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at." Aside from Discharge, the band cite as early influences Anti Cimex, Rattus and Antisect, another early proponent of the "one high, one low" vocal approach. ENT signed to the small UK-based indie label Manic Ears after a solitary gig supporting fellow UK punks Chaos UK. Their first release for the label was a split LP with Chaos UK in 1986, entitled ''Radioactive Earslaughter

service running

services operated by Greater Anglia, while nuclear flask trains for the Sizewell nuclear power stations are operated by Direct Rail Services. The route sees a regular two-hourly passenger service running between Ipswich and Lowestoft usually operated by Class 170 (British Rail Class 170) diesel multiple units. This service used to run all the way to London Liverpool Street but was stopped to enable longer electric trains to be used south of Ipswich. From December 2010

, an hourly service was introduced between Ipswich and Saxmundham, providing an hourly service for part of the route with only the single track restricting its contiuation up to Lowestoft. This is usually operated by a Class 153 (British Rail Class 153) unit. The route sees a regular two-hourly passenger service running between Ipswich and Lowestoft usually operated by Class 170 (British Rail Class 170) diesel multiple units. This service used to run all the way

famous agricultural

Industry around Ipswich has had a strong agricultural bias with Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd (Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies), one of the most famous agricultural manufacturers, located in the town. It is notable that the world's first commercial motorised lawnmower (lawnmower) was built by Ransomes in 1902. There was a sugar beet factory at Ipswich for many years; it was closed in 2001 as part of a rationalisation by British Sugar. This agricultural link is preserved

religious views

Maitland , perpetual curate of St James's Chapel, Brighton, he was intended for the Church, but his religious views did not permit him to take holy orders. For some years he lived abroad, first in California and then as a commissioner of Crown lands in Australia. After his return to England in 1857 he took up an advanced humanitarian position, and claimed to have acquired a new sense by which be was able to discern the spiritual condition of other people. He became a member of the Theosophical Society and associated with Dr. Anna Kingsford (1846-1888), one of the first female British (United Kingdom) physicians and supporter of women's rights, animal rights, vegetarianism and, who, besides being one of the pioneers of higher education for women, had become a student of Theosophy; with her he brought out ''Keys of the Creeds'' (1875), ''The Perfect Way: or the Finding of Christ'' (1882), and founded the Hermetic Society (Hermeticism) in 1884. After her death he founded the Esoteric Christian Union (Esoteric Christianity) in 1891, and wrote her ''Life and Letters'' (1896). - Ipswich Ipswich Buses 71 - *

good show

in 1988 89 on the BBC Radio 1 FM Friday night dance music show ''Jeff Young's Big Beat''. In 1993 Coogan starred alongside Caroline Aherne and John Thomson (John Thomson (comedian)) in a one-off Granada TV (Granada Television) sketch show ''The Dead Good Show''. In early May 1831 FitzRoy stood as Tory candidate for Ipswich in the General Election, but was defeated. His hopes of obtaining a new posting and organising a missionary project appeared to be failing, and he

efforts made

a former industrial (Deindustrialization) dock (Dock (maritime)) area into an emerging residential and commercial centre, it is being completed at the expense of much of the town's industrial and maritime heritage and in spite of efforts made by a local civic group (historic preservation), The Ipswich Society. Much of this development is residential and is marketed at high-net-worth individuals in the DINKY (DINKY (acronym)) demographic. As such, some have considered it incompatible with Ipswich's existing socio-economic mix. It could therefore be considered to be aimed at encouraging economic migration to the town, particularly as a commutable satellite town of London. thumb left Ipswich Market day at Town Centre (File:Ipswich Market day at Town Centre.JPG) The Tolly Cobbold brewery, built in the 19th century and rebuilt 1894–1896, is one of the finest Victorian (Victorian era) breweries (brewery) in the United Kingdom. There was a Cobbold brewery in the town from 1746 until 2002 when Ridley's Breweries (T.D. Ridley and Sons) took Tolly Cobbold over.

artistic community

several important works on perspective (perspective (graphical)), became the tutor of perspective to the Prince of Wales. Heath, 387: Wills, DLB, 343. Because of her father's connections within the artistic community, Trimmer was able to meet the painters William Hogarth and Thomas Gainsborough as well as the by-then legendary writer and critic Samuel Johnson. She made a favourable impression on Johnson when she immediately produced her pocket copy of John Milton's (John Milton) ''Paradise Lost'' (1667) to help settle a dispute between her father and Johnson over a particular passage. Johnson, delighted that she admired Milton enough to carry his works with her at all times, "subsequently invited her to his house and presented her with a volume of his famous periodical ''The Rambler''". Yarde, ''Life and Works of Sarah Trimmer'', 17; Wills, 343. In 1759, at the urging of his former pupil the Prince of Wales (soon to be George III (George III of the United Kingdom)), her father was made Clerk of the Works to the Royal Household at Kew Palace and the family moved to Kew. Rodgers, 113. There she met James Trimmer, whom she married on 21 September 1762; after their marriage, the couple moved to Old Brentford (Brentford). Grenby, "Introduction", vi–vii; Wills, DLB, 343. DATE OF BIRTH 6 January 1741 PLACE OF BIRTH Ipswich, England DATE OF DEATH 15 December 1810 '''Aspall''' is a village and civil parish in the Mid Suffolk district of Suffolk, England. According to the 2001 census it had a population of 52. The village is about 15 miles north of Ipswich, and 12 miles south of Diss. Suffolk serial killer Steve Wright (Steve Wright (serial killer)), who murdered five Ipswich prostitutes in late 2006, was born at Erpingham in 1958. The issue and use of English coins during Ealdwulf's reign followed its development in Kent, at first with gold shillings or thrymsas during the 660s to the 670s, and thereafter, by a debasement linked to the diminishing gold quality of Frankish coin, with silver sceattas or pennies of various types. The distribution of findspots reveals foci of their use and possibly their issue at East Anglian centres of importance, especially in the north-west around Hunstanton, Bawsey in the Thetford area, the Fen edge around Isleworth and Exning, in the east around Burgh Castle, and in the area around Rendlesham, Ipswich and in the River Gipping valley. '''Tuddenham''' or '''Tuddenham St. Martin''' is a small village within the Suffolk countryside, lying just outside Ipswich, on the River Fynn. The village contains "The Fountain" restaurant as well as the church (Church (building)) of St Martin in which lies the final resting place of artist Carl Giles and his wife Joan. '''Grundisburgh''' is a village of more than 1,530 residents situated in the English (England) county of Suffolk. It is in the Suffolk Coastal district, six miles north-east from Ipswich and four miles north-west of Woodbridge (Woodbridge, Suffolk) located on the B1079. Flowing through the village are the rivers Lark and Gull. The village is recorded in the Domesday Book as "Grundesbur", "Grundesburg", "Grundesburh" or "Grundesburc". In 1935 the school moved to Culford Park, former home of the 7th Earl Cadogan (William Cadogan, 7th Earl Cadogan), and thereafter became known as '''Culford School'''. It is at the centre of East Anglia, c.90 minutes from London, 60 from Norwich, 40 from Ipswich, and c.30 minutes from Cambridge. thumb Matilda Betham-Edwards ca. 1893 (File:Matilda Betham-Edwards 0001.jpg) '''Matilda Betham-Edwards''' (March 4, 1836 Westerfield, Ipswich – January 4, 1919 Hastings) was an English novelist, travel writer and francophile. She was also a prolific poet and wrote several children's books. She also corresponded with well-known English male poets of the day. Educated at Caius College, Cambridge,


to this day as the independent Ipswich Institute Reading Room and Library. The elegant building, at 15 Tavern Street, has been the site of the Library since 1836. In 1797 Lord and Lady Nelson moved to Ipswich, and in 1800 Lord Nelson (Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson) was appointed High Steward of Ipswich. In the mid-19th century Coprolite (fossilized animal dung) was discovered, the material was mined and then dissolved


friend of Robert Louis Stevenson. * ''Great Yarmouth Mercury'' — Great Yarmouth * ''Green Un'' — an Ipswich-based Association football (Association football) weekly * ''Hackney Gazette'' — Hackney (London Borough of Hackney), London On 6 June 2009, it was announced that Keane and his family had purchased a new house in the Ipswich area, near to the training ground of Keane's new club, Ipswich. He eventually settled in the nearby market town of Woodbridge, Suffolk


repertory work: Orton spent four months in Ipswich as an assistant stage manager; Halliwell in Llandudno, Wales. Both returned to London and became writers. They collaborated on a number of unpublished novels (often imitating Ronald Firbank), and had little success. The rejection of their great hope, ''The Last Days of Sodom,'' in 1957 led them to solo works. Lahr (1978) pp.109-111 Orton would later return to the books for ideas; many show glimpses of his stage-play

style. Mr Praline enters the pet shop to register a complaint about the dead Norwegian Blue parrot just as the shopkeeper is preparing to close the establishment for lunch. Despite being told that the bird is deceased and that it had been nailed to its perch, the proprietor insists that it is "pining for the fjords" or simply "stunned". As the exasperated Praline attempts to wake up the parrot, the shopkeeper tries to make the bird move by hitting the cage, and Praline


url http: web.archive.org web 20050908085245 www.itfc.premiumtv.co.uk page HistoryDetail 0,,10272~347159,00.html title History of the Stadium publisher Ipswich Town F.C. accessdate 16 March 2007 They have a strong rivalry with Norwich City (Norwich City F.C.), and have been the previous clubs of the two most successful England (England national football team) managers, Alf Ramsey (who was buried in the Old Cemetery in the town on his death in 1999) and Bobby Robson. They won the League Championship in 1961–62 (1961–62 Football League) (their first season as a top division club) during Ramsey's reign, as well as the 1978 FA Cup (1977–78 FA Cup) and the 1981 UEFA Cup (1980–81 UEFA Cup) under Robson. The club are also undefeated at home in all European competitions having drawn 6 and won the other 25. The club has also fielded many world famous players over the years. These include Mick Mills, John Wark, Frans Thijssen, Arnold Mühren, Terry Butcher and Marcus Stewart. url http: web.archive.org web 20051213211801 www.itfc.premiumtv.co.uk page HistoryDetail 0,,10272~347323,00.html title Club honours accessdate 25 November 2008 publisher Ipswich Town F.C.

Ipswich is also home to several non-League (Non-League football) clubs, including Ipswich Wanderers (Ipswich Wanderers F.C.) and Whitton United (Whitton United F.C.) in the Eastern Counties League (Eastern Counties Football League), and Achilles (Achilles F.C.), Crane Sports (Crane Sports F.C.), and Ransomes Sports (Ransomes Sports F.C.) amongst several others in the Suffolk & Ipswich League (Suffolk and Ipswich Football League).

The Speedway (Motorcycle speedway) team, the Ipswich Witches, have ridden at Foxhall Stadium on the outskirts of Ipswich since 1951. The stadium is also used regularly for hot rod and stock car racing.

Ipswich Gymnastics Centre is one of only three fully Olympic (London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) accredited gymnastics facilities in the United Kingdom The resident club has also been home to international gymnasts.

The town has representation in both codes of Rugby. It has two amateur Rugby Union teams, Ipswich RUFC who play in London 3 North East League, and Ipswich YM RUFC (a third side Orwell RUFC, formerly Ransomes RFC having folded some time in the 1980s). The amateur rugby league side, Ipswich Rhinos, plays in the Rugby League Conference.

The Ipswich Cardinals is a successful American Football team, playing in the South-East Conference of BAFACL 1 – the second tier of the BAFA Community Leagues.

Ipswich is home to team Ipswich Swimming. Formed in 1884 as Ipswich Swimming Club, it is based at the town's Crown Pools, and also uses the Fore Street swimming pool. The most successful club member is World Championship (FINA World Aquatics Championships) gold medallist Karen Pickering.

Ipswich had a racecourse (Ipswich Racecourse) which ran a mix of flat and National Hunt races from 1710 to 1911.

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