What is Gujranwala known for?

famous modern

facilities of restaurant as well as Marriage Hall along with a beautiful Marriage Lawn. Hotel Global Village situated near Rahwali Cantt opposite DC Colony, a famous modern housing colony at G T road N5. * ''' Fast Junk Food''' Many small restaurant have also started there operations in Gujranwala in last five years. Among those restaurants famous names are Salva Restaurant, Chanab Rutt, Usmania Restaurant, etc, there are also many fast food outlets in fried chicken such as HFC, AFC and in pizza

traditional artistic

. This restaurant also provides variety of cuisine along with restaurant services. * '''Marian Hotel''' Marian hotel was brought a great change in traditional and continental cuisine in Oct. 2006, This restaurant also provides the same services as Royal Garden Hotel does but it has created different through its environment which is modern but with a traditional artistic touch. * ''' Hotel Global Village''' Hotel Global Village is also a great name in traditional and continental cuisine. It has

radio set

in Accountancy from the Punjab University. During the Second World War, his parents moved to New Delhi, capital of the British Indian Empire. It was here that he discovered his love for journalism. The newspaper world attracted him far more than the dull books of accountancy. He had a passion for reading and writing and a fondness for newspapers and magazines. He sat glued to his radio set, listening to the latest war news. Ibid, http: thenews spedition mkr 2009 article1.html Betrayal by Lt Gen Gul Hassan Maj Gen Mitha was Quartermaster General at GHQ when prematurely retired by the civilian Chief Martial Law Administrator, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, in December 1971. He was just over 48 years old. Lt General Gul Hasan added his name to a list of officers whose retirements were announced by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in his first speech as president on December 20, 1971. This came as a surprise as Maj Gen Mitha had no hand in the ''Officer's Revolt'' at Gujranwala and the hooting down of General Abdul Hamid Khan (Abdul Hamid Khan (general)) (Chief of Staff) at a GHQ meeting. Early life Govinda’s father, Arun Ahuja, was born in pre-partition Gujranwala, Punjab (Punjab region) ,Pakistan on January 26, 1917. wikipedia:Gujranwala

long low

Virkan and Wazirabad) has become the Gujranwala City District, made up of the following towns: # Khiali Shahpur # Aroop # Nandipur # Qila Didar Singh # Wazirabad # Kamoke # Nowshera Virkan It is administered by the City District Government Gujranwala (CDGG). Economy thumb alt Long, low blue building with wide driveway Gujranwala Tools, Dies and Moulds Centre (File:Gtdmc.jpg) Gujranwala is a commercial and industrial center

leading national

Cinemax 3D * Cine Gold (Opening soon in Citi Housing) * Roxy * Gulistan * Capri * Sangam There are two important FM radio channels working in the city namely, Awaz FM 106 and Voice of Times FM 103.6. Two leading national dailies are published from the city namely, Daily Express and Daily Duniya. Education wikipedia:Gujranwala

medical complex

and Liver Center, City Orthopaedic and Trauma Hospital, Haji Murad Trust Eye Hospital, Allama Iqbal Hospital, Siddique Sadiq Memorial Trust Hospital, Chaudhry Hospital, Al-Shifa Hospital, Al-Rai Hospital, Salamat Hospital, Ashraf Hospital, Al-Munawar Hospital for Paralysis, Gujranwala, Kamran Surgical and Gyne Hospital, Gondal Medical Complex Hospital, Chattah Hospital, Wapda Town Hospital, Begum Rukhsana Trust Hospital (Citi Housing), Cantt. General Hospital, Civil Veterinary Hospital. Transport


, playing a major role in the Pakistan economy. It has a number of textile mills, a cutlery industry and large agricultural-processing plants. Major exports include rice, sanitary fittings, textiles, plastic furniture, pots, room coolers and heaters, gas stoves, agricultural tools and equipment, electrical equipment, carpets, glass goods, surgical equipment, leather products, metal utensils (food utensil), auto parts, military machinery, transformers, hosiery, washing machines, rice huskers

great beauty,

) of the last Sikh sovereign of the Punjab. She was renowned for her great beauty and personal charm along with her 'characteristic strength of a man' qualities which the British came to dislike. Biography Muslim Gills are found throughout the central districts of Punjab, Pakistan. According to the Census of India 1911, there were 18,390 Gills of the Muslim faith. They were concenterated in Lahore, Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Gujranwala

amp industry

Gujranwala See also * Gujranwala Division * Gujranwala Electric Power Company References

national production

, agricultural implements, motorcycles, food products and industrial motors. More than 500,000 workers work in industry in the city; its share of national production is nine percent and revenue eight percent. Rural areas around the city produce a variety of agricultural goods; the main crops are wheat, rice, potato, barley and millet. Because of its location on the Grand Trunk Road in Punjab, Gujranwala has long been a centre of trade and industry; the city was known


'''Gujranwala''' ( ) also known as the "City of Wrestlers" (''Palwana da shehr'' in Punjabi) is an industrial city in Gujranwala District, Punjab province (Punjab, Pakistan) of Pakistan. It is the seventh-most-populous Pakistani metropolitan areas (List of most populous metropolitan areas in Pakistan), Pakistan: largest cities and towns and statistics of their population. World Gazetteer. Retrieved 11 December 2010. World Gazetteer. Retrieved 22 August 2012. and is one of the fastest-growing cities in Pakistan. http: statistics urban_growth1.html Gujranwala is 226 metres (744 ft) above sea level. Location of Gujranwala – Falling Rain Genomics It shares borders with Ghakhar Mandi, Alipur Chatha, Kamonke and several small towns and villages. Punjabi (Punjabi language) is the local language spoken by most people (commonly referred to as "Gujjus") but English and Urdu (Urdu language) are also commonly spoken.

Due to extensive road and rail links, the city's manufacturing and agricultural sectors have flourished. Gujranwala is on the Grand Trunk Road, connecting it with provincial capitals such as Peshawar and Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan's capital. The city is located between Lahore, Gujrat (Gujrat city) and Sialkot.

Gujranwala is known for its production of sugarcane, melons and grains for export; it exports one of the world's finest varieties of rice. The city has commercial and industrial centers for manufacturing ceramics, fans, electrical-switch gears, engineering tools, earth-moving machinery, steel, cutlery, crockery, iron safes, metal tools, utensils, textiles, woolen sweaters, sanitary fittings and leather. It has produced some of the best-known wrestlers and bodybuilders on the subcontinent, resulting in its nickname "city of wrestlers" (''Palwana da shehr'' in local Punjabi).( پہلوانوں کا شہر )

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