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original films

, a Dolem given to TERRA based on the RahXephon. '''Tania Gunadi''' (born 29 July 1983) is an Indonesian-born actress. She is best known for her role as Emma Lau on the Disney XD series ''Aaron Stone'' and appearing the Disney Channel original films ''Pixel Perfect'' (2004) and ''Go Figure (Go Figure (film))'' (2005). Biography Gunadi was born in Bandung, Indonesia. She co-starred in the Disney Channel Original Movies ''Pixel Perfect'' and '' Go Figure

local crime

Following a flight from officials, Pearlman was arrested in Indonesia on June 14, 2007 after being spotted by a German (Germany) tourist couple. Lou Pearlman Taken Into Custody In Indonesia Pearlman was then indicted by a federal grand jury on June 27, 2007. local crime article.aspx?storyid 57854 Tampa

solo song

of an Indonesian folk song, "Bengawan Solo (Bengawan Solo (song))". Systematics and Distribution Blue-tongued skinks are closely related to the genera ''Cyclodomorphus'' and ''Hemisphaeriodon''. All species are found on mainland Australia with the exception of ''Tiliqua gigas'' which occurs in New Guinea and various islands of Indonesia. One subspecies of ''Tiliqua scincoides'' is also found on several small Indonesian islands between Australia and New Guinea

of the song ''Bengawan Solo (Bengawan Solo (song))'', a tune which has become famous throughout Indonesia, Japan, much of Asia, and some other countries in the world. The song is almost synonymous with the ''kroncong'' style of Javanese music. Martohartono was most commonly known simply as '''Gesang'''. History Starting in 1962 (1962 Asian Games), the Games were hit by several crises. First, the host country Indonesia, refused to permit the participation of Israel

sports team sports

activities, gymnastics, individual dual sports, team sports, rhythms, and dance. Students are encouraged to continue to explore those activities in which they have a primary interest by effectively managing their community resources. right thumb 220px Indonesian high school students are playing traditional game "Benteng" (Image:SMATrinitasORBenteng.JPG) In Indonesia, students ranging from Kindergarten to High School have PE integrated with their curriculum. Kindergarten until Grade 3 of Elementary (Elementary school) students have gymnastics, starting from Grade 4 of Elementary School, students will be introduced into traditional martial arts Pencak Silat and some team games such as badminton, tennis, soccer, futsal, rounders, basketball, etc. Starting from Junior High School, Both gender are separated during PE class. PE find its place in extracurricular forms, where students can specialize themself in one kind of sports they choose. Sport Festival can be held during vacuum period, usually after examination. At this time students can compete each other by bringing own class' flag. Some universities such as ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology ) include PE in curriculum for freshmen Name The spelling "Sukarno" is frequently used in English as it is based on the newer official spelling in Indonesia since 1947 but the older spelling '''Soekarno''', based on Dutch orthography, is still frequently used, mainly because he signed his name in the old spelling. Official Indonesian presidential decrees from the period 1947–1968, however, printed his name using the 1947 spelling. The Soekarno–Hatta International Airport which serves near Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia for example, still uses the older spelling. These mostly epiphytic (epiphyte), but sometimes lithophytic (lithophyte) or terrestrial (terrestrial plant) orchids are distributed in India, Himalaya, SE Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, southern China and northern Australia. According to this model of classification, Australoid peoples ranged throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Guinea, Melanesia, and India. In the mid-twentieth century an argument emerged that Australoids were linked to proto-Caucasoids. *Simon FitzSimon (fl. 1323) – Irish (Irish people) author of a ''itenerum'' through Egypt and the Holy Land. *Zheng He (1371–1433) – Chinese admiral who made seven voyages to Arabia, East Africa, India, Indonesia and Thailand. thumb right 300px Wallace's line delineates Australian and Southeast Asian fauna. The probable extent of land at the time of the last glacial maximum (Image:Map of Sunda and Sahul.png), when the sea level was more than 110 m lower than today, is shown in grey. The deep water of the Lombok Strait between Bali and Lombok formed a water barrier even when lower sea levels linked the now-separated islands and landmasses on either side. The '''Wallace Line''' (or '''Wallace's Line''') is an imaginary line drawn in 1859 separating the ecozones (Terrestrial ecozone) of Asia and Wallacea, a transitional zone between Asia and Australia. West of the line are found organisms related to Asiatic species; to the east, a mixture of species of Asian and Australian origin is present. The line is named after Alfred Russel Wallace, who noticed this clear division during his travels through the East Indies in the 19th century. The line runs through Indonesia, between Borneo and Sulawesi (Celebes), and through the Lombok Strait between Bali and Lombok. Antonio Pigafetta had also recorded the biological contrasts between the Philippines and the Maluku Islands (Spice Islands) (on opposite sides of the line) in 1521 during the continuation of the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan, after Magellan had been killed on Mactan. The highest mountain in the Australian mainland (Australia) is Mount Kosciuszko, Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia

life skills

, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and China. QLN also produces books, video and audiotapes, CDs and computer products about academic and life skills which are available around the world. During ''Détente'', competition continued, especially in the Middle East and southern and eastern Africa. The two nations continued to compete with each other for influence in the resource-rich Third World. There was also increasing criticism of U.S. support for the Suharto regime in Indonesia, Augusto Pinochet's regime in Chile, and Mobuto Sese Seko's regime in Zaire. '''Haji Agus Salim Stadium''' is a multi-use stadium in Padang (Padang, Indonesia), Indonesia. It is currently used mostly for football (football (soccer)) matches and is the home stadium of Semen Padang F.C.. The stadium holds 28,000 people http: 2008 10 stadion-haji-agus-salim.html . * Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia

quot directing

of not doing enough in a US-backed road map for peace. Israel had said that 540 Palestinian prisoners would be freed but only released 342 names in a prisoner list. Israel accuses the Palestinians of not curbing terrorist attacks on Israel. * Convicted terrorist (terrorism), Real IRA leader Michael McKevitt, found guilty yesterday by the Republic of Ireland's Special Criminal Court of "membership of an illegal organisation" and "directing terrorism"

run based

dangerous. Guard your bags like a hawk. In the wilder parts of the country (notably South Sumatra), inter-province buses are occasionally ambushed by bandits. By scheduled travel shuttle Mini shuttle is the latest mode of Indonesian transportation, growing inline with the new toll roads and better highways. The ''travel'', as locals call it, uses various AC minibus with passengers from 6 to 12 persons on reclining seats and run based on 'point to point' routes. It means every operator

colorful opening

The 10th (X) '''Southeast Asian Games''' were held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 21–30 September 1979. It was the first time that Indonesia hosted the biennial sports carnival. The colorful opening and closing ceremonies were held at Senayan Sports Stadium (Gelora Bung Karno Stadium) in Jakarta and was officially opened by President Suharto. Ceremony venue Rizal Memorial Stadium (Rizal Memorial Sports Complex) The '''16th Southeast Asian Games''' were

held in Manila, the Philippines from 24 November - 3 December 1991. This was the second time that the country hosted the biennial regional sporting event. It was officially opened by President (President of the Philippines) Corazon Aquino at the Rizal Memorial Stadium (Rizal Memorial Sports Complex) in Manila through a colorful opening ceremony. It was the only SEA Games where the overall championship was heavily contested. The deciding medal came from the last sporting event - women's marathon where Indonesia got the gold medal. The host country was disappointed when they were two gold medals short of getting the over-all championship. broadcast partners on GMA-7 (GMA Network) was the broadcast by National television scene, Araneta Coliseum was the venue of Basketball game in the SEA Games. The 19th '''Southeast Asian Games''' were held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 11 October to 19 October 1997. It was opened by President of Indonesia names Suharto. The Games featured 36 sports in 490 events. Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia

local comic

) from the Dutch (Netherlands), which was successfully achieved (Java and other Dutch territories were not returned to the Dutch until 1816, after the conclusion of the Napoleonic Wars). In 1824 the First Burmese War began and the regiment took part in that conflict, winning the battle honour "Ava". '''Elex Media Komputindo''' is a major Indonesian publisher of literature on computers as well as comic books. In addition to local comic books, it also publishes Japanese manga, Korean manhwa, and Chinese manhua. Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia

early writing

performance usually includes at least one hamd, which is traditionally the first song in the performance. The author’s second novel, ''Blood is a Stranger'' was set in Australia's Arnhem Land and Indonesia. ''Blood is a Stranger'', William Heinemann, Australia, 1988; ISBN 085561 160 X This covered the ‘issue’ of the misuse of uranium mining and dangers of nuclear weapons, a theme in Perry’s early writing and documentary film-making. Stephen Knight


'''Indonesia''' ( ), is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising thousands of islands (List of islands of Indonesia). "The Naming Procedures of Indonesia's Islands", ''Tenth United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names'', New York, 31 July – 9 August 2012, United Nations Economic and Social Council It encompasses 34 provinces (Provinces of Indonesia). Two provinces were Special Administrative Regions (one (Special Region of Yogyakarta) for being governed by pre-colonial monarchy and another one (Aceh) for using the Sharia Law), with an estimated population of over 252 million people, making it the world's fourth most populous (List of countries by population) country. Indonesia's republican form of government comprises an elected legislature and president. The nation's capital city is Jakarta. The country shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. Other neighboring countries include Singapore, the Philippines, Australia (Australia–Indonesia border), Palau, and the Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Indonesia is a founding member of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and a member of the G-20 major economies. The Indonesian economy (Economy of Indonesia) is the world's 17th (List of countries by GDP (nominal)) largest by nominal GDP.

The Indonesian archipelago has been an important trade region since at least the 7th century, when Srivijaya and then later Majapahit traded with China and India. Local rulers gradually absorbed foreign cultural, religious and political models from the early centuries CE (Common Era), and Hindu (Hinduism in Southeast Asia) and Buddhist (Buddhism) kingdoms flourished. Indonesian history (History of Indonesia) has been influenced by foreign powers drawn to its natural resources. Muslim traders brought the now-dominant Islam (Islam in Southeast Asia), while European powers brought Christianity and fought one another to monopolize trade in the Spice Islands of Maluku (Maluku Islands) during the Age of Discovery. Following three and a half centuries of Dutch colonialism (Dutch East Indies), Indonesia secured its independence (Indonesian National Revolution) after World War II. Indonesia's history has since been turbulent, with challenges posed by natural disasters, mass slaughter (Indonesian killings of 1965–66), corruption (Corruption in Indonesia), separatism, a democratization process (Post-Suharto era), and periods of rapid economic change.

Indonesia consists of hundreds of distinct native ethnic (Ethnic groups in Indonesia) and linguistic groups (Languages of Indonesia). The largest – and politically dominant – ethnic group are the Javanese (Javanese people). A shared identity has developed, defined by a national language, ethnic diversity, religious pluralism within a majority Muslim population, and a history of colonialism and rebellion against it. Indonesia's national motto, ''"Bhinneka Tunggal Ika"'' ("Unity in Diversity" ''literally,'' "many, yet one"), articulates the diversity that shapes the country. Despite its large population and densely populated regions, Indonesia has vast areas of wilderness that support the world's second highest level of biodiversity. The country has abundant natural resources, yet poverty remains widespread.

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