Hearst, Ontario

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visual production

;Minister premiers new audio-visual production: "Song for Canada", ''Canada NewsWire'', 17 February 1992, 18:14 report. On July 6, 2007, NEON BLUE was informed that their country rock anthem "Katie" had been selected to appear on the ''MOOSE Trax 4'' compilation CD which features the best of unsigned musical talent from Central and Northern Ontario. By being selected, "Katie" will be added to the playlist of all the 18 Haliburton Broadcasting Group

radio community

NHL hockey player * Rumun Ndur, former NHL hockey player Media Radio Hearst's only local radio service is provided by CINN (CINN-FM), a community radio station. All other radio stations available in the community are rebroadcasters of stations from Kapuskasing, Timmins or Sudbury (Greater Sudbury). * FM 90.3 - CBON-26 (CBON-FM), Première Chaîne * FM 91.1 - CINN (CINN-FM), franco-ontarian community (community radio) * FM 91.9 - CBCS-FM CBCC

contemporary a

, CBC Radio One * FM 92.9 - CHYK-2 (CHYK-FM), francophone hot adult contemporary * FM 94.5 - CKHT (CKHT-FM), adult contemporary Television *Channel 4: CITO-3 (CITO-TV) - CTV (CTV television network) *Channel 5: CBCC (CBLT (TV)) - CBC (CBC Television) *Channel 7: CBLFT-TV-5 (CBLFT-TV) - SRC (Télévision de Radio-Canada) See also *List of francophone communities in Ontario (List of francophone communities in ontario) References External

Communications hot adult contemporary (French (French language)) - - CHKT-FM (CKAP-FM) 00 94.5 FM Hearst (Hearst, Ontario) Haliburton Broadcasting Group adult contemporary - The federated colleges include Huntington College (Huntington University, Ontario) (United Church (United Church of Canada)), University of Sudbury College (University of Sudbury) (Roman Catholic, descended from the Collège du Sacré

landscape painting

Communications MCTV . In the end, his private network stretched from Moosonee (Moosonee, Ontario) to Ottawa, and from Hearst (Hearst, Ontario) and Chapleau (Chapleau, Ontario) to Matagami, Quebec. He was serving a population of 1.5 million. Johnston had much in common with these artists. Like them, in the years before World War I he used his spare time to pursue landscape painting, through sketching trips around Toronto and farther north to Bon Echo Provincial Park Bon Echo

long tradition

, hunting, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, camping, swimming, canoeing, and golf. Industry Hearst has a long tradition of being a "lumber town". Currently the major employers include a Tembec hard and soft wood facility as well as a plywood mill operated by Columbia Forest Products. thumb left University of Hearst, Hearst campus (File:University of Hearst at Hearst.jpg) Education Hearst has both elementary and high schools (public and Catholic). It also has

year book

Canada align centre width state shading percentages footnote 143.pdf, Canada Year Book 1955 191.pdf, Canada Year Book 1967 1941 995 1951 1723 1961 2373 1991 6079 1996 (Canada 1996 Census) 6049 2001 (Canada 2001 Census) 5825

radio de

" 00 91.1 FM Hearst (Hearst, Ontario) Radio de l'Épinette Noire community radio (French (French language)) - - CBCC-FM (CBCS-FM) 00 91.9 FM Hearst (Hearst, Ontario) CBC Radio One public (public broadcasting) news talk (talk radio) - - CHYK-FM-3 (CHYK-FM) 00 92.9 FM Hearst (Hearst, Ontario) Le5

online biography

in Toronto, Canada, performing Italian (Italian (language)), Portuguese (Portuguese (language)) and French (French (language)) material, as well as a jazz repertoire. Corrine Prévost, online biography, accessed 10 July 2006. In 1992, she adapted a French language version of the composition "A Song For Canada", which was performed at the official celebrations of Canada's 125th anniversary. "

original site

Transcontinental Railway in 1913. Established as a divisional point, Hearst is 208 km west of Cochrane (Cochrane, Ontario) and 201 km east of the divisional point of Grant (Grant, Ontario). There is some historical ambiguity with the name Grant as the original site of Hearst was also called Grant and was changed to Hearst in 1911. Hearst was named to honour William Howard Hearst, then Ontario Minister of Forests and Mines and later Premier of Ontario. http

local radio

west of Hearst (Hearst, Ontario), Ontario, Canada. thumb 250px Detail of the monument (Image:Reesor02.jpg) The '''Reesor Siding Strike of 1963''' was one of the defining labour conflicts in Canadian history, resulting in the shooting of 11 union members, three of whom were killed. The violent confrontation occurred near the small Francophone hamlet of Reesor Siding (Reesor, Ontario) (a ghost town today), that is located just west of Opasatika (Opasatika, Ontario), approximately halfway between Kapuskasing and Hearst (Hearst, Ontario) in Northern Ontario. - Hearst (Hearst, Ontario) Roger Sigouin (X) (acc.) -

Hearst, Ontario

'''Hearst''' is a town in the Canadian (Canada) province of Ontario. It is located in Northern Ontario in the District of Cochrane (Cochrane_District), approximately east of Thunder Bay along Highway 11 (Ontario Highway 11). At Hearst, Highway 583 (Ontario Highway 583) extends northward to Lac-Sainte-Thérèse (Lac-Sainte-Thérèse, Ontario) and southward to Jogues (Jogues, Ontario), Coppell (Coppell, Ontario) and Mead (Mead, Ontario).

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