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controversial producing

, "There Won't Be Trumpets A Quiet Thing" and "God Bless the Child", were later released on her ''Just For the Record'' box set - on the liner notes she stated that 'no one at the record company shared my enthusiasm. They thought the songs didn't belong on a contemporary album like Butterfly'. In 1976 he was given a controversial producing credit on Streisand's remake of ''A Star Is Born (A Star Is Born (1976 film))''. ''Barbra'' by Donald Zec and Anthony Fowles, chapter 17 He worked with Peter Guber for the next ten years. Their hits included ''The Color Purple (The Color Purple (film))'', ''Flashdance'', ''Batman (Batman (1989 film))'', and ''Rain Man''. He headed Sony Pictures with Guber for two years until Guber fired him. The pair were the subject of the book ''Hit and Run: How Jon Peters and Peter Guber Took Sony for a Ride in Hollywood'' by Nancy Griffin and Kim Masters. Nancy Griffin; Kim Masters (1997). ''Hit & Run: How Jon Peters and Peter Guber Took Sony For A Ride In Hollywood''. Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0-684-80931-1 Released

film blue

'', a film otherwise set at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. Movies Deep River has achieved a degree of notoriety in the films of David Lynch. As well as being referenced in ''Blue Velvet (Blue Velvet (film))'', the town is specifically mentioned in ''Mulholland Drive (Mulholland Drive (film))'', Lynch's surreal (Surrealism) film about a young actress struggling to cope in Hollywood. Naomi Watts plays a character named Betty at the beginning of the film.

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in Action'' Movie Review accessdate January 29, 2012

musical hit

in this sense, however, the woman is usually described as the ''leading lady'' of the man. The term is also used collectively, as in 'Hollywood's leading men' to refer to a group of notable, famous or popular actors. Some examples of modern leading men include Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Daniel Craig. Her biggest solo hit and her big screen debut came with a musical hit, ''Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin'' (1991), which was a remake of the Oscar-winning Hollywood

extremely professional

and deliver it on time with the involvement of a smaller film company. In the biography overview of his work, ''Scorsese on Scorsese'', the director had high praise for Jerry Lewis, stating that during their first conversation before shooting, Lewis was extremely professional and assured him before shooting that there would be no ego clashes or difficulties. Scorsese said he felt Lewis' performance in the film was vastly underrated

early black

white tough

At the flight line tower, İncirlik Air Base, Turkey, December 7, 2001 García began acting at Florida International University but soon went to Hollywood. He had a short role in the first episode of "Murder, She Wrote" as "1st white tough" in 1984. He played the role of a gang member in the first episode of the popular TV series ''Hill Street Blues''. He appeared in a supporting role in 1985's ''The Mean Season'' alongside Kurt Russell. Director Brian De Palma engaged him for ''The Untouchables (The Untouchables (1987 film))'' (1987). Back in Los Angeles, Mike attends various Hollywood and Los Feliz hot spots, including The Derby, The Dresden Room and the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop, while his friends, Rob (Ron Livingston), Charles (Alex Desert) and Sue (Patrick Van Horn) coach him on the rules of seduction. Mike makes several awkward attempts at speaking to women, but they all end disastrously. Along the way, the group discusses movies, video games, and their floundering careers in show business. Her first Hollywood movie was ''Tai-Pan (Tai-Pan (film))'', filmed on location in China. She went on to star in Bernardo Bertolucci's ''The Last Emperor'' in 1987 and the David Lynch Mark Frost television series ''Twin Peaks'' as Josie Packard. In 1993 she co-starred in Oliver Stone's ''Heaven & Earth (Heaven & Earth (1993 film))''. She portrayed two different characters in Clara Law's ''Temptation of a Monk'' (

movie national

such as ''Are You Afraid of the Dark?'', ''Forever Knight'', ''Once a Thief (Once a Thief (TV series))'', and ''Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal''. Her first Hollywood role was as a supporting character in ''Detroit Rock City (Detroit Rock City (film))'' (1999). Chriqui later appeared in several movies such as ''100 Girls'', ''Wrong Turn'', ''On the Line (On the Line (film))'', and ''In the Mix (In the Mix (film))''. She starred opposite Cameron Douglas in the movie

''National Lampoon's Adam & Eve'' and played the character of Eve. One of her more significant parts was in the film ''You Don't Mess with the Zohan'', where she played a Palestinian immigrant living in New York, who is the star's (Adam Sandler) love interest. Talman is also known for being the first actor in Hollywood to film an anti-smoking commercial for the American Cancer Society. A lifelong heavy smoker, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and knew he

dramatic series

10 October 1995 Recorded Ocean Way Recording and Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood, California Genre Rock (Rock music) '''''Cheyenne''''' is a western (Western (genre)) television series of 108 black-and-white episodes broadcast on ABC (American Broadcasting Company) (American Broadcasting Company) from 1955 to 1963. The show was the first hour-long western, and in fact the first hour-long dramatic series of any kind, with continuing characters

stage personality

in Eastman (Eastman, Georgia), Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)). By the age of 20, she had already been twice married and divorced. She decided to head for Hollywood. Her beauty landed her work as a chorus girl (Chorus line), but her figure, combined with a magnetic stage personality, led her to a highly successful career in burlesque. Her professional debut was at El Rey Theater in Oakland, California. She adopted the stage name Tempest Storm


'''Hollywood''' is a district in the central (Central Los Angeles) region of Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

It is notable for its place as the home of the entertainment industry, including several of its historic studios. Its name has come to be a metonym (metonymy) for the motion picture industry of the United States (Cinema of the United States). Hollywood is also a highly ethnically diverse, densely populated, economically diverse neighborhood and retail business district.

Hollywood was a small community in 1870 and was incorporated as a municipality in 1903.

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