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animation (''La Frontière de la vie''), time travel (''La Spirale du temps (La Spirale du temps (comic))'' and others), and even an alien species (Extraterrestrial life in popular culture) called the Vineans. Despite the often exotic settings and science-fiction plot lines, the stories generally remain realistic on the personal level between the characters and friendship, love and spirituality are some of the key themes of the series. The art is drawn in Ligne claire style. When

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(magazine) Time '' published an article that detailed the CIA interrogations of Omar al-Faruq. In the article it states "On Sept. 9, according to a secret CIA summary of the interview, al-Faruq confessed that he was, in fact, al-Qaeda's senior representative in Southeast Asia. Then came an even more shocking confession: according to the CIA document, al-Faruq said two senior al-Qaeda officials, Abu Zubaydah and Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, had ordered him to 'plan large-scale attacks against


law as well as the historical long record of tolerance since the Ummayde caliph days. Christmas and Easter days are official holidays for both the Catholic or Orthodox calendar. *'''Svenborgia''': a country only rich people know about. Appears in the 30 Rock episode 'SeinfeldVision.' *'''Sunda''': in Eric Ambler's State of Siege, is similar to Indonesia but much smaller, confined to a single island. (In reality there is a Sunda Strait and many islands known collectively as the Sunda Islands, but no specific one island with the name.) *'''Suroq''': Middle Eastern country from the ''Mission: Impossible'' TV episode "Terror" International programs Vancouver Island University offers exchange programs that allow students to study for one or two semesters overseas while remaining registered at Vancouver Island University. Current partner institutions are located in Australia, England, Finland, France, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, and the USA. Vancouver Island University also offers short-term study abroad options in some program areas; destination countries include Belgium, Belize, the Cook Islands, Indonesia, Italy, USA (New York), Tanzania, Korea, France, and Spain. Additionally, Vancouver Island University supports field schools, co-ops, practicum placements and development projects, has sister-school agreements with Japan, Korea and Thailand and educational alliances with schools in Taiwan, China, Mexico, India and Turkey. The 2007-08 class enrolled 102 students out of 280 applicants from all over the world, including: Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, and Turkey. http: mba docs mba_brochure2008web.pdf * '''India''' - Jaswant Singh (1998-2002) * '''Indonesia''' - Alwi Shihab (1999-2001) * '''Iran''' - Kamal Kharrazi (1997-2005) '''Adonara''' is an island in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, located east of the larger island of Flores in the Solor Archipelago. To the east lies Lembata, formerly known as Lomblen. It is the highest of the islands of the archipelago, reaching an altitude of 1,659 metres, and it has an area of 497 km 2 . Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia

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between the way that Friedman proposed using the social "shock" of the coups to create an economic "blank slate" with Ewen Cameron (Donald Ewen Cameron)'s controversial medical experiments that used electroshock therapy to create a mental "blank slate" in patients with mental disorders. Naomi Klein, ''The Shock Doctrine,'' Metropolitan Books, New York, NY 2007. Based on the extent to which the application of neoliberal (Neoliberalism) policies

Vietnam "Presidentes do Brasil e Vietnã realiza 'Comunicado Conjunto' para cooperação para o desenvolvimento econômico e social", Fator Brasil. Retrieved 2009-06-28. and the Philippines, "PGMA, Brazilian President Lula agree to further strengthen RP-Brazil relations

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: library publications the-world-factbook geos id.html CIA World Factbook Much of Indonesia is seismically active and the number, size, submergence and emergence and shape of islands continues to evolve. The Indonesian Archipelago is part of the Malay Archipelago. right thumb 400px Map of Indonesia (File:Indonesia map.png) This is a '''list of islands in the Indonesian Archipelago'''. Indonesia comprises 17,508 - 18,306 islands and 8,844 that have been named according to estimates made by the Government of Indonesia (Politics of Indonesia), with 922 of those permanently inhabited. Based on "''Seminar Nasional Penetapan Nama Pulau-pulau Kecil Dalam Presektif Sejarah'' or "National Seminary of Name For Little Islands From History Side", July 16 to 18 at Palembang, '''South Sumatra''', '''Indonesia''', now we know they have a new amount of the islands total, 8,844 that have been named The islands span Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia

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recovered, including one complete cranium (human cranium) (skull). Brown ''et al.'' 2004 Morwood, Brown ''et al.'' 2005 These remains have been the subject of intense research to determine whether they represent a species distinct from modern humans, and the progress of this scientific controversy has been closely followed by the news media at large. This hominin is remarkable for its

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Iraqi governing body. (See 2003 occupation of Iraq timeline) * War on Terrorism: Israel states that an "unwritten and abstract" axis with India and the United States has been created to combat international terrorism and make the world a more secure place for all. War on Terrorism : APEC: Indonesia and Malaysia have submitted lists of 20 suspected terrorists (terrorism) with links to two militant groups, asking for Thailand to help monitor their movements on the southern border. War on Terrorism : Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia will amend its Penal Code to punish not just terrorists but also those who provide financial services or facilities to them. Changes will penalize those who help terrorists. In the United States, the George W. Bush Bush administration proposes a major reform of immigration law, creating a temporary worker program and giving legal status to both illegal and foreign workers for renewable three-year periods. The Supreme Court of Indonesia upholds the death sentence handed down to Bali bomber (2002 Bali terrorist bombing) Amrozi. The 12 October 2002 attacks killed 202 mainly holiday makers on the resort island of Bali. July 1073437329581.html *David Kay says, in his opinion, Iraq had no banned WMD (Weapons of mass destruction) stockpiles: "I don't think they existed", Kay said, "What everyone was talking about is stockpiles produced after the end of the last (1991) Gulf War, and I don't think there was a large-scale production program in the '90s."David Kay also says that part of Saddam Hussein 's secret weapons programme may have been hidden in Syria. Syria denies receiving Iraq arms. Indonesia announces that millions of birds have died from avian influenza in the last few months. Golden Globe Awards : Major winners include ''The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King'', ''Lost in Translation (Lost in Translation (film))'', and ''Angels in America (Angels in America (miniseries))''. Taiwan Liu first fled to Hong Kong then made a living in Indonesia as a Chinese language teacher, in 1953 he was allowed to return to Taiwan as a political advisor to Chiang Kai Shek. He was decorated with the Order of Blue Sky and White Sun, he died in Taiwan in 1972. Levende Ord speech In July 2004, Hagen delivered a speech at a convention of the independent Christian organisation ''Levende Ord'', where he stated that "we Christians are very much concerned with children. Jesus said, let the small children come to me. I can't understand that Muhammad could have said the same. In the case that he could have said the same, it would have been: Let the small children come to me, so that I can exploit them in my struggle to Islamify the world." He also stated that if Israel lost the fight in the Middle East, Europe would bow under to Islam, if Muslim fundamentalists get it as they want. "They have, in the same manner as Hitler (Adolf Hitler), long ago made it clear that the long-term plan is to Islamify the world. They have come a long way, they have pierced deep into Africa, and have come a long way into Europe – and then we have to fight back." He was because of this speech criticised by politicians, religious leaders and other public personalities within Norway. Some days later, the ambassadors of Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and Morocco, and chargé d'affair (chargé d'affaires) of Tunisia made an unusual strong attack on Hagen in a letter in the newspaper Aftenposten. Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia

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in English literature from the University. While working as an attaché he continued pursuing his passion for art. His first foray into the Singapore arts scene was with his first collection of poetry writing titled ''The Giant'' in 1968 and held his first art exhibition at the National Library on Stamford Road in 1973. He also converted to his faith to Buddhism in that year; his newfound spiritual experience outweighed his passion for the arts that made him give up painting for the next four years. It was only when the-then French Embassy cultural attaché Michel Deverge threatened to end their friendship if he didn't pursue his art again, that Tan resume painting. Deverge went on to organize a successful exhibition of Tan's new creations at the Gauguin Museum in Tahiti. Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia

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by a charismatic radical Muslim politician, Sekarmadji Maridjan Kartosuwirjo. The group recognised only ''Shari'a'' as a valid source of law. The movement has produced splinters and offshoots that range from Jemaah Islamiyah to non-violent religious groups. right thumb The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant in Times Square (Image:Bubbagump.jpg), New York City. The '''Bubba Gump Shrimp Company''' Restaurant and Market is a seafood restaurant chain inspired by the 1994 film '' Forrest

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Popular main dishes include: * ''ayam bakar'', grilled chicken * ''ayam goreng'', deep-fried chicken * ''cap cay'', Chinese-style stir-fried vegetables, usually with chicken, beef or seafood * ''gado-gado'', blanched vegetables with peanut sauce * ''gudeg'', jackfruit stew from Yogyakarta. * ''ikan bakar'', grilled fish * ''karedok'', similar to gado-gado, but the vegetables are finely chopped and mostly raw * ''perkedel'', deep-fried patties of potato and meat or vegetables (adopted


'''Indonesia''' ( ), is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising thousands of islands (List of islands of Indonesia). "The Naming Procedures of Indonesia's Islands", ''Tenth United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names'', New York, 31 July – 9 August 2012, United Nations Economic and Social Council It encompasses 34 provinces (Provinces of Indonesia). Two provinces were Special Administrative Regions (one (Special Region of Yogyakarta) for being governed by pre-colonial monarchy and another one (Aceh) for using the Sharia Law), with an estimated population of over 252 million people, making it the world's fourth most populous (List of countries by population) country. Indonesia's republican form of government comprises an elected legislature and president. The nation's capital city is Jakarta. The country shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. Other neighboring countries include Singapore, the Philippines, Australia (Australia–Indonesia border), Palau, and the Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Indonesia is a founding member of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and a member of the G-20 major economies. The Indonesian economy (Economy of Indonesia) is the world's 17th (List of countries by GDP (nominal)) largest by nominal GDP.

The Indonesian archipelago has been an important trade region since at least the 7th century, when Srivijaya and then later Majapahit traded with China and India. Local rulers gradually absorbed foreign cultural, religious and political models from the early centuries CE (Common Era), and Hindu (Hinduism in Southeast Asia) and Buddhist (Buddhism) kingdoms flourished. Indonesian history (History of Indonesia) has been influenced by foreign powers drawn to its natural resources. Muslim traders brought the now-dominant Islam (Islam in Southeast Asia), while European powers brought Christianity and fought one another to monopolize trade in the Spice Islands of Maluku (Maluku Islands) during the Age of Discovery. Following three and a half centuries of Dutch colonialism (Dutch East Indies), Indonesia secured its independence (Indonesian National Revolution) after World War II. Indonesia's history has since been turbulent, with challenges posed by natural disasters, mass slaughter (Indonesian killings of 1965–66), corruption (Corruption in Indonesia), separatism, a democratization process (Post-Suharto era), and periods of rapid economic change.

Indonesia consists of hundreds of distinct native ethnic (Ethnic groups in Indonesia) and linguistic groups (Languages of Indonesia). The largest – and politically dominant – ethnic group are the Javanese (Javanese people). A shared identity has developed, defined by a national language, ethnic diversity, religious pluralism within a majority Muslim population, and a history of colonialism and rebellion against it. Indonesia's national motto, ''"Bhinneka Tunggal Ika"'' ("Unity in Diversity" ''literally,'' "many, yet one"), articulates the diversity that shapes the country. Despite its large population and densely populated regions, Indonesia has vast areas of wilderness that support the world's second highest level of biodiversity. The country has abundant natural resources, yet poverty remains widespread.

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