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romantic idiom, with frequent programmatic episodes. José Escolástico Andrino, who worked in Guatemala City, Havana, and El Salvador during the first half of the 19th century, also composed several symphonies. The brilliant young musician Benedicto Sáenz, the younger (d. 1857) on the other hand wrote much church music, such as his ''Messa Solenne'' published in Paris by advice of the Italian composer, Saverio Mercadante . At the same time, Sáenz and his brother Anselmo were

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''Los Arcos'' * Las Américas Avenue * La Canada park * ''La Pradera'' mall * Gerentes de Guatemala Association (AGG) - !style "background:lemonchiffon;" Zona 15 * Latter Day Saints Templo de la Iglesia de los Santos de los Últimos Días (Guatemala City Temple) * Bulevar «Vista Hermosa» center thumb 250px Latter Day Saints Guatemala City Temple (File:Guatemala City Temple by rkuhnau.jpg) - !style "background:lemonchiffon;" Zona 16

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completing his studies and married Josefa Margarita Alfaro Monterroso in 1814. They had six children, but Fruto was subsequently considered a member of this family, based on strategic needs related to administration of the family resources, for which the administrator was expected to be at least 25 years of age. He was acknowledged by his father shortly before the latter's death in 1824, and his stepmother insisted he use the name Fruto Chamorro Pérez. Upon returning to Guatemala, she conducted

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;bdata JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZSZzY29wZT1zaXRl#db reh&AN ATLA0000725510 publisher Fides et historia accessdate 2 December 2011 Guatemala again experienced more destruction in 1976 when an earthquake took the lives of 20,000 people and injured 80,000 more. The Roman Catholic Church in Guatemala began to fear further destruction, and asked for assistance from the United States and several other European countries.

diversity, societal change, and ecumenical prospects in Guatemala. url http: ehost detail?sid c729b11a-e0d5-4d37-b66c-31db439242b5%40sessionmgr14&vid 1&hid 3&bdata JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZSZzY29wZT1zaXRl#db vah&AN CPLI0000488218 publisher Journal of Ecumenical Studies accessdate 2011 - 7. April 18, 1997 Guatemala City, Guatemala 3-0 Win UNCAF Nations Cup 1997 - - 27. February 19, 2005

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the Guatemalan highlands, which also bring torrential rains to the Guatemala City region and trigger these deadly mudslides. Piping pseudokarst thumb 250px The 2010 sinkhole in Zona 2 (File:Guatemala City 2010 sinkhole 1.jpg) In February 2007, a very large, deep circular hole with vertical walls opened in northeastern Guatemala city ( ), killing five people. This hole, which is classified by geologists as either a "piping feature" or "


to the southwest. Kelly 1996, pp.111–2. Tikal is approximately northwest of Calakmul's ally Caracol, now

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a professional singer. leftarm2 0000FF body2 0000FF rightarm2 0000FF shorts2 0000ff socks2 0000FF First game (Guatemala City, Guatemala; Sept. 14 , 1921) History The national team, nicknamed "la Azul y Blanco" (the blue and white), made its debut in the Independence Centenary Games

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). And is easy to find, as it's neighbors with the McDonalds in Zona 10. The atmosphere has the laid back Aussie aspects from Jodie and the local knowledge of Manuel, who are the owners. Mid-range *

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editing, academic research. In-store designed cards for special occasions (bigger numbers, upon pre-ordered requests). Open Monday through Saturday 8AM to 6PM. More services available upon request. GREAT SERVICE, FRIENDLY PEOPLE. The young men speak English. Contact: *'''Maber Cyber Internet''', Internet of high speed; 8th street 33-51, colony Justo Rufino Barrios, Zona 21, Phone Fax: +502 2449-9391, Q 8.00 Hour, Internet, Scan, Print,Works in Computer, Support and Technical service, sale of new equipment and accessories, and every thing that you need and want. *'''Jv Servicios''', 1 calle 1-02 y 1-04 zona 1. Tel 2251-6543 Fax. 2251-6543 Q6.00-hour. Scan, Print, Burn, hardware new and used and suministries. *'''E@sy Web''', 2 Avenida 9-72, Zona 1. Tel 2220-4645 and 5689-7315 Q4.00-hour. Scan, print, burn, copy, *'''Y2K''', 2 Avenida 13-17, Zona 10. Tel 366-4783 93. Mo-Sa 10:00-22:00, Su 10:00-15:00. Q16 hour. Scan, print, burn, copy. *'''EvolutioNet''', 1 Avenida 12 Calle, Zona 10. 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Post office The main post office is in 7 Avenida 12 Calle, Zona 1. A stamp for a postcard to Europe costs around Q4. The postal system in Guatemala has a reputation for not being very reliable, and many Guatemalans have a P.O. Box in Texas where they receive post magazines online purchases (brought to Guatemala by courier). You can buy stamps or post mail only at the post offices or affiliates.Avenida 12 Calle, Zona 1 *The airport, Zona 13 *Av. Reforma 14 Calle, Zona 9 Stay safe Guatemala City has a high level of crime. Check the U.S. Embassy website for a summary of recent crimes against foreigners. These include carjackings on the road from the airport, robberies and assaults of tourist vans, and ordinary buses and cars. Even though it has a high level of crime, if you use some common sense and good travel practices, you should not be exposed to any of it. Make sure you sharpen your street smarts because as with any other big metropolitan urban area, you might be exposed to crime. Just make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times just as you would be in any big city around the world. If you experience a robbery, please be advised to give away anything the robbers want. Though some would suggest to just stay inside in most places after sunset, at night you can have fun safely in Zona Viva (Zona 10), Zona 14, or 4 Grados Norte. But despite some of its negative aspects, Guatemala City is the largest Central American capital city, and one of the most beautiful in Latin America, with varied and rich culture. It is important that visitors not return to their hotels too late, and that they don’t walk alone in dark places, but as long as they keep this in mind, they should have a beautiful stay. Stay healthy Guatemala City is at a somewhat high elevation (about 1500 m) in the mountains (plus the air is very polluted in Zona 1), so if you are coming from a location near sealevel, you might wish to plan to take it easy and get extra rest on your first day while your body adjusts to the altitude. Also, make sure that any food that you eat is well-washed and well-cooked, or you might get quite ill. *'''Centro Médico''', 6 Avenida 3-47, Zona 10. Tel 334-2157 384-2600 332-3555. 24 hour service. *'''Hospital Bella Aurora''', 10 Calle 2-31, Zona 14. Tel 384-3535. 24 hour service. *'''Hospital Universitario Esperanza''', 6 Avenida 7-49, Zona 10. Tel 362-8626. Pharmacy Pharmacies are all over the city. Cope If you have electrical equipment that need 220-240V 50 Hz input instead of the country's standard 110V 60 Hz, you can find a transformer at Electronica Panamericana, 3 Avenida y 11 Calle, Esquina, Zona 9. They have various models with prices depending on how much power you require. Q230 for a 500-Watts transformer. Also, in the smaller hotels motels, the electrical outlets only take 2-pronged plugs. So, if you have a laptop, for example, you'll need a plug adapter that will allow you to utilize the 2-pronged outlets. Embassies *

extreme political

s soon broke out between various factions both in the federation and within individual states. The poverty and extreme political instability of the region prevented the construction of an inter-oceanic canal (''see'' Nicaragua Canal and Panama Canal), from which Central America could have obtained considerable economic benefits. Barrios was born in the village of San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo, San Marcos), in the department of San Marcos (San Marcos, Guatemala). He was known from his youth for his intellect and energy, went to Guatemala City to study law, and became a lawyer in 1862. In 1867, revolt broke out in western Guatemala, which many residents wished to return to its former status of an independent state as Los Altos (Los Altos (Central America)). Barrios joined with the rebels in Quetzaltenango, and soon proved himself a capable military leader, and in time gained the rank of general in the rebel army. In July 1871, Barrios, together with other generals and dissidents, issued the "Plan for the Fatherland" proposing to overthrow Guatemala's long entrenched ''Conservadora'' (conservative) administration; soon after, they succeeded in doing so, and General García Granados was declared president and Barrios commander of the armed forces. While Barrios was back in Quetzaltenago, García Granados was overthrown by a revolt. Barrios again marched on the capital and became the new president. The Conservative government in Honduras gave military backing to a group of Guatemalan Conservatives wishing to take back the government, so Barrios declared war on the Honduran government. At the same time, Barrios, together with President Luis Bogran of Honduras, declared an intention to reunify the old United Provinces of Central America. left thumb 155px Jose Rufino Barrios, 1880 (File:Jose Rufino Barrios.jpg) thumb right 250px Zone 1, Guatemala City (File:Ciudad-de-Guatemala.jpg), capital of Guatemala thumb right 250px Quetzaltenango (File:quetzaltenango city hall area 2009.JPG) In November 1821, shortly after the Captaincy had declared its independence from Spain, a group of dignitaries and politicians known as the 'Interim Advisory Board' sat in Guatemala City in the process of organizing a government to succeed Spanish colonial rule. On November 18, a note from General Agustin de Iturbide arrived in Guatemala City suggesting a union between the Captaincy and the Mexican Empire (First Mexican Empire), pursuant to the Plan of Iguala and the Treaty of Córdoba. The members of the Interim Advisory Board, after reviewing the issue, stated they were not empowered nor deputized to decide on this matter, but suggested forums be held in different cities to hear the views of the people, and thus explore their willingness to go forward with the proposal. The question of annexation to Mexico caused divisions within each of the provinces as some cities were in favor and others against. In Honduras, Comayagua, through its Governor José Tinoco de Contreras, supported the idea of the annexation. But Tegucigalpa, the second most important city of the province, strongly opposed it. Tinoco then decided to take repressive actions against the authorities of that city. Documento de la anexión a Mexico 2008. Retrieved January 23, 2010. - Guatemala Guatemala City Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary (Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Guatemala City) 1969 - The Solemnity of the Assumption on August 15 is a public holiday in many countries, including Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chile, Republic of Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Croatia, Colombia, Cyprus, East Timor, France, Gabon, Greece, Republic of Guinea, Haiti, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Republic of Macedonia, Madagascar, Malta, Mauritius, Republic of Moldova, Monaco, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Tahiti, Togo, and Vanuatu. It is also a holiday in some predominantly Catholic states of Germany, including Bavaria and Saarland. In Guatemala it is observed in Guatemala City and in the town of Santa Maria Nebaj, both of which claim her as their patron saint. Also, this day is combined with Mother's Day in Costa Rica. In many places, religious parades and popular festivals are held to celebrate this day. Prominent Catholic and Orthodox countries in which Assumption day is an important festival but is not recognized by the state as a public holiday include Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Ireland, Mexico, the Philippines and Russia. In Canada, Assumption Day is the Fête Nationale of the Acadians, of whom she is the patron saint. Businesses close on that day in heavily francophone parts of New Brunswick, Canada. The Virgin Assumed in Heaven is also patroness of the Maltese Islands and her feast, celebrated on 15 August, apart from being a public holiday in Malta is also celebrated with great solemnity in all the local churches especially in the seven localities known as the Seba' Santa Marijiet. In Anglicanism and Lutheranism, the feast is kept, but without official use of the word "Assumption". Throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, Aviateca, LACSA, TAN

Guatemala City

'''Guatemala City'''; locally known as '''Guatemala''' or '''Guate'''), is the capital (Capital (political)) and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala (Guatemala), and the most populous in Central America. The city is located in the south-central area of the country and has a large number of green areas. In 2009, it had a formal population of 1,075,000, but the metropolitan population is believed to be at least 2.3 million by 2012. Guatemala City is also the capital city of the local Municipio de Guatemala, and Guatemala Department (Guatemala (department)).

The city is located at , in a mountain valley called "Valle de la Ermita" in the south central part of the country Guatemala.

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