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: www.time.com time covers 0,16641,26-08-1996,00.html Time Magazine Cover In the same year, he narrated the HBO film ''Without Pity: A Film About Abilities''. The film won the Emmy Award for "Outstanding Informational Special." He then acted in a small role in the film ''A Step Towards Tomorrow''. Christopher Reeve Homepage, Biography, accessed October 14, 2006 ref>

; At the same time Lane was featured on the cover of ''Time (Time magazine)'', which declared her one of Hollywood's "Whiz Kids."

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, and not knowing how to speak English. In 2001, Koyamada enrolled at Los Angeles City College as a full-time international student where he first began taking intensive acting lessons in the theater academy. Early work Building an acting career with little money, no agent, manager or other Hollywood connections is an extremely difficult accomplishment. To gain

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" rather than the banned jazz. Laqueur 1996, pp. 73-5. Early life Love was born '''Juanita Horton''' in Midland (Midland, Texas), Texas. She attended school in Midland until she was in the eighth grade, when her chiropractor father moved his family to Hollywood. Bessie graduated from Los Angeles High School and then received from her parents the graduation present of a trip around the United States. After six months of traveling, she

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up a title and nothing else (''The Cool and the Crazy'') and, because Altman was directing television shows in Hollywood, Rhoden Jr. hired Kansas City writer and a friend of Altman's - Richard C. Sarafian - to write the screenplay for the film. Sarafian went on to direct television shows and films in California during the 1960s and 1970s. The City of Los Angeles funded a $100,000 feasibility study RFP in January 2007 to explore building a freeway cap park in Hollywood. The park would be built above US highway 101 (U.S. Route 101 in California) and contain


comparatively very little. For instance, David Letterman is well known for branching into late night television as a talk show host while honing his skills a stand-up comedian, Barbra Streisand ventured into acting while operating as a singer, or Clint Eastwood, who achieved even greater fame in Hollywood for being a film director and a producer (film producer) than for his acting credentials. File:David Letterman 2.jpg 145px right thumb David

, producer (Film producer), or a television host in order to be monetarily diversified, as doing one gig pays comparatively very little. For instance, David Letterman is well known for branching into late night television as a talk show host while honing his skills a stand-up comedian, Barbra Streisand ventured into acting while operating as a singer, or Clint Eastwood, who achieved even greater fame in Hollywood for being a film director and a film

producer producer than for his acting credentials. death_date Egypt's love of the arts in general can be traced back to the rich heritage bequeathed by the Pharaohs. In modern times, Egypt has enjoyed

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. A standing set on the backlot of Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria, was used to represent Leimert Park. He graduated from Paseo High School in Kansas City, and soon was invited to sing with the Slats Randall Orchestra in the early 1930s. Lowery played on the Kansas City Blues minor league baseball team and was overall considered a versatile athlete; his physique and strength was gained from a stint working in a paper factory as a teenager. After the death of his father in 1935, he traveled to Hollywood with his mother and their housekeeper, and enrolled in the Lila Bliss acting school before being signed by Twentieth Century Fox in 1937. When sound came in, Edeson experimented with camouflaging the microphones in exterior shots. ''In Old Arizona'' (1929), the first sound film to be shot outside a studio, provided evidence to Hollywood executives that talking pictures need not be confined to the sound stage. The western was also the first film to be made in the 70mm (70mm film) widescreen process, known as "Fox Grandeur (70 mm Grandeur film)". Erickson, Hal. Allmovie, "Edeson Biography," 2007. Life and career Born to a Jewish family in New York City Letter of the Departement of Health, City of New York, 8. Oktober 2000. mentioned in: Rudolf Ulrich (Hrsg.): ''Österreicher in Hollywood.'' Neuauflage, Verlag Filmarchiv Austria, Wien 2004, ISBN 3901932291, p. 597 (Vienna has been incorrectly cited as his birthplace), Krantz was an amateur boxer and worked on Wall Street prior to entering the film business. Hollywood executives changed his name from Krantz to Cortez in order to capitalize on the popularity of his Latin contemporaries (Rudolph Valentino, Ramon Novarro and Antonio Moreno, among others.) When rumor began to circulate that Cortez was not actually Spanish, the studios attempted to pass him off as French before finally "admitting" to his supposedly Viennese (Vienna) origin. Plot "Zazel" is the title character, a world-famous artist commissioned to create "the most arousing perfume ever". In the course of devising this scent, Zazel variously paints (painting) pictures, views photographs, and wanders among the flowers of her garden, each experience inspiring her to envision a powerful sexual fantasy. The film consists of nearly a dozen individually themed sequences which reference and recreate iconography drawn from mythology, religion, literature, film and even Jungian psychology. These include sirens, water nymphs, mermaids, flowers, the jungle, ''The Three Musketeers'', classic old Hollywood movies, angels and demons, and the Jungian duality (dualism) of male and female. O'Reilly was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Harriet O'Reilly. Cyril O'Reilly Biography (1958-) He has worked in Hollywood for nearly three decades, and is known for his role as a reluctant vampire in ''Dance of the Damned'', and for his role as Tim in ''Porky's'' and ''Porky's II: The Next Day''. The noted international business newspaper ''Financial Times'', reported, in September 2004, of Sony planning and being "keen" to launch Animax across the United States and North America, after Sony had signed an agreement with the largest cable company (cable television) in the United States, Comcast, with whom it had co-partnered in a US$4.8 billion acquisition of legendary Hollywood studio MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), to bring at least three of Sony's television networks across the region. ''Sony and Comcast plan new channels'', Tim Burt, ''Financial Times'', 22 September 2004. ''Animax could be available in North America soon.'', ''Anime News Network'', 23 September 2004. Brown wrote the novel ''A Walk in the Sun (A Walk in the Sun (novel))'' in 1944, which was made into a film (A Walk in the Sun (1945 film)) in 1945. Director Lewis Milestone asked Brown to come to Hollywood as a screenwriter where he worked on films including ''Sands of Iwo Jima'' (1949 (1949 in film)), ''A Place in the Sun (A Place in the Sun (film))'' (1951 (1951 in film)) (winning an Oscar), and ''Ocean's 11 (Ocean's 11 (1960 film))'' (1960 (1960 in film)). Brown also was credited for his work on the first ''Ocean's 11'' when it was remade in 2001 (Ocean's Eleven (2001 film)). Later career Boetticher spent most of the 60s south of the border pursuing his obsession, the documentary of his friend, the bullfighter Carlos Arruza, turning down profitable Hollywood offers and suffering humiliation and despair to stay with the project, including sickness, bankruptcy and confinement in both jail and asylum (all of which is detailed in his autobiography ''When in Disgrace''). It was finally released in the USA as "Arruza (Arruza (film))" in 1971. Hollywood has taken note of the band's songs, a number of which have been included in television shows and movies. The group's DVD, "Live Raw" charted well on the ''Billboard (Billboard (magazine))'' musical DVD charts in 2004. In addition to gaining the admiration of fans, Casey's songwriting skills have gained him accolades. He was a finalist in the annual John Lennon Songwriting Contest, with his song "Rain on the Brain". The Honeys (the name a slang term for a female surfing enthusiast) consisted of sisters Marilyn (Marilyn Rovell) and Diane Rovell, and their cousin Ginger Blake. Marilyn and Diane had met the Beach Boys when the boys performed at a Hollywood club called Pandora's Box, in late 1962. Brian and Marilyn (who was still in high school) began dating, and he brought the girls into the recording studio, to produce their songs ("Surfin' Down The Swanee River", "Shoot The Curl", "Pray For Surf"), and included them as backup performers on Beach Boys records. The cheerleader voices on "Be True to Your School" were performed by the Honeys, and the two groups sometimes shared the same concert bill. Kibera is also the backdrop for the award-winning short film Kibera Kid, which featured a cast entirely drawn from Kibera residents. The film has played in film festivals worldwide including the Berlin Film Festival and won a Student Emmy from Hollywood. Recently, Hot Sun Foundation and Hot Sun Films started the first film school in the slum, the Kibera Film School. The film school teaches the youth from the slum how to make films and tell their stories. In 2009 through 2010, the Kibera Film School and Hot Sun Foundation collaborated on the feature film follow-up to Kibera Kid, which is titled ''Togetherness Supreme''. In his documentary ''Living with Corruption'', Sorious Samura stayed with a family in Kibera to film the corruption that occurs even at the lowest levels of Kenyan society. Furthermore, Kibera is portrayed in the Austrian 2007 documentary ''Über Wasser: Menschen und gelbe Kanister''.

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in Miami Beach opened by Porcel and named after his popular television show. Career Gere first worked professionally at the Provincetown Playhouse on Cape Cod in 1971 where he starred in ''Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.'' His first major acting role was in the original London stage version of ''Grease (Grease (musical))'' in 1973. He began appearing in Hollywood films in the mid 1970s, co-starring in the thriller '' Looking for Mr. Goodbar

in ''Some Like It Hot'' and ''The Defiant Ones''. Actress Jessica Szohr of ''Gossip Girl (Gossip Girl (TV series))'' is of partial Hungarian descent. Actor Peter Lorre became famous after his role as a murderer in Fritz Lang's ''M (M (1931 film))'' and went on to play many antagonistic villain roles. Legendary actor Béla Lugosi played Count Dracula in the stage version and subsequent film of Bram Stoker's classic. Academy Award winner Paul Lukas

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movies profiles estelle-taylor.html ''Estelle Taylor in The silent Collection'' by Tammy Stone In 1988, Chaykin created perhaps his most controversial title: ''Black Kiss'', a 12-issue series published by Vortex Comics which contained his most explicit depictions of sex and violence yet. Telling the story of sex-obsessed vampires in Hollywood, ''Black Kiss'' pushed the boundaries of what could be shown in mainstream comics. Even though ''Black Kiss

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, ''Family Affair''. Plot Born in Seattle, Washington, Frances Elena Farmer is a rebel from a young age, winning a high school award by writing an essay called "God Dies" in 1931. Later that decade, she becomes controversial again when she wins (and accepts) an all-expenses-paid trip to the USSR (Soviet Union) in 1935. Determined to become an actress, Frances is equally determined not to play the Hollywood game: she refuses to acquiesce to publicity stunts, and insists upon

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Chairs (1970 film) The Twelve Chairs '', ''Blazing Saddles'', ''Silent Movie'', ''History of the World, Part I'', ''Spaceballs'', and ''Robin Hood: Men in Tights''. Brooks' late wife, actress Anne Bancroft, directed Dom in ''Fatso (Fatso (1980 film))'' (1980).


'''Hollywood''' is a district in the central (Central Los Angeles) region of Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

It is notable for its place as the home of the entertainment industry, including several of its historic studios. Its name has come to be a metonym (metonymy) for the motion picture industry of the United States (Cinema of the United States). Hollywood is also a highly ethnically diverse, densely populated, economically diverse neighborhood and retail business district.

Hollywood was a small community in 1870 and was incorporated as a municipality in 1903.

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