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black metal

Ruins , Hamar, Hedmark *Various stave churches

) '''The Kovenant''' is a Norwegian black metal band from Oslo Hamar. The band originally formed as '''Covenant''' in 1993, but in 1999 were forced to change their name to The Kovenant due to a dispute with a Swedish (Sweden) electronic (electronic music) band of the same name (Covenant (band)). ref

long track

medieval, ethnological and archaeological museum, and has received architectural prizes for its approach to conservation and exhibition. It also houses a vast photographic archive for the Hedmark region. Additionally, Hamar is known for its indoor long track speed skating and bandy arena, the ''Olympia Hall'', better known as Vikingskipet (Vikingskipet Olympic Arena) ("The Viking ship") for its shape. It was built to host the speed skating competitions of the 1994

and Mandal. January 2004 would find him a North American champion for the second consecutive year. Davis would finish in second place overall in the 2004 World Allround Long Track Championships in Hamar, Norway. In March, Davis won the 1,500 m at the Men's World Single Distance Championships in Seoul, finishing the race in 1:48.64 in March 2004. Sesamtoget (The Sesame Train) that was used in the show consisted of four parts. Norwegian State Railways (Norwegian State Railways (1883–1996)) (NSB) converted two old shunters, El 10 (NSB El 10) no. 2504 and no. 2508, and two Di 2 (NSB Di 2) no. 827 and no. 839. The three carriages (Passenger car (rail)) used were two earlier German BFV1 carriages, which NSB had taken ownership of after the war (World War II), and a modified goods van (Covered goods wagon). All of the train parts were painted in the same colourful scheme as the station. El 10 no. 2504 is currently being kept in Grorud and no. 2508 is stationed in Hamar, both old and not in regular use. While the Di 2 no. 839 has been repainted, no. 827 is being kept intact by the Norwegian Railway Club in Hønefoss. Wikipedia:Hamar Commons:Category:Hamar

musical family

1929. Flagstad was born in Hamar in her grandparents' home. Though she never actually lived in Hamar, she always considered it her home town. She was raised in Oslo within a musical family; her father was a conductor and her mother a pianist. She received her early musical training in Oslo and made her stage debut at the National Theatre in Oslo as Nuri in Eugen d'Albert's ''Tiefland'' in 1913. Her first recordings were made between 1913 and 1915.

single event

two-year-old Haakon Haakonsson to safety in Trondheim. Norwegian history credits the Birkebeiners' bravery with preserving the life of the boy who later became King Haakon IV of Norway. 21st century Rickardsson continued to win titles throughout the new century, although Mark Loram won the 2000 World Championship (2000 Speedway Grand Prix) despite not winning a single event. Rickardsson won one - at Wrocław, but was too inconsistent to win the overall title. However, he

world stage

again won the Elitserien, this time with his local team Masarna from Avesta, as he and team-mate Leigh Adams were the two highest averaging riders in the entire league. In 2001 (2001 Speedway Grand Prix) he was back on the World stage, winning the World title with a record 121 points from six Grand Prix events, only missing one final - the last, at home on Stockholms Stadion (Stockholms Olympiastadion), which was really academic as only a thirteenth place could possibly have robbed him of the title. He managed to win at home in the next Grand Prix series in 2002 (2002 Speedway Grand Prix),which gave him three individual wins as he won his fifth World Championship. In 2003 (2003 Speedway Grand Prix), he finished third overall. Thirteenth place finishes in Gothenburg, Bydgoszcz and Vikingskipet at Hamar ruining his bid for the title, and a concussion kept him out of the Swedish team (Sweden national speedway team) that won the World Cup (Speedway World Cup) at Vojens (though he was part of a qualifier race and hence stands with a World Cup medal - his only title that year). The following year he managed to win the Swedish Championship at Målilla, but consistency eluded him as Jason Crump pipped him to the World title by three points (although the lead was 17 points before the final race). He followed this up with another extremely strong season in 2005. With 6 First positions at Wrocław (1st Event), Krško (3rd), Millennium Stadium (4th), Idrætsparken (5th) in København, Praha (6th) and Lonigo (9th); a second in the Swedish event at Eskilstuna (2nd); third in the Scandinavian held in Målilla (7th) and a lowly 9th in the Polish Grand Prix held at Bydgoszcz (8th Event). Even with such a poor finish in Poland, however, he had already virtually sown up the Championship in the 7th Grand Prix in Målilla, ahead of Jason Crump. After the sixth event held in the Czech Republic, he was first in the points per event table of the Elitserien (the Swedish Domestic Elite League). Though Tony stated that he would give up racing after the 2006 season, he sadly announced his early retirement from both World Championship and Domestic Speedway on 1 August 2006 at a press conference in Stockholm, in order to pursue his interest in racing cars instead. Wikipedia:Hamar Commons:Category:Hamar

famous opera

address Kirkegata 11 lat 60.79599 long 11.06882 directions Located right next to Hamar's main church. phone +47 62 54 27 00. tollfree fax hours price NOK 60 content Museum dedicated to Norway's most famous opera singer, Kirsten Flagstad. Do thumbnail Bathing at Koigen during the summer. (File:Badestranda ved Koigen på Hamar.JPG) thumbnail Skibladner (File:The Skimixer in moonrise.jpg) *


the episcopal representative Nikolaus Breakspear (Pope Adrian IV) in 1152 founded Hamar Kaupangen (Ancient Diocese of Hamar) as one of five dioceses in medieval Norway. This diocese included Hedemarken and Christians Amt (Oppland), being separated in 1152 from the former diocese of Oslo. The first bishop of Hamar (Ancient Diocese of Hamar) was Arnold, Bishop of Gardar, Greenland (1124–1152). He began to build the now ruined cathedral of Christ Church, which was completed about

Swedish army's siege and attempted demolition in 1567, during the Northern Seven Years' War, when the manor was also devastated. Reformation and decline By 1587, merchants in Oslo had succeeded in moving all of Hamar's market activities to Oslo. Though some regional and seasonal trade persisted into the 17th century, Hamar as a town ceased to exist by then. In its place, the area was used for agriculture under the farm of Storhamar, though the ruins of the cathedral, fortress

independence on January 10, 1918. * Finland has an embassy and an honorary consulate general in Oslo and other honorary consulates in Bergen, Bodø, Drammen, Farsund, Grimstad, Halden, Hamar, Hammerfest, Haugesund, Horten, Kirkenes, Kristiansand, Kristiansund, Larvik, Moss, Narvik, Sarpsborg, Stavanger, Tromsø, Trondheim, Vadsø, and Aalesund. * Norway has an embassy in Helsinki. From 1152 to 1154 Nicholas


major speed skating events, such as world championships. Also known for hosting The Gathering each Easter, a computer gathering mainly for young people which has had over 5,000 participants. Each spring and fall, the Vikingship also hosts a very popular 3-day long market for second-hand antique goods. The Viking Ship is situated near Åkersvika, a nature reserve, known for it's rich bird life. At the parking lot there is a "bird tower", where you can get a good view of the bay. *

modern speed

) thumbnail The settler church at the Norwegian Emigrant Museum (File:Norsk utvandrermuseum church.jpg) *


of the city center. Family rooms available, lots of parking. Breakfast included. Simple but clean & friendly. * *


settlement_type Municipality (Municipalities of Norway) name Hamar county Hedmark idnumber 0403

'''Hamar''' is a town (List of cities in Norway) and municipality (Municipalities of Norway) in Hedmark county (Counties of Norway), Norway. It is part of the traditional region (Districts of Norway) of Hedmarken. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Hamar. The municipality of Hamar was separated from Vang (Vang, Hedmark) as a town and municipality of its own in 1849. Vang was merged back into Hamar on 1 January 1992.

The town is located on the shores of Mjøsa, Norway's largest lake, and is the principal city of Hedmark county. It is bordered to the northwest by the municipality of Ringsaker, to the north by Åmot, to the east by Løten, and to the south by Stange.

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