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What is Guatemala City known for?

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, and in their place modern gardens were planted and a bust of José Batres Montúfar was erected. During the government of general Manuel Lisandro Barillas Bercián, the theater was remodeled to celebrate the Discovery of America fourth centennial anniversary; the Italian community in Guatemala donated a statue of Christopher Columbus -Cristóbal Colón, in Spanish- which was placed next to the theater. Since then, the place was called «Colón Theater».

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;piping pseudokarst", was As a result, one thousand people were evacuated from the area.

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Transportation *Newly renovated and expanded, La Aurora International Airport lies to the south of the city center. La Aurora serves as Guatemala's principal air hub. *Public transport is provided by buses and supplemented by a BRT system. The three main highways that bisect and serve Guatemala start in the city. (CA9 Transoceanic Highway - Puerto San Jose to Puerto Santo Tomas de Castilla-, CA1 Panamerican Highway - from the Mexican border to Salvadorian border - and to Peten.) Construction of freeways and underpasses by the municipal government, the implementation of reversible lanes during peak rush-hour traffic, as well as the establishment of the Department of Metropolitan Transit Police (PMT), has helped improve traffic flow in the city

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the capital city with a very special historic and architectural touch, such as Cerrito del Carmen, Catedral Metropolitana, Calvario, Iglesia de Santo Domingo, Iglesia de Yurrita, and Iglesia de la Merced. The archaeological site of Kaminal Juyú is located within this capital city, which according to specialists, is a city buried under one of the most commercial areas of the city, comprising Zona 7 and Zona 11. File:Guatemala National Palace of Culture.jpg thumb 250px Guatemala's National Palace

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education extension campuses in Atlanta, Austin (Austin, Texas), Guatemala (Guatemala City), Houston, Knoxville (Knoxville, Tennessee), Philadelphia, San Antonio, Washington, D.C., and Tampa (Tampa, Florida) and a multi-lingual online education program. Biography and personal life Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales was born on January 19, 1964 in Jocotenango, Guatemala, to parents Ricardo Arjona Moscoso and Mimi Morales de Arjona. He lived most of his childhood

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extensive, and it is growing every day. * Sleep Most accommodations in the Zona Viva are within a few blocks making location less important than amenities

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-93 Geography El Adelanto is located in Southeastern Guatemala, 150 km away from Guatemala City and 32 km SE of Jutiapa, the seat of the Department of Jutiapa (Jutiapa Department). In a 2009 press conference, the Catholic Diocese of the department of San Marcos presented the results of a two-year study they carried out of the quality of surface waters surrounding Marlin Mine. Comisión Pastoral Paz y Ecología. 2009. "Agua

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, Singer Songwriter *Manolo Gallardo, Sculptor and painter. *Juan José Gutiérrez, CEO of Pollo Campero and on the board of directors of Corporación Multi Inversiones. Has been featured on the cover of Newsweek as Super CEO and named one of the Ten Big Thinkers for Big Business. Bibliography

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to build new facilities and improve the horse track to increase event diversity, fairs and other shows, keeping the site under constant improvement and expansion.

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and Quetzaltenango and in the Cuchumatán mountains (Sierra de los Cuchumatanes), as well as by urban emigrants in Guatemala City. The famous Maya mythological document, ''Popol Vuh'', is written in an antiquated K'iche' often called Classical K'iche' (or Quiché) (Classical K'iche' language). The K'iche' culture (K'iche' Kingdom of Q'umarkaj) was at its pinnacle at the time of the Spanish conquest. Utatlán, near

Guatemala City

'''Guatemala City'''; locally known as '''Guatemala''' or '''Guate'''), is the capital (Capital (political)) and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala (Guatemala), and the most populous in Central America. The city is located in the south-central area of the country and has a large number of green areas. In 2009, it had a formal population of 1,075,000, but the metropolitan population is believed to be at least 2.3 million by 2012. Guatemala City is also the capital city of the local Municipio de Guatemala, and Guatemala Department (Guatemala (department)).

The city is located at , in a mountain valley called "Valle de la Ermita" in the south central part of the country Guatemala.

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