demonstration against the war in Lebanon (1982 Lebanon war). '''David Tartakover''' (דוד טרטקובר) (born 1944) is an Israeli graphic designer, political activist, artist and design educator. Commons:Category:Israel Wikipedia:Israel Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel


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index.html * Najaf, Iraq: A car bomb explodes during prayers outside the holiest shrine for Shiites, Imam Ali Mosque (Tomb of Ali), just as main weekly prayers are ending. More than 125 people are killed, including the influential cleric Ayatollah Sayed Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, the Shiite leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI). Dozens are injured. Israel is alleged to have contingency plans to bomb an Iranian nuclear power plant if it begins producing weapons grade material. Tensions flare again over the main religion religious site in Jerusalem, the location of both the Temple Mount and the Noble Sanctuary. The holy site had been closed to non-Muslims since September 2000. Israeli officials say they are maintaining calm over a site sacred to three religions. But Muslim authorities say the Israeli government is risking a backlash here and throughout the Muslim world. (the name was formerly an acronym for the French name "'''INS'''titut '''E'''uropéen d''''AD'''ministration des Affaires", or ''European Institute of Business Administration'') is an international graduate business school and research institution. It has campuses in Europe ( France ), Asia (Singapore), and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi), as well as a research center in Israel. The school offers a full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, a PhD in management program, and several executive education programs (including an executive MBA). '''Ashdod''' ( Commons:Category:Israel Wikipedia:Israel Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel

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a country that is, according to him, at the center of research in spinal cord injury. Christopher Reeve: Israel at Center of World Research on Paralysis, Israel21c, Published July 27, 2003. He was invited by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to seek out the best treatment for his condition. During his visit, Reeve called the experience “a privilege” and said

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in order to ensure that the ceasefire was honored by both sides. Pearson had initially suggested that the force consist of mainly Canadian soldiers, but the Egyptians were suspicious of having a Commonwealth (Commonwealth of Nations) nation defend them against the United Kingdom and her allies. In the end, a wide variety of national forces were drawn upon to ensure national diversity. Pearson would win the Nobel Peace Prize for this work, and he is today considered a father of modern


Black Methodists for Church Renewal. He was elected to Jurisdictional and General Conferences 1988-96. He has traveled extensively in support of the U.M. Church, including Mexico, Africa, the Philippines, Europe, and Israel. He is much in demand as a Preacher at national leadership events, for Annual Conferences, as Commencement Speaker (Commencement speech) at colleges and seminaries, and in other settings. Internationally The format has been sold to several

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Leader of the United States House of Representatives Majority Leader Tom DeLay announces his resignation from the United States House of Representatives. (TIME) *Palaeontologists (Paleontology) announce the discovery of the ''Tiktaalik'' genus, an important fossil link between fish and land animals. (BBC)


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of the country who live in the area. Stay healthy There are no special medical issues in Israel, and no immunizations are necessary for travel here. Pharmacies and hospitals are available in all major cities and emergency and health care is to a very high Western standard. Pharmacists and all medical personnel speak adequate English. In Israeli pharmacies, the "over-the-counter" stuff is in fact over the counter. Ask the pharmacist if you need anything. Travel health insurance is highly recommended; although all Israelis are covered under the national health insurance system, foreigners will be expected to pay for any treatment received in the public hospitals or at a clinic. Tap water is potable and perfectly safe for drinking all throughout Israel, big cities and rural parts alike. However, avoid taps that you might find within cultivated fields (e.g. while hiking); they may use recycled water which is only good for irrigation. Street food is safe and clean, including fried dishes, fish and different salads. It still is wise to use common sense and avoid anything suspicious. Due to the hot climate in sunny Israel, remember to use sunscreen throughout your stay and drink a lot of water. Respect Commons:Category:Israel Wikipedia:Israel Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel



On 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly recommended the adoption and implementation of the Partition Plan (United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine) for Mandatory Palestine. Borders for a new Jewish state were specified by the UN (United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine) but ultimately not recognized by either Israel or neighboring countries.

The population of Israel (Demographics of Israel), as defined by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, was estimated in 2014 to be 8,146,300 people. It is the world's only Jewish-majority state (Jewish population by country); 6,110,600 citizens, or 75.3% of Israelis, are designated as Jewish (Israeli Jews). The country's second largest group of citizens are denoted as Arabs (Arab citizens of Israel), with 1,686,000 people (including the Druze and most East Jerusalem Arabs). Armenians (Armenians in Israel), Circassians (Circassians in Israel), Roma (Romani diaspora#Israel) and others. Israel also hosts a significant population of non-citizen foreign workers and asylum seekers from Africa and Asia.

In its Basic Laws (Basic Laws of Israel), Israel defines itself as a Jewish and Democratic State.

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