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Harrisburg High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and was a letterman (Letterman (sports)) in football, basketball, and track (Track and field athletics). In football, he was a prep All-American and an Associated Press all-state pick in 1995. In his senior season, he ran for 1,495 yards and 23 touchdowns. A fter his senior football season, he participated in the 1996 Big 33 game (Big 33 Football Classic). Personal Watson lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He

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transmitter is located in Hallam, Pennsylvania. Syndicated (Broadcast syndication) programming on WPMT includes: ''Seinfeld'', ''Family Guy'', ''The Steve Wilkos Show'' and ''America's Funniest Home Videos''. WSBA was originally an ABC (American Broadcasting Company) affiliate. However, in 1961, the station switched to CBS and joined the Keystone Network which comprised WHP-TV in Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) and WLYH-TV in Lebanon (Lebanon, Pennsylvania). The three stations provided a strong combined signal with about 55% overlap. Initially, WHP-TV, WLYH and WSBA aired the same programming. By the late 1960s, while all three stations ran most of the CBS programming schedule, WHP-TV ran different local programming during non-network hours, while WLYH and WSBA continued to simulcast nearly all the broadcast day. WHP ran CBS shows that WSBA and WLYH preempted. These two stations ran programming that WHP preempted. All three ran most of the CBS lineup duplicating over 3 4 of the network's programs. In May 1983, Susquehanna sold WSBA-TV to Idaho-based Mohawk Broadcasting, who changed its calls to the current '''WPMT'''. The station signed off in August and returned to the air in September as an independent station--the first in the state outside Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. It was a typical UHF independent airing cartoons, sitcoms, movies, dramas, sports, and westerns. '''Pennsylvania Route 39''' (PA 39) is a Civil War When the Civil War started in 1861, McConaughy formed and served as captain of the "Adams Rifles," a company of civilian scouts, primarily composed of his law clients. They were active in monitoring the region for signs of Confederate (Confederate States Army) activity during several threatened incursions, including during the Maryland Campaign. McConaughy's scouts and spies were particularly active in late June 1863 during the early days of the Gettysburg Campaign, when they shadowed oncoming enemy cavalry and, later, the main infantry columns. McConaughy gave this vital information to the local military commander, Maj. (Major (United States)) Granville O. Haller, who in turn relayed it to Maj. Gen. (Major general (United States)) Darius N. Couch and Governor Andrew Curtin in Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania). McConaughy stayed in Gettysburg during the Confederate occupation in early July, still rendering service to the Federal soldiers. Following the battle, Col. George H. Sharpe wrote a letter to McConaughy on behalf of Maj. Gen. George G. Meade, formally thanking him for the critical information on Confederate troop movements.


acre m2 , and other land was set aside as a cooperative farm. The community’s layout and home designs were created by Paul Bartholomew, an architect who had also designed many notable buildings in Greensburg. Located southeast of Pittsburgh, Greensburg is a major business, tourism and cultural center in Western Pennsylvania. It is evident as the city's population doubles during work hours. The city ranks seventh

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in 1846 to build a private rail line that would connect Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) to Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). ref>

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and television Several feature films and television series (Television program) have been filmed or set in and around Harrisburg and the greater Susquehanna Valley (Susquehanna River). Museums, art collections, and sites of interest right thumb 250px Pennsylvania Holocaust Holocaust Memorial for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Memorial (File:David Ascalon, Ascalon Studios, Holocaust Memorial- Harrisburg, PA.jpg) along Harrisburgs' Riverfront Park (Harrisburg) Riverfront Park

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. in teacher education (1970). From 1984 to 1985, Reed was chief of staff (chief of staff (politics)) for Florida Governor Bob Graham. From 1985 to 1998, Reed

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Constitutions. 10 Volumes year 1973-1979 publisher Oceana Publications location Dobbs Ferry, New York isbn pages Vol. 8: 243 Much of the Welsh Tract was in eastern Chester County and Welsh place names continue to predominate there. Because of its rural location and lack of nearby large cities (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is located about one hour south), Bucknell may seem fairly isolated. However, its more than 130 student organizations, a historical downtown

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in the Thirteen Colonies Category:Cities in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania After his success at Chancellorsville (Battle of Chancellorsville) in Virginia in May 1863, Lee led his army through the Shenandoah Valley to begin his second invasion of the North—the Gettysburg Campaign. With his army in high spirits, Lee intended to shift the focus of the summer campaign from war-ravaged northern Virginia and hoped to influence Northern politicians to give up their prosecution


between Paoli and Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), several major commuter lines in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and on major low-grade, through-freight lines, including the Trenton Cut-Off, the Atglen & Susquehanna (Atglen and Susquehanna Branch), Port Road (Port Road Branch), Philadelphia & Thorndale, Shellpot (Shellpot Branch), and Enola (Enola Branch) branches. All electrification done after 1919 used the same catenary supports used on the Paoli commuter line

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Road work Landscape and Race in the United States publisher Routledge Press date 2006-02-13 accessdate 2011-07-04 King County (King County, Washington), Washington rededicated its name in his honor in 1986, and changed its logo to an image of his face in 2007.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

leader_title3 State Senate (Pennsylvania Senate) leader_name3 Rob Teplitz (D (United States Democratic Party)) leader_title4 State Representative (Pennsylvania House of Representatives) leader_name4 Ron Buxton (D (United States Democratic Party)) leader_title5 U.S. Congress (Pennsylvania's 17th congressional district) leader_name5 Tim Holden (D (United States Democratic Party)) government_type Mayor-Council (Mayor-council government) established_title European settlement established_date About 1719 established_title2 Incorporated (Municipal Corporation) established_date2 1791 established_title3 Charter (Charter city) established_date3 1860 founder John Harris, Sr. named_for John Harris, Sr. area_magnitude total_type City unit_pref Imperial area_total_sq_mi 11.4 area_total_km2 26.9 area_land_sq_mi 8.1 area_land_km2 21.0 area_water_sq_mi 3.3 area_water_km2 8.6 area_urban_sq_mi 335.4 area_urban_km2 539.7 area_metro_sq_mi area_metro_km2 population_as_of 2010 population_note population_total 49528 population_density_sq_mi 6114 population_metro 528892 (97th (List of United States metropolitan areas)) population_density_metro_sq_mi population_urban 383008 population_density_urban_sq_mi population_blank1_title CSA (Combined statistical area) population_blank1 647390 (56th (Harrisburg metropolitan area)) population_demonym Harrisburger timezone EST (North American Eastern Time Zone) utc_offset -5 timezone_DST EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) utc_offset_DST -4 postal_code_type ZIP codes postal_code 17101-17113, 17120-17130, 17140, 17177 area_code 717 (Area code 717) latd 40 latm 16 lats 11 latNS N longd 76 longm 52 longs 32 longEW W coordinates_display inline,title elevation_m 98 elevation_ft 320 elevation_max_ft elevation_min_ft blank_name FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard) blank_info 42-32800 blank1_name GNIS (Geographic Names Information System) feature ID blank1_info 1213649

---- blank2_name Interstates (Interstate Highway System) blank2_info I-76 (Interstate 76 (east)), I-78 (Interstate 78 in Pennsylvania), I-81 (Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania), I-83 (Interstate 83), and I-283 (Interstate 283) blank3_name Waterways blank3_info Susquehanna River blank4_name Primary Airport blank4_info Harrisburg International Airport- MDT (Major International) blank5_name Secondary Airport blank5_info Capital City Airport (Capital City Airport (Pennsylvania))- CXY (Minor) blank6_name Public transit blank6_info Capital Area Transit (Capital Area Transit (Harrisburg)) website www.harrisburgpa.gov footnotes area code 717 (Area code 717)

'''Harrisburg''' (Pennsylvania German: ''Harrisbarig'') is the capital city of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania and the county seat of Dauphin County (Dauphin County, Pennsylvania) and with a population of 49,673 is the ninth-largest city in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It lies on the east bank of the Susquehanna River, east of Pittsburgh.

The Harrisburg-Carlisle (Carlisle, Pennsylvania) Metropolitan Statistical Area (Harrisburg metropolitan area), which includes Dauphin (Dauphin County, Pennsylvania), Cumberland (Cumberland County, Pennsylvania), and Perry (Perry County, Pennsylvania) counties, had a population of 509,074 in 2000 and grew to 549,850 in 2010. A July 1, 2007 estimate placed the population at 528,892, making it the fifth largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown (Allentown, Pennsylvania)−Bethlehem (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)−Easton (Easton, Pennsylvania) (the Lehigh Valley), and Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania)−Wilkes Barre (Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania).

Harrisburg played a notable role in American history during the Westward Migration (Frontier), the American Civil War, and the Industrial Revolution. During part of the 19th century, the building of the Pennsylvania Canal (Pennsylvania Main Line of Public Works) and later the Pennsylvania Railroad allowed Harrisburg to become one of the most industrialized cities in the Northeastern United States. The U.S. Navy (United States Navy) ship USS ''Harrisburg'' (USS Harrisburg), which served from 1918 to 1919 at the end of World War I, was named in honor of the city.

In the mid-to-late 20th century, the city's economic fortunes fluctuated with its major industries consisting of government, heavy manufacturing (Heavy industry) including the production of steel, agriculture (the greater Harrisburg area is at the heart of the fertile Pennsylvania Dutch Country), and food services (nearby Hershey (Hershey, Pennsylvania) is home of the chocolate maker (The Hershey Company), located just

The Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest free indoor agriculture exposition in the United States, was first held in Harrisburg in 1917 and has been held there every early-to-mid January since then. 75th Farm Show: A History of Pennsylvania's Annual Agricultural Exposition Dan Cupper, Accessed January 29, 2010. Harrisburg also hosts an annual outdoor sports (Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show) show, the largest of its kind in North America, as well as an auto show (Pennsylvania Auto Show), which features a large static display of new as well as classic cars and is renowned nationwide. Harrisburg is also known for the Three Mile Island accident, which occurred on March 28, 1979 near Middletown (Middletown, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania).

In 2010 ''Forbes'' rated Harrisburg as the second best place in the U.S. to raise a family.

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