What is Huanchaco known for?

exceptional service

. Their chimichurry topping going great with the burgers. * *


, UNESCO *Chan Chan conservation project *Website about Trujillo, Reviews, Events, Business Directory * http:


price Breakfast PEN8-15, lunch PEN6-15, dessert PEN5-10, drinks PEN3-8 content European fusion. Excellent coffee tea, breakfasts, lunches (mostly sandwiches), and desserts. Organic products are used where available, high quality food. Run by a family who are involved in improving the community. Prices are reasonable for the area.) * commons:Huanchaco


#lat -8.0758397&lon -79.1180623&z 13&l 3&m b&search Trujillo%20Peru Location of Huanchaco (Wikimapia) *"Huaca de la luna and Huaca del sol" *"Huacas del Sol y de la Luna Archaeological Complex", Official Website *Information on El Brujo Archaeological Complex *366 Chan Chan World Heritage Site address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content * Make sure you go with an accredited guide, as there are French, Dutch and German people posing as guides etc., paying commission to ''bricheros'', who are professional tourist

term relationship

parasites. Volunteer Many local volunteer opportunities are available. Street Kids in Peru (in trujillo) helps the homeless to finish their primary & secondary education. The Otra Cosa Network and Espaanglisch do projects from English teaching to helping at an orphanage. OR if you are willing to stay for six months to one year, LaCasaCorazon is a laid-back,long term, relationship building

original population

. History Pre-Columbian era Huanchaco's original population were indigenous fishermen, who worshipped the moon and a golden fish called Huaca Taska Some accounts suggest the name "Huanchaco" may originate from "Gua-Kocha, a Quechua word meaning "beautiful lake". It was the main port Moche (Moche (culture)), ChimĂș and Inca eras, and was described by Inca Garcilaso de la Vega as the preferred port of the Incas. In the ChimĂș culture 800 A.C. to 1400 A.C

delicious food

, between Union and Atahualpa. * Eat There is much delicious food to taste in Huanchaco and other parts of northern Peru. The dishes are mainly fish or seafood

complex quot

#lat -8.0758397&lon -79.1180623&z 13&l 3&m b&search Trujillo%20Peru Location of Huanchaco (Wikimapia) *"Huaca de la luna and Huaca del sol" *"Huacas del Sol y de la Luna Archaeological Complex", Official Website *Information on El Brujo Archaeological Complex * Chan Chan World Heritage Site


295px image_caption '''From top and left to right:''' View of Huanchaco beach, Dish of cebiche (cebiche), Huanchaco pier, Saveguard in Caballito de Totora (Caballitos de totora), Tumi: Chimu work, Chan Chan: capital Chimu, Park in Huanchaco, Night view of the pier, Swamps of Huanchaco, Navegator Chimu in a Caballito de Totora (Caballitos de totora), Surfers in Huanchaco, Wall in Chan Chan image image_flag flag_size

It shows the typical and ancient caballitos de totora file:playahuanchaco.jpg ''Malecon (Malecon, Huanchaco) near to the beach'' file:Huanchaco 2.jpg ''Park in Huanchaco'' File:MuelleHuanchaco3.jpg ''The Huanchaco pier is one of the most visited places by tourists from around the world who come to Huanchaco, a longboard (longboard (surfing)) world stage'' ''Sailing with caballitos de totora (caballitos de totora)'' Swamps of Huanchaco

thumb 250px right Swamps of Huanchaco is an ecological (File:HumedalesHuanchaco1.JPG) Chimu reserve (Lands inhabited by indigenous peoples), about 14 km northwest of the ''historic center'' of Trujillo (Trujillo, Peru) city, Peru. From this ecological reserve the ancient mochica (Moche (culture)) extracted the raw material for the manufacture of the ancient Caballitos de totora used since the time of the Moche (Moche (culture)) for fishing. '''Swamps of Huanchaco


to explore the zone. *'''Huankarute''', right in front of the beach, this hostel main purpose is to make every visitor feel at home. Single, double and triple rooms with inside or ocean view are available, all of them grant you access to the swimming pool, game room and wi-fi connection. American breakfast is included and some guest rooms have Jacuzzi tubs. Take advantage of special prices during low seasons and discounts on more than two-days stays. 233 La Ribera Ave. at the north end of the beach. Camping, dorm, singles, doubles, triples with bathrooms. Double bed with private bathroom for PES. 30 (bargaining possible) low season. Really nice garden, hammocks, two dogs, two tortoises, internet (PES. 2 per hour), kitchen use, friendly staff, restaurant, clean. Right on the beach. *'''Hostal Bracamonte''', A couple blocks back from the shore. Private rooms from USD14.50 person.There is a swimming pool, Game room with ping pong table and football table. There is a play area for infants and toddlers, with swings, slide and jungle gym. An outdoor barbecue, gives the people staying in the hotel a time to get together, eat and talk. Secure hotel parking is available. A van is available for tours and transport to the airport or bus station. A great Restaurant and Bar inside.This 3 star hotel is run by the Bracamonte family, they make you feel right at home. *'''Hostal Los 3 Delfines''', Location:Las Cucardas 129-133.Price Description:Single, USD7.50,Double with bath, USD12, Triple, USD18, Quad, USD21 ,extra bed, USD4.50. This hostal is known for twenty-four hour hot water. It is located two blocks up from Los Pinos from the beach, take a left, continue 1.5 blocks. Contact Information Zip: Phone: 044-46-1599. * commons:Huanchaco


'''Huanchaco''' is a beachside town of Mochica (Moche (culture)) origin and a popular vacation spot. It is the most visited beach of Trujillo (Trujillo, Peru) in Peru. Today it is still a beautiful beach that, despite its modernity, still retains its old charm.

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