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ignored, however, and in 1920 he turned to the Soviet Union, which had recently achieved its own revolution. The Soviets sought to befriend the Chinese revolutionists by offering scathing attacks on Western imperialism. But for political expediency, the Soviet leadership initiated a dual policy of support for both Sun and the newly established Chinese Communist Party (CCP). - 8. February 1, 1997 Guangzhou, PR China 1–1 Draw Friendly

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merged the nine largest airlines into three regional groups based in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, respectively: Air China, China Eastern Airlines, and China Southern Airlines, which operate most of China’s external flights. China is served both by numerous major international flights to most countries of the world and a host of domestic regional airlines. Air traffic within mainland China is often connected through Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou

exceptional intelligence

-Giles: ''Chu Yüan-chang''), joined the rebellion. His exceptional intelligence took him to the head of a rebel army; he won people to his side by forbidding his soldiers to pillage in observance of White Lotus religious beliefs. By 1355 the rebellion had spread through much of China. Meanwhile the Mongols were fighting among themselves, inhibiting their ability to suppress the rebellion. In 1368, Zhu Yuanzhang extended his rule to Guangzhou, the same year that the Mongol ruler

articles including

to belong to a wealthy family by the name of Chen and now houses many articles including ivory sculptures and artistic statues. (Admission ¥10) *

numerous traditional

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style portraits

, who specialized in Western-style portraits intended largely for Western clients. Lam Qua was the first Chinese portrait painter to be exhibited in the West. He is known for his medical portraiture, and for his portraits of Western and Chinese merchants in Canton (Guangzhou) and Macau. He had a workshop in 'New China Street' among the Thirteen Factories in Canton (Guangzhou). # China (People's Republic of China) – Beijing

brilliant performance

twice won women's singles at the BWF World Championships. DATE OF BIRTH January 8, 1981 PLACE OF BIRTH Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (People's Republic of China) DATE OF DEATH *Mew Choo, who is unseeded and has not won any major championship since the 2003 Southeast Asian Games, delivered a brilliant performance in Guangzhou, China by beating all the top three female shuttlers from China in succession, starting with world champion Zhu Lin, two

building number

. Most hostels in the city are illegally operated and unlicensed, mostly located in a residential apartment building. The management usually discourages most socializing activity, worrying any noises may lead to the complaint from their neighbors and result in the government's crackdown. *

special award

. *Jan Karlo Piamonte- Jan Karlo Delmo Piamonte known as Jain Elizalde is a Teenage Model at Elan's International Company and the new Star of BAGETS in TV5. *Jedah Hernandez - (a naturally born citizen of Cabuyao, Laguna (Laguna (province)), Philippines) won the 2004 Mutya ng Pilipinas. Standing at 5"9', Jedah also won the 4th runner-up Miss Asia Pacific International in the Special Award for Best in Evening Gown, when she represented the Philippines in Guangzhou

frequent performances

and Fuzhou. Everywhere she went her loyal and fanatic fans turned up in droves and showed their support for her. In front of a full house at the Fuzhou concert she announced her retreat from the nationwide tour, which instantly drove many of her fans to tears fearing she might retire entirely from showbiz. Zhou's father later explained to media that frequent performances and commercial events had taken a toll on the 20-year-old. "She wants to have time for study and her family,"


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'''Guangzhou''' (also known as (Chinese Postal Map Romanization) '''Canton''', and less commonly as '''Kwangchow''') "Guangzhou (China)". Encyclopædia Britannica. Accessed September 12, 2010. is the capital and largest city of Guangdong province in South China. north of Macau, Guangzhou serves as an important national transportation hub and trading port (Port of Guangzhou). url http: en About%20Guangzhou Introduction 280318.html title Tourism Administration of Guangzhou Municipality work accessdate 2010-03-21 One of the five National Central Cities (National Central City), title 全国乡镇规划确定五大中心城市 url http: b 15 b1563a78ec593375 Blog 300 19c802.html work Southern Metropolitan Daily date February 9, 2010 accessdate 2010-07-29 it holds sub-provincial administrative status.

Guangzhou is the third-largest Chinese city and the largest city in South Central China. As of the 2010 census, the city's administrative area had a population of 12.70 million. .

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