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and artists performed during the event. The city hosted a meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers in February 2010. http: g20 Incheon was the site of the third Global Model United Nations Conference, held from 10th to the 14th of August 2011. It first hosted the Incheon Women Artists' Biennale in 2004 which expanded into welcoming international artists in its subsequent 2007, 2009

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by a very friendly American guy and his Korean wife. They have dart leagues, foosball, trivia nights, live music, movie nights and on-demand music videos for free. It's a small neighborhood, so everyone knows everyone. You'll never go there without seeing a friendly face. Every couple of months they do big events in which they take 40 of the locals on weekend getaways. Great mix of foreigners and Koreans! Sleep There are a variety of hotels in the city. *

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and entertainment centres. New Songdo City Songdo International City (Songdo International Business District) began development in 1994 and is being built on reclaimed land. It is designated to become a center of diverse international businesses, a hub for international trade, an area for knowledge-based technologies, and a place for eco-friendly urban living. Construction is due to be completed in 2020. * Development size: commons:인천광역시

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; Service record ''Chaoyong'' was laid down on 15 January 1880, launched on 11 November 1880, completed on 14 July 1881, and sailed back to Weihaiwei on 22 November 1881 together with her sister ship, ''Yangwei''. The cost for both ships was 65 million taels of silver. Construction was rushed, due to strained relations between China and Russian Empire over the Ili River in Central Asia. On arrival, ''Chaoyong'' and ''Yangwei'' were both assigned to the Beiyang Fleet. As relations

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semifinals in Incheon and Gimcheon, one as a qualifier and the other as a lucky loser (Lucky loser (tennis)). She consolidated these results with a run to the quarterfinals of another $25,000 in Changwon. In June she received a wild card (Wild card (sports)) into the main draw of the DFS Classic (2007 DFS Classic) where she showed ''"fighting spirit"'' in her first round loss to Milagros Sequera.


independent from Seoul. Also, the city serves as a transportation hub by air and sea, with a massive harbor and a major international airport (Incheon International Airport). Several beautiful islands, such as Yeongjong Island and Ganghwa Island, are also within city limits. The status of the area is set to increase as various national projects are in development here. The New Songdo City plan, the most expensive real estate development in Korean history, is in progress. One of the world's tallest twin tower buildings, 151 Incheon tower, is under early construction and Korea's current tallest building, the Northeast Asia Trade Tower, is already finished. It is planning to launch further independent mini-cities for shopping, housing, and education. Added to this real estate development, and will also invite a large number of visitors for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. Despite these developments, the Songdo area of Incheon is currently unfinished and largely uninhabited, not yet a viable destination for tourists. Travelers are more likely to enjoy the bustling eastern side of Incheon which blurs into the vast expanse of Seoul. Get in commons:인천광역시

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by population third largest metropolitan area by population . Incheon has since led the economic development of Korea by opening its port to the outside world, ushering in the modernization of Korea as a center of industrialization. In 2003, the city was designated as Korea’s first free economic zone. Since then, large local companies and global enterprises have increasingly invested in the Incheon Free Economic Zone, including Samsung which chose Songdo International Business District

transportation to all parts of Korea. Many city bus lines offer transportation within city limits as well as to the neighboring cities of Bucheon, Gimpo, Seoul, and Siheung. Many BRT lines offer transportation between Seoul and Incheon. Train thumb Songdo International Business District Songdo IBD (File:Songdo Central.jpg) Local service to Guro (Guro Station), Seoul (Seoul Station), Cheongnyangni (Cheongnyangni Station (underground)), Uijeongbu Station Uijeongbu

station to Suwon station by 2013. It will have 10 stations within Incheon. SMRT (one of three operating companies of Seoul Metropolitan Subway) has extended Seoul Metropolitan Subway Line 7 to Bupyeong-gu office by 2011 and provided transfers to the Incheon Subway system. It has 3 stations within Incheon. Free Economic Zone thumb 230px Incheon Free Economic Zone (File:Sondo.jpg) The Incheon Free Economic Zone consists of the three regions of Songdo International Business District


team Incheon United FC (Incheon United). The Incheon team was known to have a popular rivalry against former Bucheon SK(now Jeju United), due to the teams' close geographical relationship. The WK-League team Hyundai Steel Red Angels (Hyundai Steel Red Angels WFC). '''Baseball''' The KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) team SK Wyverns BC (SK Wyverns). The first Incheon-based pro-baseball team was Sammi(one of major steel companies in 1980s) Superstars

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: Story.aspx?id 33064 title Korea 2022 Reveals Host Cities publisher World Football Insider date 4 March 2010 accessdate 8 March 2010 archiveurl http: web 20100306150340 http: Story.aspx?id 33064 archivedate 6 March 2010 deadurl no Although South Korea did not have an 80,000 capacity stadium, it planned to upgrade an existing venue to meet that capacity. There are three grounds which can

, Cheonan, Daegu, Daejeon, Goyang, Gwangju, Incheon (2 Venues), Jeonju, Jeju (Jeju City), Seoul (2 Venues), Suwon and Ulsan.

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to Seoul station in December 2010. Passengers can choose a high-speed service stopping only at Incheon airport and Seoul, which takes 43 minutes but departs only every half-hour; or the all-station service which takes 53 minutes but leaves every six minutes. Subway The Incheon Subway has a single subway line serving the city. It connects to the Seoul Metropolitan Subway system at Bupyeong station, and AREX line at Gyeyang station. The line has 28 stations

- imagesize 75px locale Incheon, South Korea transit_type Rapid transit The '''Incheon Subway''' is a single subway line serving the South Korean city of Incheon. It connects to the Seoul Metropolitan Subway system at Bupyeong station. - 7. 11 June 2002 Incheon, South Korea '''''Inchon''''' (also called '''''Inchon!''''') is a 1982 war film about the Battle


image_flag Incheon Flag.png image_blank_emblem Seal of Incheon.svg blank_emblem_type Seal of Incheon blank_emblem_size image_map South Korea-Incheon.svg map_caption Map of South Korea with Incheon highlighted coordinates_region KR subdivision_type Country subdivision_name South Korea subdivision_type1 Region (Regions of Korea) subdivision_name1 Seoul National Capital Area

seat_type seat parts_type Subdivisions (#Administrative divisions) parts_style !-- list (for list), coll (for collapsed list), para (for paragraph format) Default is list if up to 5 items, coll if more than 5-- parts p1 '''8 districts ("gu")''' p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 p9   p10 '''2 counties ("gun")''' p11 p12 government_footnotes government_type Metropolitan City (Cities of South Korea) leader_title Mayor leader_name Yoo jung-bok leader_title1 Council Chairman leader_name1 Ryu Su-yong established_title Founded established_date 1105 as Gyeongwon founder named_for area_magnitude unit_pref area_footnotes area_total_km2 1029.43 area_total_sq_mi

elevation_footnotes tags-- elevation_m elevation_ft elevation_max_m elevation_max_ft elevation_min_m elevation_min_ft population_as_of October, 2014 population_footnotes http: month population_note population_total 2,899,071 population_density_km2 auto population_density_sq_mi

timezone Korea Standard Time utc_offset +9 timezone_DST utc_offset_DST coor_type latd 37 latm 29 lats latNS N longd 126 longm 38 longs longEW E postal_code_type postal_code area_code blank_name Dialect (Dialects of Korean) blank_info Seoul (Seoul Dialect) blank1_name Flower blank1_info Rose blank2_name Tree blank2_info Tulip tree (Liriodendron) blank3_name Bird blank3_info Crane (Crane (bird)) blank4_name blank4_info blank5_name blank5_info website footnotes '''Incheon''' ( ; formerly romanized as '''Inchon'''; literally "kind river"), officially the '''Incheon Metropolitan City''', is a city located in northwestern South Korea, bordering Seoul and Gyeonggi to the east. The city was home to just 4,700 people when Jemulpo port was built in 1883. Today, 2.9 million people live in the city, making it Korea’s third most populous city after Seoul and Busan. While people have inhabited the area since the New Stone Age, the city's growth was assured in modern times with the development of its port due to its natural advantages as a coastal city and its proximity to the South Korean capital. It is part of the Seoul Capital Area, along with Seoul itself and Gyeonggi Province, forming the world's third largest metropolitan area by population (List of metropolitan areas by population).

Incheon has since led the economic development of Korea by opening its port to the outside world, ushering in the modernization of Korea as a center of industrialization. In 2003, the city was designated as Korea’s first free economic zone. Since then, large local companies and global enterprises have increasingly invested in the Incheon Free Economic Zone, including Samsung which chose Songdo (Songdo International Business District) International City as its new investment destination for its bio industry.

As an international city, Incheon has held numerous large scale international conferences, such as the Incheon Global Fair & Festival in 2009. The 17th Asian Games (2014 Asian Games) Incheon 2014 was also held in Incheon on September 19, 2014. Incheon has established itself as a major transportation hub in northeast Asia with the world renowned Incheon International Airport and Incheon Port. The city is also home to the Green Climate Fund, an international organization addressing environmental issues.

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